Devas, Angels, Etcetera.

2003-7-7 04:12:00

Quoting JJ from a previous post, Tom Q wrote:

"There are two types of angels. First there are angels who are humans who are out of incarnation but 100% committed to serving God and there are other more advanced angels who have received a degree of immortality who also have passed through the human kingdom. Such an angel as this appeared to John as is illustrated by his statement that he was 'of thy brethren." See Revelations 19:10. The second general classification of angels are the deva lives which are not from the human kingdom and have a different consciousness and purpose than the human but all devas will eventually pass through the human phrase. Devas range from tiny little builders that give form to matter to great and powerful lives that have godly power. Most of them work with the building of form in some way. These lives use symbols rather than regular language for communication and are often contacted and sent on errands through ceremonies and sacraments of the various religions. Devas are passive lives whereas humans are active. Devas sometimes incarnate into the bird kingdom or as fairies, gnomes, elves, and nature spirits which are beyond regular human vision. Alice A. Bailey has written some about this. We have deva guardian angels and sometimes human ones."

Then quoting JJ again from another post Tom Q wrote:

"The devas do not live in the physical kingdom as fish, birds or anything else but are entities living in the etheric world."

Then, Tom Q asks:

"I am confused. One post JJ says devas can sometimes incarnate in bird kingdom but another post he says the devas do not live as birds?"


Very astute observation Tom-- one that no one else has caught. Actually the truth is somewhat in between. DK [Djwhal Khul] tells us that birds are a bridging kingdom sometimes used by the devas to break away from passive existence. Normally devas live in etheric matter and do not manifest directly in the dense physical but DK does hint they either directly or indirectly use the bird kingdom as part of their evolution toward the human kingdom.

Technically one could say that if a deva does incarnate in the physical body of a bird it is no longer a deva, but because this kingdom is used as a turning point one could call it either way.

Here are some of DK's comments [through Alice A. Bailey] on the subject:

"The bird kingdom is specifically allied to the deva evolution. It is the bridging kingdom between the purely deva evolution and two other manifestations of life.

"First. Certain groups of devas who desire to pass into the human kingdom, having developed certain faculties, can do so via the bird kingdom, and certain devas who wish to get in communication with human beings can do so via the bird kingdom. This truth is hinted at in the Christian Bible and Christian religious representations by angels or devas being frequently represented as having wings. These cases are not many, as the usual method is for the devas gradually to work themselves towards individualization through expansive feeling, but in the cases which do occur these devas pass several cycles in the bird kingdom, building in a response to a vibration which will ultimately swing them into the human family. In this way they become accustomed to the use of a gross form without the limitations, and impurities, which the animal kingdom engenders.

"Second. Many devas pass out of the group of passive lives in the effort to become manipulating lives via the bird kingdom, and before becoming fairies, elves, gnomes, or other 'sprites,' pass a certain number of cycles in the bird realm.

"Why the two above events occur will not be apparent to the casual reader, nor will the true connection between the birds and the devas be accurately realized by the occult student unless he applies himself to the consideration of the "bird or swan out of time and space," and the place that birds play in the mysteries. Herein lies for him the clue. He must remember likewise the fact that every life of every degree, from a god to the most insignificant of the lesser devas, or builders, must at some time or another pass through the human family.

"As Helena P. Blavatsky (HPB) has pointed out, some 80 birds and serpents are closely connected with wisdom, and therefore with the psychic nature of God, of men, and of devas. The study of mythology should reveal certain stages and relationships which will make this matter clearer."

("A Treatise on Cosmic Fire," Page 894-5, by Alice A. Bailey)


The angel lives are an entire kingdom or even kingdoms from a higher point of view and have many grades of lives therein. Now the Bible makes the understanding of the angel kingdom difficult because the word for angel there means "messenger" and sometimes refers to humans or advanced humans from the other side of the veil.

In addition there are several kingdoms of Angels who have evolved within their sphere independent of the human and those who correspond to human on their level will eventually become human. The angel or deva evolution varies from very simple lives to very powerful ones and in the new age we will learn how to better communicate with them and use their services and they ours.


"So what you mean is there are angels yet to become human and some advanced angels who already became human and now in spirit form? And humans can also serve as angels? And even our Solar Angel -- the Soul was once human in a body?"


This is correct.


"If the Soul (Solar Angels) made us what made the Solar Angel(s), and what made it and so on?"


Technically our Solar Angels did not make us, but they nurtured us like our parents. All of us existed before we were born and thus our parents did not create us but provided a vehicle and environment where we could develop. This is similar to what our Solar Angel has done on a wider scale.

Both you, your Solar Angel and all lives beyond have always existed as a reflected point in the fabric of universal consciousness. When one monad develops it then assists others until all monads within a universe are mature. Then a greater universe will be created.


"Okay, here is a common question. How does one contact the higher angel devas? (In simple words plz) I bought books on this subject and did the meditations with no results. I know a few on this list have seen beings maybe angels?"


Normally you do not directly contact the angels who have passed through the human kingdom. They will come to assist you when they see the need or are invoked.

The deva angels are contacted through symbols and symbolic language and the methods of contacting the more powerful ones are closely guarded secrets. This is because they can be very dangerous if one does not know how to control them. They do not have self consciousness as we do and can be directed by a good or evil magician -- like the power of fire.


"If all angels will someday became one with GOD will they all have to live as humans or on other planets as other beings in the physical first?"


Deva lives will eventually pass through the human kingdom on this or another sphere.

Hope this helps.