The Divine Polarity

The Divine Polarity

here are many today who encourage us to find a world which is beyond duality or has no duality.

Consider this.

If there was such a world there would be no










Is there really such a thing as being free from duality?

If so then what would it be like and how would you go to such a place? Why would you want to go to such a place?

Jesus said: “In my Father’s house there are many mansions.”

Heaven is pretty much what you define it but in most people’s minds it is a state of being where there is a state of joyousness beyond that which we normally experience and there are many levels of intensity of enjoyment awaiting is. We shall go from sphere to sphere enhancing our becoming and joy and when we make progress (or have a blissful rest) we shall experience “heaven.” When we fail and retrogress we shall experience “hell.”

We indeed experience heaven and hell right here on the earth, but because of the “dominating good” that governs the universe the hells will lessen in their intensity and the heavens will increase until the end of this great creative cycle and then we shall devise a new heaven and new hell to keep things exciting.

Think of it. If you were going to create a game that all would enjoy playing would you make one with no pitfalls – where every throw of the dice moves everyone one ahead the same amount and all arrive at the finish at the same time? Monopoly is such a universally accepted game of fun because it has some of the greatest pitfalls you can imagine. Who has not got upset when landing on a motel at Park Place? But do we quit and cease playing? No we come back for more, for sooner or later you are the one who owns the motel at Park Place. Sooner or later you pass Go and collect $200.

Then after you play the game over and over enough times you may tire of it and retire from playing and, after a rest, search for a new and more challenging game such as Chess.

“Life s a comedy to those who think, a tragedy to those who feel.”

Horace Walpole

Some express amazement that we could state that Love and Light were the first manifested duality. One objection is that many have the belief that pure light and love are beyond duality. There is also the belief that love has no opposite. Fear they say is not the opposite of love because fear has its roots in illusion and love is in the real.

The truth is that Love is a higher reality than fear, but not the ultimate reality and it is true that fear is not its opposite, but nevertheless, Love does have an opposite and that opposite is Light.

There are levels of reality and each level up brings us closer to the real. Just as there was a more real world above the dream state in the Matrix even so is there a higher reality above the state we are in now and that reality is more real than the present one.

There are three realities of which most of us are conscious.

The first is the dream state. This seems real when we are in it but then when we awake we find the awake state is more real than the dream state. The waking state also encompasses the dream state, but the dream state does not encompass the waking state.

The dream and waking state both have certain qualities that overlap and qualities that differentiate.

For instance fear can exist in both states, but continuity of events and form only exist in the waking state.

A third state is Soul Consciousness that we can enter through meditation or after death. Our reality is a part of this greater reality but does not encompass it, but Soul Consciousness encompasses our reality. In this higher reality we see a universe so real that it seems that we have arrived at the ultimate for we realize that it is much more real than our physical world. In this higher reality we leave fear behind and the higher reality of Light and Love are manifest in ways that cannot be understood by the material conscious mind.

But even though many believe this to be the ultimate reality beyond duality, it is neither ultimate not beyond duality.

The question is – how then are Light and Love opposites?

To understand we must define them.

What is Light? Light is that which is radiant, scatters photons and reveals truth. Look up at the night time sky and pick a twinkling star trillions of miles away. There it is radiating light to the entire universe revealing the truth of itself to all who have eyes to see.

What is Love? Love is the opposite of radiation which sends forth. Love is magnetism which pulls together. When you love someone you are magnetically drawn to them.

Thus light is that radiance which divides the one into the many and love is that magnetic force which pulls the many back into the One. They are very much opposite and these two dualities are at the basis of creation of all there is that can be seen (light) or felt (love).

The only thing which is truly beyond illusion is the third great energy of Purpose from whence Love and Light owe their origination. But even Purpose is not “that which is not,” but that which is not understood.

March 4, 2001

Copyright by J J Dewey 

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Voiding the Void

Voiding the Void

If you enter this void wherein dwells Harry the bug where are you? You are in a place that is no place, no karma, dualities, no time, no form and no space. If you try and look down (if that were possible) would there be a bottom? No there would be nothing – no bottom and therefore a bottomless pit.

The point between the dualities of creation is a place wherein lies the Purpose of God which is very real and as DK said it “is not that ‘which is not,’ but simply that which is esoteric.” And as we know the word “esoteric” means hidden.

The beast from the Book of Revelations has his home in the bottomless pit because his creations are from a true void of nothingness. They are not even real to people in the world of duality once they cease to fear illusionary authority.

I personally do not see any evidence that those who want us to dwell in the void really want to do so. They tell us that this desirable void is beyond dualities yet they speak of nothing but dualities in their posts when referring to their beliefs.

(1) A believer mentions she is sad. Happy-sad duality #1.

(2) She talks about the void setting us free. Duality #2 Free/slave

(3) There is talk about the creative power of the void Duality #3 create/destroy

(4) A believer speaks of courageous authors that are admired. Duality #4 courage/cowardly

(5) She loves my spirit. Duality #5 love/hate.

(6) One speaks of “beloved friends.” Duality #6 beloved friends/hated enemies

(7) I am accused of defiling the void. As a side note I do not know how to defile that which does not exist. Duality #7 Defile/holy

(8) Believers speak of “being.” Duality #8 Being/becoming

(9) Then there is mention of choice. Duality #9 choice/no choice

(10) I am called “earthbound.” Duality #10 earthbound/spiritbound.

(11) I am criticized for writing fiction. Duality #Fiction/nonfiction.

Note: James Redfield’s Celestine Prophesy books are admitted to be fiction even though this is not admitted in the book itself. If the God of the universe was not speaking through Neal Walsch then that is also fiction even though he claims it is 100% true as is spoken by God.

(12) They speak of consciousness. Duality #12 Consciousness/unconscious….

I could go on. My question to believers is this.

How can you claim to be one who dwells in a void with no dualities when every belief that you expound upon is full of dualisms???

Most seekers believe the maxim that energy follows thought. Since all believers’ thoughts are centered on duality then the energy must also be in duality with them just as much as the rest of us.

By the way, why do believers think we are here anyway? Do they see the creation of duality as a big mistake or just have the view that the creation of duality never really occurred and we are not really here and thus no escape or transference is even necessary?

