2001-2-9 11:29:00

Good presentation Larry. Keep up the good work.

Maryellen writes:

"So it is really more true to say not that it was an Aha ....... but something more like "yes, I knew that, or yes I felt that." The Presence of God is overflowing in me at this moment and I feel like my entire body is glowing!! Oh, what a tiny taste of heaven!!"

When someone writes like this I know that such a person has indeed touched the Spirit through the soul. Those who have felt this contact indeed understand the words of Christ which state: "My reward is with me."

The reward of the just is not some palatial heaven with golden streets, but a true communion and oneness with God and for that we do not have to wait for a second coming, flying saucers or death. The reward of God is here for us now awaiting our decision to accept.