Seeing in the Present

1999-4-8 09:55:00

"Many of us are aware that the Earth itself is a living being. If our quantum of consciousness is a second, then how long of a period would a quantum of consciousness be for the earth? In other words, how long of a time are the heartbeats of the earth, and what would correspond to the heartbeat of the earth?"

I am surprised that no one attempted to answer this question. Don't you guys start getting lazy on me now.

One unit, or heartbeat of consciousness, for the earth is one year or one circle around the sun. We pick up influences from the consciousness of the earth, but to commune with it we would have to alter our consciousness of time. The whole life span of a man is a little over a minute of time as it is experienced by the Spirit of the planet.

Several of you have mentioned units of consciousness that are very small. For instance, Glenys quoted an article talking about units of consciousness far less than a trillionth of a second.

Such units exist, but not as human consciousness. I stated that a unit of human consciousness is approximately one heartbeat. If you do not believe this try and think three or more separate and distinct thoughts in one second. It cannot be done.

One may object and say that he can see a picture with thousands of variables in it. Even this is difficult to do, but if you can, this still only represents one thought. This is like calling up a picture on your computer screen. The picture on the screen is something your consciousness uses, but does not represent a thousand conscious thoughts.

If we are honest in examining our own consciousness we will be forced to admit that it is almost impossible to think of more than one thought per second. On the other hand, look how many individual thoughts you think during just one moment of the planet earth's life. If the Spirit of the Earth were evolved enough it could tune into your consciousness and gather all the knowledge that it may desire from our time frame.

Even so if we are in tune with the Spirit of God we can tune into the smaller lives within our body and catch a glimpse of smaller units of consciousness than we ever dreamed possible.

Our ability to sense the passing of time through consciousness is about a second, or a heartbeat, and our ability to take a snapshot of physical reality is measured in about a sixtieth of a second.

This means that everything we perceive actually exists in the past. Our perception is about a sixtieth of a second in the past and our thoughts are about a second in the past. This time period seems short to us, but to many of the tiny lives in the microcosm they are eternities. However, the tiny lives that exist within our bodies that have perfected themselves in their sphere, seek to shift their time awareness and consciousness to harmonize with our own, to them a human is the universal God.

What if we could alter our consciousness so we do not always see the past, but instead see the real present? Would the whole physical universe disappear? Would we see something else? Think of it. The things you see before you are merely images of past impressions and just as A Course in Miracles say: "You see nothing as it is now."

Of course, it is important to put the necessary attention on dealing with the reality in which we find ourselves, even though it does present us with many illusions, but the idea of seeing in the present holds keys to several great mysteries.