Since many believe duality to be a perception that you have risen above and beyond what do you do when you are driving and come to a fork in the road? You obviously cannot turn left or right for to do so would be to perceive duality. Do you therefore just proceed straight ahead full speed and slam into the tree?

Some have quoted an interesting scripture about God.

“I am Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End…” Rev 1:8

Notice that even God uses duality in describing himself. He did not say: “I am the nothingness between Alpha and Omega or that He was just Alpha or just Omega. Instead even God had to use duality in describing Himself to us mere mortals.

Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End are terms of duality as much as positive and negative or night and day is.

In defending the void idea a reader said:

“It is possible to be in a space of consciousness where there is the absolute ability to respond without reaction …”

My dictionary defines “response” as follows:

“A reaction, as that of an organism or a mechanism, to a specific stimulus.”

If a response is a reaction then one cannot respond without reaction. You seem to be saying that you can respond without responding. Perhaps you need another choice of words to make yourself clear.


Some keep bringing up the subject of the void, beyond duality in which we should plunge. But to bring up this subject of oneness beyond duality again and again at the irritation of many does seem to show a strong attachment to one’s own ideas and even beginning students of metaphysics learn that non attachment is a necessary step in liberation. The ironical thing is that those who seem most attached to making this the main topic of discussion in this group are always attempting to teach us the virtues of non attachment.

The Master DK tells us that one of the last and most important things a disciple must learn before he becomes a usable tool in the hands of the Hierarchy is to master irritation. He explains that this is not irritation as most generally understand the term, but an irritation caused because other seekers do not accept their point of view.

Now several in this group have attempted to enlighten us again and again on their point of view and the rest of us do not see it exactly their way. So instead of allowing us to have a different view they bring this subject up again and again. What is the reason for this? Is it some lack of acceptance of a difference of opinion and does this difference of opinion present an irritating thorn in the side that must be pursued until the thorn is removed and we all finally see as they see?

So why does this oneness thing keep coming up?

I’ll tell you why. It is simply because we cannot discuss any subject … health, the beast, the meaning of life, soul contact, the principles of discovery, the qualities of a disciple and so on … we cannot discuss any of them without talking in terms of duality.

Then if we mention dualistic words that are impossible to avoid, something clicks in the minds of the “beyond duality” people. They seem to have this irritation fomenting within them and seem to be saying to themselves: “these poor unenlightened souls – they would not be using words like good and evil, light and dark and so on if they just could see oneness as I do. I must attempt one more time to enlighten them.

The problem we have here is that as long as this group survives dualistic words will be used over and over and thus as long as the “beyond duality” group feel this irritation and non acceptance of such words they will be impressed to correct the rest of us again and again.

The solution?

Let go of this attachment to repeated correction on this subject for there will be no end to it until we allow others to speak in dualistic words and terms if that best serves their ability to communicate.

Even God in the Bible had to use the dualisms of Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End to describe Himself.

So let me herewith warn all group members. Dualistic words will be used in almost every post. They are necessary terms of communication in this reality. Just because we use them does not mean that we do not understand the midway point between the dualities. I believe most group members have some concept of it and have had enough enlightenment on it to allow them to survive for now.

This subject of duality and oneness has been talked about more in this group than any other subject even though it has never been an official topic of discussion.

The time may come when it will be an official subject and I hope then to cover it in detail and at that time comments on it will not be a distraction. Until that time comes let us let go of our attachments to this subject, make our final posts, and move on.

April 9, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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God and Illusion


God and Illusion

A reader writes:

“God has not created illusion. We did with our rational mind. Illusion is not but a thought, a wrong thought in the human mind.

“There is not but God in the universe. We as well as every being are God. In that perspective there is nothing but us as there is nothing but God in the universe. However in us as in God is contained all other beings in existence. God is alone and not alone; we are alone and not alone. God is one and many; we are one and many.”

Let us examine the first statement:

“God has not created illusion. We did with our rational mind. Illusion is not but a thought, a wrong thought in the human mind.”

Question: Who created our minds?

Answer: God

Question: Are we one with God in the true reality?

Answer: Yes

Question: Therefore who created the illusion?

Answer: God

Reader: “There is not but God in the universe.”

Therefore, even the illusion which is real to us (who are also one with God and creators with God) would have to be part of the creation and plan of God.

If all things are created by God then the illusion also is his creation and responsibility no matter what anyone has written to the contrary.

Wrong Interpretation?

Reader: Illusion as a wrong interpretation of reality is essentially lack, devoid of truth. God is truth or reality. God does not create lack of anything. No matter how real the wrong thought, illusion, appears to us it is devoid of truth or reality.

JJ: But who is making this wrong interpretation of reality??? Is it not a part of us that is an extension of God and therefore God is making such interpretation?

Besides, I thought that you teach that there is no right or wrong, thus there can be no “wrong” interpretation. If we are all correct why attempt to set us straight???

Reader: “You can say illusion is created by man in duality or even God in duality, but you would be confusing everyone by saying that illusion is created by God or man in oneness.”

JJ: Since everything began with God in oneness then the duality had to spring from God in His oneness. To say that duality was created by something apart from God is to say that there is something else out there that is not God doing some creating. This of course cannot be true for all things come from God even duality, especially duality.

Reader: “Thus when we refer to God we mean God and not God’s manifestation; when we refer to the manifestation of God we mean God’s manifestation and not God.”

JJ: So are you saying that God is not omnipresent but exists in some location apart and separate from manifestation?

Reader: There is no right or wrong in oneness. In separate duality such as our experiences however there is the belief in right or wrong.

JJ: This does not answer my question. My question to you is why do you take positions almost daily on the rightness or wrongness of comments of people in this group when you claim to follow this oneness idea, or do you feel that you have not reached it yet yourself?

Also you did not answer my other question which was:

“But who is making this wrong interpretation of reality??? Is it not a part of us that is an extension of God and therefore God is making such interpretation?”

Let me rephrase it:

Something obviously made or created duality which includes this world and universe in which we find ourselves. You say God did not do it. If God did not do it then something that was not even created by God did it. Who made this “thing” out there that’s running around creating everything playing tricks on us? Now you can’t say it is our minds. But because we, including our minds, are part of God’s creation, this still makes God responsible for it all.

Reader: As duality is from oneness everything that is dual is ultimately from oneness. However illusion, as lack of truth, can only come from duality and not from oneness as the source of all.

