Answers on Christ, Sources and More


Answers on Christ, Sources and More

Question: “When we say “Our Father, who art in heaven…”, are we referring to the Christ of this planet, or the Ancient of Days, or to the one originating life?”

JJ: All lives that are a higher octave in evolution than yourself are one with God in their consciousness and thus your prayer to the Father will be picked up by the entity most suitable to answer it. Most often it is your Higher Self, sometimes it will be a person from the Spirit World, once in a while it will be a Master. If your prayer does not ascend to a higher octave it may be processed by your higher mind and its assistance can be given. The Ancient of Days shares awareness of all lives on the planet, but does not respond to them individually. He touches all lives through a hierarchical or Molecular Relationship. Many helpers has He.

Question: “What is the difference in purpose/role between the Christ and the Ancient of Days for this planet?”

The Christ is the title held by the Spirit that was in Jesus as we taught earlier.

Just as the human body has seven centers so does the planet Earth. The Brotherhood of Light, often called the Masters of the Hierarchy, is the heart center and as an expression of love/wisdom energy is presided over by the Christ.

Shamballa corresponds to the Head Center and is an expression of Will-Power-Purpose and is presided over by The Ancient of Days who is called by many names, most commonly Sanat Kumara. He is the Father in relationship to Christ as well as the whole planet.

Moses spoke with his Higher Self who was linked with the Masters. The Ten Commandments were written by the hand of Moses while in the translated state. This was why his face shined like the sun when he came down from the mountain. It was said that the writing was done by the finger of God because Moses was in the Godlike state and one with God while he wrote the law. He lived in this state for 40 days without food or water.

Question: “What happens to the spirit of Christ after it serves its mission for 1000 years.”

Christ will go to the great solar system of Sirius where an advanced lodge of the Brotherhood resides. There he will complete his 8th and 9th initiations. He will leave here the first to achieve what he did and the greatest of the human family and will enter schooling there as a neophyte. Thus the eternal principle, the first shall be last and the last first, works itself out.

When he leaves he will be replaced by the Master KH who will assume the position of the Christ for the planet.

DK tells us that when our current Christ completes his initiations on Sirius he will return to our planet in the far future and assist us once again.

The entity who was Melchizedek entered into the body of Jesus at his baptism. This is the one who still holds the office of the Christ and is the same who must make His presence known to fulfill the prophecies of the second coming. He will “reign a thousand years” and then move on to higher learning.

The other entity who was Joshua, from the time of Moses, was born as Jesus will not be the one who is the second coming. The plan is for him to become the Messiah that the Jews are still waiting for. Thus we will have Jesus and the Christ working on the earth this time as two separate entities, one as messiah to the Jews and the other as a world teacher. It is not clearly revealed as to whether this will be a direct incarnation or working as an overshadowing. The hope is for Jesus to prepare the Jewish people to accept the higher teachings of the Christ.

When they are doing their work they will be known by different names than Jesus and Christ. A lot of the spiritual work will be done before the world at large realizes that anything unusual is happening.

One more note on Moses. He worked with a triangle of energy through his Higher Self, the Masters (which at the time most did not originate from earth) and the Ancient of Days at Shamballa. Most of the work was done through a direct connection with his higher self, but he did make contact with The Ancient of Days. Because of this great triangle of energy he was able to perform some of the greatest miracles in history.

There will be a higher correspondence to the time of Moses when the Molecules are created. There will again be a triangle formed between the Spiritual life behind the Molecule, the Brotherhood of Light and the Ancient of Days. When the energies of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost become one upon the earth all things become possible.

I was asked to elaborate on what happened after the crucifixion.

The Christ left the disciple Jesus alone on the cross to complete his initiation. Actually He was not completely alone as there was still a connecting thread between the two, but so much of the consciousness of the higher entity departed that Jesus seemed to be alone. Then when he said “Father, receive my Spirit He realized that the connecting link yet remained and he decided to join the Christ outside of the body. Yet even as the two entities were outside the body there was yet a connection to the body through the magnetic silver cord as I mentioned earlier. Thus the body of Jesus was never completely dead.

Death was not overcome by either of these entities individually, but through the molecular link that linked Jesus to Christ and Christ to the Ancient of Days and so on. The life giving power was sent down the chain and the Christ (male energy) with the assistance of Jesus (female energy) healed the body after three days.

Question: “Was it Jesus (Joshua) who appeared to the disciples in physical form, or was it the Christ (Melchizedek) that appeared in the physical form of Jesus?”

Jesus was the main consciousness in the body at the time of the appearance to the disciples, but there was still an overshadowing by the Christ, but more as a link rather than a divine possession from this point on.

The plan to have Jesus appear as a Messiah to the Jews in our age (which was mentioned by Bailey) was not formulated at that time, but it was known that the Christ would appear in some manner at the beginning of the Aquarian Age. Even though Jesus was the main consciousness in the body they were still one because of the strong link. Jesus was speaking this on behalf of the Christ who was to come again in the far future.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Father and the Son


The Father and the Son

I was asked to expand on the concepts of God, the Father, the Christ and the Son.

As far as individual entities are concerned Father-Son is another name for teacher-student. Thus in relation to each other The Ancient of Days is the Father and the Christ is the Son. The Solar Logos is the Father to the Ancient of Days. On the Other hand the Christ is the father in relationship to Jesus making Jesus the Son.

Each aspect of God has a prime representative on each living planet. The Ancient of Days Occupies that position on this planet and the one who was in Jesus occupies the position of Christ, a position he will hold for another 1000 years. Then he will move on to higher learning and be replaced by a senior Master.

In the Bible Christ is called The Father (Isaiah 9:6) and of course, the Son many times. An interesting twist on this is that when Mary was overshadowed by the “Most High” the Christ was in her creating the miracle. Then when Jesus had reached maturity the spirit of Christ entered into him at the baptism. Thus during the three years that Christ was co-present with Jesus He was his own Father, literally the Father and the Son.

The first cause is often called the Father, but in reality it is Purpose which is neither male nor female. Through the power of Decision Purpose vibrated creating male and female energies or Father and Mother God.

The reason we associate the creator of the universe with Father is because the visible universe is dominated by male energy. That which is seen is radiant and radiant energy is polarized male. That which is not seen (such as magnetism and gravity) is female. As the unseen becomes more real to us God the Mother will become more real to the mass of humanity.

Because of the dominance of male energy in this visible world even the Brotherhood of light is partial to the male gender as far as the use of words is concerned. They see the idea of brotherhood and brother as having a universal application and call both males and females brothers. None in the brotherhood are offended because all realize they have been both genders in past lives and use both energies in the present.

One of the important teachings of the New Age will be the restoration of knowledge of the power of the female energy for it is as mysterious as gravity, but no form can be held together without it. Because the female energy is invisible it often is not recognized. But this does not matter to the female lights of the earth. Their main joy comes from an inner knowing of the real effect that they have had. The mother’s effect on a child is a great example. When the kid excels because of the teachings and influence of the mother the father may brag to his friends about the chip off the old block, but the mother sits back in quiet joy with the realization that her hard work has born fruit.

If a person has a psychological problem with using the male “Father” in the Song then it is best to use the word for God that is most comfortable to them. If he has a problem with the word Christ as in “the consciousness of Christ” then he should use “son of God. The important thing is to not change the meaning, nor drop any phrases. Those who are not ready for the energy of the Song will either cease saying it or change the meaning, thus not joining in with the unity of Spirit and Power created by it.


The Song of the 144,000

We thank you Father that you have revealed to us your protective universal light;

that within this light is complete protection from all destructive forces;

That the Holy Spirit of Your Presence permeates us in this light, and wherever we will the light to descend.


We thank you Father that you fill us with your protective fires of love;

That within this love is complete protection from all destructive thoughts and feelings;

That the consciousness of Christ is lifted up in us in this love, and wherever we will the love to be enflamed.


We thank you Father that You are in us and we are in You;

That through us Your Will is sent forth on wings of power;

That Your Purpose is accomplished on earth as it is in heaven;

That through us Your Light and Love and Power is manifest to all the Sons and Daughters of Mankind.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Our next quality for the disciple to possess is:

(19) Service before personal growth.

The Question:

Why is this such an important quality? To the disciple approaching the path of service it may seem that personal growth will be sacrificed, but is this the case? What are the personal benefits of unselfish service?

For the beginning seeker personal growth is number one, but as one proceeds upon the path something else comes to the forefront. Service to humanity is seen as much more important than the progression of the tiny self.

The average seeker may think that this is an obvious quality and that the majority of seekers endorse this principle. They may in word, but few are able to carry out this principle in deed.


Because we all have an innate desire to make as much spiritual progress as possible. In fact when one first enters upon the path it is sometimes difficult to think or be concerned with anything else. The aspirant desires to climb and learn and progress with almost an obsession at times. He may be happy to rub shoulders with other seekers and share knowledge to a degree, but to serve others at the expense of his learning and progression is often far from his mind.

The Ancient of Days who is the voice for the Planetary Logos set the example for us.

He is a disciple or the Solar Logos and instead of staying in His aura and making further progress in direct learning He sacrificed himself and came to this little unimportant planet to become a Father to developing humanity and guide them until they enter the Kingdom of God.

The Brotherhood teaches thus:

“He turned His back on the Sun and became a Sun to the lesser lives.”

Alice A. Bailey words it well saying this about the Ancient of Days, Sanat Kumara.

“Under this Law of Sacrifice, Sanat Kumara (to express the idea in occult terms) “must turn His back upon the Central Spiritual Sun, and with the light of His Countenance irradiate the path of the prisoners of the planet.” He sentences Himself to stay for as long as may be needed, “acting as the Sun and light of the planet until the Day be with us and the night of pralaya descends upon His finished task.” Thus and only thus can the light of the Central Spiritual Sun begin to penetrate the dark places of the Earth; when this happens all “shadows disappear”-an occult reference to the all-embracing radiance of the Monad as it absorbs both its reflection, the soul, and its shadow, the personality.

“The initiate, on his tiny scale, achieves a paralleling expression of the Law of Sacrifice; he eventually turns his back upon the courts of Shamballa and upon the Way of the Higher Evolution as he retains his contact with the Earth and works as a Member of the Hierarchy for the extension of the will-to-good among men, and therefore among all the lesser evolutions.”

