The Gatherings

1999-5-13 09:57:00

Question: Can you think of other gatherings in our history that stimulated the evolution of the race?

It wasn't on my hot list for gathering episodes, but I must admit that Woodstock was a great example. Even though it lasted just a few days, this mass instant gathering of like minds created an energy implant in the history of the human race. If a gathering for a short time of fairly normal folks with good intentions can have such an impact, imagine a more permanent gathering with directed purpose?

John is also correct about the gathering of musicians. It is enlightening to contemplate how a small group of like minded souls gather together in a band and create together much more than they can in the separate condition.

Imagine what would happen if thousands of people applied this principle to changing the world and bringing peace on earth, good will to men (and women). Martin Luther King and Gandhi (as someone noted) were examples of a temporary gathering with purpose.

Attempts to gather the lights of the earth have been few. Moses made the first attempt in recorded history, but the lights he gathered out of Egypt were not much more enlightened than those who remained in Egypt.

Jesus made the next major attempt and was only able to gather a couple dozen around him capable of soul contact. That was still much better than Moses who only had two or three out of the millions. Even though the numbers around Jesus were few, look at the effect their oneness had on history.

The next great attempt was through Merlin and his student King Arthur in creating the Knights of the Round Table and Camelot. It is no coincidence that there were twelve knights, but there were also twelve females. Unrecorded in the Bible is the fact that there were also twelve female disciples who assisted in the work with Jesus.

Camelot went a step beyond that which Jesus did in his lifetime and that was the establishment of a physical kingdom. After its fall, succeeding leaders, through jealousy, did everything in their power to destroy records of that great period. It is interesting that the fragments of truth in the legends are much more fascinating than the real history of those who sought to destroy reality.

Several religious leaders such as Mohammed and the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith sought to gather people. Joseph sought to build an enlightened kingdom, but his vision was lost shortly after his death.

The Library at Alexandria was a different type of gathering, a gathering of knowledge. It was by far the largest library in ancient times and as such became a magnetic force that drew the great minds of the age into one location. This gathering of knowledge was responsible for many great discoveries and philosophical ideas that have eventually altered the course of history.

Today, the foundation of the Internet is comparable to the foundation of the Alexandrian Library, but a higher octave thereof. The Internet provides means for the sharing of knowledge on a scale that was hitherto unknown, and few can see where it is leading us.

Did you know the Internet is prophesied of in the Bible? I'll give another free autographed book to the first person who can tell me where the prophesy is. You have until Friday evening to find the answer.