“Consciousness” quotes

1. “It is difficult for us to clarify with our consciousness that which is outside our consciousness.

2. “Notice that the word for God is Elohym which really means “Gods,” plural. This is because you cannot be a god by yourself, but it must be accomplished by a group consciousness.

3. “What is called the subconscious is composed billions of tiny lives, each with an individual consciousness of their own.

4. “If therefore we could exist in the Eternal Now where there is no time, space, consciousness or form, what have we? Answer: We have the higher octave of consciousness.

5. “The higher correspondent of consciousness, the root of the tree beyond time and space from which all consciousness, time and space springs forth, is the Life Principle itself.

6. “A unit of human consciousness is approximately one heartbeat. If you do not believe this try and think three or more separate and distinct thoughts in one second. It cannot be done.

7. “Most of us have no memories of before the age of four because there is no self awareness. Our consciousness goes through, for about four years, one similar to the animal kingdom where individualization has not taken place.

8. “There is no such thing as unconscious thought. Thought only springs from consciousness.

9. “All organization we see before us – such as the human cell or DNA is the result of conscious thought on some level, but now operates automatically below the threshold of consciousness.

10. “The Eternal Now is not timelessness as many teach, but a consciousness that allows time selection.

11. “As we advance in consciousness, our bodies advance in refinement. Consciousness is the activating factor of any unused DNA or other ingredients that alters our form and physical abilities.

12. “The stone tablets of Moses that were supposed to be written by the finger of God were really written by Moses himself. The reason the word was passed down that they were written by God is because Moses was in a translated, or God State of consciousness, when he wrote them. You will remember that when he came down from the mount that his face glowed like the sun.

13. “All beings who have reached the God consciousness identify with the One God and share a oneness of consciousness. Millions of beings in the universe share this consciousness.

14. “The Logoi above the Solar is to our consciousness, much higher than we are to a slug.

15. “In reality the word “subconscious” is an oxymoron. To be conscious of a thing is to be actively aware of that thing. If a thing is subconscious or below the level of our consciousness, then we are not aware of that thing and it has no part in our consciousness even though it may have an influence.

16. “Consciousness is created by experience and if you do not have the necessary experience all the seeking in the world will add little.

17. “What you perceive with your consciousness is as good as you are going to get.

18. “A tree does fall in a forest even though no one sees or hears it, but until this information is communicated to your consciousness, it has not fallen for you.

19. “The tiny lives in your body are providing a vehicle of consciousness for us and eventually become one with the greater lives of which they are a part. We will do the same thing and eventually see through the consciousness of Christ, the Planetary Logos, the planet itself and beyond.

20. “Consciousness passes through time in packages, or quantums of awareness, and as we pass through – say a dozen of these quantums – it may seem like we have operated on several levels at once; but in reality the person has passed through a dozen quantums one at a time so quickly that it may seem like he is experiencing more than one level.

21. “Now within the main quantum, or one second of human consciousness, there lies an eternity of time where billions of tiny lives are in motion and events are transpiring that would astound us if we could but observe all that is going on around and within us.

22. “How long is a quantum (or package) of human consciousness?

23. “The higher parts of ourselves are indeed always in heaven, but that consciousness which includes the whole self cannot go there until the proper lessons are learned and karma is worked out.

24. “We live at “one point of consciousness” at a time–and also one level at a time.

25. “It takes about a second of time to pass for us to be able to consciously register that any event has occurred. We can perceive things more quickly than a second, but registering them is another thing.

26. “The [Planetary] Logos is capable of blending his consciousness with the entire planet so it is as if he and the life of the earth are one. He can tune in to any one of us at will. He, as a master of group consciousness, teaches it to disciples who again pass it on to those who are ready.

27. “Consciousness is best described as circular because it is divided into seven general areas, corresponding to the Seven Rays.

28. “It takes about a 64th of a second to pass for us to be able to perceive that any event has occurred and within this quantum of time lies an eternity.

29. “Consciousness advances in human form but continues to progress in realms beyond human.

30. “All people come into our lives because their consciousness shares a certain note with our own consciousness.

31. “We do not manifest through the consciousness of the Ancient of Days any more than the Chinese manifest through you.

32. “The state where Adam was in the garden of Eden and knew not that he was naked is a description of the consciousness of the animal-human before he passed completely out of the animal kingdom.

33. “You, your Solar Angel and all lives beyond have always existed as a reflected point in the fabric of universal consciousness.

34. “The consciousness of the free world demands freedom on the job as well as off. That demand is to be met by the Molecular Business.

35. “A dream within a dream would contain information that normal waking consciousness is attempting to ignore, hide from or insulate oneself from.

36. “If consciousness tries to function in a reality that only exists in theory to itself – and has not the means to even realize such reality – then consciousness will not expand, but suffer stagnation and go backwards.

37. “Meditation techniques are useful if wisely applied, but by themselves will do little to raise consciousness. Consciousness must be raised through the understanding and application of principles, taking them from spirit and applying them in the real world of matter.

38. “There are many things we can do that we do not do. Either the idea has not even entered our consciousness or we are just mesmerized into believing that we are powerless. Our freedoms are within our “ring pass not” and it does not even enter into our heads to look beyond the ring.

39. “That which lies beyond our “Ring Pass Not” is a freedom or a door to greater freedom that is beyond the ability of our consciousness and intelligence to grasp and incorporate into our reality.

40. “Even the sincere seeker goes through numerous layers of contact until he attains a consciousness where his perception is accurate.

41. “You are a reflection of the One God, but it takes many experiences to know ourselves in our consciousness.

42. “The division of the world is more along the lines of consciousness than strictly on boundaries.

43. “We all have to take one step at a time to add to our experience, thus adding to our consciousness, making higher awareness possible.

44. “Dreams, especially message dreams are sent to us to give us information that we have not fully registered correctly in our waking consciousness.

45. “The life of the inner Christ descends from the higher worlds of Spirit down to our physical consciousness.

46. “If two people are unable to come to an agreement on a principle, then one or both of them do not have the Christ Consciousness. Two people in such consciousness will always reach agreement when the truth is pursued.

47. “Creation takes place because of consciousness but its existence is not related to outside consciousness.

48. “When people attempt to take a larger step than their consciousness will allow then they are in danger of being deceived by the Dark Brotherhood.

49. “We must expand our ring pass not where we are, not where we are not.

50. “The inner voice is always there awaiting us right on the other side of normal consciousness. When the seeker uses the key of attention and shifts focus from the lower self to the higher the consciousness expands into the world of spirit.

51. “Awareness uses consciousness, but consciousness creates awareness.

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Consider The Possibility

“Consider The Possibility” quotes

1. “While it is a true principle that there is a possibility of a positive for every negative, there is one ingredient in this universe that prevents us from being mindlessly ruled by these two forces or the lack thereof. That ingredient is our basic intelligence and the power of decision that resides within the reflections of God.

2. “What I consider an opinion could be true and what I consider as true could be illusion.

3. “Future historians will make a footnote that the great expected Antichrist just did not materialize.

4. “Should we be open to the possibility that a great teacher or even the Christ may show up among us incognito? The answer to the latter is yes.

5. “When the power of Attention is one with the Purpose of God all things are possible and the magical power of the soul is manifest.

6. “It is important to realize though that there are many who are happy with the level of truth they have attained. If someone presents to them a greater light than they are ready for, it will be a painful experience for them and they will often fight against it.

7. “The term Lightworkers should apply to a broader spectrum than new agers. They are found in every religion, political group and major organization.

8. “Every possibility is manifest somewhere and every possible experience can be lived.