While it is true that we do concretize much of our learning through service, there is also substantial sacrifice involved.

Keep in mind here that even though we are leaving the age of sacrifice (Pisces) and going into the age of service (Aquarius) that we do not leave sacrifice behind. Instead, we take with us the usable fulfilling aspects of it. In this age sacrifice will be seen more as a payment for goods that will be received in the near future.

The servant disciple may have to go long periods where he has no direct contact with a teacher who will feed him with higher knowledge. He may have no time to read books, learn new skills, attend interesting classes and seminars. The work he is given to do may take close to 100% of his time for some period.

So why do all the great lives on down to human disciples make great sacrifices to serve?

The answer is that service is not a sacrifice as it is defined by ordinary humanity. Instead it is a form a payment that must be made to insure the next great step in the disciple’s progression.

The principle is this. The progression of aspiring entities goes through cycles of learning/receiving followed by service/teaching. After a person finishes a cycle of learning/receiving served by one greater than himself the time comes for him to follow the example of his teacher and move into a cycle of service/teaching. Even if the disciple is dragging his feet and sluggish about changing his mode he is eventually forced into service.

And what is this force?

It is this. When the cycle of learning/receiving and being served is completed his progression comes to a standstill. He may gain facts and knowledge after the cycle and have the illusion of progression, but he comes to realize that the law is that real progression in usable learning cannot continue until he takes what he has gained in the learning cycle and gives it out freely to others who are seeking as he once did in the past. This law of cycles literally forces the disciple to make a decision that takes him into a period of service.

The cycles of giving and receiving will vary. For the beginner they will be short, but as the disciple evolves he enters long and longer cycles. The Ancient of Days has been on this planet in the service mode for over 23 million years (and took human form 18 million years ago) and is committed to stay until “the last weary pilgrim finds his way home.”

After His work is done He will then turn his face toward the sun or Solar Logos and become a student again and go through another long cycle of learning/receiving.

How do we know which cycle we are in? The average person goes through several such cycles in one lifetime and must tune into his inner self and sense the sending or receiving mode. If he feels a passion to teach that is a clue he is in the sending mode, but if he feels a passion to learn that is an indication he is in the receiving mode. If he seems to be drifting with no such passion he is probably between cycles. In this case he must follow the highest he knows and the correct passion will soon come.

We have one more quality to discuss which is:

(20) The acceptance and understanding of freedom.

Notice that we do not just list this quality as freedom, but “the acceptance and understanding of freedom.”

One may ask: “Doesn’t everyone accept freedom?”

No they do not. Freedom is actually a difficult principle to accept and the lesser lives are happy to give most of theirs away for a bowl of porridge.

Even though this is listed last, it is perhaps the defining principle of discipleship. The basic distinction between the light and dark brotherhoods lies in the execution of the principle of freedom.

One of the problems with these controversial issues is that both sides always think they are promoting the highest and best freedom. The truth is there is much illusion associated with freedom and it always manifests on one side of the argument and often appears on both sides.

Glenys spoke wisely when she said: “The attitude seems to be ‘we believe in freedom for all as long as it is our definition of freedom that we’re talking about.”

Let’s take abortion for instance. The conservatives are against it in the name of freedom for the unborn and the liberals support it in the name of freedom for the born.

If one is unbiased he will see the virtues of both arguments but few seem to be objective here.

We are going to explore this important principle in more detail. Question: If both sides of the fence have their arguments for freedom how does one decide which decision to make or which side to take?

Let us take an example. The State decides to increase taxes of the people without their consent and give the money to retired people.

The results are that the people taxed have less freedom, but the retired people have more freedom.

Since one group of people are being given more freedom is the basic principle of freedom being followed here? If not, why?

Outside or Inside?

Chris makes this comment :

“If a string is plucked at a single point, it produces a fundamental vibration. It does not produce harmonics or overtones unless there is further outside interference to the string.”

God is not the plucking of the string, but is in the string, or wavelength and adjusts the vibration by the power of decision. The infinite number of wavelengths are occupied by intelligence just as our bodies have intelligence in them (us). As the lives within the physical bodies (which are also made of wavelengths) produce harmonics and overtones so do all lives on all levels evolve through the small and great vibrating wavelengths.

The reflections of the One Great Life do all the building in the universe with their developing intelligence. The One God experiences through them and thus savors all experiences within the realm of possibility.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Keys Writings 2013, Part 12

This entry is part 12 of 25 in the series 2013


April 27, 2013

Dropping the Ball

Stephen references a quote from the archives.  From the quote … it seems that when the Masters withdraw from a disciple because he has dropped an opportunity, does that mean the disciple is written off for the rest of this lifetime, or is the disciple given an opportunity to recover the situation or at least take up a new challenge that may present itself?

JJ First, let me compliment Ruth for her finding quotes that expand on the subject at hand. She digs up a lot of things I had forgotten I even said.

I can almost hear you thinking that this sounds kind of harsh. It seems the disciple makes one mistake and then he is just dropped without a chance to redeem himself.

This isn’t quite the way it works. The truth is that any time a disciple becomes truly useful the Master would have no problem in using him. But the problem of his lack of use isn’t because he is dropped and not given another chance. Instead, it is because he himself has dropped the ball, dug himself into a hole and cannot climb out in this life.

Let me give you a comparable example of another situation.

Phil, a quarterback, is a rising star in high school football. He’s targeted by recruiters from Oklahoma and invited to join the team when he starts college. Meanwhile that summer he has a change of interests and starts a band and devotes most of his energies to music. Then when football practice starts the coach notices that Phil has lost his edge. He investigates and discovers that Phil’s band is too much of a distraction. He tells Phil, “Look, if you’re going to play ball here we need you to give all your concentration possible on the game. You’re going to have to choose between your band or football.”

But Phil is stubborn and says, “I can do both.”

The coach says, “Not so, my friend. The reality is that you are not doing both. You’ve lost your edge in football and without your full concentration you are no use to us. You need to make a choice.”

“I’m not giving up the band,”he says.

“Then we’ll have to drop you from the team,” says the coach.

After this, there is a space of time where Phil could rededicate himself toward football and possibly rejoin the team but after time passes and his attention is centered on the band he not only loses interest in playing football but loses his ability to the extent that it becomes almost impossible to retrieve his full talent of the past.

The coach knows this and writes him off, not because he is cold, but because he realizes the guy is just not going to be a usable quarterback in this life.

This illustrates what happens to many disciples. One’s soul will speak to him and point him toward a task of service. At first he is interested but because of the difficulty of the path he loses interest and puts his attention on other things. Then, after a period of time the Masters will see that the guy just doesn’t have the proper focus to be usable in this life and they move on to greener fields.

After a soul task is cast aside for a space of time the aspiring disciple will rarely return to it as his consciousness is no longer there in this life.

The bottom line is this. The soul does not cut itself off from us. We are the ones who walk away and do not return. When this happens the only solution is to be born again in another life to take another step toward the kingdom of God.


April 28, 2013

Questions to JJ – re: Ancient of Days            

That’s about a book’s worth of questions Ruth asked and I cannot answer them all but will touch on some of them.

You ask: You teach that the Ancient of Days incarnated into animal man to stimulate self consciousness into the animal man 18 million years ago.

Why did it take 5 million years to set up Shamballa and stimulate animal man? Was there some war going on in that time?

JJ DK briefly touched on the fall of Lucifer stating that there has not always been peace among the members of Shamballa. He said:

Again, in the council chamber of the Most High, there has not always been peace and understanding, but at times, war and disruption; this is made abundantly clear by several of the stories in the Old Testament. Symbolically speaking, some of the sons of God fell from their high estate, led, at one time, by “Lucifer, Son of the Morning”. This “fall of the angels” was a tremendous event in the history of our planet, but was nevertheless only a passing and interesting phenomenon in the history of the solar system, and a trifling incident in the affairs of the seven constellations, of which our solar system is but one. “Esoteric Psychology,” Vol 1, pages 394-5

I would suppose that this event took place before the first self conscious human.

Before the manifestation of the human kingdom there was a lot of preparations to be made. The higher lives not only work with humans but all the kingdoms – the mineral, the vegetable and the animal. A number of higher lives are dedicated to assisting these kingdoms in their advancement as well as conditioning them to serve the human kingdom.

Before humanity could manifest they had to build Shamballa which was no small task. Then they had to harmonize with the spirit of the earth itself and adjust all vibration to receive from the Solar Logos and commune with the Seven Sacred planetary Logoi.

Ruth: Or did it take 5 millions years to “plant” the seeds of animal man and then wait for them to grow up a bit?

JJ They watched humanity to determine how they could assist them and Sanat determined that their progress was painfully slow and decided to help by stimulating their minds by incarnating among them. This was risky and contrary to normal protocol. We still do not know for sure if the gamble will pay off with us blowing ourselves out of existence or a glorious end. The odds are in our favor but disciples must do their part.

Ruth (But aren’t these first “seeds” the Jewish Laggards, or were they already here doing time?) The Jewish Laggards are originally from the Venus chain?

JJ No. The Jews came from a previous solar system and some of them were here before Shamballa.

Ruth: Or did Sanat come to Earth because the Jewish Laggards from the previous solar universe or moon chain want to rule the animal man developing on Earth?

JJ He came here to assist all lives reach their destiny.

Ruth: Who then, is the (Lucifer) Angel that Fell into matter, if not the Ancient of Days? Was it one of the Moon chain souls? Buddha was the highest light from the moon, yet the Moon chain failed.

JJ The Lucifer who fell was one of the Kumaras from Venus who came here with Sanat Kumura.

Ruth: Did the Ancient of Days have to incarnate into animal man because one of his group of ancient Lucifers rebelled, and reincarnated into animal man before the Ancient of Days?

JJ He incarnated because the progress of the animal men was progressing to slowly.

Ruth There seems to be a missing part of this puzzle from the angle that I am looking at.

JJ There are lots of things not yet revealed. Hopefully we can get DK to elaborate more when he speaks in 2025 and beyond.

Ruth So it seems that the Moon chain failed, which must of been part of the Venus link, and the Jewish laggards which didn’t pass the last solar Universe initiations had to start again on the Moon chain, but this experiment went haywire and the plug was pulled, so then these souls incarnated onto Earth into animals?

