To Initiate

1999-3-15 09:59:00

I'll give a few more thoughts on the ring-pass-not.

The ring-pass-not does not apply to humans only but all forms of life from the atomic to the Solar and beyond.

That which lies beyond our ring-pass-not is a freedom or a door to greater freedom that is beyond the ability of our consciousness and intelligence to grasp and incorporate into our reality.

This is perhaps easier to understand if we examine the animal kingdom below us. There are freedoms that are beyond their ring of consciousness that seem ridiculously simple to us. Take a dog, for instance. Tie him up to a post on a long leash and in a short while he will run around the post wrapping the leash around it as he goes. Then after the leash is entirely wrapped and there are only inches left, the dog will continue forward almost choking himself. Even though it seems simple to us, it is beyond his consciousness to go backwards instead of forwards and unwind the leash so he has greater freedom.

The ring-pass-not in an animal prevents him from considering going backward to greater freedom.

A dog may go through a door if all he has to do is push ahead, but it is beyond his consciousness to consider turning a door handle unless he has been extensively trained by a human.

On the other hand, a chicken has a lower ring-pass-not than a dog. The dog has a sense of loyalty to a human owner, but this concept is beyond the ring-pass-not of the fowl. It seems to the chicken that loyalty to humans would bring less freedom not more, but the dog realizes that loyalty to the human will somehow lead to greater freedom and expression.

To the dog, the humans are Gods to be loved, but to the chicken, we are overlords to be feared.

Now, to the lives higher than human there are many freedoms that are just beyond our ring-pass-not that seem very simple to them.

Some of these are:

The power to live without food and water for extended periods of time.
The power to shift in and out of this world and the next.
The power to become invisible.
The power to perform miraculous healings
The power to manifest a body at will through the power of Decision-Attention -Consciousness.
The power of telepathy.
The power of omnipresence
The access to all knowledge
And many others.

Becoming an initiate is an important series of steps in expanding the ring-pass-not. Yesterday we asked what an initiate was. Marilyn came the closest by stating:

"To me, becoming an initiate means to be at the beginning of something new. Call it awakening, if you choose."

This statement is on the right track, but let me add an additional hint. To discover the true meaning of becoming an initiate we must ask the question - What does it mean to initiate a thing?

The power of initiation is neither good nor evil but is a little like money and can be used for either.

Hitler was an initiate and so was Abraham Lincoln.

How did these two men use the power of initiation, one for evil and the other for good?