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1  If there were such a thing as a world with no duality, there would be no truth for nothing would be there and truth is something.

2  The real truth is that whether we be in the illusion of physical duality, or a dream state, it is indeed true that our consciousness is there and the perceptions we have there create a real experience.

3  Even before form and space existed, there was still a duality – the possibility of nothing (female) and the possibility of something (male) or the decision to be or not to be.

4  Experience is only created by duality.

5  Consciousness is only possible where there is the interplay of duality.

6  One of the greatest illusions of the day is caused by the denial of duality while duality exists for us.

7  As we find the path in the middle and walk upon it, we are still functioning in the world of duality.

8  All words or concepts they have a positive and negative aspect. For instance, a negative aspect of control is a tyrannical act of one person controlling another with the effect of limiting free will. A positive aspect of control is to use whatever means necessary to prevent rape, theft, murder, etc.

9  Even though many believe this [Soul Consciousness] to be the ultimate reality beyond duality, it is neither ultimate nor beyond duality.

10  Purpose, duality and Decision are always in existence and had no cause, but originate cause.

11  There is no such thing as two sides of a duality being the same polarity. By definition a polarity can only exist when the pull is to one side of the duality.

12  It is taught by some that when we rise to planes above the mental that there are no more dualities. This is true as far as the common idea of good and evil is concerned as you do not have the struggle of one against the other. Even so, there is still a duality, and seeds of duality, but it just doesn’t work out as the struggling opposition as it does in our plane.

13  In eons hence, when our purpose in form is fulfilled, we will look back on our history and see that the dualities of good and evil, light and dark were but guides that led us to a glorious peace between the great eternities.

14  All forms were created by the interplay of two energies – the principle of duality – which is the principle of illusion.

15  Actually as long as we are in the world of form we need some type of duality to help us “Become.”

16  You cannot live in duality and not be in duality.

17  God is in all things and through all things and is an active participant in all things so long as the illusion of Duality exists.

18  To solve the problem of duality we must first discern the two opposing sides in all things, whether it be male/female, good/evil, positive/negative, spiritual/material or conservative/liberal.

19  Only through the duality of the real and the unreal can we learn to appreciate and use the real with wisdom.

20  If duality comes from oneness and illusion from duality then illusion owes its being to the oneness that created duality.

21  Some, through meditation or focused attention, achieve states of consciousness bordering on bliss that seems beyond all duality and becoming but in this I believe they are deceived. First, if such a state were truly achieved then duality could not pull them back. They would just disappear from this world.

22  With the correct attention on thought and energy you thus live in the world of duality, but master duality.

23  If you were able to remove yourself from the world of duality, there would be no truth.

24  Truth only exists in duality and perception of truth also exists there.

25  You do not go to the presence of the one God by defying His creative purpose and attempting to jump into a void of nothingness beyond all creation. This cannot be done and is not allowed to be done, for we are all caught in the motivating stream of original purpose and there is no way to escape it because we are one with it. The only thing we can do to move ahead is to find out our part in the Purpose and move with it.

26   All truth is created and recognized through the duality of outside-inside. Take away your body, feelings and mind and you still exist, but you are unable to assimilate the truth that 2+2=4.

27  If that which originates cause is not eternal then the atheists are correct and we will go to nothingness and be as if we never were.

28  Even the space between the breaths which many call the void of nothingness “is not that which is not, but that which is esoteric,” as Djwahl Khul [DK] explains.

29  The only thing that would be unchanging would be nothingness. Because God and you and I are something then there is change and evolution.

30  Where there is nothing there is no truth except that there is nothing. Fortunately, there is no state where there is nothing. Something is always going on in the life of God.

31  The only thing that does not change is change. Change is eternal. It has always been and will always be. There could be no existence without it. Without it there would be nothing, or NO THING.

32  The only thing that can be unchanging is nothing.

33  Light is that radiance which divides the one into the many and love is that magnetic force which pulls the many back into the One. They are very much opposite and this duality is at the basis of creation of all there is that can be seen (light) or felt (love).

34  The question is – how then are Light and Love opposites? To understand we must define them.

35  That which is not true is error, or in the true reality – NOTHING. If one spends his life looking for nothing what will he find? Nothing.

36  As long as we live in this reality, the door of the dualities of positive and negative is always open and only seems closed to one in illusionary thought.

37  As far as something in the way the world thinks of as something, all is created from nothing. But the world does not realize within that which we call nothing, lies something and that something is the Original Cause behind all there is.

38  The point between the dualities of creation is a place wherein lies the Purpose of God.

39  There is a duality behind all words, and even truths that reach to the physical plane can be seen either in their true reality, or illusion.

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