JJ I don’t think the Jews had anything to do with the moon chain. Animals from the moon chain incarnated as animals and humans later incarnated as humans.

Here’s a couple statements DK made on the moon:

“a large number of the present more advanced human beings came into incarnation in the middle of the Atlantean root-race.” Initiation, Human and Solar Pg 45

“As stated in various occult books, many of the present advanced humanity individualized on the moon chain, and only took physical bodies in the earth chain during the fourth root-race (Atlantis) , thus escaping incarnation during the first three rounds, and the first two races of the fourth round.” Treatise on Cosmic Fire Pg 364-5


Apr 29, 2013

Re: Questions to JJ – re: Ancient of Days

Ruth: Why wasn’t there right Master relations in the Council Most High to begin with, if they expect us humans to have right human relations?

JJ The key is to understand that good and evil on a lower level is much different than on a higher level.

A good in the eyes of a lion is to eat a human if he crosses his path. In the human kingdom eating a human is considered a great evil.

Now let us look at the human kingdom itself as it has progressed. A couple thousand years ago it was considered good to possess a lot of slaves and use them to your advantage.

Today this would be considered a great evil. What has happened is that which was evil has been moved up a couple notches. There is still slavery today, but it is not so obvious.

The slavery today is that the average taxpayer pays over 50% of his income to Big Brother and he is saddled with many unnecessary laws, rules and regulations.

The good and evil of freedom and slavery is still with us but has moved to a higher level.

Even so it is with the Masters and higher lives.

What is right human relations to them is different than it is to us. Just as we are attempting to move the good and evil of our relationships up a notch so are other lives up the chain. But the problems they have in relationships are much different than ours and the average human would have no idea as to how to deal with or understand that which may be considered a problem for them.

Probably one of the reasons DK never elaborated on the disagreement in Shamballa is that it would be difficult for us to understand the source and the solution to the problem.


April 28, 2013

Scientology Revelation

This is a spin on Scientology I hadn’t come across before. This was from L Ron Hubbard’s son:

DeWolf declared that his father did no research at all prior to writing Dianetics. In fact he had been working on it for some years. Hubbard often said he had put thirty years of research into it but what he really did was take bits and pieces from other people and give them his own spin. Dianetics allegedly documented the results of Hubbard’s intensive research on almost three hundred “case histories.” But DeWolf says categorically that there was no research. “All were subcreated by Dad. None of them were case histories whatsoever; they were done strictly out of his mind, sitting at a typewriter in a few weeks time.” These “real-life experiences” were “the result of his obsessions with abortions and unconscious states. In fact the vast majority of those incidents were invented off the top of his head. The rest stem from his own secret life, which as deeply involved in the occult and black magic.” This involvement with demonology began when he got hold of Aleister Crowley’s book The Book of Law in Washington, D.C. when he was sixteen. He was interested in the Moonchild, a type of Satanic conception, and in embryo implants getting a demon to inhabit the body of a fetus.

After 1947 when Crowley died, Hubbard came to see himself as the Beast 666 incarnate, the Devil, the Antichrist, just as Crowley had done. He believed that he could become the most powerful being in the universe. Satanism was the only religion in the house. “What a lot of people don’t understand is that Scientology is black magic that is just spread out over a long time period. To perform black magic generally takes a few hours, or, at most, a few weeks. But in Scientology it’s stretched out over a lifetime, and so you don’t see it. Black magic is the inner core of Scientology and it is probably the only part of Scientology that really works. Also you’ve got to realise that my father did not worship Satan. He thought he was Satan. He was one with Satan. He had a direct line of communication and power with him.”

For a more complete story go here:

Keith: These types of characters are interesting because they seem to be knowledgeable enough to be 1st or 2nd degree initiates, who seem to be pulling towards the left hand path permanently. Remember J.J.’s Immortal Series – every disciple of the left was once an initiate of light.

Hitler had 15 food tasters and the only one to survive is still alive and recently gave her first interview. She said this about him:

“He was a vegetarian. He never ate any meat during the entire time I was there,” Full story here:

Check it out. It is an interesting story.

What makes this statement by Hitler’s food taster significant is that many vegetarians have the belief that vegetarians are much more peaceful than meat eaters and Hitler was not a real vegetarian. From my studies I have concluded that he was pretty diligent about his diet though he may have went a little off now and then like most vegetarians do.

Another interesting thing is that as one goes trough the first two initiations he will spend significant time as a vegetarian. There are several reasons for this. One is to gain the self control necessary to become an initiate and secondly a vegetarian diet makes controlling the passions easier and they must be controlled to reach the second degree.

I’ll have to check more deeply into Hubbard’s early years. There are certainly ingredients of Scientology that indicate the left hand path.


April 30, 2013

Vegetarian Diet

Ruth: Can the Dark Brothers make and have more accurate prediction/prophesy rates because the Dark side is able to manipulate the lower devas and elementals and they can manipulate the emotional realm and lower mind with their psychology and hypnotic impressions and mass media infiltration with illusions/smoke and mirrors, and can they make predictions of a lower level as false prophets or Antichrists, and then make these predictions appear because of their manipulation with the lower forces?

JJ Those on the left hand path are much worse at accurately predicting than the brothers of light. They get something right now and then but to be a good prophet you need a degree of soul contact but even then you will not be 100% accurate.

Because their focus is on the material side they do have more power to quickly manifest their will on the physical plane but as DK says – when the workers of light manifest the results are much more permanent.

Ruth: Also, why did Hitler bother being a vegetarian. This makes no sense to me.

JJ He probably felt the impulse to do this as he was passing through the first two initiations and merely saw the advantages of it and stayed on it. He must have thought it helped provide better mental clarity and made him more sensitive to his highest contacts.

Ruth: When one is a vegetarian it is to become “lighter” so that soul energies can transfer through more easily etc.

JJ There are many reasons people become vegetarians and that is merely one. Some people just don’t have a taste for meat and others do it for health or to develop psychic abilities.

Someone asked if the vegetarian diet is used by higher initiates.

Many initiates above the second are vegetarians but others are not. If the disciple is going to concentrate on the inner work then the vegetarian diet is very useful. I’m curious of Keith is a vegetarian since he focuses a lot on the inner life.

If the disciple is going to concentrate on the outer life and work then he will usually eat meat or whatever the popular diet is.


April 30, 2013

Re: Questions to JJ – re: Ancient of Days

Ruth: Who then, is the (Lucifer) Angel that Fell into matter, if not the Ancient of Days? Was it one of the Moon chain souls? Buddha was the highest light from the moon, yet the Moon chain failed.

JJ Lucifer has not been allowed a dense physical body since his fall but lives in an etheric body.

It was actually the good guys who fell into matter. Here is an account by DK:

The Now becomes the time that was. The aeon mergeth into space. The Word of Motion hath been heard. The Word of Love succeedeth. The Past controlled the form. The Now evolves the life. The Day that is to be sounds forth the Word of Power.

The form perfected and the life evolved hold the third secret of the greater Wheel. It is the hidden mystery of living motion. The mystery, lost in the Now but known to the Lord of Cosmic Will.

The thirty thousand million Watchers refused to heed the call. (30 billion out of 90 billion) “We enter not the forms,” they said, “until the seventh aeon.” The twice thirty thousand million (60 Billion) hearkened to the call and took the forms designed.

The rebellious ones laughed within themselves, and sought pralayic peace until the seventh aeon. But the seven great Lords called to the greater Chohans, and with the eternal Lhas of the third cosmic heaven entered into debate.

The dictum then went forth. The laggards in the highest sphere heard it echo through the scheme. “Not till the seventh aeon, but at the fourteenth seventh will the chance again come round. The first shall be the last and time be lost for aeons.”

The obedient Sons of Mind connected with the Sons of Heart, and evolution spiralled on its way. The Sons of Power stayed in their appointed place, though cosmic karma forced a handful to join the Sons of Heart.

At the fourteenth seventh aeon, the Sons of Mind and Heart, absorbed by endless flame, will join the Sons of Will, in manvantaric manifestation. Three times the wheel will turn.

At the centre stand the buddhas of activity, helped by the lords of love, and following their twofold work will come the radiant lords of power.

The buddhas of creation from out the past have come. The buddhas of love are gathering now. The buddhas of will at the final turn of the third major wheel will flash into being. The end will then be consummated. From The Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Pages 25-27


April 30, 2013

Re: Scientology Revelation

Stephen: During last year’s dark episode, a presence drew close to me that seemed very powerful in my heightened state. It told me to choose the Right Hand Path of Love and to not choose the Left Hand Path of Power. It said what was commonly known as the Dark Path was misrepresented, and that the Path of Power was a more direct route to God, stating that everything served God’s purpose in the end.

JJ As a matter of course be very suspicious of any shortcuts as they are usually scams in real life.

Shortcuts from the darkside has creeped into all philosophies. Here are a few:

Believe in Jesus and be saved. That is all you have to do.

Follow XYZ guru and you wipe out karma.

Support the government borrowing money so we can have free stuff.

Forget about your brother; it’s each man for himself if you want to get ahead.

The key for true advancement is to always follow the path of love and wisdom that includes the whole rather than just the tiny self. The name of Jesus Christ implies that we move up the ladder by taking our brothers with us. If Jesus did not embrace this philosophy he would have taken the kingdoms of the world when they were offered to him.


May 1, 2013

Some Basics

It looks like we need to reestablish some basics concerning our past.

Point one. The two thirds, or the 60 billion monads, designated for physical bodies are the good guys. These incarnated into physical bodies. They fell only in the senses that they descended from the higher spheres to the dense physical.

The one third fell spiritually. They refused to incarnate thinking that others could do the hard work and when a golden age was ushered in then they would come down and enjoy the fruit of the labors of others.

For this great mistake these were not allowed to take physical bodies at all for a very long period. It is written: “Not till the seventh aeon, but at the fourteenth seventh will the chance again come round. The first shall be the last and time be lost for aeons.”

Among this rebellious third were a number of Lucifers or sons of the Morning but at the foundation of Shamballa there was a particularly advanced one who did not cooperate and formulated his own agenda. None of the rebellious Lucifers are allowed to directly incarnate though they have overshadowed disciples at times and had virtual bodies.

