2002-9-26 13:07:00

John C quoting me:

"Some think that this is not right while not realizing that the Masters in the Kingdom of God, a step above human, demand much more from their pets (disciples) than we demand from the animals."


"I have heard you teach this before. I am hoping you mean 'pet' in a different sense than most people think of 'pets.' I know how most people treat their pets, and it's pretty sad."


More people I know than not treat their pets as good or better than they treat people. I think you'll find that those who treat pets badly will also abuse their human relationships.


"I have had cats for a number of years, and we treat them much differently than most people, but I believe our relationship with the "Masters in the kingdom of God" takes place on a much higher level. I'm speaking from my own experience, and maybe I'm just speaking for myself."


Of course the Master disciple relationship is much different than a human pet relationship but there are similarities.

Remember there are always similarities in a higher correspondences, but differences too.

As a human is higher than his pet so is the Master Higher than the disciple.

As a human has a different relationship with another human of similar consciousness than he does with his pets even so does a Master have quite a bit different relationship with another Master than he does with a disciple.


"The best example I can think of as to how the Masters relate to humans was how Jesus Christ related to those closest to Him: specifically Mary Magdalene and the twelve Apostles. And probably others that we don't know about. I'm not really seeing the Master/pet relationship here. He called them His friends and His beloved. He tried to elevate them to the level where He was. He sacrificed for them, and for all of us.

"Another example is the relationship portrayed between Jesus and John, and between John and Joe in The Immortal. There's more than a 'Master/pet' relationship going on here."


The correspondence still fits, but on a higher level.

The Christ was above the consciousness of his disciples to a similar degree as the average person is above his pet.

Many humans love their pets very dearly. The most emotionally upset I have been in my life because of death has been in the loss of pets when I was young. I have considered my pets to be my friends.

I am not saying that the Masters look at us and say "cute little pet," but am saying there is a correspondence worth considering. The Law of Correspondences always reveals truth.


"The Masters may demand more of their disciples than we demand of our animals, but on the other hand, they offer their disciples more than we offer our animals. The relationship takes place on a much higher level and more is possible in that relationship.

"Even so, for me calling it a 'Master/pet' relationship (as currently understood by most people) just does not do it justice, and this simply does not fit in with my experience."


It fits in pretty closely with mine, but on a higher level with greater intensity.

Another thing to consider is that many teachers from the other side who work with humanity are fellow disembodied humans and are not Masters. A relationship with these beings would be much more similar to a relationship with a fellow human on the earth than a disciple to a Master.