Smooth Sailing

2000-3-28 11:19:00

There's been a lull in the list the past couple days, but Rick sure took care of that problem. Rick, I'm glad you were heartened by the outpouring of the response to you. Don't you realize you're family, and we just won't let family go without a fight, now will we?

The first thing to do is as Chris suggested and that is to get an accurate diagnosis through a doctor. All true spiritual healers (with rare exceptions) start with an accurate diagnosis. Then I'd like you to share that diagnosis with us. This may aid us in the visualization and spiritual aid the group may offer.

It seems as if many members on both lists have been having their share of problems beyond what seems normal. This is good news and bad news.

The good news is that whenever an individual or group seeks to take steps that will further their evolution there is created a negative pull that seems to do everything in its power to pull them backwards. Therefore these problems are a sign that collectively and individually we are moving ahead on the path.

The bad news is that even though we are moving ahead, the resistance, or negative pull can cause many problems that are difficult to surmount, but surmount we must.

I have been picking up a strange energy over the past week or so and have been doing my best to let it pass through me and now it is dissipated as far as I am concerned, but I just received a phone call from my daughter late tonight that my mother fell and broke her hip and is scheduled for surgery tomorrow (actually later today).

The power of negativity as a natural consequence and also as directed by the Dark Brothers is a powerful reason for the Song of the 144,000.

In this passing Piscean Age the Dark Brothers have frustrated every work that has been initiated by the Brotherhood of Light by first seeking to destroy them physically and secondly by destroying them spiritually by frustrating them and destroying their faith and confidence in God and themselves.

Their third avenue of destruction has been to infiltrate teachings of light with darkness and illusion so the few brave souls who come through the first two storms become misdirected and wander off on strange paths.

Nothing in this physical world can prevent the interplay of positive and negative from working itself out. The Song will not do it, fearlessness will not do it and love will not do it. In fact as we take a step on the Path the interplay of the polarities is increased and the good and bad around us seem to increase.

How does the Song help then? As you begin by focusing Attention on the Light with the Song you do not destroy the darkness, but you shine a great light, which reveals the illusion of the darkness and as you are thus filled with light you create a place where darkness cannot penetrate. Light also reveals knowledge, which knowledge is light, which light protects from darkness because darkness has no power to penetrate light as light has power to penetrate darkness.

The second stanza of the Song protects from attacks on the Spirit by filling us with the "fires of Love." When one is filled with love and is receiving love he will never give up his journey on the path. Only when one feels alone in a struggle does one feel like giving up.

As evidence of this look at what effect the outpouring of love from the group had on Rick today. I think he realizes more than ever before that he is greatly loved and needed and this feeling rejuvenates the inner person more than anything else.

The third stanza protects against destruction through illusion for if you are one with God you then see through the eyes of God and with such vision you will see through the illusions that attempt to steer you off the Path.

My point is that various problems will still come even with the Song, but the Song provides three points of focus that will give you power to guide your ship safely to the new land or new age.

The Song is like the sails of a ship. Maneuvering sails can guide your ship safely to its next destination, but it will not insure there will be no storms ahead. If the sails are used with intelligence you can guide your ship either through or around the various obstacles.

Therefore, let us continue to say the Song with confidence and give ourselves power to sail to the Promised Land.

In the meantime, I would recommend the group send lots of love energy to Rick. This by itself is very healing.

I would also suggest a three or seven day fast on lemon juice (fresh squeezed) honey, cayenne pepper and water. You use about one lemon per pint of water and add the rest to taste. Let me re-emphasize that you end the fast with a full day of fresh fruit and vegetables.

The ears are connected to the throat center and in the vitalization of this center lay the secret of health with all the organs connected with sound.

What are the attributes of the throat center and what about this center could be misused or frustrated to cause a problem with the hearing?