White Magic -- Lesson Two, Part 2

2001-7-6 04:43:00

Let us continue with Lesson Two from "The Treatise on White Magic" by Alice A. Bailey.

Can anyone in here recite Rule Number One?

Rule Number One of White Magic is:

"The Solar Angel collects himself, scatters not his force but, in meditation deep, communicates with his reflection."

What is the Solar Angel? The Solar Angel is the soul -- the Higher Self.

Why is it called the Solar Angel?


"Because of the solar vibration."


That's true. There are two major vibrations that Djwhal Khul talks about: lunar vibrations and solar vibrations. Lunar vibrations are those that are on a very emotional level. Solar vibrations are those that are on an intuitive level. Lunar vibrations are connected with lunar energy. Solar vibrations are connected with solar energy. The head of the Hierarchy, the whole solar system, is called the Solar Logos and the soul gets some of His energy. Being a link-up to the Solar Logos, He's called the Solar Angel.

Again, Rule One is:

"The Solar Angel collects himself, scatters not his force but, in meditation deep, communicates with his reflection."

What is his reflection?




Okay, we're all the reflections of the soul. Matter of fact we are creations of the soul. That's how new life forms are created. Meditations and reflections of higher lives create the lesser lives. All creation began with thoughts of the One Life people call God. He begins to multiply Himself by thinking. Inside one of these thoughts is a very great life. His first thoughts (relating to this universe) created the seven spirits before the throne of God, which are talked about in the Book of Revelations.

Within our Solar System these seven Spirits are represented by the seven sacred planets which are Vulcan (a hidden planet), Mercury Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune.

Then in a more universal sense they are represented by the Seven Rays or creative aspects of God which manifest as the seven colors, seven sounds and other creative media.

The Seven Spirits before the throne of God also thought and reflected and they created the multitude of beings we have throughout the universe. Most beings throughout the universe were created by the thoughts of the seven spirits. You can see them in the prism. If you take a prism and shine a light through it, the light appears to be one as it comes from the sun but when it goes through the prism, how many lights do we see? Seven colors. With a piano, how many notes are on the piano? Right, there are seven notes. Same thing.

Now these seven energies are the creative energies of the whole universe. We are, all of us, are founded upon one of those seven energies. Your body is founded on one of the energies, your soul is founded on one of the energies. Your emotions are also founded on one as well as your mind and then your whole personality is founded on another one of the seven energies.

On the other hand, you are a reflection of the soul. The soul is like a master on its own plane. We've heard of the masters, haven't we? Many wish that a Master would come and teach them, but we all of have a master within and that is our soul, or Solar Angel. So whenever you achieve soul contact, it's just as valid of a communication as if you've had a visit from Christ Himself and asked Him questions because your soul is a master on its own plane.

Your Solar Angel was a human being on another planet billions of years ago. He didn't know anymore then than you do now, but He progressed just like you are progressing. He eventually achieved relative perfection and cast His shadow and that is you. That shadow gathered around it all kinds of old life forms that aggregated together to produce what is your consciousness. That's why the soul is called the higher self, because it's really you. You're a reflection of that and eventually when we all go back to spirit, your soul and you will merge into one. The fact that you're separate from your soul is somewhat of an illusion. You exist as you are today for the purpose of new experience and experiencing all there is to know.

Now the soul on its plane lives in what we might call a formless world. After a period of time it begins to wonder if it can communicate with its reflection. What does it mean by reflection? Do we also have reflections? What would they be?


"Look in a mirror?"




"Then I don't know."


Artie, I told you a few days ago, what is your reflection?


"No, you didn't. I just figured this out. Your thoughts, your mind, your emotions...."


You're coming close. Your reflections show in your dream world when you go to sleep. You dream about having all these experiences which are reflections of your "real" world. When you sleep, that person in the dream world, is your reflection. It is not you in your full state of consciousness, but it is still you.

You are now the dream world of the soul. Have you ever tried to communicate with your dream self and control the environment in your dream? It's really difficult, isn't it?


"I have practiced it over the years and gotten pretty good at it."


For most people, it's really difficult. What it takes, if you want to communicate with your reflection, is you have to do like the Solar Angel does with you. You have to gather in your forces, concentrate on it and in meditation deep send a message to your dream world. Once you can communicate with your dream world, then you can control your dreams.

When communication is made to your dream self and he realizes his true self really exists in another world, and the dream world is illusion, then the dreamer begins to assume full power over his dream.

If you have a monster chasing you and you are become aware that your true self has created the monster, then you can snap your fingers and make the monster disappear. This is why Christ was able to walk through walls, for instance. He realized He was one with his Solar Angel as well as his Monad (or Father in Heaven) and these higher lives gave the realization that the true reality was higher than the physical plane.

Even so it is with us. If we can attain a true realization that we are truly a reflection of the Solar Angel, and one life with it, then we can become as Christ and have power over physical reality and even death.

The Solar Angel attempts the communication first because the idea of communication rarely occurs to the dreamer without some prodding. However, those of us here have an advantage because I am explaining the nature of the reflection.

Imagine if you were in a dream attending a lecture and the person speaking was explaining that you were really in a dream state and a reflection of your true self and by attaining the awareness of your true state would give you control over the dream world. This would give you more control over the dream and make your experience while sleeping much more pleasant, would it not?

Now the higher dream we are in now is much more complex, and it is a shared dream by many souls, and the realization of oneness with our higher selves is a much more difficult task, as evidenced by how much longer a dream is here compared to a dream in the night.

The physical dreamer picks up the impulses of the soul, and sends meditation back to the Solar Angel. They have to be meditating harmoniously at the same time and when they do and you tune into your soul, all things are possible. Then it's just like when you have a dream. If you're in charge of the dream and realize it is a dream, you can make anything happen. You can walk through walls in your dreams. You can fall off a thousand foot cliff and not get hurt.


"I used to jump out a first story window and fly away in my dreams."


You can destroy big dragons in your dreams and make wonderful things happen. You can make wonderful things happen in your life by communicating with your soul. He can send you down soul impulses then you can make these into reality. That's how Christ could walk on water, because He communicated with His soul. His soul thought this could be fun to walk on water.


"Do you think then that we're making progress if you have control in your dreams?"


The Tibetan doesn't say that but I feel this is a step in the right direction. If you learn how to control your dreams it will help you to be a better receiver from your soul, because you can better understand the problems yourself that the soul is having trying to contact you. The trouble you have contacting your dream self is similar to the trouble the soul has in contacting you. It's an interesting correlation.

The soul definitely has an interest in you. He wants to communicate with you. ("He" is a generic term, don't be offended, females.) So, He wants to communicate, He desires to communicate, and he gets a little frustrated (using human terms) sometimes because everything is cyclic. The energy of the soul is cyclic. You dream in cycles for you're not always dreaming. You don't always have that opportunity but that dream world within your mind still exists. You're only operating at about 10% of your mind power. The rest of it is still operating somewhere. So maybe that dream world you have is still there right now. Just like we're still here for the soul all the time. Only at certain times he is aware he's dreaming and can contact us.

Even so, you're not able to contact the soul at all times, until you achieve a very strong soul contact and you and the soul become one. Then you will always be in touch with the world of soul.


Correspond the dream world to physical reality and then physical reality to the world of the soul and tell us the impressions you receive.

How can you wake yourself up to the truth that you are a reflection of the soul and can change any bad life experience to a good one?

-- End Of Lesson Two, Part 2 --


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