9. “All God needs to do to be unknowable is out imagine us.

10. “The current world wide concern over guns is like the guy who goes to the hospital bleeding with an arrow through his shoulder, but wants the doctor to take care of the pimple on his nose. By squeezing this issue of gun control we only make things worse whereas our negligence in other areas can cause humanity great loss of blood or life force.

11. “The reward of the just is not some palatial heaven with golden streets, but a true communion and oneness with God and for that we do not have to wait for a second coming, flying saucers or death.

12. “The most peaceful of lakes is disturbed when a large stone is thrown into its clear waters.

13. “The true shape of man is circular and he is in a constant state of rotation and movement as the atoms are.

14. “All things are possible for us to achieve and if the free world were to cooperate, then we could eliminate the threat from fanatical dictators who will shortly get nuclear weapons and missiles.

15. “The spiritual house of God is never out of order and the kingdom of God within is always available to all who are pure in heart.

16. “The reason that so many are accused of being dark conspirators is that the true conspiracy is a moving target and has worked to some degree through almost every organization and people in our history.

17. “There will be no rapture as believers define rapture.

18. “There are female prophets on the earth, but they are not recognized by the churches as a whole.

19. “Contemplation and tuning into the Oneness Principle can often lead to greater light than the reading of books.

20. “People who kill themselves are ignorant of the effects making it a mistake because of unforeseen consequences.

21. “Each of us must find our programming and neutralize it. When we realize how we are programmed we then have power over the programming and can respond as we consciously see fit rather than as some computer program.

22. “If you were more aware there would be no boredom.

23. “Under our present construct of math and physical reality PI exists as an ever illusive point that cannot be identified with an exact number, at least not a number that can be written using current mathematical principles.

24. “If it turns out to be true that the Book of Isaiah was written in two time periods, I would still be inclined to think that the whole of the book was written by the same entity, but in two or more lifetimes.

25. “As long as we use money as a medium of exchange there will never be pure cashlessness for people will always be able to trade with barter, IOU’s and commodities.

26. “Is it possible to neutralize the handicap of past success in the present life? Yes, but only if one “becomes as a little child” and is willing to let all attachments go and learn ‘all things new.’

27. “Life is a gathering of forms or forces around a point of decision wherein we have the power of attention focused.

28. “All people come into our lives because their consciousness shares a certain note with our own consciousness. If you apply the principle of attrition and do not play the shared note with the irritating person then they will fade out of your life and not show up again.

29. “In my mind it is much better to concentrate on moving toward something (synthesis – glass half full) rather than away from something (duality, fear, glass half empty).

30. “Be open to all possibilities, but remember this. When your foundation truths are challenged the chances are that the challenger is presenting illusion and you should question accordingly.

31. “A nuclear missile hurled at New York by a rogue nation would certainly diminish the prospects of a free society. Having millions of people evaporated with a nuclear weapon would be a painful way for us to learn a lesson. It’s also bad for the environment. Very bad.

32. “Let us give each other the benefit of the doubt and realize that we are all in this together. Let us assume the best in one another. No one here seeks fear or wants to kill anyone – most do not even want to step on a fly. All seek for love and peace to the best of their understanding. All desire harmony and oneness with their fellow human beings.

33. “Once you can communicate with your dream world, then you can control your dreams.

34. “If you stop acting like you have a chip on your shoulder and something to prove you might find that you are among friends and who knows? You might learn something.

35. “Wrong use of money causes people to prostitute their true nature and female energy.

36. “You are now the dream world of the soul.

37. “We must start from point zero with all people and include them within the realm of all possibilities.

38. “Every possibility is manifest somewhere and every possible experience that can be lived is being played out somewhere.

39. “For a true retrieval of ancient memories one would have to tune into the permanent physical atom which is composed of etheric matter.

40. “God, or Decision, existed in a point beyond and before time and space. Before this point were two possibilities. They were the possibility of Something, and Nothing, or the possibility of Creation or No Creation.

41. “The inner peace is always there waiting for us to accept it.

42. “The greatest hell is to have nothing new to create. Hell is creating that which has been over and over until boredom becomes so great that the life force flatlines.

43. “If the life of the Sun which covers more billions of years than recognized by current science were speeded up to an even greater degree so that this greater period was seen as seventy-two years then we would witness the personality of the Sun. We would see that it darts about the constellations and deviates from its projected course according to its free will.

44. “In our solar system there is a sun circled by twelve planets. Nine have been discovered and three are as of yet unknown to man.

45. “There is no great master plan — at least, not in the way people perceive it. In reality the only true master plan is the union of souls.

46. “If changes for the worse can be made then changes for the better can be also. That which is done can be undone and dreams which have never been, can be.

47. “Creation is impossible unless there is a creator and creators come forth for the joy of seeing their work through to the finish and being appreciated by other living beings.

48. “In my journey through time I am playing one symphony for the ears of the One Great Life and in your journey you are playing another and altogether there are endless pieces of music being played for the enjoyment of our Creator. This is the true meaning of the term ‘Music of the Spheres.’

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“Correspondences” quotes

1. “The splitting of the atom and the releasing of the pure energy of Spirit is a perfect correspondence to the resurrection of Christ. The life force of the atom was released to enter the way of higher evolution just as the tomb of the Christ burst opened and released the Son of God.

2. “Wherever there is two there is one that corresponds to male and the other to female.

3. “One of the best illustrations of the One and the Many is the guitar string. When it is stationary there is before you only one string, but as soon as you pluck it, there is immediately produced the illusion of three strings. There appears to be three strings until the vibration ends. Then we see one string again. So also is God.

4. “The human atom (Adam) corresponds in many ways to the physical atom.

5. “The most interesting correspondence {for the sake of this treatise} is that each atom is polarized in either positive or negative (male or female) energy and they bond with (marry) each other.

6. “If you want to know how reliable the writings of a person are then check out what you know and correspond them to what you do not know.

7. “Being aware that there is a correspondence between the higher and lower and then discovering how that correspondence plays out are two different items.

8. “The higher correspondence of conflict is cooperation.

9. “The human correspondence of an atom is represented by a male and female coming together and balancing their energies. As these two become “one flesh” they are looked upon as one human atomic unit or a human Adam.

10. “Male and, or female entities as individuals form human atoms, not molecules and this requires a one-to-one relationship, just as there is always one proton for each electron in nature.

11. “Just as the tiny lives called cells work together in unity to produce the greater life which is man, even so do the Gods (or Masters) cooperate with the will of the One Great Life.

12. “I see the future as malleable yet the end of our evolution is pretty much set – like the end product of a blueprint is a house. In the building process though, many unexpected events occur.

13. “The fact that we lose all our memories of experiences when we incarnate in a new life is representative of what happens on a vaster scale in the universe.

14. “Each life you go through is like a different arrangement of the song that is you, but even though the arrangement is different, the basic melody running through each arrangement is the same.

15. “When you mention one eye, the thought of the “all seeing eye” of God comes to my mind. This rests on the top of the New Jerusalem.

16. “The higher correspondence of an atomic molecule is represented by specific numbers of male/female units uniting in purpose and linked spiritually to the Kingdom of God.

17. “The reason we came here was to make the watch, so to speak. We are not recreating some past watch, but making a new and different kind of watch which has never exactly appeared before. The Solar Angel is a perfected watch, you are a watch in construction and The Dweller is Gilligan trying to distract you by getting you to take a ride on a boat. Eventually the three will be three watches, not one watch. How does oneness come in? They will all harmonize and give the same time and fill a similar purpose while being unique in their creation.