JJ: Your second statement here contradicts the first. If duality comes from oneness and illusion from duality then illusion owes its being to the oneness that created duality.

Maybe it is illusion but I have great difficulty in getting a direct answer from you to my questions. Let me repeat my question again:

“My question to you is why do you take positions almost daily on the rightness or wrongness of comments of people on this list when you claim to follow this oneness idea, or do you feel that you have not reached it yet yourself?”

Your non answer was:

“I merely talk about ideas and engage in metaphysical discussions. I have never critically commented on the rightness or wrongness of people’s positions. I have never launched personal attacks or passed negative remarks and I have never talked about what I have achieved.”

JJ: No one is saying you have been critical and I do not think that I have been critical in return. No one has said that you have launched personal attacks and I also hope you have not seen my comments as such. BUT you have taken positions almost daily on the rightness or wrongness of comments of people on this list. This type of judgment of right and wrong is in harmony with my philosophy, but from what you have said it seems to be out of harmony with your own. How do you justify this type of judgment when you seem to teach against it??? From what you have said it would seem to interfere with your focus away from duality.

Reader: “Your reasoning logically leads to the conclusion that since good and evil come from the oneness of God, evil has to directly come from God.”

JJ: All things come from God, including both sides of the duality including evil. I know you’re not big on authority; nevertheless I will quote the Bible which has meaning for some:

“I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.” Isaiah 45:7

Thus we see that even the great prophet Isaiah taught that God created evil.

Like I say, if God did not create evil then we have some other being that is not God who is responsible for much (or all) of the creation we see.

Reader: This is simply negating the concept of duality. God and his manifestation are the

primeval duality. From this duality come all dualities of manifested forms. It is essentially correct to say all is God but with some qualification. To say that God, the source of all, acts to create evil or illusion without participation by humans, as is the case, is not speaking with precision and clarity.

JJ: But humans are the “image of God,” or the reflections of God. Jesus point blank stated that we are Gods (See John 10:34). Therefore, whatever we create is a creation for which God is responsible for man and God are one. We are his hands.

Here is my thought on this duality debate. I believe the principle behind it all is illustrated quite accurately in my first chapter of the Molecular Relationship. In the beginning (of this universe) God was a singularity (oneness) which projected Purpose in all directions since there were no directions. Purpose vibrated and created the wavelength. The wavelength in turn created all there is which is evidenced by the explorations of science. Within matter they can find nothing solid, but only smaller and smaller wavelengths. Even a quark is made from them.

In this world we see all things as separate and distinct, but in the higher worlds they are one as the body is one, but with many parts. Within our bodies is one spirit of life and that life is omnipresent throughout the body. Nevertheless the body has many parts. Even though the eye is separate and distinct from one angle, it still shares the same life as does the hand. Therefore when one of my eyes sees correctly it does not see itself as a mere eye, but as the whole. In my case the eye that sees itself as one with my body would not say “I am an eye,” but would say “I am JJ” and I use my uniqueness to see for him which is myself.

When we shift from the angle of vision of seeing ourselves as a separate universe (as Philo in my book) to that of seeing the connectedness and oneness of all life then higher revelation does become possible.

I know that some have probably questioned the wisdom of my spending so much time on this topic, but it seems to come up again and again. Because of this I hope to elucidate it clearly enough now so we can have greater unity and focus in the future.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Initiations and Duality


Initiations and Duality

Someone e-mailed me several questions about initiates and initiation so instead of giving the answer to just one I will post it to all of you as I am sure this is a subject of great interest.

Question: I said earlier that an initiate is one who initiates. Therefore, you are an initiate to some degree when you start a business, a rock and roll band, or initiate an invention. How does this type of initiating correspond to the initiations as taught by DK through Alice A. Bailey and Theosophy?

Answer: As taught by the Brotherhood there are five initiations before becoming a Master and then two additional before graduating from this planet. In addition there are two more that will be taken in another solar system making nine in all. Nine is therefore called the number of initiation.

Before one reaches initiation, if he is sincerely seeking the truth, he is called an “aspirant.” Just to give you an idea here, the majority of members of Spiritweb (our hosting service at that time) in general are either just curious or aspirants to the Path. There are a handful of first degree initiates, a few second and maybe two or three above that. From the 50,000 members on this site there are probably about a hundred who think they are almost masters of the fifth degree or above but are strongly deluded. I met a guy a while back who thought he was higher than the Ancient of Days.

We will eventually cover the initiations in detail, but we have a lot of other material to go through first.

If one is not sure if he is an initiate or not it is best to assume he is an aspirant and aspire to have power to serve and initiate. If one sees himself as higher than he is he will miss steps along the way that he will have to retrace in a future life.

Initiating projects of different types does not tell us for sure that you are an initiate of a certain degree. Instead they are like exercises that build your spiritual muscles that will make you strong enough to pass through the portals into the Kingdom of God.

Rick Initiated this list. That is a sign that he is working in the direction of being an initiate, but it does not tell us his status.

Glenys is initiated a Synthesis Group. This is also a sign that she is going in the direction of initiation. Mindy, Anni and others are going the same direction. Lorraine initiated the interviewing program. In addition to this many of you are initiating projects unknown to us. Visible evidence that you are initiating something new is a sign that you are headed in the direction of the initiate. If you begin a work that affects many people this is a sign that you are an accepted initiate, but it is difficult to tell the status of an initiate without soul contact.

Question: Can the seeker pass through more than one initiation in one life?

Answer: Let us say you were a third degree initiate in your last life. That means to get to where you left off in the last life you must pass through three initiations in this one. Sometimes the disciple bungles things and does not even get to the first initiation. Other times he will make it, but because he has gone through the first three before it will not be so difficult this time. However, the next level up, the fourth will be horrendous for him. One usually does not pass through more than one new initiation in one life, but there are no limits set on anyone. Jesus passed through the fourth and began the fifth whereas the Christ within him passed through the sixth and started work on the seventh. Nevertheless Jesus had to show mastery of the first, second and third initiations before moving forward.

Question: What if someone like me gives you an idea and you run with it and initiate a project, are you still initiating?

Answer: Yes, if you are acting on your own INITIATive. Jesus initiated the Christian movement, but Paul who mainly promoted it was also a high initiate because he was so successful and had such an impact. No one had to tell him what to do in every detail, he just saw the need and initiated action.

