Higher Realities

1999-4-12 09:44:00

Question: So what is the higher octave of consciousness? What essence of us still exists in the Eternal Now where there is no time and space?

Rick is perhaps right here that "octave" is not an exact word for this question, but it is the closest I can think of. A higher octave in music is a fairly black and white thing. To reach the higher sound you just directly increase vibration. The response is a very predictable sound.

In speaking of evolution, the mystery of life, and the human spirit, there is often more involved than a simple increase in vibration. Instead the concept may involve a quantum leap of some kind and the results are more difficult to predict.

The higher octave or leap may have some similarities with the lower, but also may have branches that seem totally unrelated. Sometimes these octaves or leaps may correspond more to the root of a tree compared to a trunk or the branches. They are related parts of the whole and have similarities, but differences too.

So what is the higher correspondence to consciousness then? If we had power to follow godlike lives to an existence where there is no consciousness as we know it because there is no time and space what in the world would be left?

The higher correspondent of consciousness, the root of the tree beyond time and space from which all consciousness time and space springs forth, is the Life Principle itself. This Life Principle is very closely related to the first key which is that power within you that makes decisions. The major decision that the Life Principle makes as far we understand it is "to be or not to be," within the words of time and space.

There are many lives who have decided "not to be" and look upon us as foolish to venture forth into these changeable worlds of time and space. On the other hand, we brave (or foolish from another viewpoint) who have ventured forth have the belief that going through these worlds of form and BECOMING what we decide to become will bring us an eternal enrichment that the other lives will not possess.

In this higher state where livingness depends on the Life Principle rather than consciousness, the lives exist in a state of "not being" and the entities are sometimes called the "Not Self." They function through a higher form of thought in a world of ideas. To contact these lives and the ideas they project a person in this reality must suspend normal consciousness and thought.

This is why people like Einstein and Thomas Edison seemed very absent-minded at times. It has been a frequent occurrence in history that the great minds were thought to be somewhat backward because they seemed to have a difficult time keeping their mind on the regular learning principle as teachers here understand it. A great inventor, songwriter, writer or other creative artist will often get his inspiration when his regular mind is in some type of suspension, and he tunes into a higher type of thinking by not thinking.

To tune into higher realities we must tune out the current reality to some degree. The process of seeing auras involves a process like this with the art of seeing. To see the aura of another you must go through the art of a process I have named "not seeing."

Right after you are born as an infant you cannot see clearly for a few days. To see and make out images is one of the first things you learn. Few realize that the ability to see is something we learn. The interesting thing is that to see many things that are normally invisible we must unlearn what we have learned about seeing and "not see." When we unravel regular seeing then other things normally invisible comes into focus.

The first time you catch a glimpse of an aura you will be startled by its beauty and rouse yourself to take a better look by "seeing." The second you try and see it, the colors will immediately disappear. Instead you must let the aura manifest, and when it does, check yourself so you make absolutely no effort to see. When no effort is made to see then you will see that which was before invisible.

In addition to seeing auras through the process of "not seeing" you can see the etheric body, the energy field that circulate around your body and the most difficult of all, the auric film which is egg shaped and circulates about an arm's length from your body. On this film is projected various thoughts represented in geometric forms.

Thus to see beyond the world of form we must suspend the seeing of form and go to the universe of infinite ideas by not seeing, not thinking and not feeling. When our ATTENTION is shifted to this higher reality we become absent minded and tap into a higher mind. When we do tap into this higher universal mind we can then, though the medium of the soul, bring down into regular consciousness ideas that can become clothed in physical reality.

In the formless world of ideas you can travel from the idea of one galaxy to the idea of another galaxy in no time, but in this universe of time and space it may take several million years to get to another galaxy at the speed of light because the ideas of these two galaxies are clothed with time, space and consequently form.

There is much more that could be written on this subject. A few would find it fascinating, but others may lose interest. The main point to learn from all this is that no matter how much we think we have everything figured out there will always be another step for us to take and there are steps above those steps. We live in a universe where progression is eternal and those who are on the Path realize that this is as it should be.

Now we shall shift our direction to the subject of the Christ and His "Second Coming," and exactly who or what it is that is coming.

The coming of Christ is set to happen as not one great event, but in three stages. The first stage is the implanting of the idea in the minds of, first the spiritual teachers, and then of the general public of the concept we now know as the Christ Consciousness.

Questions: What is the Christ Consciousness and how successful has been the Brotherhood of Light in promoting this idea among humanity? Have they been successful enough so we can move to stage two? What do you suppose stage two is?