Intelligence In Substance

2000-2-20 06:45:00

OK Rob, let's get to your questions. "Exactly! This again is why I have trouble accepting that our bodies are made of a molecular order of animal, plant, and mineral life. We have the capability to understand the molecular relationship, to gather and apply it and to activate it, but animals, plants, and minerals? When was the last time you saw a fern take a flight to Jersey to visit relatives?:-)"

JJ: It is a definite fact that we are composed of mineral, vegetable and animal. Your bones and teeth, for instance, are living minerals. The hairs you have all over your body are plants. That's one reason you can cut your hair without feeling pain. Then your body as a whole is a highly refined animal body, and your lower centers are composed of refined animal type lives who are seeking to be one in consciousness with you.

There are two major parts to you which are composed of two groups of lives that we all can identify with - the heart and the head. We can tell they are two lives because they have two wills as I pointed out previously. This is especially apparent when one falls in love with the wrong person. T

here will then be a conflict between the head and heart. The heart will want to go with the feeling because when the heart manifests this love energy, it wants nothing else. On the other hand, the mind uses reason. It recognizes the good feeling; but it is concerned about evidence that the love of its life may be an ax murderer, and wants to get to the truth on that matter before taking any plunge.

Thus the heart and mind must fight it out, making certain decisions that affect the whole entity and, when in disagreement, only one of them will get its way. Now if we take these two major parts of ourselves and put them together molecularly, what do we have? We have you - a fully functioning human being. Do you think you would be you if you had no heart? How about if you had no mind? You need both of these lives together in molecular cooperation to manifest you as an individualized entity unique from all others in the universe.

This said it seems to be illogical to Rob that a plant could become molecular. How could such a lower life form be intelligent enough to create complex molecular orders?

I have heard it said that mathematicians have examined all the dynamics of the bumblebee and determined that it is impossible that it could fly. But the reality is that it does fly. So who do we believe? The mathematicians or our own eyes revealing the bumblebee flying?

The same goes for the molecular order. Many scientists laugh at the idea that there is any type of life in matter itself, but then when we take a look through the microscope we find extremely complex forms in all kingdoms. It is as Jesus said: "Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed as one of these." Even the very atom itself is seen as being more complex than we have dreamed as we delve deeper and deeper into subatomic particles with our atomic accelerators.

Where does this organizational intelligence come from? The intelligence within matter itself (as far as we can see) comes from the long evolutionary process of the intelligence of the reflections of God creating and playing upon matter itself. The evolutionary foundation of almost all forms, as we know them, comes from the previous solar system many billions of years ago.

(Note: some of these things I am about to discuss here were revealed by DK through Alice A. Bailey with some new added details that will bring further enlightenment.)

The first solar system, that we as entities are connected with, was a previous incarnation of the life of this solar system. That solar system had a life span of a much longer duration than this one. In that ancient time the foundation was laid for the development of the intelligence aspect. That has made our current evolution easier and has amplified the use of time.

Life in that previous estate was much different than it is in this one. The polarization of humanity there was female, where it is male in this one. Most of the high initiates and saviors were also female. Instead of functioning through the seven major centers, we lived as composite units through the 21 minor centers that still exist within our bodies.

Just as this solar system is built on the foundation of the second ray of Love-Wisdom, even so was the first built on the foundation of the Third Ray of Active Intelligence. The highest intelligence at that time developed and reached physical perfection and only the highest initiates had a glimpse of the meaning of the Second Ray of Love-Wisdom. These high initiates began manifesting two or three of the seven centres we now have as major centers.

In the end of that system all the attention of intelligence was centered on the perfection of form, and individual consciousness was not as we understand it now. The consciousness there was of such a different state that pain and pleasure was not registered, as we comprehend it, and this allowed for full attention on the form. Many don't realize that pain and pleasure must exist for there to be a full development of the Love aspect in our consciousness.

That which was good in that system was the perfection of form at any cost, and that which was evil was the imperfection of form. This idea has a residual effect in this system through the demonstration of "survival of the fittest" in physical evolution. This survival of the fittest will soon give way to "progression through the magnetic power of Love."

Those who were successful at the end of their span of lives in that system went on to progress in the spiritual realms and finally into a period of rest called pralaya. Many of these entities later became the Solar Angels and cast reflections of themselves. They used what we may call the God principle, for this is what God did in the beginning. He reflected Himself (Itself).

As reflections we are one with our Solar Angels in the higher spheres, but in this one we are the same Song, but played in a different key. Eventually the two keys must come together and play as one.

Those who failed in that system did not evolve to Solar Angels, but came to this system. They were not new creations, but came as reincarnations of their old selves from the past system. These failures from the past system came to earth with a great advantage over the "new souls." They are very savvy in the materialistic sense, but are not that spiritual.