Hope this Helps

There have been many good questions and comments that I have just not had time to expend upon. One thing I am grateful for is that many of you come forward with good answers and comments that I am sure aid the persons seeking help. I encourage everyone to keep this up.

And as far as opposing viewpoints are concerned, it is true that they sometimes lead to conflict and this does disturb some and sometimes costs us members, but such is life. We must always welcome all opinions. Often the interplay of conflict does bring additional light. All we ask of anyone with an opposing viewpoint is that they be sincere and as clear as possible. Often people think they are disagreeing with me when they are not, which produces illusionary conflict.

Concerning this latest conflict of living in duality vs. living apart from duality I feel that it has not yet been resolved on either side so I will contemplate and may post additional thoughts in the future. I think one of the main things we need on this is clarification as about two thirds of the conflict is from lack of understanding each other.

Some thought I resorted to humor because I did not understand the beyond duality idea and feeling, but I submit that I do understand and that is what made my story so potent.

One thing that concerns me is that those who support the non-duality livingness idea seem to believe that they have achieved some mystical consciousness that is far beyond that which is had by those in the group who disagree with them. The idea conveyed is that if we could just experience this oneness consciousness we would be instantly converted.

This is quite a judgmental thought to be conveyed by those who see themselves as beyond judgment.

Let me submit this. Many people in the group who see themselves as not beyond the dualities have experienced some high spiritual feelings and states. They have experienced what some may think of as a consciousness beyond duality, but just interpreted it from a different point of view than the beyond duality idea. I have had many spiritual experiences myself and I can see how some would think they have achieved the ultimate by feeling them, and possibly thinking they have transcended duality. But for myself, I did not interpret my experiences as beyond duality.

Many spiritual feelings and experiences are difficult to describe in words, but let me say this. In our current plane of existence there are seven planes and three of them have form – that is the physical, the astral and the mental. In Mormon terminology these are called the telestial, the terrestrial and the celestial kingdoms. Then there are four higher ones that are sometimes called the formless worlds. Very few people have reached the higher mental let alone the formless. They are called formless because the ideas behind the form are communicated and used rather than the form itself.

Often times a good high astral feeling is interpreted as being some ultimate beyond duality feeling. So when someone tells me that are living in this high ecstasy that is beyond duality I figure they could be experiencing a number of different things. However, when someone has the New Jerusalem experience in consciousness and feeling there is a knowing when communicated to another who has had the same experience.

Let me tell you why it is impossible in our present state to completely transcend duality. All the seven planes of our existence are subplanes of a higher plane called the cosmic physical which is the lowest of the planes in this higher realm. No mortal in the flesh has come close to mastering even the lowest parts of the cosmic plane and again on the cosmic physical we have a higher correspondence of the same dualities we have here. Since we are a part of this cosmic physical, but cannot transcend it in our present condition then completely escaping duality for us in present state is way way beyond our ring-pass-not.

Nevertheless we can obtain an angle of vision where we sense the dualities working as a unity within the purpose of the One Great Life.

As far as good and evil is concerned, the three groups I previously mentioned look at it in three different ways. Group one sees every possible action as neatly packaged into good and evil with no thinking or discernment required to judge it.

The group twos see nothing as good or evil. They avoid thinking and discernment, just as do the group ones. For the first all is good or evil and for the second nothing is.

I invite all here to come to a higher angle of vision. As with most things neither extreme is correct. The first extreme results in events like the burning of witches and the killing of prophets. Then too if no good or evil is assessed there would be a total break down of society and no structure for civilization could be created.

Even though good and evil are an illusion and are both part of an ultimate good within the plan of God that does not mean we are to ignore them here for if we do it will be at our own peril.

It is true that good and evil is as we define it, but we have defined it just as we have defined the color red. Just because we define the color red as red and we could have called it blue instead, does not mean we have just cause to start calling it blue. No. A thousand times no! If we did that with our whole language communication would be destroyed.

In many ways we have defined good and evil and we as the human race will redefine it periodically as we progress.

In this present time to kick your dog is evil, but to selflessly give or to help animals is good. Is there some reason that we should throw out the window all the progress the race has made in discerning good and evil to the point that a beneficial civilization is created??? I think not.

The Master DK through Alice A. Bailey has given us the definition of good and evil as the Brotherhood views it.

Good is that direction which takes us forward in evolution and evil is that which takes us backward into what we were in the past.

This is why the Masters saw Hitler as an evil – because he wanted to return us to the kingdom type rulership of the past instead of free democracy or republics.

Our decisions on good and evil definitely has an effect that Jesus acknowledged when talking about Judas.

“The Son of man goeth as it is written of him: but woe unto that man by whom the Son of man is betrayed! it had been good for that man if he had not been born.” Matt 26:24

In other words, the mistake of Judas was so great that he completely wasted a life or two at least.

Then if he turned completely to the dark side he will wind up wasting billions of years. All the bodies composing this reality will be destroyed and his Creator will take its essence back and send it out again in a future solar system. The time consumed and wasted, the pain endured, the retracing of steps is beyond imagination. Here is how Joseph Smith described it:

“And the end thereof, neither the place thereof, nor their torment, no man knows;

“Neither was it revealed, neither is, neither will be revealed unto man, except to them who are made partakers thereof;

“Nevertheless, I, the Lord, show it by vision unto many, but straightway shut it up again;

“Wherefore, the end, the width, the height, the depth, and the misery thereof, they understand not, neither any man except those who are ordained unto this condemnation.” D&C 76:45-48

Fortunately, few are persistent enough in the direction of utter selfishness to achieve this end, but I will say this. I certainly do not want to choose such a path just so I can say a trillion years from now that I learned a valuable lesson.

That may be true, but as Rick said “man is that he might have joy,” so let us get on with the joy. Let us not even delay the joy a day, a month or a year let alone a trillion years. Let us have a sense and vision of the far away realities, but let common sense rule in this one.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Journey Into Duality


Journey Into Duality

A reader speaks of a one flow that we are supposed to tap into which is beyond dualities and time and space, yet the very fact that you call it a flow indicates otherwise. If it “flows” then it moves. If it moves then it is not unchangeable, for to flow or move it would have to move from point A to point B. Because we have a point A and a point B dualities are created. How can you say this flow is beyond duality when there would have to be a duality (points A & B) to even have a flow? Points A and B would have to be separated by space and if there is space and movement then there is time.