(2) The third who fell to the earth fell no lower than the etheric levels. The fall to earth symbolizes a consciousness that does not rise above the material or lower planes. They either occupy etheric bodies or thoughtforms created by incarnated humans. We thus create our own devils but they are given life by the fallen angels.

Those of us with physical bodies didn’t fall to earth but we descended to earth for a great purpose.

(3) Hitler in a previous incarnation led the Lords of Dark Face in Atlantis overshadowed by a Lucifer.

(4) Giants were created by initiates gone astray in physical bodies. They may have been inspired by members of the fallen third but the fallen did not inhabit their bodies except by shared possession.

(5) There are different grades of etheric matter. It is not a punishment to use any of the grades. The third are punished by being limited to the lower grades and not being allowed to incarnate in the dense physical and use it for their pleasure.

The Ancient of Days does not have this limitation as he can manifest in any grade of matter he desires within the cosmic physical plane. He will incarnate among us at some point in our future.

(6) There have been numerous destructions and recreations. There have been numerous Adam and Eves. The last time this occurred was referenced in the biblical story about 6000 years ago. The Biblical story is a composite to teach basic truths.


May 1, 2013

Re: Some Basics            

Dan: That may be but the basic truth I see is that one entity wants to keeps his creation as essentially mindless robots without real consciousness and another wants them to become conscious creators “knowing good from evil”. Now, the ‘ol serpent likely did that for his own purposes but don’t we all ONLY do those things that we think will benefit us?

Regardless, this doesn’t change the fact that IMO the ‘ol snake did us a favor. Lets see, mindless but contented meat robot or conscious decider/creator …. hmmm, decisions decisions decisions.

TRUE choice was not even really POSSIBLE pre-Apple.

JJ There are three interpretations concerning this conundrum.

First is the standard Christian one that all would have been bliss if not for the old serpent getting in the way. The fact that we would have missed the opportunity to expend free will and know good and evil does not seem to bother them.

The second is embraced by HPB and many esoterists. She maintains that the story has the good guys and bad guys mixed up. She thinks that Jehovah is really Satan and the serpent is the benevolent God.

Her reasoning is sound for the serpent seems to support free choice and Jehovah seems to want to keep us in ignorance.

On the other hand, the story does not support the idea that the serpent was God for Jehovah was definitely the more powerful of the two and had power to punish the serpent as well as being the creator of the entire garden situation.

Joseph Smith presents a third view, which is this. Jehovah is the true God and the one who truly supports free agency whereas the serpent wants to control our minds and take it away.

The whole situation was created by God to force humans into a fall where they would discover free will, good and evil and thus have an opportunity to progress. To learn this they had to experience sinning or violating what is perceived as the will of God. He thus gave them a commandment that He knew they would disobey and the serpent was a key element in the plan.

Joseph said that “the serpent knew not the mind of God” and actually cooperated in the plan by tempting them to disobey God, thus introducing sin into the world.

He taught that the serpent was not interested in expanding free will but felt that a fall would give him an opportunity to establish a kingdom where he could set himself up as the ultimate authority. He thought if humans were given knowledge of good and evil that they could not rise above a certain level and thus always be under his dominion.

The ace in the hole for God was Christ who was sent to turn the tide from material focus to the spiritual.

He taught that the difference in the two sides is being played out on earth today with part of humanity fighting for free will and freedom and the other supporting the things that take away free will. Some of these things are big government, too many laws and regulations, centralized authority with power over us, and high taxes.

If one doesn’t know for sure which version, if any, is correct then all he need to is concentrate on the understanding of true principles. When one understands the principle of freedom and supports whoever is on its side he will automatically find himself on the side of the good guys high or low.

Copyright by J J Dewey 2013

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Keys Posts 2012, Part 10

This entry is part 23 of 40 in the series 2012A

May 14, 2012

More on Monads

JJ Quote: A monad is a point of life in the Divine Space which is the One Great life. Each monad has within it all the knowledge and programming (from a past creation) necessary to fulfill its potential creative end. There are human monads, deva monads and animal monads and they are as different as the seeds of a tree, a flower and a watermelon. Normally one will say that a flower grew from a seed but you do not normally say that a petal from the flower grew from a seed. Similarly a tree grows from a seed but one does not associate a leaf growing from one.

Even so the elemental lives are always part of a greater life that grew from a seed which is a monad.

Each piece from the vegetable and mineral kingdom did not come from a unique monad though lives that did develop from monads work with these kingdoms.

Adam: Can you define what you mean by “‘piece’ from the vegetable and mineral kingdom”?

JJ Every creation that develops from a seed or monad is made from parts when it is developed. An acorn tree comes from a single acorn. But the seed creates the whole tree. It doesn’t just create leaves of branches or even other acorns. Instead, it has within it the elements of the whole tree. The parts do not develop from the seed as parts but as a part of the whole creation.

Even so, all living creation has various monads for the development of the whole rather than the parts.

Humans and devas have individual monads for each entity but when you get lower than human a monad may be over the development of groups of lives rather than a single life such as a fly or a blade of grass.

Various parts that create life may not have a monad but be influenced by one. On the other hand, each atom would have its individual monad for it is a contained creation developed from design rather than a naturally created combination or pattern.

Adam: Are there no thoughts of God/monads behind the mineral and vegetable kingdoms? Doesn’t there have to be a thought of God/monad behind each “organic” manifestation?

JJ Yes, but each thought creates a whole made of numerous parts that belong to that whole.

Adam Or….does there only have to be a thought of God/monad behind each idea of creation?

JJ When DaVinci created the Mona Lisa he had one thought of how the finished product would appear and in creating this he brought together numerous parts and colors and combinations. The thought of the finished product is like the monad. The inks, the canvas, the combination of colors and strokes were all parts of the influence of the one seed but not the seed itself.

Adam Is it the case then that – Humans, animals, and devas require or are endowed with individual monads. But lower lives (vegetable and mineral) only require a monadic thought or principle, which then develops the lower kingdoms?

JJ Anytime creation goes beyond natural selection and becomes the product of intelligent design then a monad or a seed is developing somewhere.

Adam; The human molecule of 24 and other combinations will attract “higher lives” waiting to “incarnate” through the molecular unit, creating opportunity for humans to identify with higher consciousness. These “higher lives” also have a monadic source, correct? This monad is of a higher order than the human/god monad, correct?

JJ You are correct.

Adam There are also planetary, solar, and galactic monads that then manifest as the indwelling Logoi of those respective vehicles?

JJ Yes, there would be monads behind entire planets, solar systems etc.

Adam I’m assuming monads have some role in helping manifest the lives of the sixth, fifth, fourth… Universes? Are you able to elaborate on the nature of monad relationship to these lower Universes?

JJ You must be staying awake nights with these heavy thoughts. Yes, there would be monads in the lower universes. As I said, each atom has a monad but the universes within each atom would have numerous monads within them. These monads are fully developed though and most have long since joined with many others so they can share the consciousness that exists within our universe.

May 15, 2012

Evolution of the Universe

Larry said he was not clear about the Universe of Eleven that was the foundation building block of the atom. The Grand Tour from Eternal Words has a lot of meat in it and you might have to read it several times to absorb it all.

In a nutshell here is the teaching.

In our far past we have advanced as high as the Universe of Eleven. When this reached relative perfection this universe then became the foundation for new universes that would evolve from a point clear up to the Universe of Twelve. Presently the advancement toward this goal has reached near the midway point in the present Universe of Seven. This Universe of Seven is built entirely on tiny particles much smaller than the atom patterned after the Universe of Eleven.

Our present goal is to perfect the current Universe of Seven, but this will not happen at the end of the current universe. When the current universe folds up and goes back to the singularity it will still be far from perfect. It will have to incarnate many more times before relative perfection can be achieved. Then after many more incarnations have passed this universe along with a mind-boggling number of other universes will gather together and create the Universe of Eight. This process will repeat itself until the Universe of Twelve is perfected. When this is complete then another great decision will be made.

Here is some of the dialog from my book which should be helpful.


The Great Secret

I felt humbled and honored to be given permission to proceed. Even though this space we were entering was infinitesimally small, I had the sensation of entering a vast universe as we proceeded through the barrier. I also felt that the intelligence residing there was overwhelming, beyond words. This was a great mystery to me, as I thought that as we descended to smaller and smaller particles and life forms, the intelligence would decrease, not increase.

Another odd thing I noticed was the great silence. The reason I call it odd is it seemed as if I had been in great silence for some time. The only thing I heard since entering the microcosm were the thoughts of my companion and this was soundless by normal standards. It never occurred to me, until entering this unusual space, that there are degrees of silence, just as there are degrees of sound or noise. This space we just entered indeed had a silence unlike anything I have ever felt or imagined. It was so awe-inspiring that it took me a while to get used to it.

“This silence, it is amazing. What is the cause of it?” I asked.

The Ancient of Days ignored my question and responded, “I must step aside for now. You must commune with the intelligence here to pass your test.”

“Okay,” I thought with some delight. Apparently we had reached the smallest particle with which I was supposed to commune. I then directed the question toward this tiny life, which also seemed like a great life.

I waited and the response came. Again, it was not in the form of distinct words, but of high impression that I am now putting into words. “You are correct in surmising that there are degrees of silence, just as there are degrees of sound, “it said. “But from another angle – that which you normally call silence, is not silence. True sound is produced by vibration within the fabric of space. In all the universes and worlds you have visited, there has been such a vibration even though you do not register it in your consciousness. Only where space is not disturbed will you find true silence. When you went through the barrier you entered such space – space that is not disturbed with vibration, space wherein true silence dwells. In meditation deep, the master on your world can catch a glimpse of this silence, but many waves of silence must he cross to arrive at this great silence beyond silence.”

“Is this the peace that passes all understanding?” I asked.

“It does pass all understanding of the inhabitants of your universe; indeed, just a portion of the peace here is beyond their understanding.”

“I would think so,” I said. “My consciousness is here and I cannot take it all in. It is like a great magnetic force, and I can only take so much of it out of concern I could never leave. Knowing this peace will make regular silence seem like noise.”

“You will adjust upon your return,” he said.

