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1  All form in the universe is created by vibration and if we were to see the real present we would perceive no vibration therefore we would perceive no form thus we would perceive no thing.

2  To see beyond the world of form we must suspend the seeing of form and go to the universe of infinite ideas by not seeing, not thinking and not feeling.

3  All things living and existing in the worlds of form not only possess two energies (male and female) but are created by their interplay.

4  Any division of form has a specific and not an infinite number. Any multiplication of form also has a specific number.

3  Each form in relation to any other form is a specific and definite distance from each other.

6  The first world of form where creation takes place is the mental, the second the astral-emotional, the third the etheric and finally the dense physical.

7  The law of cause and effect is an inherent principle that eternally exists within any creation of form.

8  The evolutionary foundation of almost all forms, as we know them, comes from the previous solar system many billions of years ago.

9  Form, as we understand it, is not created until various wavelengths gather into groups and circle and spiral around each other.

10  Entropy is overcome on all three planes of form when intelligent thought and energy are poured into the form.

11  All form is held in place through the principle of magnetism which is an aspect of the principle of Love.

12  Nothing is neutral in the world of form.

13  All of our physical forms including our whole world was created first upon higher planes.

14  Electricity creates action from the center outwards and magnetism pulls from the periphery to the center causing concretization into form.

15  To start with no form is not to start with nothing. When motion producing form is stilled the one vibrating purpose remains. It is something.

16  The idea of form, just like the idea of a number, has no beginning and end and this is why we as entities will have no end.

17  To determine whether an experience in time and space has no end as a memory of an event in the past one must ask if it is created and sustained by form.

18  All events in the past can only be recalled by reconstructing form through the power of mind, pictures or symbols. All such forms begin and end.

19  Our consciousness on this earth is created by perception of form. Consciousness without perception of form is not understood by us.

20  All forms were created by the interplay of two energies – the principle of duality – which is the principle of illusion.

21  In all creations of form there is light and dark, positive and negative, good and evil, hot and cold, etc.

22  There is no ultimate freedom in anything we do in the worlds of form.

23  Anything with form is objective.

24  If something, which was not in form, is now in form, it is logical that a new experience can be gained from it.

25  The whole physical body consists of the dense physical that all of us see, plus the normally invisible etheric. The etheric is composed of millions of lines of force joining and merging to give the dense physical a coherent form.

26  The universe of physical form is created because one energy dominates; and this domination is called “the dominating good” by the sages.

27  There is consciousness of some type in every form.

28  All form on the outside is dependant on the sustaining power of the One inside.

29  When the Eternal Now is reached the state of being does not identify with form. There is no motion, time or space in this awareness.

30  Within this Eternal Now is no form, but the primordial undifferentiated substance from which all things spring.

31  Self contains only limited experience in any particular form. You cannot prove otherwise.

32  The form of all experience has beginning and end but each experience is linked to all other experience making each point in time and space part of an eternal chain.

33  When any inspired wording or symbol is put into form that within its content will be manifest many synchronistic truths.

34  No two things in the world of form are exactly identical but are close enough that the differences are not perceptible.

35  When God switched from the state of Being to BECOMING, the worlds of form were created.

36  The serpents perfect physical sensation and make progress in perfecting form. But it is the humans that perfect living form.

37  Lower soul energy gives form to all matter and holds the form together.

38  In the worlds of form we have only two planes created from true principles:  The etheric plane and the mental plane.

39  To know anything intelligence has to reflect itself down into the world of form so everything it knows is related to form.

40  Existence in changeable form cannot be without creation.

41  Form is basically energy slightly out of balance and the fact that we are still in a world that has form tells us that we have not achieved perfect (or relative perfect) balance.

42  The truth is that no form is eternal. It is only the life essence behind the form that continues.

43  God did not create a perfect world because there is no such thing as perfection within the world of form.

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