Time is not created by consciousness for time passes even when we are unconscious. Instead time is registered by consciousness. Time is created by motion through space.

Thus any flow that does exist is created in space, time and motion, and exists in the principle of duality.

If you can explain how a flow can exist with no space, time and duality and in a state of changelessness I would be interested in hearing.

Perhaps you need some other word than “flow?”

Journey into the Wilderness
A Parable

Phil, Richard, Moe and Curley all worked together in a government bureaucracy. All of them were pretty much settled in for life. Their positions and retirement was secure. Each payday there were no surprises, they received their pay with standard deductions taken out. There was also much routine in their jobs and everything was very predictable. The four often ate lunch together and complained about the monotony.

“I’ve got an idea,” said Phil. “From a friend of mine I learned about a wilderness area that few people have ever hiked before. Let’s all take a vacation week and go in there together and spend the whole week having a new experience.”

“I’ve heard of that too,” said Moe “and the few people who have gone into it have faced many dangers. There’s grizzly bears, rattle snakes, ticks and dangerous cliffs, but perhaps the most dangerous of all it is that it’s very easy to get lost in there. I believe several people have gone missing in that area, never to be heard from again.”

“I don’t care, “said Phil. “Our life has been so boring lately that I would actually relish a little danger. Maybe it would make me feel alive again. Look at us! We come and go in this job like the walking dead!”

Richard stood up, “You know, Phil is right. What good is living if you don’t feel a thrill or two while you are going through it?”

The other three agreed and the venture was planned.

As they entered the wilderness they had to first climb a high mountain and then enter a deep ravine on the other side that was a very precarious descent. About half way down and several close calls from slipping on loose rocks Moe stopped in his tracks. “Whoa,” he said. “Sure I wanted some excitement, but I didn’t ask for this. There is real danger here. I’m turning around and going back.”

“Come on,” said Phil. “We knew this wasn’t going to be a piece of cake. Would you rather be alive here or a zombie back home?”

“The boring office is better than this,” said Moe as he turned around and headed for his safe haven.

Phil sensed a question mark in the minds of his two comrades and encouraged them onward. “Look,” he said. “We came here for an adventure. We’ll never have it if we turn back. I know that we do not know everything that lies ahead of us, but what kind of adventure would it be if we had each step preplanned for us? Let’s not consider going back, but only forward.”

Then Phil went ahead hoping that the two others would follow. Richard followed immediately, but Curly hesitated until Moe was out of sight, then he caught up with Phil and Richard.

They hiked until sundown until they were deep into the unexplored wilderness. Curly brushed up against some type of poison ivy and began to complain. Phil sensed he was having second thoughts about the excursion, but continued leading into seemingly more dangerous territory. By the time they pitched their tents they had heard the cry of many wild animals that did not sound friendly.

That evening in the pitch black night a grizzly bear came into the camp and poked his head into Curly’s tent. Curly ran out the back as fast as he could go. Phil and Richard saw him run into the night and that was the last they saw of him. No one ever did find out what happened to him.

The bear next came after Phil and Richard, but they grabbed flaming sticks from the fire and together they were able to cause the bear to retreat into the forest.

“That was close,” said Phil. “I guess this does seem like a crazy idea to you by now,” he said looking for Richard’s response.

“I was just thinking that,” said Richard. “As we were advancing at that great bear I thought to myself: Good God what am I doing here? I must be out of my mind!”

“So you want to go back then?” said Phil.

“Hell no.” said Richard. “I haven’t felt this alive in my entire life.” He held out his arms and hands and said: “I feel my blood pounding through my limbs and it feels great. Anything is better than the stagnation we have suffered through.”

Phil’s eyes lit up. “If you’re willing, I’m willing. I say we make a commitment to each other that we will indeed follow through with this quest no matter what and we will make it through because we will support and protect and maybe even save each other, just as we united our forces to defeat the bear.”

“Agreed,” said Richard.

The two men continued on their quest and it was even more difficult than they supposed. They had to cross a raging river and Richard for a time was lost in the current, but Phil who was a strong swimmer managed to save him. Another time Phil ate a poisonous berry, but Richard who had a knowledge of wild herbs made him a tea that saved his life and carried him upon his own back when again pursued by another bear.

A second bear incident occurred on the fourth day and it caused them to lose their compass and most of their gear and provisions. For many days they wandered through many dead ends trying to find their way back home. Now they had no tents they had to make makeshift huts for shelter and live off natural berries. They also made a hook and caught a few fish and set some traps for wildlife. Many times in their attempt to get out of the wilderness so they could return home they had to retrace their steps and start again, then move backward and plan again. Finally after being in the wilderness for almost 40 days Richard remembered he had a sewing needle in a pouch that had some magnetism in it and they were able to determine the true North by floating the needle on still water. Once they found their true direction they were able to return home in just a couple days.

When they returned to the office they now found the boredom there somewhat refreshing, but then after a few days they became dissatisfied with it. They met Moe who said to them:

“Thank goodness, I didn’t follow you guys. What a time you had! And poor Curly seems to be lost for good.”

“Yes, It was quite a time,” said Phil, “and I wouldn’t trade the experience for all the money or peace in the world. Before we were lost I was as if I were dead, but now I am alive. More than alive. I feel vibrant!”

“Same here,” said Richard. “I feel reborn. I just can’t describe the satisfaction.”

Moe seem intrigued by this and said: “So even though you went through great risk and even were lost and hungry you think it was all worthwhile?”

“Like we said, we wouldn’t trade the experience for anything,” said Phil. “Richard and I achieved a oneness and bonding that you guys in this boring office will never know.”

Moe reflected and said, “Well maybe I made a mistake in coming back, for I admit my life needs some type of jump start. How about if we try this again on our next vacation?”

“You can take some other guys from the office and go to it,” said Richard. “The dangers we went through were well worth it, but we have learned our lessons and do not need to repeat the experience. Instead Phil and I are moving on to danger on another level. “We have both sold everything we own and are investing in a business together. Again, we may lose everything and there are dangers ahead that only time will reveal, but taking a great risk is a lot better than stagnating here with such sameness day after day.”

“But if I go in the wilderness I will need you guys. You have learned your way around there, know how to survive and can find your way home.”