As pleasant as the peace was, I found I had to ignore it to a degree to continue my quest. “Is this a part of the universe of three or could it be two or even one?”

“This is the foundation of all greater universes,” was the reply. “It is built upon three, two and the one. The one is the point in the center, the three is the barrier you crossed and the two is the holy space in between.”

“I was told to commune with the smallest particle, that which is our beginning. Is this our true beginning?”

“There is only a beginning to beginnings, but no true beginning,” was the reply. “This is the place you seek.”

“Is the point in the center just a point or does it contain something?”

“You may approach far enough to answer your question, but no further.”

Again, I concentrated on moving, and eventually the point increased in size until it became about as large as a beach ball before me. It appeared white and luminous, giving off rainbows of colors. I counted the colors and they were eleven in number. Four of them were colors I had never seen before, neither can I describe them outside of saying they were very bright. These four colors were not like a mixture of primary colors, but I got a sense they were primary colors unknown to the greater universe. “I seem to be able to go no further,” I said.

“This is as far as you or any other being from your universe is allowed to proceed. Even the Master who is with you can go no further.”

“Why would that be?” I asked, shocked

“Unravel the great mystery and you will know,” he replied.

“There’s not much to go on.”

“Yet you see eleven colors before you, four unknown to your universe. What does that tell you?”

I reflected and replied, “I came from a universe built upon the number seven and descended through the universe of six to five to four to three, and, finally to this foundation Trinity of Three-in-One. Now I see this ball before me having eleven colors. The number eleven seems like an odd encounter at this point and quite a gap from the other foundation numbers.”

“Think back to your teacher’s words. What follows the universe of seven?”

I was amazed that this tiny entity knew of John’s teachings. Perhaps it could read my mind, I thought as I replied, “He told me that after the universe of seven was perfected, we would create a universe founded upon the number eight, then nine, and finishing with twelve in untold ages hence.”

“Yes, and after the universe of twelve is perfected, what would happen then?”

I thought back and it came to me, “John said that at that point, another great decision would be made.”

“And when do you suppose was the previous great decision?”

“Would it have something to do with the number eleven and this orb I see before me?”

“Would it? Merge with Divine Thought and behold the mystery,” my small teacher encouraged

I stared at the orb and did my best to merge with the life I felt around me. As I looked at the orb I also concentrated on picking up something from it. Suddenly, enlightenment came. It was as if I had knowledge poured into my brain or soul. I knew the mystery and knew that I knew.

“Wow! I have it! This knowledge is fantastic, but I must say it completely boggles the mind. Everyone assumes the Creator is great, but they have no idea of the depth of our past or future.”

“And you know more than you did before and still it is as nothing,” said the entity. “Yet I cannot give you more, for your consciousness cannot handle it.”

“You are right,” I said. “My cup is full, and I could not contain any more at this time.”

“Tell your associate of your revelation. Tell it as you will later record it.”

I concentrated until I felt the presence of the Ancient of Days and said, “Let me tell you what I received, for I do wish to hear your comments. A key hint was given by the entity when he said; There is only a beginning to beginnings, but no beginning. This orb we see before us is the beginning and the end, the Alpha and Omega. It is the end of a great round of creation and the beginning point for all the greater universes. What we are looking at here is a universe of universes. This universe is much greater than our own, and yet, a part. If we were to slow time even more and enter this universe, we would find new galaxies and worlds all built upon the number eleven. Then, if we were to go smaller, we would find a universe of ten, then nine – clear down to another alpha and omega point like this one.”

“And how many colors would you see in that point when you approach it?” he asked.

I reflected and exclaimed, “Ten! There would be ten colors. This is fantastic to think about. Then, if we went smaller, we would go through a universe of ten, then to a universe of nine, to eight, seven, then down to another Alpha and Omega point.”

“And the number of creative colors of that point?” the Ancient One asked.

“That would be nine,” I said. “But then, if we repeated the process we would reach another Alpha and Omega particle of eight, then seven and so on, until we get to the true Alpha particle.”

“And would that be the beginning of creation or the beginning of beginnings?” he asked.

“The beginning of beginnings, I suppose. But,” I pondered aloud, “what could be in this beginning point from which a universe of universes are made?”

“I don’t know,” was the Ancient of Days reply.

“I never thought I could ask you a question to which you did not know the answer. What do you mean you don’t know?” I asked somewhat exasperated.

“There are Great Ones whose knowledge is unfathomable when compared to average humanity. Even so, there are many things kept from all lives in our universe, from the greatest to the smallest. We can use the Law of Correspondences and deduce what we would find if we descended into these micro universes. Even though we have not been there, we have assurance of the foundation numbers to the beginning Alpha. What is in that, we can only speculate. We know there are many universes there, but, upon what foundations they are built, we do not know. Some think the beginning Alpha has a foundation of twenty-four, while others think the foundation is something other than a number.”

“What could be without a number?”

“We know God is one,” he said. “Perhaps the early universes were built out of an essence with no separation, hence no numbers. We can only speculate now, but I will tell you this all will be known when the universe of twelve is perfected. That is so distant in the future; however, that it even puts strain upon me to think about it.”

I stared again at the orb in wonderment at how tiny it was in relation to the toothpick it was a part of; yet, at how vast it was, containing trillions of universes. “It looks like a perfect circle, yet the knowledge that was implanted in me tells me it is not. I sense there is something significant here. Can you explain?” I asked, hoping he could answer

“Part of the goal of the Great Decision was to create the perfect circle. The universe of eleven came very close, but is ever so slightly off. The perfect circle will manifest at the end of the Universe of Twelve. The Grand universe manifesting as the perfect circle will bring perfect understanding and recollection. We will then understand all things back to the first Alpha of numbers.”

“In the revelation, I was given knowledge so strange that I cannot comprehend it even though I have it within me. I saw that when the Universe of Eleven was finished, it was alone. There was only one of them, yet each molecule, atom and cell has untold billions of these points within them. How did the Universe of Eleven get from being one to a number so vast that all things are created from it?”

To this my guide replied, “When the Universe of Eleven was finished, its complexity and vastness far exceeded anything that is in our current universe. Yet, if you put enough space between you and a great universe, that universe, vast as it is, becomes only a tiny point. In the beginning, the Universe of Eleven manifested as the mind of God. At this time this was all there was in form existence. Think of the contrast. This tiny point was at one time all there was, but all there was formed a vast universe of universes. This mind of God within this past universe put distance between Itself and the universe, creating a ripple or wavelength in space that caused a wavelength and points to manifest in the fabric of space. Each of these points was an exact duplicate of the Universe of Eleven, caused by an explosive expansion of the mind of God. The numbers of these points were great, so great in number that it is beyond imagination. These created all there was in the greater universe, through gathering together and intelligently organizing.”

“This is amazing,” I said. “You mean to say at the end of the Universe of Eleven, there was only one of these tiny points floating in space until they multiplied and created all there is including our universe?”

“That’s correct, but it did not seem like a tiny point at that time, but a vast universe.”

So this must have been the beginning of the Big Bang?

“Correct. The Universe of eleven is the mysterious singularity of scientific theory.”


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The Last Life, Part 3

This entry is part 20 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

A person first begins his series of lifetimes as a human when he reaches self-consciousness. We have not always been self-consciousness beings. There is an eternal part of us that has always had the self-consciousness potential but when we came down here and incarnated into our physical bodies we had a life which was our first life in which we aware where we think, “hey I am me and I am separate from everybody else, I am a distinct person.” This is illustrated in the Bible where Adam all of a sudden wanted to wear clothes. First of all he and his wife were running around the garden naked and did not even think of wearing clothes. Then when they attained the knowledge of good and evil they became aware that they were naked. It says and he wanted to clothe himself. The fact we want to cover ourselves to be distinct from everyone else wearing different clothes is a sign of self-consciousness.

Now you look at an animal and they don’t care if they run around naked at all – they do not care what they do. They will go to the bathroom in the middle of the floor, they will have sex on the table with a thousand people watching and they just do not care. Before we reached self-consciousness we were that way. When we reach self-consciousness all of sudden it dawns on us at one point that we are concerned about what other people are thinking and so this is where self-consciousness began.

Audience: Are you counting the thousand lifetimes in with this period?

JJ: The thousand lifetimes begins when we become self-consciously aware. Does anyone know who the first self-conscious man was? The first Adam is called “The Ancient of Days” and another name for Him is Santa Kumara and he came here 23 million years ago from the planet Venus. He did not come from the physical planet Venus but came from a higher etheric level of Venus where there is life. He came here with approximately two hundred other Kumara’s of very high standing that had evolved through the human kingdom in a past solar system. In other words, look at a time before our sun even existed, way back in a previous round of solar systems.

These beings evolved through the human kingdom and became Masters and now They have come back to do other work to help us lower lives develop. And so came a time to plant, to stimulate life on the earth. They came here 23 million years ago and built the Great Foundations of the city of Shamballa. They stayed here about 5 million years before the preparations were complete and when the preparations were complete all but seven of the Kumara’s left and went back to Venus. Seven of them stayed here which was Sanat Kumara and six of His disciples. The Ancient of Days looked upon the animal man who was not self-conscious and felt sorry for them and he felt that They could stimulate evolution by incarnating into one of their bodies and stimulating the rest of them. So what Sanat Kumara did was He incarnated and was born a regular human being and he became the first self conscious man. As he grew up He was such a high intelligence that even though this was in a lower body which almost looked like an animal body compared to the bodies we have today, He grew up with self-consciousness and began to stimulate the other animal men around Him This happened over 18 million years ago.

Audience: Was His ability to express Himself in His intelligence limited by the size of the brain at that time?

JJ: Yes, even He, as intelligent as He was in that animal man, probably had a real hard time figuring out how to make fire. Actually, He may not have even been intelligent enough to make fire at that time. His main mission was to stimulate self-consciousness. So He was born, He stimulated self-consciousness and we have no record of how many were self-conscious during his life but He stimulated it in a small group and then that small group began to create a chain reaction.

Audience: Are we talking about cave men?

JJ: Yes they were like cave men with all kinds of animals that we do not have now.

Audience: So the cave man of the time did not have consciousness and behaved like a pack of wild animals?

