HPB JFK Connection

HPB JFK Connection

Thanks for your comments on the H. P. Blavatsky page. I found the research on this fascinating. Because I have 40 years experience (as of 2004) with handwriting analysis the comparisons are quite impressive to me. If any of the rest of you have comments on the credibility of the presentation I would be interested in hearing it.

One thing we could do is an astrological chart comparison. I’m sure we would find some interesting correspondences, but there is probably nothing available to compare to handwriting analysis to give hard physical proof.

As a person moves from life to life he changes rays, personality, circumstances and sometimes sex. Normally, a person will have changed enough so his handwriting will appear significantly different – at least in superficial ways. The main thing to look for is the basic intelligence- and where that intelligence is most pronounced. Since Kennedy and H. P. Blavatsky are both extremely intelligent they both would be expected to have aspects that would catch the eye of the analyst.

Fortunately, in this case there was an amazing amount of similarities making this a great concrete case for reincarnation.

If DK is a 10 in intelligence H. P. Blavatsky would be an 8, Kennedy an 8.5 and Alice A. Bailey a 7 – based on handwriting.

Comment: “Funny how they’re both known by their three initials.”

Yes, that is interesting and I meant to include that piece of information.

It is also interesting that H. P. Blavatsky suffered greatly with ill health in her last twenty or so years. Her kidneys and possibly other organs gave out due I think to her excessive smoking and possibly her medications. As I said, she smoked up to 200 cigarettes a day. I think this ill health carried over in to JFK’s life for he suffered greatly with poor health from his youth. As a young man is was always in and out of the best hospitals undergoing every test possible as the doctors were trying to figure out his mystery illness.

Neither of them seemed to control their physical desires. Since H. P. Blavatsky was not that great in looks for a woman it appears she took out her compulsion in smoking whereas JFK was excessive in sex. Such apparent lack of control is unusual in an initiate. Yet both of them showed self-control of the physical worthy of an initiate in other areas of life. Their ability to override their pain and illness and function normally is a good example.

I do not think either of them achieved the fourth initiation as I do not see any evidence that either of them yielded to the “great renunciation.”

The is one possibility, however. If Kennedy knew in advance that he was to be assassinated in Dallas and his soul told him to yield to it because it was a part of some great plan – this could qualify. The reason would be that he would have been giving up more than his life (which is not enough). He would have been giving up the opportunity to change the world as the most powerful leader on the planet.

Someone asked if I believe that JFK/HPB has reincarnated again. I’m not sure of the time, but I believe he has taken incarnation recently. What I have strongly picked up is the reason his son John Jr. was killed. One of JFK’s great disappointments was that he was not able to raise his son with whom he had an especially close soul connection. In the realm of the Soul JFK asked his son if he would join him in his new life and he agreed. Thus was the airplane crash arranged by the powers that be so John Jr could be again born as JFK’s son – this time, hopefully to have a relationship together. Of course Bobby will be joining in too, but not Ted for he is not in the soul group.

Question: I wonder if you’ve considered any other possibilities to explain the similarities in handwriting, or is reincarnation the only explanation? The reason I’m asking is that the teaching that HPB became a Master in 1924 comes from an exceptionally highly regarded source and has remained unchallenged for 70 years.

JJ: In line of authority I trust:

(1) My own soul

(2) My common sense

(3) Inspired writings, scriptures, DK etc.

I don’t care who says what if it does not line up with my soul and the logic of the mind.

Why are you inclined to trust this source?

Actually a number of people have given other lives for H. P. Blavatsky including the web page you posted which had her as Sybil Leek. This does not register at all with me for H. P. Blavatsky was much more intelligent than Sybil.

I did think that about half of his guesses were possibilities though.

The idea that Madonna was Marilyn Monroe is fairly far fetched though figuring that Marilyn was alive when Madonna was four. However, when we consider the doctrine of walk-ins all things become possible – though this one is not probable.

Question: Maybe it is possible that HPB overshadowed JFK., Could that explain the similarities in the handwriting?

JJ: An overshadowing does not affect the handwriting to any significant degree. The original entity still owns the body, is in charge and does not undergo any personality change other than that of normnal evolution. There is only a personality change when there is a walk in situation where the body is vacated by the original entity. In this case the new entity would assume the memory of the original occupant and duplicate many of his personality characteristics for a time, but make numerous changes over the next ten years.

A close look at the evidence I have presented testifies that that chances are extremely high that the two entities are the same person.

Comment: While I find your handwriting analysis quite compelling, I cannot believe that JFK was as advanced as HPB – or more intelligent.

JJ:: The handwriting shows JFK had a slight edge in most departments – which makes sense if he was a later incarnation. He was a little quick thinker, a little sharper wit, a little more courage, a little more difficult to fool, a little more organized, a little clearer thinker – just a slight edge in most factors. This does not negate the fact that both were highly intelligent. Overall, by using our normal standards of intelligence JFK was our most intelligent president and one of the most intelligent entities overall in our history.

Was he more intelligent than Lincoln? By normal standards, yes, but Lincoln was the type of person who had an intelligence that was not obvious. He didn’t have the natural ability that JFK or H. P. Blavatsky did, but he had an inner spiritual perception that made up for it. Lincoln had the same problem as Bush in that he was accused by many as being stupid, but they underestimated the spiritual intelligence that was below the surface.

Comment: One only has to compare the significance of their works to see that. HPB’s work made the new age possible. JFK was a great statesman, perhaps even a great man, but his legacy is nowhere near as important as HPB’s.

JJ: The significance of one’s work and their intelligence is two different things.

One may be a master at his profession and even famous and then the soul may lead him in a new direction of learning in his next life. Because he is entering new ground he may have little success. For instance, it would be unfair to say Bob in one life could not be the Master composer of a past life because he failed at painting. He may need a couple lives to develop the new talent.

Even so, it is quite possible that JFK’s short presidency was more important than the mission of HPB. Consider the Cuban Missile Crisis. It is quite possible that we would have had a nuclear war if a lesser man was in charge. If JFK did lead humanity away from this development then he fulfilled one of the greatest of destinies possible.

In addition he initiated the Peace Corp, the mission to the moon and civil rights legislation that passed after his death in his honor. Three significant accomplishments. But beyond this he initiated a new optimism that infected the whole world. The White house of his era was called Camelot signifying that the world soul recognized him as an initiate from the likes of Camelot of old.

Comment: Perhaps he was cut off in his prime for a greater purpose and so never got a chance to take his 4th but that is pure speculation and so we can’t know for sure. If we are speculating we could also say that HPB did take her 4th but there is no record of it.

JJ: It’s possible that H. P. Blavatsky was a 4th degree, I know some think she was, but if she was there was no evidence that was passed down or even hinted at. It is unlikely that one who has passed the Great Renunciation would be so addicted to cigarettes to the extent that it would ruin her health.

Comment: While Helena Roerich isn’t as accurate as AAB (I think you gave her a 7 rating from memory) one wonders how she could be *so* wrong about HPB’s subsequent incarnation.

JJ: A seven can still make many mistakes. I think she was given a mission, but she made the mistake of tapping into some of her own thoughtforms and coming up with some misinformation. Again this is why it is so important to trust your own mind and soul above all others – even your humble servant.

“You never attract that which you want but always that which you are.” Neville

Jan 7, 2004

Copyright by J J Dewey

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