Clear Purpose

2002-10-30 06:35:00

I came across a comment from an old Keys member who quit the list some time ago. Here is a quote he posted to another list:

"I got discouraged with the JJ and the Keys because all I heard was talk and little if any action. DK [Djwhal Khul] says that some day there will be meditation schools set up to teach various techniques of raising consciousness.

"I happen to think that JJ does an excellent job of laying out the WHAT. But what's missing is the HOW. I don't think most religious leaders see the need for this kind of approach, but I do.

"This thought has been bugging me for several days, and it has spilled over into all my posts recently. I get the feeling that for JJ and many of the Keys that anything which happens is going to stem directly from JJ and his disciples. And if it doesn't come from them, it isn't going to happen. I'm here to say that isn't necessarily so, and that's one of the problems I have with JJ, much as I admire and respect him."


I thought I would respond to this since it is a stumbling block to some members who come along now and then. Some do wish we would teach self help lessons, more meditation techniques and more step by step instructions on a number of items that would perhaps bring enlightenment or higher spiritual contacts. Others wish we would dig up ancient teachings, explore the great pyramid, life in Atlantis, Planet X, the fifth dimension, etc. Still others wish to see some of the world changes hinted at in my writings and want things to happen yesterday.

People come and go for a number of reasons. So the group will not be disappointed or expect that which the list will not deliver I thought I would cover the direction and purpose of the teachings I give to you.

The purpose of the books I have written and will write plus the Keys articles I have written and will continue to post is this:

To touch upon the language of light, or the soul, through the presentation of higher principles thus causing the student to elevate his mind and heart from attention on data to the principle behind the data. It is to elevate the student from attention on the little self and its progress to the principles underlying a greater whole of which he is a part. It is to bring the student through contemplation to soul contact which is subtle contact with his greater group which greater light eclipses the lesser light of self and creates a desire for participation in a greater group life. It is for the Gathering of Lights. Light can only be gathered by shining forth a homing beacon of light in words of light. Light cleaves to light and recognizes itself in others who are prepared.

The writings are to prepare the minds of men and women for the Molecular Relationship which can only be initiated by those who are capable of group soul contact. These must be able to put aside minor personality differences and see as one though the eyes of the soul.

The writings are to stimulate the impulse to serve something higher than oneself or losing thought of self. He who loses self for the sake of Christ will obtain eternal joy in the kingdom of God.

The writings are to plant the seeds of change. Some of these seeds will sprout in the near future, others will come forth later. But if the word is good then it is eternal and will never die but will bring forth fruit in its time, and none can prevent the manifestation.

The writings are direction to aid in the manifestation of true world peace which is the destiny of humanity on this planet. There is great need for stability at this time. Suffering humanity cries out for relief as we relax in our comfortable situations. We have an obligation to follow the highest we know in changing the world for the better. But this must be done with wisdom, for many good-hearted people in the past have done more harm than good with their good intentions and have paved the way for the likes of Hitler and Stalin. Instead we seek to prepare the way for the Master of Masters, the Christ.

The purpose of the writings is to present new principles and ideas which have never been fully realized before and to take the old which was partially understood and add the missing ingredients that lead to full understanding.

What the teachings given here are not:

  1. The teachings here are not a repeat or rehash of teachings given elsewhere. When other useful teachings are found we will reference them, but attempt not to present them as if they are new or unique to the Keys.
  2. Although I have received many comments of how the teachings and the Song of the 144,000 have helped individuals in their personal lives, the teachings are not designed as self help aids. They are designed to lead the student to the soul and when he arrives there he will have all the help he needs.
  3. Although meditation may be discussed periodically I do not have plans to initiate classes on the subject. There are already plenty of classes available on the Internet and through numerous organizations which teach many aspects of it. I have plenty of material yet to write that has not yet been given to humanity that is much more important to get on paper than to replicate meditation techniques readily available to all.

I do, however, seek to activate the principle of contemplation in the student which is a higher form of meditation than taught in most classes. He who can contemplate and receive a flash of light that allows vision of a principle has achieved more than one who has a visitation of a spiritual being or attained bliss though negated thought.

  1. The purpose of the teachings is not to resurrect data from the past but to reorient the eye of the seeker to the future. When the principles of the future are comprehended, the data from the past will fall in place.

The criticism mentioned at the beginning of this post indicated that we should be teaching meditation techniques to raise consciousness. Meditation techniques are useful if wisely applied, but by themselves will do little to raise consciousness. Consciousness must be raised through the understanding and application of principles, taking them from spirit and applying them in the real world of matter. Who had the highest consciousness, Winston Churchill or Peter the Hermit? Abraham Lincoln or the Maharishi? The monk seeking enlightenment for himself, or the servant seeking to share light with others?

True enlightenment is found, not by retreating into the self, but by taking the highest you know and radiating it in the service of others. When the disciple becomes a light unto others he then becomes a light unto himself. He buries not his light under a bushel but lets it shine upon a hill until all partake equally of the glowing flame.