18. “Today, the foundation of the Internet is comparable to the foundation of the Alexandrian Library, but a higher octave thereof. The Internet provides means for the sharing of knowledge on a scale that was hitherto unknown, and few can see where it is leading us.

19. “The number seven creates the building blocks to the universe. The earth itself has seven centers. There are seven notes in sound and seven colors in a rainbow of light. It is only fitting that we humans are somehow also built on seven differing vibrations. Even before the throne of God there are seven creative Spirits. There are seven centers within the human kingdom. Beyond this the number seven shows up in many other corresponding areas including: The seven rays or hierarchies. The seven planes of manifestation. The seven Kumaras. The seven principles of man. The seven chains. The seven globes. The seven rounds. The seven root-races and subraces. The seven initiations. The seven major centers of the solar system.

20. “Just as you cannot play a melody with one note, neither can life be lived in fullness by searching for and finding that one be-all or end-all to religion or philosophy.” – The Lost Key of the Buddha, The Immortal Series, Book III

21. “The Song [of the 144,000] is like the sails of a ship. Maneuvering sails can guide your ship safely to its next destination, but it will not insure there will be no storms ahead. If the sails are used with intelligence you can guide your ship either through or around the various obstacles.

22. “Just like various rays will merge into one ray it is logical that the third eye and the two physical eyes could synthesize into one.

23. “Evil is the reverse reflection of good, corresponding to the fact that “evil” is “live” reflected in reverse.

24. “The bird flies making use of true principles, yet does not understand the principle of flight or realizes it exists. So it is with us.

25. “Creation on a higher level will have some similarities to the lower, but will be far from exactly the same. For instance a solar system is a bit like an atom, but with many differences.

26. “In a state of eternal change you just have to be at home with change or you’ll never feel at home. Just because you are home does not mean you cannot improve that home.

27. “Visualize yourself going to bed in a cold room to take a rest. Your bed is so short that your feet hang over the edge. The covers are so short that they only cover half your body. Would this not be an uncomfortable situation you would want to rectify at the first possible moment? Yet the foundation teachings, the good the beautiful and the true, of most religions have been in large part shorted or removed making the bed of religion too short and a very uncomfortable resting place. Foundation teachings and new revelation have been suppressed so members do not have sufficient light as a covering and shiver inside stone buildings lacking warmth.

28. “The seen, the radiant, that which is in motion, the out breath corresponds to male. The invisible, the magnetic, the involution, the in breath corresponds to female.

29. “The Eternal Now is like a great mural with infinite pictures composed of infinite pixels and that each pixel is a point in time and space.

30. “I maintain that the Pendulum is an accurate correspondence to the swinging moods of humanity as it goes from error to error passing over truth. This analogy is arrived at, not by taking the pendulum and comparing it to humanity, but by observing humanity and seeing the elements of a pendulum.

31. “Atoms evolve similar to humans in that as they progress they add seven chakras or electron layers. When the seventh becomes active, the atom becomes radioactive and may even glow in the dark as does radium. The radioactive human will also shine like the sun during certain initiations as Jesus did on the Mount of Transfiguration.

32. “The ark of God (or the Ark of the Covenant) was a physical storehouse for the laws of God written on stone in ancient Israel. But in the coming age the laws of God will not be written on stone but in the hearts of men and women as foretold by Jeremiah.

33. “Even though there are layers and levels of interpretation, to be accurate they must fit in with the Law of Correspondences and the whole of the interpretive work must be consistent and without major contradictions. It also must be consistently logical and appeal to the intuition as well as reason.

34. “If you realized you were a player in a story line and could see a ways into the future, boredom would flee out the window. The script will provide many points of tension making sure the player will be anything but bored.

35. “The picture, or story, is just the plan. We are actors in the picture making it materialize and in the process have a unique experience. Experience is the key motivator that keeps the life within us coming back for more, worlds without end.

36. “Correspondences reverse from plane to plane.

37. “A harp must be tuned and when it is, beautiful music is played for the Master. We not only receive from god but give to him. The playing of the harp signifies that when we attain the Christ consciousness we become finely tuned in both our lower and higher natures and are likened to a musical instrument joining in the “music of the spheres” to play in the great symphony of God.

38. “Remember there are always similarities in a higher correspondences, but differences too.

39. “You will notice that there are certain numbers which are associated with divinity in the scriptures and other inspired writings: 1, 3, 7, 12, and multiples thereof.

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Death, Rebirth, Eternal Life & Reincarnation

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual and Metaphysical Quotes From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1  We shall all rise again and work together and be perfected until the “last enemy” of death is destroyed and we achieve immortality or the resurrection of eternal life.

2  We are the same person after death as we were before and when the time comes for us to move up the circle we sleep in relation to the higher if we are not ready.

3  Only when a person can become born again without being born again can he become ready for true eternal life. In this wording is a major hint for contemplation.

4  The Bible correctly tells us that there are two resurrections. The first is a resurrection of KRISIS, or correction – which is reincarnation. The second is called the resurrection of life where there is a mastery over physical death.

5  Here in the West we tend to look on a belief in reincarnation as a minority belief expressed by a few new agers, but many do not realize that more religious people of the world accept the doctrine than reject it.

6  All the evidence I discovered helped me to believe in reincarnation, but I did not know it for sure until the day I discovered that I had lived before. This changed my whole life and outlook and opened my eyes to a new world of seeing.

7  If the reader even after seeing all the evidence of reincarnation is still not convinced he should seek an answer through the Spirit as commanded in the scriptures. Ask with a sincere heart and you will receive an answer through the Holy Spirit.

8  Each time you die you take with you a permanent atom composed of etheric matter which retains a full memory, or computer program, of your physical body in that life. Within your make up is a full memory and data of all that you have ever been over your long history of incarnations.

9  Thank God that reincarnation is built into the plan! It allows us to make right the injustices of the past, especially in our relationships with our children and other loved ones.

10  In between lives your essence goes in a circle from the earth to the astral zone and back up to the celestial spheres and then back to the earth again. When this essence rises above that which is your level of consciousness then you go to sleep and dream of heaven or hell.

11  It is shortly after death that the person goes through a review of his life, and then takes with him the memories of the three most important lessons learned.

12  A tip or two picked up here and rightly incorporated may save you as many as a half dozen lives on the way to liberation.

13  Each of us lives many lives and a successful fulfillment of each life creates a step for us in the path toward completion.

14  All beings are reborn from time to time and this includes even such high entities as Christ and even the Ancient of Days. It will be a long time though before the Sanat Kumara comes again.

15  When we incarnate as humans we acquire a body, which is composed of billions of tiny lives that are cooperating together in a molecular order so the lesser lives can have a greater experience through you the greater life.

16  When the time comes to incarnate again, you, in cooperation with your Solar Angel, actually participate in the creation of your new body.

17  A person may have basically overcome maya in one life and then slip back into its trap in another.

18  We usually learn no more than one major lesson in each life, even though it may seem that we learn many. Outside of this one major lesson we generally are just relearning and perfecting past lessons.

19  Shortly after death there is a merging with the Solar Angel, (for a short intense time) even for average people. This gives us our life review and a glimpse of what we must take with us to our future lives. The Solar Angel does play a roll in creating our heaven.

20  Many people do not discover much more truth in the next world than they discovered here.

21  After we learn a particular lesson on our journey through the wheel of rebirth our soul then guides us to a circumstance where we are forced toward a new lesson.

22  Reincarnation is merely the result of the law of cause and effect.

23  Every once in a while a person takes the dark path and throws away approximately 1000 lifetimes and the pralaya between creations.

