Ten Horns Revealed

1998-11-24 10:11:00

Rick was close enough that we will just list the ten. One way to interpret this is that the ten divisions of the world are the ten horns and the ten division of religions are the ten crowns. The churches and temples are like crowns upon the land.

Note that the division of the world is more along the lines of consciousness than strictly on boundaries.

The Ten Horns:
(1) North America
(2) Central and South America
(3) The United Kingdom--Includes Australia & New Zealand
(4) Europe
(5) Russia and neighboring countries
(6) Africa
(7) India
(8) China and Taiwan
(9) Japan and Korea
(10) The Middle East.

The Ten Religions or crowns are:
(1) The Roman Catholic Church
(2) The Eastern Orthodox Church
(3) The Protestant religions Includes the Mormons even though they claim not to be protesting.
(4) Judaism
(5) Islam
(6) Shinto, Taoist
(8) Confucian
(9) Buddhist
(10) Hindu.

Atheism and the New Age are not religions in the Piscean sense. For instance, they have no churches or temples and what religion there is among New Agers is often closely aligned with Buddhism.

These ten religions account for about 99% of the church affiliations in the entire world.

Thus we have then ten horns and ten crowns who have given life to the beast even in our modern times.

Now for one more question and we will be done with verse 1!

We are told that on his heads are the names of blasphemy. The King James says "name" but most modern versions correctly translate this as "names."

What are the blasphemous names on the heads of the beast?