JJ: Yes eighteen million years ago that which became human was more animal than man and as a matter of fact the higher animals ate them for food and they had a heck of a time just surviving. It took all their intelligence just to keep from being eaten by lions, dinosaurs or whatever there was back then. They had all kinds of threats that we can only imagine and their whole attention was put on just surviving. But The Ancient of Days incarnated and began to stimulate their minds and then it tells us that the sons of mind descended and as their consciousness began to evolve they began to tap into what is called the solar angel. The solar angel is a being that has evolved in a previous solar system and many of them have come to the earth to help to stimulate our evolution and sometimes they are called our guardian angel or whatever but our Solar Angel is a Master on Its own plane. Sanat Kumara and the Masters that came from Venus brought with them these Solar Angels to stimulate our evolution.

Audience: I thought my higher angel was my higher self?

JJ: Yes the Solar Angel is called your higher self because it is so connected with you that it comes to nourish you.

Audience: So the Solar Angel could be Robs and mine together and it is my higher self and his higher self?

JJ: We are not told all the details, although it is possible that one Solar Angel could stimulate and assist a number of people but we are not given the number that they work with. But after the Solar Angel has done its job and you have made soul contact then the Solar Angel will leave and return from whence it came. Then you will be on your own and will be a soul infused personality and it will have done its job. Its job is to nurture you. Think of us like a plant and when the plant grows and begins to bear fruit then the farmer’s work is done so to speak. Then the plant can reproduce itself so to speak.

Wayne: In Paleontology as far as I know and in the sciences we have been finding humanoids of one sort or another and attributing them to an earlier and earlier period of existence and according to the scuttlebutt of the science of today I think the oldest human or animal human is only around 6 million years so by the scenario we just went through there should be some sort of skeletal humanoid remains that would be this old.

JJ: Well you would think so but like in the coalmines in Pennsylvania a couple thousand feet below the earth they have actually found residual artifacts that are only a couple thousand years old. Now if something only a couple thousand years old can be buried in a coal mine 200 feet below the surface imagine where the artifacts are that are millions of years old. It is amazing even going back a couple thousand years they figure there were some tremendous upheavals and some beyond that. Some other things that are interesting is that I even read about an artifact that they found that they believe is like a billion years old that is definitely human made, they have not found any bones over like 4 to 6 million years but they have found some artifacts that are human made that goes back in antiquity.

Wayne: They found amphibians and quite a paleontology record of animals according to DK that co-existed with man if man is 15 million years old but although we have a fairly good fossil record of millions and millions of years and we have not recorded anything in them that is definitively human to date.

JJ: Yes we do have it yet but it is amazing when I was a kid I think they figured that we only went back a few thousand years and then it was half a million years and then it was a million and then two million years and now six million years and they are going back farther all the time as far as discovering remnants of man. They have definitely found man made artifacts that go back much farther than the first bones that they found. I heard some guy talking about it on one of the coast-to-coast shows and will have to look it up on one of the web sites there. So it is interesting but figuring if we have been here 18 million years. Many people say how could we possibly live very many lifetimes because we have so many people here and a lot of people figure that we have the most people now living here on the earth than at any other time on our history. But what they do not figure is that there have been upheavals many times and if we have been here for 18 million years that gives us time to live quite a few lifetimes. Take one million years for instance, if you were born every thousand years for one million years that is a thousand lifetimes right there. When I have taken people back by past life regression within the past thousand years the average person has lived two or three lifetimes within the past thousand years and they have not really lived as many lifetimes a thousand years before then because there were not as many people.

The first thing we learn is self-consciousness and what is the second thing that we learn? In self-consciousness what we do is we develop everything around us and start to be aware. Now an animal is in preparation for human consciousness and the main thing that the animal has to learn is to pay attention. This revelation dawned on me one time when I noticed that whenever I was going to eat anything in the kitchen that my dog, no matter where he was in the house, would materialize by my side as soon as I would think about eating. he would be right there with his tongue out wanting some food.

I thought, how in the world does this dog know this. Is he reading my mind; is he physic? How does he know I am thinking about eating? He was just sleeping upstairs and I woke him from his sleep just by thinking about eating. So I started experimenting and I found that whenever I opened the refrigerator or the cupboard door that was signal to him that I was going to eat. He was not reading my mind but he was paying attention and heard the creak of the door. I noticed that all animals are like that. They really pay close attention and put a lot of attention on survival. This paying of attention is very stimulating evolutionary wise and preparing them for the next step into the human kingdom where they attain self-consciousness and then they put attention on developing that self-conscious and developing it. The next thing they learn as we progress along is to develop the instinct.

Now go to the primitive peoples on the planet and they have tremendous instincts and they are in touch with the animals and we hear the stories about the Indian putting his ear to the ground and he can hear the buffalo roaming twenty miles away. They are very sensitive. People in their native condition are very sensitive. This is where we spent our early lives – in the native condition. The native condition is very in tune with the earth and before a native will kill an animal he will give thanks to the animal and the great spirit for giving its life so that he and the group he is a part may continue with life. Then they will shoot it and eat it and they will have these ceremonies around it. They often name their children after animals like running bear or whatever. Animal names are often associated with primitive people and so we develop that instinct where we are very much in tune and in communication with nature. Once we get these instincts perfected then what do we do next?

Wayne: Animals have instincts so where is the transition?

JJ: Because that instinct is registered in the conscious mind. Where animals act like a computer program, their instincts are more like a computer program where ours are more consciously held and we consciously tune into the instincts and are aware of the instincts. The animal is not even aware that they are following instinct but the conscious man is aware. The conscious man develops that power to be consciously aware of the instincts in an instinctive world along with self-consciousness. Then he develops the next step – does anyone have an idea of what that would be? It is above the self- conscious and the instinctual world.


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Rebel Lightbringers

This entry is part 24 of 34 in the series 2010B

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One of the problems in understanding Lucifer and the fall of angels lies with the meaning and application of the word itself.

Lucifer means “Lightbringer” and is also translated as “Day Star’ and Morning Star in the Bible.  All the bringers of light and truth in the universe are Lucifers, but not all of them rebeled or fell, and became adversaries or Satans.

In every level of intelligent existence there is some level of disagreement among the lightbringers. This “fall” from the divine council chambers not only happened on earth, but also in the chambers of the Solar Logos and higher.  Our Ancient of Days is somewhat of a rebel and this is one reason the earth is not yet a sacred planet.  He is taking us on a non standard route of progression and has provided humanity with extra stimulus causing us to evolve more quickly than we otherwise would have.  If this route had not been taken the average human would be like a native in a jungle.

There was risk in this move in that we could wind up destroying ourselves with knowledge gained too quickly.  There is also the possibility of a great payoff.  Our Logos took a risk that others shied away from and thus he was out of sync with his own higher council chamber.

Even so, the intent of his end game was in harmony with his higher ups.

From this angle of vision our Logos and all of humanity are fallen angels.  In other words, we have fallen off the trail and are attempting to find a shortcut to the end of the path.

Then within the Council Chamber of our own Logos we have a group of very high Kumaras which have all lived on other planets and mastered the physical plane.  In this group our Logos has his own rebels to deal with.  The problem there has filtered down to us as a fight between the left and right in the political spectrum. Where is the right balance in law and freedom?  How much freedom can humanity be entrusted with?  Was allowing them the freedom to obtain the atomic bomb a major mistake or a necessary evil?

Finally among humanity we have our own fallen Lucifers.  A dark brother can only evolve out of the lightbringers of humanity.  It is only when the third initiation is approached and the pilgrim is a light to his fellow men that the dark path can be chosen.

We thus have “fallen” lightbringers among the gods and even humanity itself.  The higher rebels are not evil as we understand the term but have advanced beyond what we see as evil.  The rebel lightbringers that came from humanity are very evil, however, and seek to take away the free will of humanity.  The problem on the higher levels is not so black and white but a matter of judgment and the degree of assistance that humanity should be given as well as the constraints and limitations that should be applied.

Thus when the various teachers past threw out words like “devil,” Satan, Lucifer etc they were loosely referring to forces that resist the good, the beautiful and the true and did not understand what was behind the apparent evil.

Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 18

This entry is part 3 of 24 in the series Kalispell Gathering 2006

Rejected by Friends and Family

Audience: I have always had the feeling that you can’t take the fifth, sixth and seventh initiations in a female body, what are your thoughts on this?

JJ: I think it could be done but it would be very difficult because to take some of the higher initiations it is easier to be in the sending mode. But, it still could be done. All even numbers represent female and odd numbers are male. The sixth initiation, which is a female number and the fourth initiation of the crucifixion could be done in a female body. The odd numbers in particular would be easier to do in a male body. The sixth initiation, which is the initiation of decision, could be made in either one and it would not really matter. The male numbers, odd numbers, would be easier in a male body and the female numbers, the even numbers, would be easier in a female body.

Wayne from the audience:

As far as I can tell the female body is much more heavenly than the male body! (Laughter)

JJ: (Laughter) Wayne, I agree with you 100%, especially when I look at you and then I look at Susan behind you I think you are 100% right!

Audience: Inaudible

JJ: Did you read in book four of The Immortal, Eternal Words, where the “Ancient of Days” was assumed to be male and then it turned out that He was a hermaphrodite, both male and female?

Audience: You were talking about Jesus and the three temptations He could not allow Himself to have the Christ be recognized through external authoritative actions. Very similar to your book Eternal Words where you describe, when you are telling the kid at Denny’s with the bow tie that the principles that will have to penetrate as opposed to being something authoritative. Which would make sense that people you take forward in the future when they look back they just see this flowering of Christ Consciousness and are not so much focused on the messenger which is less important and more focus was put on the Christ Consciousness.

JJ: It is interesting about Jesus is, wherever He went His reputation started getting stronger until He went home to his home congregation, then He opened a scripture about the prophesy of The Messiah. There was a tradition that you would go up to the front where the scriptures were and you could open a scripture and read it and give it your own interpretation. So Jesus opened a scripture that was related to the Messiah and it was talking about how the Messiah was going to heal the sick, give sight to the blind, heal those who could not walk and things like this, and He said, “This day in your ears, the scripture is fulfilled.” In other words He was telling them that the Messiah is here. Does anyone know what happened after that?

Audience: Inaudible

JJ: The whole audience got out of their seats and rushed up to the front, grabbed Him and dragged Him right out of the synagogue and then what were they going to do with Him?