24  We will live many lives on many other different earths, worlds far superior to this. Instead of living on a telestial earth like this we will go to terrestrial and celestial worlds made of matter whose atoms vibrate to a purer tone whose nucleus of light shines through unfolded electrons until the bodies shine like the sun where there is no night.

25  Physical death is not the end of all things, but is a mere transition and there are many things worse than physical death.

26  If a fullness of joy is produced by an inseparable connection of the body and spirit then any connection where there is not an eternal connection will not produce a fullness of joy. If a fullness of joy is not produced then the union of spirit and body is temporary.

27  We will not leave our physical bodies behind as many teach, for leaving them behind would cause us to suffer a great limitation.

28  When you do reach “the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ” you then gain access to all past permanent atoms and have power to activate them and create a body at will.

29  The obvious truth is that there is either reincarnation or there is not. Even though there are details we may not know, the principle is either true or it is not true and no relativity will change the matter.

30  Any commitment that is not sought through soul contact is a covenant with death.

31  During your 1000 lives some arrangements are played quickly, others slowly, some happy, some sad, some sound like rock and roll others sound classical, but no matter what the arrangement is and no matter how it is played the name of the song is still the same and that name is your essence.

32  Do not concern yourself with whether or not you were a great one in the past. Such a status may actually be a handicap to you. Only concern yourself with becoming a great servant in the present.

33  In the Beginning God reflected Himself to infinity. This infinite number is only limited by your imagination which is God’s imagination.

34  Many of those who have been born under a tyranny were free in their last life but did not understand their freedom and supported the restriction of others in a way that enhanced their own vision of the good.

35  The elements of your body existed before you incarnated and will exist after you die. In fact they change every 7-14 years.

36  The idea in the mind of God, which is you, never had a beginning, but the idea incarnating into the worlds where experience can be had did have a beginning.

37  There is an inner Christ that dwells in us all within our own Ark and if we eat of this we shall never taste death. There is a deep mystery here.

38  There are two stages of overcoming death.

39  Is it possible to neutralize the handicap of past success in the present life? Yes, but only if one “becomes as a little child” and is willing to let all attachments go and learn “all things new.”

40  Each of us has the spark of the divine within and when we “fall” into matter and take incarnation we lose that inner contact for many lifetimes. We have to keep coming back life after life until we fully manifest that inner spark. When this is accomplished we can return to the God state and “go no more out,” or no longer have to be reborn into the physical world.

41  We came here as a point in our eternal progression, not to restore that which is lost but to gain that which is new and beautiful.

42  Physical death is a separation of the spirit and body, but this is not the only death. There are numerous deaths as there are numerous separations.

43  The worst death that can happen to an aspiring disciple is to be separated from the inner Christ so contact becomes impossible.

44  When we die and are no longer connected to the physical or etheric brain our consciousness is altered. This especially affects our sense of time. We then center in astral or mental consciousness and lose most of our memory by the time we are physically born again.

45  The resurrection of KRISIS or correction can refer to one being revived to mortal life in the same body as Lazareth was, or it could refer to being “born again” in a new body with a new life experience, giving us an opportunity to “correct” our imperfections.

46  When the saints are persecuted, they are often reaping what they have sowed in previous lives. This answers the eternal question as to why some of the best people must suffer so. They are paying off debts from a past era when they were not so good.

47  No orthodox Christian has ever answered this question: If we reap according to how we have sowed and if we “of the flesh reap corruption” and we die before we have reaped all that is due us, then how can we reap “of the flesh” with no flesh? How can we reap corruption if there is no corruption?

48  Since flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God, that simply means that if we fall short of it, we will be “born again” in this state of “corruption” or flesh and blood. Flesh and blood is the resurrection of KRISIS, and we must come back again and again and inherit this corruption, until we have “corrected” all of our mistakes and attain the resurrection of life or “the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ” (Eph 4:13).

49  In ancient times some humans incarnated as the highest of the animal kingdom to assist with their identification with the human just as sometimes now a Master will incarnate as a human.

50  Life extension can come through intent, but immortality can only come through aligning with Purpose which links us up with lives much greater than ourselves who have “obtained the resurrection” and can channel the power of re-creation down to us.

51  To overcome death one does not continue existence in one single form. This would eventually cause retrogression. To overcome death one must learn to still the vibration and go back to our source and then recreate a body (the “Mayavirupa”) by creating the necessary vibration.

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1. Where there is no decision there is no life.

2. If the future is set then there is no power of decision for there would be no decisions to be made. If there are no decisions then there is no life for the power of decision is the principle behind life.

3. The direction of an intelligent decision can often not be predicted in advance. An intelligence coming to three paths of equal value will often pick one for reasons that even it did not know in advance.

4. If one wants to accomplish beyond the norm he must not only believe but make a decision within his ring of consciousness.

5. The reward of God is here for us now awaiting our decision to accept.

6. There is a power within you that makes the actual decisions. The Decision itself is not you but is an effect proceeding from you. What is the real you is the essence within you, the operating self existent power that makes decisions. This power of decision and decision are two different things. Through this essence all lives are one and that oneness becomes realized when we obtain full use of this power through the assumption of our real opportunity to make decisions.

7. If you endure a bad situation in silence because you have made a mental decision to accept it then you have not given away your power.

8. If you are true to yourself and have the courage to face your own power of decision, you will come to a knowledge of how you will react in any circumstance.

9. Free will involves more than just living in a situation where you are not restricted from the outside. More importantly, it involves a decision to decide and take responsibility for your life.

10. We all seek to improve our conditions with each decision we make.

11. Guilt is a negative force that focuses Attention on your imperfection and paralyzes your power of decision.

12. It is only after a decision has been made that Purpose is made manifest even though they both silently co-exist in the mind of the Creator. Then it is only after a purpose is sensed that Power can be applied. Again it is only after purpose and power is in play that Will can be exercised to manifest the decision.

13. True hell, as pointed out by the Parable of Decision is being at a crossroad and not being able to decide upon a path and standing still with fear of failure.

14. The moment we decide to be one with God then God is one with us and “all He has is ours.”

15. The Workers of Light must not yield up the decision making power going into the coming world order to others or we will wind up being controlled by others.

16. Will cannot exist without decision for Will is a motivating force to bring that which has been decided into existence.

17. There is no waiting. As soon as you make the decision to move ahead you begin your journey, Photon Belt or no Photon Belt, extra DNA or no DNA, 5th dimension or no fifth dimension. All creation awaits your decision, and your decision comes when you decide and you decide when you realize that there is nothing outside of yourself to wait upon.

18. While it is true that there are some things that are supposed to be, because they have already been decided, there are many things not decided in advance that happen just because you made them happen.

19. Because we are decision, this puts many elements of the future in a state of flux. The only thing that is not in flux are those things which have already been decided.

20. God’s Will is in all decisions either through choices, or through using our agency to choose.

21. If a thing is predetermined it means that there is no free will involved, no real choice is available.

22. While it is true that much indecision is caused by fear there are many who are indecisive for reasons other than fear. A person can be indecisive and have no fear as a cause, yet there is no fear that can stand in the way of a powerful decision.

23. If you put two paths before an animal and the choice is not related to his instincts, you will then see an elementary unpredictable decision made.

24. There are times when you are faced with a choice between the real and the unreal, what is true and what is false. When faced with such a choice you seek the truth within your heart. In this case, there will be a sense of peace surrounding the truth, and fear connected with the false.

25. You can create or decide anything you want to. Each creation is a DECISION point, but decisions in time and space cannot be changed.

