The Many Parts

2003-12-20 09:51:00

Ruth asks:
How do you know that Jesus taught Mohammad? Where could this information be found?

I think I have mentioned before that DK taught this.

John C writes in relation to Bryan's quotes:
It looks like the disciple is witnessing a face-off between the dweller (which is really him), the angel of the presence (which is really him), and the presence behind the angel (the monad?) But, who is the disciple really?

The Dweller and Solar angel is not you any more than I am you. I am you in the sense that we are all parts of the One Great Life, but as parts of the whole we are unborn eternal individual units, each with our own differing purposes.

You create the vehicles for the Dweller, but you do not create the life itself. The life which is the Dweller identifies with the vehicle which you create and it believes it is its vehicles just as evolving man believes he is his vehicles.

As DK says the Solar Angel casts a shadow and this shadow becomes our lower nature which the beginning human identifies with and falsely believes himself to be. Instead he is the monadic life which is occupying the shadow of the Solar Angel.

John C:
So, according to you here, when I really AM is the monad, and all of the rest are things which I USE.

I don't know. Maybe it's just me, but if I saw "myself" split up into three or more different entities, I would do everything I could to pull all the pieces together, get them working in harmony, and try to fuse them back together. But, maybe that's the whole point.

This isn't really possible because the real you is not three parts but one part using numerous vehicles. When we are done with the vehicles we do not fuse them together but discard them, taking only with us the intelligence they provided.

John C:
But, then I don't seem to be getting the point. You can lay all the parts to a watch out on the table and study them from now till eternity, but you still don't have a watch until you put them together. But is it really that important to know how to build a watch when all you want to know is what time it is?

OK, so what we have is a bunch of parts on the table. Maybe at one time they were together, but they aren't together now, so the job before us it to try and understand what the various parts are, how they fit together, and what the result is supposed to be after they are fitted together.

The parts were never together. The reason we came here was to make the watch, so to speak. We are not recreating some past watch, but making a new and different kind of watch which has never exactly appeared before.

The Solar Angel is a perfected watch, you are a watch in construction and the Dweller is Gilligan trying to distract you by getting you to take a ride on a boat. Eventually the three will be three watches, not one watch.

How does oneness come in? They will all harmonize and give the same time and fill a similar purpose while being unique in their creation.

They also all came from the same raw materials.

John C:
Why not just identify oneself with (i.e. center the attention in) the monad and get it over with?

This is easier said than done. As we have descended down to our reality we have accumulated numerous limitations. Limitations are an essential ingredient to our evolution, for we cannot expand in intelligence without them. Limitation is the principle behind the Law of Contraction and Expansion. There is no expansion without the application of limitation.

There are a number of limitations between the evolving human and his monad that must be removed before he can even consider identifying with it.

Let us say that you wanted to communicate with the President of the United States? Can you just give him a call and make arrangements for coffee?

Of Course not.


Because there are a number of barriers between you and he. These are limitations that must be removed before you can have access.

If you are serious about gaining access you do not first call him, but must go through a number of steps.

(1) Find out where he is.

If you go to religious authorities you will not find the monad. You must look where the monad is which is within.

(2) Find the true intermediary.

A lot of people may claim to be able to gain access to the president, (Monad) but there is one person (the Soul) who is in charge of scheduling. There are a number of people (true teachers) who may be able to direct you to this intermediary, but even though they are helpful you must contact this person yourself.

(3) Convince the intermediary that contact is beneficial to both sides.

If the intermediary (Soul) and the President (the Monad) sees that your purpose is important enough to draw his attention then he will grant you access.

This is an imperfect correspondence, but it makes the point. Seeking to identify or call on the Monad will not have the intended effect until you have removed certain limitations and grown in purpose and ability.

John C:
In Scientology, everything is addressed to us as thetans, which as near as I can tell, roughly corresponds to the monad -- the first unit of individuation.

The Thetan would most likely be what DK calls the Ego - the Higher Self. It's quite possible L. Ron Hubbard had the teachings of the monad in mind when coming up with the concept of the Thetan, but as far as contact goes he would be reaching the highest consciousness that the individual limitations would permit.

"Dissatisfaction, disgust, distaste, and a deep fatigue are characteristic very frequently of those who are on the verge of discipleship."