Audience: They were going to stone Him.

JJ: No, they were going throw Him over a cliff because they were so enraged that the son of a carpenter would say such a thing! So they get him to edge of the cliff just ready to throw Him off  and here is what the Bible says, “And He escaped out of their midst.” Hmmm,  now did He escape by divine power or was He strong enough to just wrestle His way free?

One way or another He was able to get free and escape them. His home folk were not very tolerant. Jesus said, “A prophet is not without honor.” In other words a prophet, by the time he finishes his life has honor among certain types of people except among his family and friends. (Laughter)

It funny with my book, people read it a with great enthusiasm and they will say, “Boy I could not put it down, I read all night.” It’s much different with my friends and family I give the book to. I’ll ask them, “have you read the book?” They say no. I go to their homes to visit and look in their bookcases and I cannot find the book anywhere.

Audience: Laughter

JJ: I thought, I wonder what they did with the book? I wonder if they burned it or what.

It was funny when I was first thrown out of the Mormon Church for writing some things to try and enlighten the Mormons, I often asked friends I gave them to, “Did you read that treatise I wrote?” They would say “no” and I said, “What did you do with it?” They said, “I burned it!” They just did not throw it away they had to burn it!

Audience: Laughter

JJ: Because if they threw it away some innocent soul may get it out of the garbage and read it – no, they had to burn it! It’s funny how many people told me that they burned my writings! So it makes me wonder how many in my family have burned my book.

Audience: Laughter. I don’t think they burned it because they were afraid of someone else getting a hold of it, I think they burned it because that is how you get rid of evil!

JJ: Yes, that might be it too, who knows. There might be something to that Dee. The only family member I have that has really read it and was enthused was my sweet Mother. I have been trying to impress my Mom all my life by something I have done and she was always unimpressed. Finally after I wrote “The Immortal” I thought well, who knows maybe she will read it. Well, she did read it and she loved it and has been pestering me ever since for more but now her sight is not good enough to read. One of these days I will put the books on audio and she can listen to them.

Now she does not believe in them necessarily and she is still a standard Mormon but she really enjoyed “The Immortal.” This tickled me. I finally did something that she thought was really good. She thinks I am a good kid and everything and she always thought that. She was one of the few that when I did not tow the party line with the Mormon Church, she had the attitude that God judges us for what we are. She was not judgmental at all and I appreciated that very much.

The Christ (according to DK) has to come back as an individual, an entity to fulfill His own work to finish His last initiation on this planet, Earth. So He has to come back to complete the seventh initiation.

The first stage of the coming of Christ is the establishment of the Christ consciousness among humanity and that has been firmly established. The term Christ consciousness is fixed in the human consciousness. Most people, even the man on street, has a rough idea of what the Christ consciousness is. He realizes that it is some type of higher consciousness and that ordinary people can aspire to have this consciousness. The second step in the return is the linking of heaven and earth to the point that Christ and the Masters of wisdom that work with Him can link humanity to overshadowing principle.

There are two principles involved. One I call the overshadowing, and the other I call the Divine possession. Overshadowing is where the Master can use the disciples eyes and ears and tune into his consciousness, send him messages and give him guidance so that certain a particular mission can be accomplished. I believe Jesus had an overshadowing from the time He was young. Then there is the Divine possession, where the entity which, is Christ, actually came into the body of Jesus and we actually had two spirits in one body to accomplish this specific mission.

All these things are possible and what has happened before will happen again but, how He will fulfill His mission of the second coming, is a mystery and is not known to the disciples. No one knows for sure how this mission will be completed. One of the disadvantages if this information was given out would be that many people would be claiming that they were doing this.

I talked earlier about the mighty and strong. There are all kinds of mighty and strong claimants and there are all kinds of false messiah’s out there. One thing we know for sure is that the presence of the Master will be with us again. Exactly how that Presence will be with us is unknown. We do not know if it will be like it was last time or in a body of His own or some type of manifested body, reincarnated or whatever. All we know for sure is that His presence will be here.

As a matter of fact that is what the Apostle’s ask Him in Matthew 24: Give us signs of thy coming. The word “coming” comes from the Greek word (parousia) meaning presence. Give us the signs when your Presence will be among humanity again. What does this mean? It is subject to a number of different interpretations.

It is interesting that when Shirley saw the future, she said what I have often taught and that is the world, as a whole will not recognize for some time that the Master is even here. He will not come sand say, I am Jesus Christ, hear me type of thing. He will not come from the sky and destroy all the wicked with one breath. Like, one day two guys are out mowing the lawn, and the one is Christian and the other is not and the one that is not Christian get’s zapped by lightning and turns him into a crispy critter and the born againer gets lifted up into heaven or gets accepted or something like that.

It is not going to happen like that. People will be waiting a very long time for something like that to happen. What will happen is that the Christ will work among humanity in His own way and His own time. We will not be reading in the papers that Christ is in the Mormon Temple, the Jewish Temple, or the Vatican discussing matters with the Pope.

The signs of His coming might read like this in the paper: Church leaders condemn Billy Bob to hell because he is doing X, Y or Z! (Laughter)

When Christ does manifest again it will not be way people expect. As I said earlier there are only a handful of people that expected Him to come the way that He came. There is one story of woman that had it right and she had been waiting for the birth of the Messiah. She was not expecting Him to arrive in a cloud of glory like the other Jews. No she was expecting Him to be born as a babe and when she heard about the birth of Jesus she felt within her heart that this was the Messiah and she wanted to look upon His face before she died. So they brought her to the baby Jesus. All her life she had been waiting for the Messiah and when she looked upon Him, it was confirmed within her heart that this truly was the Messiah and a short time later she passed away. So, she had the wish of her heart fulfilled and she was the only the one in the Bible that had it right. The Jewish leaders were expecting Him just the way the Christian leaders are today, He comes in a blaze of glory and wipe out all the scum of the earth and the good guys mowing the lawns that are born again can continue mowing the lawns or be scooped up into heaven or something like this.

Audience: What about that scripture that says that Christ shall rise and they that dwell will be taken to Him in the sky?

JJ: You are quoting two different scriptures here. Paul says: “But we who are alive and remain will be taken up in the air.”

Audience: Right

JJ: Well there is a mistake right there that Paul made and that is he expected to live to see the second coming himself. He says: We (meaning me and you) who are alive or who remain until Christ comes again. If you read in the scriptures there are probably about a half a dozen scriptures that were they expected Him to come very soon and within their lifetimes. So they made a mistake right there and being taken has a lot of symbolic meanings. Up in the air is a symbol of ascending to a higher state of consciousness. When Christ comes again we will be taken because remember air is a symbol of the mind. So when Christ does come again we will be taken up to a higher state of mind, a higher state of consciousness and meet the Christ in that higher state of consciousness and we can do that right now.

We did it at the end of our last meeting when we were contemplating the principle of eternal words. We were taken up to a higher state of consciousness and we felt the higher presence together. This is the esoteric meaning of that scripture.
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Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual and Metaphysical Quotes From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1  The main characteristic of a disciple is that he or she asks questions.

2  When the disciple is ready, the Master will appear and offer him the fruit of the Spirit, and the two will eat together with joy.

3  As the disciple continues to serve more is given until he either intuitively or consciously understands the answer to every question that he has.

4  Even the Christ is a disciple of the Ancient of Days, and the Ancient one is a disciple of the Solar Logos. No matter how high you get you never coast along on your own. You will always need stimulation by teachers on some level more experienced than yourself.

5  Only the disciples who have made irrevocable decisions toward the light can be of service at this crucial point of tension between the two ages.

6  All seven chakras are open and functioning as a unit in the disciple treading the path of Christ.

7  The disciple always seeks to serve his fellow men even if they are irritating.

8  The true servant of Christ will project an image that will also be the opposite of the piousness most expect of a minister. One of the things that will astonish many will be his cooperation with science and technology.

9  Unrecorded in the Bible is the fact that there were also twelve female disciples who assisted in the work with Jesus.

10  The disciple will go through many periods of light and darkness over a period of numerous lives, but the final one will be different from the rest. The isolation and loneliness will be very profound.

11  The true disciple does not publicly reveal his status.

12  Masters of Wisdom will either appear among us or incarnate and the Christ will overshadow disciples in preparation for His work with humanity.

13  The Book of Revelations is a story about a disciple treading the path of Christ.

14  Gaining the ability to see through the illusion that is automatically accepted by the many is one of the most important lessons the disciple can learn.

15  The disciple realizes that even a very intelligent person can be captivated by wrong thoughtforms and illusions and if we excluded all those in such a state there would be few if any to be gathered into anything.

16  Just as gold must pass through the refiner’s fire before it reaches its highest purity and value, even so must the disciple pass through every obstacle that can be thrown in his way on the path of service.

17  The disciple contains and controls the passions within with golden thought and pure intent.

18  The revelation of true principles or eternal words brings instant correction to the disciple.

19  When the disciple dedicates himself to the inner voice he will follow the direction of the Christ consciousness wherever it leads.

20  When the disciple hears the inner voice correctly, even though it is very quiet, a focus upon the message drowns out all other distractions so only the message is heard.

21  The ark of God in this age is the purified hearts of working disciples.

22  When the disciple is married to or unites with his Christ consciousness he can speak no deceit while in that state.

23  One of the most difficult lessons for the disciple to learn is to accept his own limitation, especially as it relates to the free will and abilities of others.

24  The disciple learns to enjoy the good and neutralize the bad.

25  The sign that the disciple has taken his first great step is when he shows a willingness to act on a true message from within in defiance to all the clamoring messages from without.

26  The disciple is on the path of light (the good path so to speak) if his focused thought is on the true advancement of himself or his group.

27  A disciple therefore, must be aware that he or she not only has outward authorities of position and glamour to deal with but also invisible power brokers behind the scenes who may be impossible to identify without revelation.

28  Keep checking with your souls, and when the link called in the east the antahkarana is created, then the seeker graduates from a sheep to a disciple to a shepherd.

29  Each potential disciple will have some final temptation to support the unreasonable restriction of others in the name of promoting his personal desire to see that which is good triumph.