26. All direction is created by DECISION and all DECISION originates from some Life.

27. The only future which is a sure thing is that which is the result of a decision made by an entity with power to bring the decision to completion.

28. It is the removal of restrictions either imaginary or real, so the power of decision has complete freedom within the sphere of its plan.

29. When a fellow friend is in trouble we, of course, want to give advice and I probably give as much as any but one thing we must avoid is being offended if our advice is not taken. It is the person who is in trouble who has responsibility for the final decision and this decision must be respected, right or wrong.

30. Decision, which has no cause but is cause and eternal, originates cause that creates. Decision originates new cause.

31. He who follows the harmless path seeks to do harm to no living thing, but realizes that indecision can often bring more harm than a wrong decision. He will therefore, not shy away from decision, but will use all his wisdom to make choices that will produce the most harmless direction.

32. If we believe we have no control, we acquiesce our real power, become subject to the decisions of others, and become like a leaf floating helplessly down a current of other people’s decisions.

33. The important thing is to make a decision and move ahead. As you move ahead greater light will come.

34. The great Decider has put us in the game and we must play.

35. Just because we have free will to make careless decisions does not mean that all decisions are a part of the plan.

36. Now consider this – is there any cause without decision? No. Decision is cause – BE-CAUSE.

37. Some feel they can avoid making a decision as if any decision were wrong or all decisions are right.

38. The fact that God’s will and our own is one, does not mean that every decision we make is a wise one; but one thing it does mean is, that it is God’s will that we are forever free to exercise our will and make our own decisions.

39. Whether or not you are kind and considerate has very little to do with your brainpower, but is due to conscious decisions one makes.

40. We may not like all the decisions people make when given freedom to do so but in the end, as water reaches its correct level, the life of the body begins to flow and a beautiful, free living society is the end result.

41. There are decisions made from outside our ring-pass-not that affect our reality over which we have no control.

42. It is written that “ye are gods” and we are in the “image of God.” If this is true and we are true to our destiny then we should wisely make decisions and cause them to come into being.

43. Make a decision to be lead by the spirit within rather than an authority without.

44. The main decision I am referring to, that is even more important than overcoming fear, is the decision to seek soul and spirit, the decision to seek higher light, knowledge and understanding, the decision to love, etc.. To be devoid of fear and yet to not advance in these decisions is to move toward a Zombie state.

45. If we do not direct our destiny through our own decisions, then the decisions of others will control us.

46. Everything that happens to us individually and collectively occurs because of either our decisions or a decision made by others for us.

47. The decisions that you must make and follow through to completion are just the opposite that most would make in your same circumstances.

48. Our decisions are only made consciously.

49. We are reflections of God and as reflections we make decisions by ourselves. This is the power that is in us.

50. Animals do make some decisions on an elementary level, but to see this you have to put them in a situation where their instincts or programming does not take charge of their actions.

51. That which governs true decision is intelligence and the higher the intelligence the more difficult it is to predict the decisions.

52. Those lesser evolved than us are not 100 percent predictable to us so we are not fully predictable to those above us. DK [Djwhal Khul] said that Christ and the Masters of Wisdom could not predict human decisions.

53. One of the main causes of depression is that we have avoided decisions in our past.

54. God’s Will is in all decisions either through wise choices, or through using our agency to choose.

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Did You Know?

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1.  “My only claim is that there is a Holy Spirit in all of us, and that the soul opens a window of contact. When that contact is made, the truth about me, you, my words and your words, can be seen and understood.”

2.  “Contemplation is the highest form of meditation.”

3.  “Did you know the Internet is prophesied of in the Bible?”

4.  “Predeterminism is not supported by experience, observation or the reality in which we live.”

5.  “The Christmas tree also predates Christmas. During the festival of Saturnus the Romans used the evergreen as a decoration in their homes. It was not widely used in connection with Christmas until the middle 1800’s.”

6.  “In the days of the Apostles there was first a symbolic baptism followed by a short period of waiting for the Spirit, just as the parent waits for the spirit to enter the new baby. Then there was a laying on of hands and through a living link to the tree of life, the Spirit flowed stimulating new life from the crown chakra on down. All seven chakras vibrated a little higher according to the consciousness of the seeker and a new life of belonging to the body of Christ was created.”

7.  “There were probably over 144,000 participating in the Harmonic Convergence but there’s more than that number of Mormons participating with good feeling at each general conference and the results are similar with a differing vibration. The coming critical mass I am talking about will initiate change that has not been witnessed in recorded history.”

8.  “To complete the life of a new birth, the spirit from God must enter into the body.”

9.  “We are told [in Isaiah 52:1-8] that in a future age there will be a working class like the ancient Hebrews that sell themselves ‘for nought.’ In other words they will place themselves in the same position as were the ancient slaves, but where the ancient slave was sold on the auction block the new slave will acquiesce to the situation with no fee changing hands at all. Who would be so foolish to yield themselves into slavery for no payment?”

10.  “Dreaming in one form or another is something we will do on and off as long as there is existence.”

11.  “The union of matter and spirit makes soul possible, but Soul itself is the interplay of body and spirit rather than the union, and that interplay is within us all no matter what our degree of evolution. Soul contact happens when we tune unto that interplay. Thus tuning into the interplay opens the door to soul and Spirit. This is the first major step we all make at one time or another.”

12.  “There are powerful Rods of Power held by the Great Lives who govern the Universe.”

13.  “Rods of power exist in etheric matter and not physical as we know it. The real rod of power is too valuable to risk a loss or destruction on the physical plane.”

14.  “How does your name get in the Book Of Life? It gets there because your name is a living name.”

15.  “The teaching on the seven centers is thousands of years old and is accepted by most all who have an interest in metaphysics.”

16.  “In many European countries children believe that Christ brings them gifts instead of Santa Claus.”

17.  “Suppression is a form of avoiding communication.”

18.  “All of the twelve [apostles] that were in the Molecule on the day of Pentecost are in physical bodies on the earth today.”

19.  “The actual entity that incarnated into the body created by the apostles was a different entity than the Holy Spirit.”

20.  “Perdition comes from the Greek APOLEIA, which more literally means “destruction.”  When humans follow blind emotion as an animal follows its master then destruction is always the end result.”

21.  “There exists today approximately 5300 copies of ancient Greek manuscripts which are copies of the gospels.”

22.  “The twelve apostles were not originally followers of Jesus, but of John the Baptist.”

23.  “The most important thing to understand is the conspiracy of darkness is not headquartered in the physical plane.”

24.  “Cigarettes are an example of one of the most powerful forces of maya. If you can quit smoking after having the habit for years the rest of maya should be downhill for you.”

25.  “The United States has left its Christ-like roots of free thought and religion and now is a strong promoter of mindless authority throughout the world.”

26.  “The Bolshevik Revolution that established the Communist regime in Russia was financed right out of the United States by wealthy men who saw a great opportunity in Marx’s philosophy.”

27.  “Entropy is cause playing itself out without the interference of outside intelligence.”

28.  “We are basically reluctant to eat an animal that has enough individuality to cause us to become attached to it.”

29.  “Lack of attention is one of the best protectors from negativity of association.”

30.  “Understanding and wisdom are essential to balance energies that lead to fulfillment.”

31.  “Each life that manifests here does so in the hope of Becoming that which it has never been but without the loss of that which has forever been.”

32.  “The current pronunciation of AMEN is a corruption. Any use of it should begin with the AUM sound.”

33.  “The AMEN originally was an alternative method of saying the sacred word AUM. In fact the original pronunciation of AMEN was AUM-ANE, which meant ‘may the words which have been spoken become manifest, but only to fulfil the purpose of God’.”