“No,” said Phil. “you don’t need us. You need to find your own way and in the process the group you are with will learn to become interdependent and by assisting each other you can reach a new level of becoming.”

Moe was upset by this, but after much thought he gathered the courage together to tackle the wilderness again with a few good friends.

Phil and Richard ventured on to risk and danger on another level. Because they did not know much about business in the real world they lost everything they had three different times, but on the fourth attempt they succeeded and their joy was full.

Comment: the boring office represents the state of just “being.” The journey into the wilderness represents the process of Becoming.

Question: Why does the process of Becoming and creating our own changing reality take us o a higher level of enjoyment than just staying in the safe place away from the dualities?

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Principles 11 & 12

This entry is part 11 of 98 in the series Principles

The Ancient Law of Evil Sharing

& The Law of Dominating Good.

These are two important branch principles that spring from the principle of duality.

Many have said in the past that good and evil are really two equal forces that cancel each other out, but such is not the case. Behind that which is good is a force called the “dominating good.” In other words, in the whole scheme of things good dominates over evil.

In the example of building the house we see both good and evil at play, but overall good (the building proves) dominates and more often than not the house gets successfully completed and performs its destiny.

As I have written earlier there are only two basic forces in creation that cause duality to manifest and these are the positive and negative forces. Wherever matter or form exists these two forces are close to being equal but never exact. There are slight differences of energy even in the neutral particles. In the microcosmic world we find  ions, incomplete electron shells, molecules and cells that are a little off balance in charge and seek their opposite in charge to complete themselves. We even see this among humans where the males and females feel they need their opposite energy to balance them in a relationship.

Even so, when we observe good and evil as a duality we see that they are not exactly equal, but in the end good dominates over evil. It may seem at times that we are moving backwards, but because good always dominates this means that spiritual evolution always goes forward in the end. We may go nine steps backward while taking ten forward thus creating one dominating step toward the good.

We as human beings share the two aspects of the law.

It is only of recent date that humanity has had the amenities that make life easier for us such as automobiles, airplanes, instantaneous communications, television, computers, the Internet, tin foil, toilet paper and many more conveniences.

Much of the civilized world no longer tortures its citizens or enemies, has slaves or refuses to recognize basic human rights. Instead we are marching forward in the creation of democracies, civil rights, becoming environmentally conscious, sensitive to animal mistreatment and seek to use technology to create a paradise on earth.

Until recently such a possibility was only a pipe dream. Just a few short centuries ago life was cheap and very uncomfortable by today’s standards. Many had to spend all their waking hours concentrating on making enough money just to survive another day. Forget about television and computers; it was a luxury to just have a book or two in the house to read. Forget about air conditioning and central heating; it was a luxury to have some wood or chips to provide a polluted heat to keep them from freezing to death.

In the days of the Roman empire the life expectancy was as low as 27 years of age. Life was dangerous and uncomfortable to all but a few. Today we live almost three times as long.

There are three main reasons for this.

  1. Better dental and health care with dental being much more important than is realized. In ancient times many people died in their thirties because they either had rotting teeth or lost them and were unable to eat solid food. A huge number of people suffered painful infections that eventually killed then because of bad teeth.
  1. More plentiful food and nutrition. In many ways today our food is less nutritious and the old days, but it is more plentiful in the civilized world and we are less likely to suffer malnutrition.
  1. Even though we still have war on this planet there are a lot fewer people who have to go to war. Percentage wise there were times that half the population risked death by war compared to close to zero percent in many civilized countries today. War cut off 20 years or more of the average life span in many countries in past ages.

All these difficulties in the past and many in the present effect all people to a degree whether they be good or evil. This is why it is called the ancient law of evil sharing. No matter who the person was the evils and difficulties of the day affected them.

If we can escape a world wide conflagration with weapons of mass destruction the tide will turn on this planet so good can dominate and just as humanity shared past evils they can share in the future good.

Even if we happen to suffer setbacks of future wars humanity will eventually correct itself and in the end good will dominate. Why? Because humanity has the basic intelligence necessary to eventually see the error of its ways and correct itself so good will prevail.

As individuals we see in our own lives how we share in both evil and dominating good in our own spheres of endeavor. When we begin any project, career or business we stumble at first and make many mistakes. Eventually, however, we learn the ropes, make things work and succeed. In the end each of us has power to make the good dominate in the endeavor of our choice.

This law of dominating good causes progression to NOT take the form of an endless repeating circle, but an ever-expanding spiral of circles. Thus at each new turn of the spiral consciousness has expanded and we continually have new worlds to explore and new gains to acquire.

He who overcomes his fear of failure does so because he realizes that the lesson learned through the failure is more valuable than that which has been lost.

Let me repeat the story of Edison here: A reporter once approached Thomas Edison as he was working on the light bulb and said, “You have been working on this silly light bulb for years and have attempted 10,000 times to make it work and they have all failed. After 10,000 failures are you now prepared to admit that this light bulb idea is just a dream?”

Edison wisely answered, “My dear friend. I have not failed as you have said. Instead I have successfully identified 10,000 combinations that do not work. I am 10,000 steps closer to success and do not have many more to go.” Edison thus did not fear failure because he saw a gain behind each failure that was greater than the loss of time, money and prestige he had invested.

Edison had faith in the “Dominating Good,” or a belief that God is good.

Or more simply put we must have “faith that God loves us and wants what is best for the human race.”


No man is an island, entire of itself. Every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main… any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls it tolls for thee.

 John Donne, Devotions XVII

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The Intuition, Part 7

This entry is part 12 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

There is a story is about certain entities when this earth was formed that refused to incarnate because they felt that the material world was too course for them and they received a punishment through karma because they refused to incarnate when incarnation was something that was beneficial for the universe itself. So we have this balance that is difficult and in past ages these rebellious spirits did not seek for the balance. In this cycle, especially the Age of Aquarius, the key note is service and to truly serve our fellow man we have to balance spirit and matter because our fellow man is in matter and since our essence is spirit.

Audience: I myself had to overcome a prejudice because somehow in my head those with abundance are bad, I had this thinking that if you had money then you are a snob and you think that you are better than me I mean I had some really major things to overcome and I think that learning of abundance for me now is truly spiritual so it is material but it is also spiritual and it is a hard lesson to learn.