They sense a superiority over the new souls, and have sought in many ways to control and dominate them through riches and authority. But the new souls are now developing soul contact, or contact with their solar angels, and are catching up with the astuteness of the old souls and passing them up in many ways as far as spiritual development is concerned. Thus the first shall be last and the last first. The new souls will eventually be the saviors of the old souls.

There are two other groups to be considered from the past solar system.

First there was a group of initiates who glorified in their accomplishment as far as physical perfection was concerned and, instead of Becoming, they put their concentration on Being. They wanted to Be forever what they had Become. It's a little like the guy who gets a successful income stream coming in. He just wants to sit back, relax and enjoy it for the rest of his life instead of continuing to grow by doing something new.

At the close of that solar system, instead of moving on and preparing for a creation of a new order, these initiates decided that they wanted to recreate the old structure with all its glory. These entities, which performed so well in this ancient time, clung to the old ideas and hence came to this new system as a source of evil.

The second group of initiates moved on and became either solar angels or advanced beings who either moved on to other systems or stayed here to help the Solar Logos in various capacities in the higher planes.

Thus we see again that the first are often last, for this first group of initiates were high achievers in that ancient system, but now in this one, they are the last. They are the highest entities within the Dark Brotherhood who put their attention on self and the perfection of form at the expense of Love consciousness.

This shows us the true nature of evil. Evil is the inability to let go of the past which has filled its purpose and to move on to a new state of Becoming. The Good are those who can let go of the past and are willing to enter into a new Becoming.

This is the reason that Hitler was so alarming of a presence to the Brotherhood of Light. There was a dark one who worked through him who was a high initiate from the previous solar system and was hell bent on re-establishing the physical perfection of that past glory. This being had no sense of pain that he may cause to the world or the love which is in the Purpose of God to be manifest.

At the end of that first solar system the high intelligence that evolved there recorded, in the substance of the matter of the system itself, a living record of all that was learned, and this was to be used as consciousness develops in this, the second system.

This is the reason that we do not have to concentrate on physical perfection here because physical perfection is already built into us from the atomic level on up. Everyone wonders what the unused strands of DNA are for. They were created by us in the first solar system and will be activated as we grow in consciousness. It is of little use for us to dwell on the unused intelligence within our forms. This is the way of the past.

Instead we need to concentrate on unfolding the Love-wisdom aspect of our consciousness. When we do this, all things physically needed are available to us. This is one of the hidden meanings behind the statement of Christ:

"Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things needed, will be manifest."

The molecular order exists in kingdoms lower than human because the very attention of God passed through all lower kingdoms. As this Divine Attention passed through each kingdom, they were embedded with the intelligence of the Molecular Order. When relative perfection is achieved in a lower kingdom, then Divine Attention shifts to a higher kingdom.

Presently the Divine attention is focused (in physical reality) on mankind. Now it is our turn to prepare the way for a greater manifestation of life through the creation of a new form and consciousness. What makes us different from the lower kingdoms is that we shall accomplish this with conscious cooperation. This will cause the completed forms and life forms to be much greater than has ever existed before in this universe. We are speaking of the far future here. Currently it will take some time just to catch up with the intelligence organization manifested in a rock.

Rob also asks: "Ok, the 24 humans of a molecule draw down only 1 higher life form. Are these humans doomed to forever stay in close proximity with each other?

"After all, a water molecule ceases to exist if the hydrogen and oxygen decide to go their separate way. How long are the leashes on these humans?"

JJ: A point to bear in mind is that creation on a higher level will have some similarities to the lower, but will be far from exactly the same. For instance a solar system is a bit like an atom, but with many differences.

Even so will a human molecule have correspondences to a chemical molecule, but there will be differences. Its form structure will be on the mental plane instead of the physical. Thus on the physical level, there only has to be a bond in consciousness once it is linked to the higher lives.

Rob: "What is the average life span for those in the human molecule? If the correspondence between the life spans of a separated branch and a still connected branch, and an average human versus a human reconnected to the Life source in a molecule are correct, then the molecule people will appear to be immortal."

JJ: The life span and general health of the individuals involved will be enhanced. How much is difficult to say. They will not be immortal by any sense, but a few will become Masters and gain the ability to extend life as long as desired. Isaiah tells us of an age wherein the individual will live to be the age of a tree and he who dies before the age of one hundred will be thought to be cursed of God.

Rob: "Once the molecule is formed, what will be its purpose? Will the members travel around the world healing the sick, parting seas, walking on water, etc, or what?"

JJ: That is like a primitive man asking the ancient inventor of the wheel, (not implying you are primitive Rob) "What's going to be the purpose of that thar wheel you're making?"

The inventor may have said: "I can see a few uses, but this is so revolutionary that I am sure I can only give you the tip of the iceberg. Ask me again in 10,000 years."

The apostles of Jesus demonstrated a few of the benefits with healings and other miracles, but so far we only can sense the tip of the tip of the iceberg.