The Logos

2006-7-6 05:42:00

Jon writes:

Yes. Exactly. I would hope that no one here is waiting for a messiah of some sort.

And why would it be wrong to look for a Messiah, or a teacher who is able to give us knowledge and stimulate consciousness that we have not had before?

It is the eternal way of things that those who are further upon the path must extend a helping hand to those not so progressed as themselves. Then this person is also assisted by one higher still.

It is completely logical to expect the Christ and his Hierarchy to return. Do you think the entity that walked the streets in Jerusalem just evaporated into the ethers and is incapable of manifesting on the earth again? Of course not. He still exists and will work with humanity as opportunity presents itself.


Members here are talking about Dean and repetition, and I am seeing repetition of the Piscean Age mindset over and over and over like a broken record.

Perhaps you and I have a different understanding of what is Aquarian and what is Piscean. Tell us what Piscean repetition you see here?

To expect the return of the Hierarchy is certainly not Piscean, but to see it accurately is very Aquarian.

It is always true that every group will contain some with Piscean consciousness and attitudes but the teachings here are centered on the mind and pure reason which is very Aquarian.

Joshua quoting me:

The Planetary Logos is still in the original universe in which he passed through the human kingdom. He was a human in a previous solar system, but it was a system still within this universe.

Joshua writes:

This statement strikes me as odd, because you seem to say that the planetary logos was a man. My understanding is that a planetary logos is a being of a super human kingdom. And that a logos emanates out embryonic spiritual humans and then draws these fully formed and developed humans back to rejoin its self.

I remember you saying in the past, that a monad or soul does not evolve by incarnating as an atom, then a plant, then an animal, then a human etc. That the lower kingdoms join together to provide a vehicle of expression for a soul from a higher kingdom.

If a logos was once a man that would seem to contradict your "molecular" evolution idea of lower kingdoms joining together.

Could you please clear up your take on this aspect of evolution?

Jesus had a molecule of twelve units that had a group consciousness. Even so, he was the hierarchical leader. After he left Peter became the leader. As various molecular orders are created we will have both group life as well as the individual life continue, and progression of both will be actively pursued.

There are two components of the Planetary Logos. First it is a composite of all the lives upon this planet. We could call this its lower self. The second is the Ancient of Days who is an entity who has, in the distant past, passed through the human kingdom. When esoteric writings speak of the Planetary Logos they sometimes refer to the composite life and other times to the individual life of Sanat Kumara. He is the deciding point for the consciousness of the entire planet and the most evolved being upon it. He has a molecular relationship with six other great entities who are his disciples. This creates a governing molecule of seven and all seven partake of the properties of the greater life it creates. They preside over the Council at Shamballa where other great ones reside who are of one mind.

The Logos is capable of blending his consciousness with the entire planet so it is as if he and the life of the earth are one. He can tune in to any one of us at will. He, as a master of group consciousness, teaches it to disciples who again pass it on to those who are ready.

Our Planetary Logos is a disciple of the Solar Logos. The Solar Logos uses the Molecule of Seven which is presided over by the Planetary Logos as a vehicle for extending his consciousness to all the lives upon the earth. Shamballa in turn is molecularly linked to intermediaries called Nirmanakayas. These in turn are linked to the Christ and his Hierarchy who are also molecular. These in turn are seeking to link the kingdom of God with the human kingdom through a molecular order.

Hope this helps. I see no contradiction. Let me know if further clarification is needed.

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