JJ: That is a good point because a lot of people who are spiritual people are just poor as field mice and they reach a point where they almost think that the rich are just the scum of the earth because they do not see the vision that they see and if they did they would give them all their money. Laughing! And, yes, people do this. When I have been struggling financially I have caught myself in that trap somewhat as well and it is really easy to do if you are struggling financially. The balance is very important to achieve and it is very difficult and this is the reason that we have not progressed more than we have. People often look out among the world today and say, where are the Buddhas, and the Jesuses and the Gandhis today? They do not seem to be around at all. Well they are around but they have not learned to balance spirit and matter. So Gandhi could be out there right now not accomplishing anything if he has already re-incarnated.

Audience; If I understand correctly the whole point of the eastern spiritual philosophy is get away from duality.

JJ: We are never away from duality, Buddha learned his great lesson with duality when he was sitting under the Bodhi tree starving to death on two grains of rice a day and a bunch of singers came by and they were singing this tune about a musical string. Now if a musical string is too tight then it will not play right and if it is too loose than it will not play right either. It has to be tuned just correctly. Now you have to concentrate on duality to be able tune a string. You have to go be able to go from one extreme to the other.

If you ever tuned a guitar string you pluck it and may find it is too tight and then adjust it and it may be too loose. Then you go back and forth until you get it just about right. A lot of Buddhists do teach the idea that there is no duality but they teach this while teaching duality at the same time. So you can’t really escape from duality. If there were no duality then none of us would be here at all because every atom in your body is created by duality of a positive and negative force interplaying. Form is created by the interplaying of the positive and negative forces that are just a little bit out of balance. If the positive and negative forces in the atoms that you possess were in perfect balance then we would all disappear and we would be no more and we are only here because matter is out of balance. There can only be creation when there is not perfect balance.

So what happens when the little atoms create and they put things together? The atoms the molecules and cells is the result. After they are created they are more balanced than the atoms were alone but they still are not perfectly balanced so the atoms join together to balance themselves off a bit more. When they create a molecule they are more balanced still but still not perfect so the molecules join and they create a cell and they are more balanced still but still not perfect. This process goes on and on and on and we are always in search of the perfect balance but the duality is always there.

Now the Eastern religions will often teach there is a place between right and left, up and down, between hot and cold that point exactly in the middle. This is the great void that they teach and we all have to find this great void and then we will be happy.

Audience: Isn’t that Nirvana?

JJ: Buddha did not really teach that was Nirvana but some of the eastern teachers have taught it and they called it the great void. There is always duality in the fact that this world is founded on it and it came even from the formless worlds – the world of greater ideas. This shows us that even the formless worlds, where ideas manifest, that there is even duality there. Everything is in reality, duality exists in reality and the point in between the duality is a reality also to which we go when the universe unfolds itself and then goes back into Pralaya. We go to a place, which DK describes this way, “It is not a place which is not, it is a place which is esoteric.” In other words, when we do finally go back to our source it is not a place which is not, it is a place which is esoteric and esoteric means hidden. In other words, there is something there but we do not know what it is, but it is the source of all things.

Audience: Did we finally figure out how to become more intuitive?

JJ: That is a good question and a good way to wrap this up. The way to get more intuitive is this one rule, you just have to do one thing like Curly said in the movie “City Slicker” you just have to do one thing, “Follow the Highest You Know.” Now you think, well the highest I know is not very good. It may not be very good and you may make many mistakes but when you make a mistake you will see what you did wrong and then you can correct it. Then you can take your next step and eventually if you follow the highest that you know then you will follow your intuition.

There will come a time when you will be tempted not to follow the highest you know. The highest you know will be very difficult to do and so you will be tempted to take the easy road and this is a temptation that besets us all. If there is such a thing as sin then this is the one true sin and that is violating the highest you know. There have been a couple times in my life when I knew what I had to do and it was really hard and I didn’t do it and I really regretted it.

This is like the story in my first book about these guys on the path, they did not know which path to choose but when they made a choice they just went with it and the guys that really suffered were the ones who just could not choose. They were afraid to choose. People that are paralyzed by fear because they can’t choose are the ones that are really in hell on this earth. We must never stand still and we must always pick the next step and if we do not know what it is, then guess. And in that guess make the best guess that you can make and then go with it and then you are going to learn something.

When you have to take another step you are going to be wiser and wiser until eventually you will continue to follow the highest you know and you will develop all your higher abilities. You will develop your higher psychic ability, your intuition. Once you develop your intuition and it is developed then you can draw back on your other abilities that you have had in past lives. If you want to recall your instinct abilities then you can do that, if you want to recall your psychic abilities then you can do that. In recalling your psychic abilities and then blending them with the intuition you can be extremely accurate. There are a handful of psychics that are also intuitive that are accurate but this is very rare.

Audience: If I wanted to recall something that is below the threshold of consciousness, lets say that in a previous life I spoke French and if I wanted to bring that up, other than putting attention on it is that the only way to bring it to surface is by putting attention on it?

JJ: Mozart, when he started playing the piano; he could instantly play it and we hear about prodigies today that can just look at a piano and immediately play it. Obviously they knew it in a past life so it is below the threshold of their consciousness but they bring it back almost instantly. If you have not used the things below the threshold of your consciousness for a while then it may take a little while to get it back but you can get it back fairly quickly if you concentrate on it.

Audience: And also if you tap into your need, your desire then this will bring it up to a conscious level.

JJ: That is a good point because if you just half-heartedly toy around with the idea then you will not accomplish much. If your soul sees that you need to bring back something, it will assist you. But if your soul sees that you are trying to retrieve something and it wants you to move on to something else then you will have obstacles in the path and be frustrated.

Wayne from the audience: My understanding is that in actuality the universe is not based on duality but triplicate, you have the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost and you have the physical, metaphysical and pray-physical anything that you put a duality to has a third aspect.

JJ: Well like the atom you have the protons, electrons and neutrons; the neutrons are neutral, so you have the neutral and then the positive and the negative. I have a lot of discussions with duality people on the Internet and some of them have the idea that all you have to do is reach a certain state of mind and you can go beyond duality. The thing is if you really went beyond duality then you would just disappear and you would not be here anymore.

Audience: So what you are saying is that is an unattainable goal?

JJ: I would not say it is unattainable and you might be able to disappear if you put enough attention on it but I do not know of anyone who has and not even Buddha disappeared.

