1999-1-1 08:36:00

Let me make a few more comments on the progression of animals as I feel my comments are not fully understood by all. The basic difference between animals and humans is that human beings are self aware and animals are not. The state where Adam was in the Garden of Eden, "and knew not that he was naked" is a description of the consciousness of the animal-human before he passed completely out of the animal kingdom.

To create a self conscious human being takes a fusion of millions of lesser lives. Among these lives are a number from the animal kingdom. Because the leap from one kingdom to another is so great it always involves the intelligent coordination and cooperation of multiple lives.

Humans cannot enter the Kingdom of God alone, but must do so through group effort. The same went for animals when they moved into the human kingdom beginning in early Lemurian days about 18 million years ago. During a long period covering millions of years all the animals who were evolved enough to make the jump moved into the human kingdom. The rest stayed behind to go through a cycle of growth, and be stimulated by humans in preparation for a future round when the door would open again.

One of the things we do to prepare animals for their future leap into the human kingdom is to take them as pets. As our pets they live with us in our homes, observe us, and begin to feel like one of the family. The more advanced animals will often begin to see themselves as an extension of his human home.

The members of the God kingdom used a similar stimulation with the human kingdom during the days of Atlantis. Many of them walked freely among us "pet" humans and some people had very close relationships with these higher lives to the extent that some teachers of the human family began to see themselves as part of the family of God and a few made the leap into this next kingdom -- the Kingdom of God.

The Brotherhood have revealed that the door is now open for humans to move into the God kingdom, but that does not mean the door is permanently closed to animals moving into the human. They will make the leap again when their numbers are sufficiently prepared.

When a human moves from the human kingdom to the kingdom of God generally the advanced animal lives within him will move along with him. These lives will now have all the good that is the animal consciousness, sharing in the human consciousness, and now sharing in the God consciousness.

James mentioned his Native American heritage. It is interesting that some of the ancient Indian healing techniques involved the recognition and calling forth of the animal lives within ourselves. The basic idea was the calling forth of the bear, the eagle, the lion or other animal for his help in dealing with a medical or some other problem. This truth is also part of the hidden meaning behind the tribal naming of children after animal behaviors, such as Running Bear, Sly Fox, etc. They had an unconscious recognition and identification of the animal lives within us.

Do animals have souls?

Spirit and matter interplay through soul in all things here on earth in all kingdoms. Animals have soul, but do not have individual consciousness as do humans, but are preparing for it and some of the advanced animals have a sense of human consciousness just as advanced humans have a sense of God consciousness.

Every life form in the universe is eternal and will have no end including the animals. All will BECOME within their own sphere and eventually enlarge their consciousness to include greater lives, but the essence that makes each reflection that God has made cannot be destroyed, but will reappear in different situations and forms again and again worlds without end.

Will clones have souls?

Yes, most of them will be quite normal and each clone will have similarities to the original, but will be it's own person. Two clones will be similar in vibration to identical twins. Advanced entities will rarely take a cloned body, however, because an advanced soul needs a body of his own creation to fulfill higher purpose.

Even a computer, if advanced enough, could draw a self conscious entity to possess it and the giving birth to a living computer or some type of living android (something like Data from Star Trek). This an event that will happen some day in the future. How far away this is I cannot say.

Are their soulless people?

Yes and no. The committed Dark Brothers completely deny the soul energy and as such construct a firm barrier that separates them from the world of Spirit. The soul is still there, but their consciousness cannot connect with it so they appear to be soulless, but such appearance is an illusion. The illusionary soulless person they have created will disintegrate and even the Dark Brother will be created anew several billion years hence.

Most people that you may think to be soulless has not been completely severed but is probably just on a detoured path for a few lives.