The Higher Octave

1999-4-10 08:44:00

Excellent posts today my friends. I must single out Samu for his fine post and suggest you all reread it. I can tell he has been doing some serious thinking here and keeping his mental wheels well lubricated.

He stated:

"Well, in physical world we have decision, action based on this decision, reaction to the action (can be seen as feedback to the word said out loud echoing back) and then making of a new decision based on contemplating the information that the result of the previous decision gave us and 'steering the wheel of manifesting' in the desired direction and on and on. Since our human conscious perception lags about 1/60 of a second behind the real present, what we are experiencing is the aftermath of the decisions made. Now, if we were able to perceive the real present, it seems to me that it would mean that the process of becoming with decisive direction would cease to exist, because we'd only be seeing the now, and there'd be no new now being created..."

Anni also gives us some good wisdom:

"Seeing in the present would let us see everything from another perspective - 'in one picture,' so in a way the physical universe would disappear as we know it now."


Also I would like to welcome Margaret. I believe this was her first post and I will attempt to cover the important points of all the posts.

It is an interesting thought, is it not, that we never really register an event the instant it occurs. It takes a sixtieth of a second to perceive it and a heartbeat to register it.

What is consciousness as we understand it in this reality? It is created by focusing our attention on quantums of time and space passing by our perceptions. These quantums are the result of decisions made somewhere.

Seeing the present would be the same thing as making time stand still. All of our perceptions as we understand perception are dependent on time and space. Thus if we were able to see the real present, the universe as we know it would disappear. All form in the universe is created by vibration. If we were to see the real present we would perceive no vibration; therefore, we would perceive no form; thus we would perceive no thing.

If we therefore could exist in the Eternal Now where there is no time, space, consciousness or form, what have we? We have the higher octave of consciousness.

So what is the higher octave of consciousness? What essence of us still exists in the Eternal Now where there is no time and space?