Audience: But it is a goal to move toward where you learn to overcome your duality.

JJ: Not necessarily because we came from the place that is beyond physical duality and we came here for a reason and if we were to just to give up duality and go back then we would miss what we came here for. Now Buddha reached Nirvana and people think that He reached the ultimate. We have the three worlds, we have the physical, the astral, and the mental then the intuitive and then we have three more worlds above that. He reached the Atmic world, the one just above the intuition and that is what He called Nirvana, well there are two more formless worlds above that.

Audience: So what is the Atmic world if that is the world above intuition?

JJ: The Atmic world is the world where ideas float around and the intuitive world serves as a conduit that bring ideas down into the physical and it is like the pipeline that brings it down and the Atmic is where the pipeline taps in. And the above that you have the Monadic world and then the Divine and the Divine world can be compared to space itself. In space, space is one and there is only one space and that is how oneness exists. Within space there are all kinds of points and each one of these points is a Monad and each one of these Monads develops into a life form.

Audience: The Monad is a group of entities bonded together right?

JJ: No, you are thinking of soul, the soul itself is the binding force that can bond many but each one of us has an individual Monad and this is your personal Father in heaven.

Audience: My Higher Self?

JJ: It is part of your Higher Self. I will end with this point, follow the highest you know and if you do not know what to do then follow the highest you know even if it seems a little bizarre and crazy because at least then you will learn something and then sooner or later you will be making wise choices. You have to start where you are and follow the highest you know even if everybody criticizes you and even if they think you are a mindless person. Make some decision, any decision is better than no decision. The worst thing you can do is to not make a decision and not take any control of your life.

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Duality & Nothingness

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual amp; Metaphysical Quotes From The Discourses Of JJ Dewey

1  If there were such a thing as a world with no duality, there would be no truth for nothing would be there and truth is something.

2  The real truth is that whether we be in the illusion of physical duality, or a dream state, it is indeed true that our consciousness is there and the perceptions we have there create a real experience.

3  Even before form and space existed, there was still a duality – the possibility of nothing (female) and the possibility of something (male) or the decision to be or not to be.

4  Experience is only created by duality.

5  Consciousness is only possible where there is the interplay of duality.

6  One of the greatest illusions of the day is caused by the denial of duality while duality exists for us.

7  As we find the path in the middle and walk upon it, we are still functioning in the world of duality.

8  All words or concepts they have a positive and negative aspect. For instance, a negative aspect of control is a tyrannical act of one person controlling another with the effect of limiting free will. A positive aspect of control is to use whatever means necessary to prevent rape, theft, murder, etc.

9  Even though many believe this [Soul Consciousness] to be the ultimate reality beyond duality, it is neither ultimate nor beyond duality.

10  Purpose, duality and Decision are always in existence and had no cause, but originate cause.

11  There is no such thing as two sides of a duality being the same polarity. By definition a polarity can only exist when the pull is to one side of the duality.

12  It is taught by some that when we rise to planes above the mental that there are no more dualities. This is true as far as the common idea of good and evil is concerned as you do not have the struggle of one against the other. Even so, there is still a duality, and seeds of duality, but it just doesn’t work out as the struggling opposition as it does in our plane.

13  In eons hence, when our purpose in form is fulfilled, we will look back on our history and see that the dualities of good and evil, light and dark were but guides that led us to a glorious peace between the great eternities.

14  All forms were created by the interplay of two energies – the principle of duality – which is the principle of illusion.

15  Actually as long as we are in the world of form we need some type of duality to help us “Become.”

16  You cannot live in duality and not be in duality.

17  God is in all things and through all things and is an active participant in all things so long as the illusion of Duality exists.

18  To solve the problem of duality we must first discern the two opposing sides in all things, whether it be male/female, good/evil, positive/negative, spiritual/material or conservative/liberal.

19  Only through the duality of the real and the unreal can we learn to appreciate and use the real with wisdom.

20  If duality comes from oneness and illusion from duality then illusion owes its being to the oneness that created duality.

21  Some, through meditation or focused attention, achieve states of consciousness bordering on bliss that seems beyond all duality and becoming but in this I believe they are deceived. First, if such a state were truly achieved then duality could not pull them back. They would just disappear from this world.

22  With the correct attention on thought and energy you thus live in the world of duality, but master duality.

23  If you were able to remove yourself from the world of duality, there would be no truth.

24  Truth only exists in duality and perception of truth also exists there.

25  You do not go to the presence of the one God by defying His creative purpose and attempting to jump into a void of nothingness beyond all creation. This cannot be done and is not allowed to be done, for we are all caught in the motivating stream of original purpose and there is no way to escape it because we are one with it. The only thing we can do to move ahead is to find out our part in the Purpose and move with it.

26   All truth is created and recognized through the duality of outside-inside. Take away your body, feelings and mind and you still exist, but you are unable to assimilate the truth that 2+2=4.

27  If that which originates cause is not eternal then the atheists are correct and we will go to nothingness and be as if we never were.

28  Even the space between the breaths which many call the void of nothingness “is not that which is not, but that which is esoteric,” as Djwahl Khul [DK] explains.

29  The only thing that would be unchanging would be nothingness. Because God and you and I are something then there is change and evolution.

30  Where there is nothing there is no truth except that there is nothing. Fortunately, there is no state where there is nothing. Something is always going on in the life of God.

31  The only thing that does not change is change. Change is eternal. It has always been and will always be. There could be no existence without it. Without it there would be nothing, or NO THING.

32  The only thing that can be unchanging is nothing.

33  Light is that radiance which divides the one into the many and love is that magnetic force which pulls the many back into the One. They are very much opposite and this duality is at the basis of creation of all there is that can be seen (light) or felt (love).

34  The question is – how then are Light and Love opposites? To understand we must define them.

35  That which is not true is error, or in the true reality – NOTHING. If one spends his life looking for nothing what will he find? Nothing.

36  As long as we live in this reality, the door of the dualities of positive and negative is always open and only seems closed to one in illusionary thought.

37  As far as something in the way the world thinks of as something, all is created from nothing. But the world does not realize within that which we call nothing, lies something and that something is the Original Cause behind all there is.

38  The point between the dualities of creation is a place wherein lies the Purpose of God.

39  There is a duality behind all words, and even truths that reach to the physical plane can be seen either in their true reality, or illusion.

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