30  As the disciple progresses towards the Spirit, he will be able to hold the presence for longer periods and eventually neutralize the opposing forces that come against him. Then he will have long periods where he is one with the Presence.

31  If the situation changes and the thoughtform fails to live up to expectations, then the disciple must be prepared to abandon or change it and move on.

32  There will be many times that the working disciple will have to use the power of detachment. The disciple must realize that they are not their body, not their feelings and not even their mind and stand back and watch these feelings and thoughts brood and move, yet make their decisions in the light of the soul without attachments to thoughts and feelings of their lower bodies.

33  The disciples of the world must merely present what is true in a common sense manner and many troubles experienced by past disciples will not surface.

34  The disciples of the world must work with extreme patience and realize that in rushing reform one may cause a work to be destroyed and delayed a hundred years, whereas a decade of patience and perseverance may actually yield the quickest results.

35  The sure mark of a true disciple is that every move he or she makes has some purpose that benefits something other than lower self.

36  The beginner cannot appreciate the vision, the thoughts, the goals, and the problems of a disciple or Master until he either advances a great deal in his evolution, or joins in with the whole through the Oneness Principle.

37  Unless one is dealing directly with the Dark Brothers, which is rare, 99.99 percent of perceived psychic attacks owe their cause to a flaw opened from within oneself and if we live a reasonable stable life, then there is little to worry about in this area.

38  A disciple may have an advanced physical body in the esoteric sense, yet not be particularly good-looking.

39  The concept of sacred honor must be retrieved and taught by disciples of the coming age.

40  Even disciples who are relatively successful usually make their share of mistakes.

41  The disciple is only corrected if he honestly seeks further instruction and correction.

42  Even if a disciple is working directly for the Brotherhood of Light and receives revelations periodically, when the disciple makes a mistake he is usually not corrected.

43  The disciple, or aspiring disciple, will not believe in haste what he has been told. He will check it out and question it no matter how unpopular he is for doing so.

44  As we progress from the average student to the disciple we find the questions will be more challenging to the status quo, more independently thought out and less likely to follow the line of least resistance.

45  When I speak of an aspiring disciple asking questions, I do not mean just any question, but that he acquires a questioning mind which questions mainstream thought.

46  The aspiring disciple not only asks more questions, but asks a different kind of question than does the average person.

47  Disciple[s] and aspiring disciples are found in all fields of human endeavor.

48  We know that Christ was physically marred through the crucifixion, but his servants are often marred in some way to keep them humble.

49  Soul contact and communion through the Oneness Principle is essential for the working disciple, else he may wind up receiving illusionary teachings and leading others down a path from which retracing steps will be essential.

50  When the disciple learns to differentiate between the voice of the false ego and the spirit, he can know for sure his mission is true and useful.

51  When the disciple gives up on his mission and yields to the line of least resistance things seem to go so smoothly that it may seem to him that this is the path God wants him to walk.

52  When the disciple breaks through and becomes one with the Christ consciousness he taps into the Oneness Principle, the minds of the holy ones of the past and the knowledge of all principles becomes available to him.

53  The beginner on the path will look at the top step and imagine the great view he will have and want to jump up there in one leap, but will accomplish nothing.

54  The disciple must do much more than merely confess Jesus and be saved as the old time religion teaches. He must also do more than “go with the flow” as many new agers believe. Instead, he must overcome all the obstacles in the path of liberation and become a master of each of them as he moves forward.

55  The disciple learns to maintain his focus he keeps the attitude of the observer. He then identifies with soul and spirit, but observes all the rest that brings pain and discomfort as well as joy and happiness.

56  It is extremely important that the disciple of truth recognize the dividing line between good and evil for the future of the world depends on this recognition.

57  A disciple is one who has taken several of the initiations and committed himself to the work of the soul.

58  A probationary disciple is one who is seeking after the Path. The fact that you’re reading this shows that you’re either a probationary disciple or a disciple.

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The Christ

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual and Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1  Christ himself is not ready (because we are not ready) to work directly with humanity.

2  We celebrate the birth of Christ on December 25th. While it is true that He was not born on this day it is true that this has been a sacred season for the celebration of world saviors for many thousands of years.

3  Christ is a representative of the Son of God aspect or of the soul.

4  It would be counterproductive for Christ to repeat the same type of mission as last time.

5  The entity who is the Christ occupies that office because, among the human family, He is most in tune with the middle principle of soul.

6  What is the consciousness of the entity who is Christ?  His consciousness is centered on the Masters of Wisdom returning to the earth as soon as practical, and assisting to elevate mankind into higher levels of achievement.

7  Christ did not face someone else’s Dweller, but faced the Dweller for the human kingdom of which he was an integral part.

8  When Christ was suffering in the Garden and near the point of death it is written that an angel came and strengthened him. This angel was the molecular link while Christ was on the earth. This angel was not a permanent resident of Shamballa, but an intermediary called a Nirmanakaya in the East.

9  The Christ, or a servant of Christ, is in reality exactly the opposite of the pious image (Babylonian image) that the average man paints of him.

10  Any day that you seek to kindle the birth of Christ within your heart is a sacred day.

11  The Christ could come as a female but if He did, He would play the female role and emphasize receivership rather than sending.

12  There were several occasions where Jesus revealed Himself, but as with Peter and the woman at the well, most of these revelations were of a private nature to people who already surmised that He was the Christ.

13  Christ and his servants are maligned in character more than any others.

14  The number necessary for His [the Christ’s] coming is not revealed but this basic idea must be in place: when He does appear there must be a sufficient number of people prepared to recognize Him so He is not viewed as just one more delusionary messiah figure.

15  Last time His [the Christ’s] presence required the readiness of twelve units capable of soul contact. This time it could be quite a bit more but I make no prediction. Those working in harmony with the Christ will know when the time comes.

16  The days of Atlantis marked the beginning of the shift from female to male polarization which was consummated with the first coming of Christ.

17  Christ represented the ideal male who is to lead us to Spirit. Unfortunately the age of Pisces gave us many males who gave us terrible examples of what the ideal male was supposed to present.

18  The true sheep know, or recognize the voice of God or Christ.

19  December 25th was a holiday centuries before the birth of Christ. On this day the Romans celebrated the Mirthraic feast of the Sun-god. Also from December 17-23 they held a great festival honoring Saturnus, the god of agriculture.

20  The principle behind the name of Christ is the only thing that can redeem any of us.

21  Christ had to descend below all things so he could rise above all things and manifest the invisible love of God to us.

22  If we hear the voice of Christ and open the door then He will come into us and sup (or commune) with us.

23  The Son of man is another name for Christ, but it is the Christ among humanity rather than the Christ in far away spiritual realms.

24  You’ve heard the statement that “hope springs eternal.”  Hope is very closely connected with the Christ Principle.

25  The Christ principle is a point of interplay between Spirit and matter that our consciousness must attune to discover the mysteries of God.

26  The person with no Christ consciousness is only aware of the material world. The person with Christ consciousness is aware of the spiritual as well as the material world.

27  We first serve the anti-Christ outside of ourselves for many lifetimes until we finally wake up. Then we discover that was illusion and the real Christ is within ourselves.

28  Some may say that pure love (or some type of enlightenment) eliminates resistance but nothing you can do will eliminate all resistance. If even Christ, the teacher of us all, was unable to eliminate resistance, what makes us think we can?

29  The simple teachings of the Christ on Love must become a reality.

30  When Christ returns only a few will recognize Him because the rest will be following a non-thinking program that does not allow for vision.

31   The Christ is a position occupied by one individual on each inhabited planet. There are millions of Christ positions throughout the Universe, but only one principle that is manifest everywhere and creates all there is.

32   Through the centuries astrally grounded men have marred the character of Christ and his servants and made them seem far removed from the average seeker.

33   We may all have our comments and opinions of the magnitude of the confrontation the Christ had in the Garden of Gethsemane, but without a revelation or going through the experience ourselves, there is no way we can appreciate what He went through.

34  Masters of Wisdom will either appear among us or incarnate and the Christ will overshadow disciples in preparation for His work with humanity.

35   He [Christ] is not coming to destroy the wicked or to force men to do good. Neither is He coming to save us from our sins. Instead, He is coming with eternal words and teachings that will touch the soul of humanity so universal brotherhood will be understood and peace on earth good will to men will become a reality.

36  Many students of metaphysics eagerly accept the idea of the Christ Consciousness which is available to us all, but have difficulty in accepting the possibility that the actual entity who is the Christ will soon make an appearance in the flesh.

37  There have been many methods used for predicting the return of Christ, and hundreds of dates set. All of them, have been wrong.

38  As we now know Christ did not return in the year 2000 and it is not likely He will return in the immediate years following. What is possible is that an Antichrist will appear first as an externalization of the expectations and thoughtforms of the masses. For the image of Christ in the mind of the average man resembles more the Antichrist, than the true one. We may or may not have another Hitler type antichrist, but we can assuredly predict several self proclaimed quasi spiritual ones.

39  The reappearance of the Christ will not be just a continuation of His work as is but a continuation of His work with changes. In other words, the principle of Becoming is involved here.

40  One of the most important things for me to teach and demonstrate is the seeing of the Christ within each of us.

41  Melchizedek was overshadowed by “The Ancient Of Days” and this is the one who called Christ to be after the order of Melchizedek.

42  What is the main difference between the philosophy of the Christ and the Adversary? The answer is free agency. Christ always supports the agency of all men and women. Now suppose he did come with such great power that all who were opposed to him were destroyed, and those who are left are full of the fear of God and would not think of opposing such a powerful being who now is the King of the earth? Do you not think this would destroy the agency of man? It would.

43  He who was the Christ in Jerusalem was not many entities, but one entity and thus cannot return as more than one entity.

44  If the Christ, or the Lord of the World, were to appear to you in human form and you were to attempt to worship him as a personality He would stop you; but if you were to worship with your Spirit and sense the Spirit of God in the presence of the Master then it would be allowed.

45  If Hitler would have succeeded in his world conquest the appearance of Christ would have been delayed at least a thousand years.

46  The reappearance of the Christ cannot happen just anytime for certain preparations must be made and without them the Christ cannot appear and effectively work.

47  Christ is not looking for people who have to be told what to do in every detail, but for those who are willing to initiate good causes of their own free will and bring them to fruition.

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