The Power of Decision

2001-1-18 00:09:00

I find several things interesting as I reflect tonight.

First several have commented on how much improved the list has been since we have switched to moderation. Indeed it is becoming like a classroom in which real learning, instead of a free-for-all, is the objective. Diane sent one post back to a new person to be relabeled as off topic, but none has been rejected.

Now often has been the case when we have been in the midst of turmoil that a disruptive one has blamed the problem on the normally peaceable members of the list. But let us note that when these individuals do not post off topic and outrageous statements and accusations, as is now the case, that peace, tranquility and learning reigns.

I think that some members doubted themselves for a while thinking that maybe they were just as much at fault as anyone else. To such I say, observe how you are now getting along with people who respect the rules of the classroom and I think I can say to the current ones posting that you have not been the problem.

The most peaceful of lakes is disturbed when a large stone is thrown into its clear waters.

The second thing I find interesting is something I have noticed from the class attempting the answer the leading questions over the past couple years.

Sometimes the answer can come from a simple mental deduction, but other times the answer I have in mind has been confirmed by my soul. Especially when the latter is the case I notice that the class seems to circle around this answer and finally settles on it and most seem to feel quite satisfied with it. Sometimes you will mention that "aha feeling."

Several have mentioned it this time as you have approached the principle.

The Question:

"He who has fear yet overcomes this barrier will reach the soul before he who has no fear and does not overcome it. What is it?"

As Benjamin pointed out the key word here is "indecision." Congrats to Maryellen who seemed to arrive at this exact word before she read Benjamin's post. Several of you sensed this by using words and phrases pointing this direction. Benjamin used the word "inertia" which is indeed the cause of much indecision. Phoebe mentioned that fear is also a cause of indecision.

Other great answers were given and I regret that I do not have time to comment on them. A number of you could make the case that you have the best answer.

Let me tell you why I see indecision as being a greater barrier than fear.

While it is true that much indecision is caused by fear there are many who are indecisive for reasons other than fear. Maybe the person has inertia (as Benjamin mentioned), is lazy or just disinterested in applying himself.

A person can be indecisive and have no fear as a cause, yet there is no fear that can stand in the way of a powerful decision.

The two most terrifying moments of my life came about because of supernatural circumstances and I have not written about them before. The terror, I assure you, was much worse than facing a firing squad.

In the first incident I was only 16 and the fear paralyzed me with indecision. This indecision haunted me for about five years.

Then after I came to grips with myself the second incident occurred but this time even though my fear was great, I reached into the innermost resources of my being and made a firm decision and stayed with it. For me it was the most difficult decision imaginable and I hope and pray I do not have to make such a decision again in this life or the next.

Even so I owe more to this decision than anything else that has happened in my life and if I had not made and held to this decision arrived at in the midst of terror I would not be here writing to you tonight. In fact the instant my decision was definite I had a great spiritual experience that eclipsed any fear or negativity.

The fear is now long gone, but the benefit of the decision shall forever remain.

In my first experience I learned the lesson of indecision, but in the second I learned the power of decision.

Look at some of the most indecisive people you know and you'll notice that many of them do not seem to fear much. In fact they often do not feel much or care for much period. Unless a person's power of decision can be amplified through force of will or circumstance the soul will never be reached by him. Yet I have learned by experience that even great fear is no barrier for it can be immediately cancelled by a powerful decision and if such a decision is in alignment with the will of the soul then you immediately move toward the Kingdom of God and soul contact.

What I write can be realized to be true because it can be proven by experience and that which we prove through experience is to be trusted until a higher experience gives additional light.