2001-3-11 07:42:00

Maryellen writes:

"I am wondering if this is also related to chakras. Viv comments that if the wand moves counterclockwise, it could be indicative of someone possessed. This seems to be the opposite of what JJ has described. Can anyone comment?"


The two paths, the line of least and most resistance has more to do with making ourselves in alignment with higher Decision and/or Will and/or Purpose than it does with the flow of energies in connection with the physical and etheric body.

For instance, when you tread the Path your blood does not reverse direction and neither do you sleep standing up. But then a great reversal does happen. Suddenly you see everything from a different angle than does the majority and you see that the decisions that you must make and follow through to completion are just the opposite that most would make in your same circumstances.

About the "possession thing" it is interesting to note that Jesus was accused of being possessed and performing his miracles by the power of the devil. Even so, many who do go on the reversed wheel who are in alignment with the Spirit of God are often viewed as possessed, or at best a little strange.

Geoffrey writes:

"If one was to ask any one 'what is the opposite of light?' the answer would be 'dark.' Just as the opposite of tall is short, fat is thin, love is hate, etc. This is the given meaning of the word opposite, the state of a condition at either end of the scale."


Actually Dark appears to be the opposite of Light, but because of distortions in this physical world Dark is not a true opposite.

For instance, you can shine a Light and dispel Darkness, but you cannot shine "Dark" and dispel Light.

You can dispel hate with love, but you cannot eliminate love through hate.

Light is that which reveals (or that which is visible) and Dark is that which hides. Reality can exist in Light or Dark in the seen or unseen. Light in its highest essence is the radiation which is seen whereas its true opposite Love is not visible, but lies hid in the "esoteric dark" of life. Only by descending into the darkest depths can the fullness of Love become known.

Note what was written of Christ:

"Now that he ascended, what is it but that he also descended first into the lower parts of the earth? He that descended is the same also that ascended up far above all heavens, that he might fill all things." (Eph 4:9-10)

Christ had to descend below all things so he could rise above all things and manifest the invisible love of God to us.

Love therefore is very closely associated with Dark, but is the highest correspondence of the female polarity just as Divine Light is the highest correspondence to the male polarity.

All these polarities are opposites in the general sense of the word. All these opposites work in partnership with the Divine Midway Point. Without opposition there is no creation, nothing "to act or to be acted upon."

To say opposition is not the same as saying conflict. Conflict is the lowest correspondence of opposition, but creation is the highest. It just happens to be that conflict is sometimes an ingredient of creation. The higher correspondence of conflict is cooperation.

Opposites in conflict produce destruction and reorganization.

Opposites in cooperation produce creation and take us toward the dominating good.

Example: Male and female in cooperation create new life -- a child -- a product of Light and Love to fulfill Divine Purpose.