2005-11-30 11:50:00

Dan finds a new thinking on duality as follows:

In this person's conception (the way I understand it), the "Christ Consciousness" or higher-self (perhaps abstract mind, I'm not sure) is inclusionary, synthetic, additive, principle based (as opposed to fact oriented), uses both/and reasoning, and thinks holistically or in other words "non-dualistically" and moderate or balanced.

So, using the above definition, I think JJ would agree with the need to "transcend" this type of illusion or overcome the "world of duality" or "dualistic thinking". In other words to dispel the illusion that truth is relative.

At least this person is making some sense. Yes, synthetic thinking would be different than dualistic thinking and has some reason behind it.

What is somewhat irritating are those who come on the list and flatly state that we need to escape duality to that eternal nothingness between the poles. To this I have responded about a thousand times that the immediate goal is not the elimination of duality for if there were no duality, or interplay of the two energies, there could be no creation and it would immediately be as if nothing had ever been.

I have not written much on duality as a teaching but have mostly just responded to illusionary proselytizing on the subject.

To teach mastery of balancing the dualities and to move away from a strong polarization to a synthetic thinking is indeed a positive thing. I wouldn't call it escaping duality but a move toward synthesis.

You'll note that in the writings of DK very little is mentioned about duality but much is written about synthesis.

In my mind it is much better to concentrate on moving toward something (synthesis - glass half full) rather than away from something (duality, fear, glass half empty).

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