34.  “Neither Jesus or Moses mentioned hell in relation to the commandments.”

35.  “The fact that we exist, or that God or anything exists, is the greatest miracle of all, and boggles the mind of the highest initiate.”

36.  “The door will always be open to all who wish to open it.”

37.  “The Aquarian Gospel is not a translation, but a revelation of missing details of the life of Christ.”

38.  “Most psychic abilities make use of soul energy, but do not involve direct contact with the Solar Angel.”

39.  “Kirilian Photography does not photograph the aura but captures an image of the energy radiated from the etheric body.”

40.  “The personality is a synthesis of the mind, the emotions and the physical — the three worlds.”

41.  “The soul is your higher self, but the higher self of the soul is the monad. So when you’ve achieved soul contact, the next contact to achieve is the consciousness of the monad.”

42.  “The early brethren taught that there were prophets before Adam.”

43.  “Many believe that Moses only gathered out those who were known to be of the Hebrew race, but such was not the case. He took with him all those who believed ‘the Lord is God.’ This included a mixture of peoples of varied ancestry, yet they were called Israelites because they looked to the ‘One God’ for strength which was a great step toward depending upon the God within.”

44.  “Humans generate several kinds of radiation.”

45.  “The story of Adam and Eve has been repeated numerous times upon the earth and usually occurs after a great cataclysm.”

46.  “All known and understood structures of a complex order are created through a hierarchical endeavor.”

47.  “Another interesting tidbit which I personally believe is that Mohammed was later reincarnated as George Washington making it interesting that many in the Middle East see the USA as the great Satan when we both owe our foundations to the same man.”

48.  “The word ‘HU’ is included in the ‘AUM.’ This sound alone (‘HU’) centers a person on the astral plane, the plane of greatest illusion. The ‘AUM’ brings balance.”

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Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual and Metaphysical Quotes From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1  The main characteristic of a disciple is that he or she asks questions.

2  When the disciple is ready, the Master will appear and offer him the fruit of the Spirit, and the two will eat together with joy.

3  As the disciple continues to serve more is given until he either intuitively or consciously understands the answer to every question that he has.

4  Even the Christ is a disciple of the Ancient of Days, and the Ancient one is a disciple of the Solar Logos. No matter how high you get you never coast along on your own. You will always need stimulation by teachers on some level more experienced than yourself.

5  Only the disciples who have made irrevocable decisions toward the light can be of service at this crucial point of tension between the two ages.

6  All seven chakras are open and functioning as a unit in the disciple treading the path of Christ.

7  The disciple always seeks to serve his fellow men even if they are irritating.

8  The true servant of Christ will project an image that will also be the opposite of the piousness most expect of a minister. One of the things that will astonish many will be his cooperation with science and technology.

9  Unrecorded in the Bible is the fact that there were also twelve female disciples who assisted in the work with Jesus.

10  The disciple will go through many periods of light and darkness over a period of numerous lives, but the final one will be different from the rest. The isolation and loneliness will be very profound.

11  The true disciple does not publicly reveal his status.

12  Masters of Wisdom will either appear among us or incarnate and the Christ will overshadow disciples in preparation for His work with humanity.

13  The Book of Revelations is a story about a disciple treading the path of Christ.

14  Gaining the ability to see through the illusion that is automatically accepted by the many is one of the most important lessons the disciple can learn.

15  The disciple realizes that even a very intelligent person can be captivated by wrong thoughtforms and illusions and if we excluded all those in such a state there would be few if any to be gathered into anything.

16  Just as gold must pass through the refiner’s fire before it reaches its highest purity and value, even so must the disciple pass through every obstacle that can be thrown in his way on the path of service.

17  The disciple contains and controls the passions within with golden thought and pure intent.

18  The revelation of true principles or eternal words brings instant correction to the disciple.

19  When the disciple dedicates himself to the inner voice he will follow the direction of the Christ consciousness wherever it leads.

20  When the disciple hears the inner voice correctly, even though it is very quiet, a focus upon the message drowns out all other distractions so only the message is heard.

21  The ark of God in this age is the purified hearts of working disciples.

22  When the disciple is married to or unites with his Christ consciousness he can speak no deceit while in that state.

23  One of the most difficult lessons for the disciple to learn is to accept his own limitation, especially as it relates to the free will and abilities of others.

24  The disciple learns to enjoy the good and neutralize the bad.

25  The sign that the disciple has taken his first great step is when he shows a willingness to act on a true message from within in defiance to all the clamoring messages from without.

26  The disciple is on the path of light (the good path so to speak) if his focused thought is on the true advancement of himself or his group.

27  A disciple therefore, must be aware that he or she not only has outward authorities of position and glamour to deal with but also invisible power brokers behind the scenes who may be impossible to identify without revelation.

28  Keep checking with your souls, and when the link called in the east the antahkarana is created, then the seeker graduates from a sheep to a disciple to a shepherd.

29  Each potential disciple will have some final temptation to support the unreasonable restriction of others in the name of promoting his personal desire to see that which is good triumph.

30  As the disciple progresses towards the Spirit, he will be able to hold the presence for longer periods and eventually neutralize the opposing forces that come against him. Then he will have long periods where he is one with the Presence.

31  If the situation changes and the thoughtform fails to live up to expectations, then the disciple must be prepared to abandon or change it and move on.

32  There will be many times that the working disciple will have to use the power of detachment. The disciple must realize that they are not their body, not their feelings and not even their mind and stand back and watch these feelings and thoughts brood and move, yet make their decisions in the light of the soul without attachments to thoughts and feelings of their lower bodies.

33  The disciples of the world must merely present what is true in a common sense manner and many troubles experienced by past disciples will not surface.

34  The disciples of the world must work with extreme patience and realize that in rushing reform one may cause a work to be destroyed and delayed a hundred years, whereas a decade of patience and perseverance may actually yield the quickest results.

35  The sure mark of a true disciple is that every move he or she makes has some purpose that benefits something other than lower self.

36  The beginner cannot appreciate the vision, the thoughts, the goals, and the problems of a disciple or Master until he either advances a great deal in his evolution, or joins in with the whole through the Oneness Principle.

37  Unless one is dealing directly with the Dark Brothers, which is rare, 99.99 percent of perceived psychic attacks owe their cause to a flaw opened from within oneself and if we live a reasonable stable life, then there is little to worry about in this area.

38  A disciple may have an advanced physical body in the esoteric sense, yet not be particularly good-looking.

39  The concept of sacred honor must be retrieved and taught by disciples of the coming age.

40  Even disciples who are relatively successful usually make their share of mistakes.

41  The disciple is only corrected if he honestly seeks further instruction and correction.

42  Even if a disciple is working directly for the Brotherhood of Light and receives revelations periodically, when the disciple makes a mistake he is usually not corrected.

43  The disciple, or aspiring disciple, will not believe in haste what he has been told. He will check it out and question it no matter how unpopular he is for doing so.

44  As we progress from the average student to the disciple we find the questions will be more challenging to the status quo, more independently thought out and less likely to follow the line of least resistance.

45  When I speak of an aspiring disciple asking questions, I do not mean just any question, but that he acquires a questioning mind which questions mainstream thought.

46  The aspiring disciple not only asks more questions, but asks a different kind of question than does the average person.

47  Disciple[s] and aspiring disciples are found in all fields of human endeavor.

48  We know that Christ was physically marred through the crucifixion, but his servants are often marred in some way to keep them humble.

49  Soul contact and communion through the Oneness Principle is essential for the working disciple, else he may wind up receiving illusionary teachings and leading others down a path from which retracing steps will be essential.

50  When the disciple learns to differentiate between the voice of the false ego and the spirit, he can know for sure his mission is true and useful.

51  When the disciple gives up on his mission and yields to the line of least resistance things seem to go so smoothly that it may seem to him that this is the path God wants him to walk.

52  When the disciple breaks through and becomes one with the Christ consciousness he taps into the Oneness Principle, the minds of the holy ones of the past and the knowledge of all principles becomes available to him.

53  The beginner on the path will look at the top step and imagine the great view he will have and want to jump up there in one leap, but will accomplish nothing.

54  The disciple must do much more than merely confess Jesus and be saved as the old time religion teaches. He must also do more than “go with the flow” as many new agers believe. Instead, he must overcome all the obstacles in the path of liberation and become a master of each of them as he moves forward.

55  The disciple learns to maintain his focus he keeps the attitude of the observer. He then identifies with soul and spirit, but observes all the rest that brings pain and discomfort as well as joy and happiness.

56  It is extremely important that the disciple of truth recognize the dividing line between good and evil for the future of the world depends on this recognition.

57  A disciple is one who has taken several of the initiations and committed himself to the work of the soul.

58  A probationary disciple is one who is seeking after the Path. The fact that you’re reading this shows that you’re either a probationary disciple or a disciple.

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Duality & Nothingness

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual amp; Metaphysical Quotes From The Discourses Of JJ Dewey

1  If there were such a thing as a world with no duality, there would be no truth for nothing would be there and truth is something.

2  The real truth is that whether we be in the illusion of physical duality, or a dream state, it is indeed true that our consciousness is there and the perceptions we have there create a real experience.

3  Even before form and space existed, there was still a duality – the possibility of nothing (female) and the possibility of something (male) or the decision to be or not to be.

4  Experience is only created by duality.

5  Consciousness is only possible where there is the interplay of duality.

6  One of the greatest illusions of the day is caused by the denial of duality while duality exists for us.

7  As we find the path in the middle and walk upon it, we are still functioning in the world of duality.

8  All words or concepts they have a positive and negative aspect. For instance, a negative aspect of control is a tyrannical act of one person controlling another with the effect of limiting free will. A positive aspect of control is to use whatever means necessary to prevent rape, theft, murder, etc.

9  Even though many believe this [Soul Consciousness] to be the ultimate reality beyond duality, it is neither ultimate nor beyond duality.

10  Purpose, duality and Decision are always in existence and had no cause, but originate cause.

11  There is no such thing as two sides of a duality being the same polarity. By definition a polarity can only exist when the pull is to one side of the duality.

12  It is taught by some that when we rise to planes above the mental that there are no more dualities. This is true as far as the common idea of good and evil is concerned as you do not have the struggle of one against the other. Even so, there is still a duality, and seeds of duality, but it just doesn’t work out as the struggling opposition as it does in our plane.

13  In eons hence, when our purpose in form is fulfilled, we will look back on our history and see that the dualities of good and evil, light and dark were but guides that led us to a glorious peace between the great eternities.

14  All forms were created by the interplay of two energies – the principle of duality – which is the principle of illusion.

15  Actually as long as we are in the world of form we need some type of duality to help us “Become.”

16  You cannot live in duality and not be in duality.

17  God is in all things and through all things and is an active participant in all things so long as the illusion of Duality exists.

18  To solve the problem of duality we must first discern the two opposing sides in all things, whether it be male/female, good/evil, positive/negative, spiritual/material or conservative/liberal.

19  Only through the duality of the real and the unreal can we learn to appreciate and use the real with wisdom.

20  If duality comes from oneness and illusion from duality then illusion owes its being to the oneness that created duality.

21  Some, through meditation or focused attention, achieve states of consciousness bordering on bliss that seems beyond all duality and becoming but in this I believe they are deceived. First, if such a state were truly achieved then duality could not pull them back. They would just disappear from this world.

22  With the correct attention on thought and energy you thus live in the world of duality, but master duality.

23  If you were able to remove yourself from the world of duality, there would be no truth.

24  Truth only exists in duality and perception of truth also exists there.

25  You do not go to the presence of the one God by defying His creative purpose and attempting to jump into a void of nothingness beyond all creation. This cannot be done and is not allowed to be done, for we are all caught in the motivating stream of original purpose and there is no way to escape it because we are one with it. The only thing we can do to move ahead is to find out our part in the Purpose and move with it.

26   All truth is created and recognized through the duality of outside-inside. Take away your body, feelings and mind and you still exist, but you are unable to assimilate the truth that 2+2=4.

27  If that which originates cause is not eternal then the atheists are correct and we will go to nothingness and be as if we never were.

28  Even the space between the breaths which many call the void of nothingness “is not that which is not, but that which is esoteric,” as Djwahl Khul [DK] explains.

29  The only thing that would be unchanging would be nothingness. Because God and you and I are something then there is change and evolution.

30  Where there is nothing there is no truth except that there is nothing. Fortunately, there is no state where there is nothing. Something is always going on in the life of God.

31  The only thing that does not change is change. Change is eternal. It has always been and will always be. There could be no existence without it. Without it there would be nothing, or NO THING.

32  The only thing that can be unchanging is nothing.

33  Light is that radiance which divides the one into the many and love is that magnetic force which pulls the many back into the One. They are very much opposite and this duality is at the basis of creation of all there is that can be seen (light) or felt (love).

34  The question is – how then are Light and Love opposites? To understand we must define them.

35  That which is not true is error, or in the true reality – NOTHING. If one spends his life looking for nothing what will he find? Nothing.

36  As long as we live in this reality, the door of the dualities of positive and negative is always open and only seems closed to one in illusionary thought.

37  As far as something in the way the world thinks of as something, all is created from nothing. But the world does not realize within that which we call nothing, lies something and that something is the Original Cause behind all there is.

38  The point between the dualities of creation is a place wherein lies the Purpose of God.

39  There is a duality behind all words, and even truths that reach to the physical plane can be seen either in their true reality, or illusion.

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Eternal Words and Words Of Power

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1.  “There are certain words that take the ear back to the vibration of spirit that cannot be corrupted.  The Brotherhood calls these ‘Eternal Words’.”

2.  “Words of truth, or eternal words, are spoken by disciples of the Master who share consciousness with him and thus the words of the disciple carry the same potency as the words of Christ.”

3.  “All inspired writings have fulfillment on at least one of the three planes which are the mental, astral-emotional and physical.”

4.  “One of the purposes of the universal religion will be to teach people to recognize and use words of power.”

5.  “If the word is good then it is eternal and will never die but will bring forth fruit in its time, and none can prevent the manifestation.”

6.  “Even though Isaiah’s prophesies were given to the ancient Jews, most of them had correspondences to the far future such as the first and second coming of Christ and the Millennium (or Age of Peace), and the coming forth of additional revelations. Isaiah wrote in such a way that his words had a meaning to his contemporary Jews as well as speaking of events in the far future.”

7.  “When creation descends into form it does so through the power of a word.”

8.  “Eternal words are the words of Christ or spoken through the Oneness Principle in the Consciousness of Christ.”

9.  “The Great Invocation and the Song of the 144,000 are Words of Power and also contain principles.”

10.  “All eternal words are words of power but not all words of power are eternal words.”

11.  “Eternal words are words that will not pass away because they speak of true principles.”

12.  “Words that are not eternal words are most words spoken by average humanity. Such words relate facts that only have meaning today, but had no meaning in the past and will have no meaning in the future.”

13.  “There are words that do not teach principles that are temporary and pass away and then there are words that do teach principles that do not pass away because they are eternal words.”

14.  “It is time for the soul infused disciple to reach out to others upon the earth and use the words of power to separate the wheat from the chaff. The wheat are those who will accept the new ideas of the age to come and the chaff are those stuck in the old ways that are about to collapse upon itself.”

15.  “Eternal words are words that teach principles, for only principles will continue to have meaning as long as time exists.”

16.  “Disciples must teach words, eternal words, to bring the life of God to the churches and governments of the earth.”

17.  “My objective here is to speak the words of the soul to the best of my ability, and let each individual decide, in connection with the highest he can register, as to whether or not it is true.”

18.  “When words of Spirit are thus brought to earth they will not pass away for they came from timelessness or eternity.”

19.  “Even though Jesus had only 120 followers when he was crucified his words did not pass away because they touched on eternal principles, and when this is done, the meaning cannot be erased from human consciousness — not in this life or a future life.”

20.  “The only way to speak words that shall not pass away is to speak of principles that have already existed for eternity in the higher spheres.”

21.  “Eternal words are very powerful and do not pass away because they carry in them the seed of an eternal principle.”

22.  “Embodied principles are eternal words.”

23.  “When the disciple receives eternal words he realizes the depth of them is beyond the power of his personality self to have initiated.”

24.  “The advantage of the spoken word is that a teacher can speak from the soul and if the words are eternal words, spoken in the language of the principles, then they are carried through the medium of soul to the hearts and minds of the group.”

25.  “The most advanced writings for public consumption on the planet, directly read by the people, are rarely consumed.”

26.  “For the good things I write that ring true to your souls I give credit to the Holy Spirit as it flows back and forth between the golden links that bind us together in the Oneness Principle.”

27.  “The scriptures tell us to ‘prove all things’.”

28.  “Remember that all inspired words have more than one correct interpretation.”

29.  “How do you know if your interpretation [of an inspired writing] is correct? For one thing, if it has meaning to you then a value is achieved even if you are far removed from the meaning implied by the original writer. Apart from this as we seek accuracy we want to apply the law of correspondences. If the interpretation you come up with fits in with this law then you have a find worthy of contemplation and meditation. As you then contemplate the interpretation and correspondences you will move to the next level of seeking intuitive flashes of knowledge. When these flashes come you will know within that they are true for you will see the principle behind them.”

30.  “The interesting thing is that even when inspired words are not fulfilled as expected, they still come to pass on some level.”

31.  “Each scripture that deals with principles or cycles has a body, soul and spirit according to ancient Jewish belief. The body is that which is most applicable to life on the physical plane. Soul interpretations are those who stir the love energy of those who hear the words expounded. Spirit interpretations are those that appeal to the higher mind and lead to manifestations of the Spirit within. In addition to these three there is a fourth which is a synthesis of the three. This will be an interpretation from the viewpoint of wholeness (holiness) which will give guidance in practical application, stir the love of God and Spirit within and lead to intuitive understanding. In addition to this when the mystical number of seven comes into play the number of possible interpretations multiplies exponentially.”

32.  “I do not think any writer in modern times has matched the profoundness of Isaiah or the words of Jesus.”

33.  “As one reads through the teachings of Christ one cannot help but notice that every teaching He gave out was representative of some principle that is timeless and has as much meaning today as it did 2000 years ago.”

34.  “The Book of Revelation written by the Apostle John is one of the grandest books in human history with as much depth and mystery as any metaphysical, non-metaphysical, religious or non-religious book in the world.”

35.  “The Bible is the Word of God inasmuch as the words you draw from it harmonize with the Word of God within the Soul of man which is in harmony with the Spirit of God.”

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Exceptional Form

The Worlds of Form

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual and Metaphysical Quotes From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1  All form in the universe is created by vibration and if we were to see the real present we would perceive no vibration therefore we would perceive no form thus we would perceive no thing.

2  To see beyond the world of form we must suspend the seeing of form and go to the universe of infinite ideas by not seeing, not thinking and not feeling.

3  All things living and existing in the worlds of form not only possess two energies (male and female) but are created by their interplay.

4  Any division of form has a specific and not an infinite number. Any multiplication of form also has a specific number.

3  Each form in relation to any other form is a specific and definite distance from each other.

6  The first world of form where creation takes place is the mental, the second the astral-emotional, the third the etheric and finally the dense physical.

7  The law of cause and effect is an inherent principle that eternally exists within any creation of form.

8  The evolutionary foundation of almost all forms, as we know them, comes from the previous solar system many billions of years ago.

9  Form, as we understand it, is not created until various wavelengths gather into groups and circle and spiral around each other.

10  Entropy is overcome on all three planes of form when intelligent thought and energy are poured into the form.

11  All form is held in place through the principle of magnetism which is an aspect of the principle of Love.

12  Nothing is neutral in the world of form.

13  All of our physical forms including our whole world was created first upon higher planes.

14  Electricity creates action from the center outwards and magnetism pulls from the periphery to the center causing concretization into form.

15  To start with no form is not to start with nothing. When motion producing form is stilled the one vibrating purpose remains. It is something.

16  The idea of form, just like the idea of a number, has no beginning and end and this is why we as entities will have no end.

17  To determine whether an experience in time and space has no end as a memory of an event in the past one must ask if it is created and sustained by form.

18  All events in the past can only be recalled by reconstructing form through the power of mind, pictures or symbols. All such forms begin and end.

19  Our consciousness on this earth is created by perception of form. Consciousness without perception of form is not understood by us.

20  All forms were created by the interplay of two energies – the principle of duality – which is the principle of illusion.

21  In all creations of form there is light and dark, positive and negative, good and evil, hot and cold, etc.

22  There is no ultimate freedom in anything we do in the worlds of form.

23  Anything with form is objective.

24  If something, which was not in form, is now in form, it is logical that a new experience can be gained from it.

25  The whole physical body consists of the dense physical that all of us see, plus the normally invisible etheric. The etheric is composed of millions of lines of force joining and merging to give the dense physical a coherent form.

26  The universe of physical form is created because one energy dominates; and this domination is called “the dominating good” by the sages.

27  There is consciousness of some type in every form.

28  All form on the outside is dependant on the sustaining power of the One inside.

29  When the Eternal Now is reached the state of being does not identify with form. There is no motion, time or space in this awareness.

30  Within this Eternal Now is no form, but the primordial undifferentiated substance from which all things spring.

31  Self contains only limited experience in any particular form. You cannot prove otherwise.

32  The form of all experience has beginning and end but each experience is linked to all other experience making each point in time and space part of an eternal chain.

33  When any inspired wording or symbol is put into form that within its content will be manifest many synchronistic truths.

34  No two things in the world of form are exactly identical but are close enough that the differences are not perceptible.

35  When God switched from the state of Being to BECOMING, the worlds of form were created.

36  The serpents perfect physical sensation and make progress in perfecting form. But it is the humans that perfect living form.

37  Lower soul energy gives form to all matter and holds the form together.

38  In the worlds of form we have only two planes created from true principles:  The etheric plane and the mental plane.

39  To know anything intelligence has to reflect itself down into the world of form so everything it knows is related to form.

40  Existence in changeable form cannot be without creation.

41  Form is basically energy slightly out of balance and the fact that we are still in a world that has form tells us that we have not achieved perfect (or relative perfect) balance.

42  The truth is that no form is eternal. It is only the life essence behind the form that continues.

43  God did not create a perfect world because there is no such thing as perfection within the world of form.

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