Extremes and Extremism

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Inspirational, Spiritual and Metaphysical Quotes From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1  The problem here with average seekers who are polarized on one side or another is that they will adore the initiates on their side of the fence, but completely miss what the Brotherhood is trying to accomplish with the opposing initiate.

2  A prime area where this battle between the emotions and the mind is being fought is between those who are black and white in their interpretations of philosophy and religious thought, and those who see shades of gray and points of truth between the two extremes.

3  The incorrect extreme for those seeking the Spiritual path is to seek unlimited wealth through teaching that elevates your status on the physical plane much above your students.

4  There are extremes in all things.

5  To see the point of truth between the two extremes of the Pendulum Principle takes another principle – The Principle of Discernment.

6  The true seeker will see where the true extremes lie and avoid taking a blind unthinking position on that extreme as he would a plague.

7  The sad truth is that many of the popular beliefs and positions of average humanity are extreme and lacking judgment. Some of these extremes are accepted as being moderate if popularized by the mainstream media.

8  When the extreme seems normal the one who has balance seems to be the extreme.

9  When one extreme or the other is embraced then one does not have to make any decisions or do any thinking. Everything has been pre-formulated.

10  Is it extreme to believe that two opposing doctrines are both correct? Verily, yes – unless there is some good explanation that tells us of a misunderstanding.

11  Balance in the disciple often leads to the path of high resistance.

12  The extremist will become angry at a balanced point of view.

13  Because of a tendency to take a side where formula answers exist, the majority of people turn into extremists.

14  Almost all people, with the exception of high disciples and adepts, swing back and forth like pendulums and only take a passing peek at the true midway point as they swing by it.

15  It is the nature of almost all people to want to take a particular side, left or right, black or white, born again or new age.

16  One should always seek to fulfill the needs of their mate as long as their own needs are not sacrificed to an extreme and there is no harm done.

17  In seeking freedom of expression, people often go to the extreme and do not balance themselves with order as demanded by nature.

18  Some will read these words and take them to the extreme.

19  The religious right takes everything too seriously, and literally, and many on the left throw the whole Bible out the window thinking it is like kindergarten and needs to be left behind.

20  Many great teachers in the East have put emphasis on the overriding, control, directing and sometimes neutralization or elimination of emotion in order to reach higher states of consciousness. Many students have interpreted this to mean that we should “kill out desire” completely, move beyond it and never experience it again. This is an extremist point of view and as Buddha taught neither extreme is the path to liberation.

21  Just before a person truly develops the intuition and receives enlightenment and thinks inclusively, they often finds themselves in an extreme position because of certain black and white facts which seem to stare them in the face.

22  Most Identity people do not hate other races just as they do not hate animals, but view them with an extremely separative outlook and believe they are incapable of acquiring the attributes of godliness.

23  There will be times now and again when declarations of extreme import will go forth in the name of Christ or the Hierarchy, but this will be because of either the urgency of the times or special circumstances.

24  As the masses swing from one extreme to another a point of truth at the center is sensed (however dimly) and a yearning is created within the hearts of seekers to return to that point.

25  Separatist and elitist thinking doesn’t come from observing or describing what is, but by the distortion of what is.

26  Most people believe the mid-point to be a point between the two extremes of thinking and action because it is the norm. The problem with the standard equation of the norm is that it is a floating target.

27  He who stands in the true middle is seen as an extremist by the real extremists.

28  We have the same problem in our society with divorce as we do with abortion. The masses gather on the extreme views on one side or the other, instead of looking at both sides in the circumstance and making an informed decision.

29  If one moves too far a distance from the mainstream he will lose the support of the people even if he is one hundred percent correct.

30  Going to the extremes always leads to illusions and we can go to an extreme by living too much in the past, the future or the present.

31  The trouble with many people who influence society is that they are extremists.

32  Fanaticism of correct speech is indeed an extreme that will be due for correction in the near future.

33  Humanity swings back and forth between two extremes on a cyclic basis. There are larger and smaller cycles. Because there are cycles within cycles it may seem that there are times that a moderate extreme is followed by a greater extreme. But what is usually happening instead is that a lesser cycle is followed by the ending of a greater cycle.

34  The true extremists–probably over 99 percent of humanity–are those who have not found the middle way.

35  You must not be reading the newspaper, watching television or listening to radio if you do not hear and see people pointing fingers and labeling those who do not agree with them as extremists.

36  The person pointing the finger is usually more of an extremist than the one accused.

36  To obtain a desirable result there is always a wrong extreme on the left and on the right. On the other hand, there is always a way to achieve the goal.

37  When we look at all the alternatives between the two extremes, there is always a point of decision which is the most accurate.

38  The way of enlightenment is neither extreme, but between the two extremes.

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Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes From The Discourses Of JJ Dewey

1  That old enemy fear keeps many from moving toward the light of truth.

2  If all fears are related to a fear of loss, then this fear of loss is the primal fear that keeps us from all truth.

3  Fear of rejection in some form is probably the second most common fear related to loss.

4  When one person in a group discovers a new truth that is not accepted by the others, there will indeed be a loss and if that possibility of loss is not accepted by the seeker, a fear will indeed surface.

5  Perhaps the greatest overriding fear of one approaching the straight and narrow path between the two extremes of error, is the fear of hell, the fear of God’s wrath, the fear of being wrong or guilty before God, the fear of losing one’s soul or eternal life. These are all related to the fear of the unknown because no aspirant knows for sure the true fate that awaits him beyond the veil.

6  All have to face the fear of God at one time or another and the fear of God has more potency than any fear of a devil.

7  Fear is not always related to illusionary beliefs. Often this is true but such is not always the case.

8  The typical New Ager is a little like Luke in Star Wars who thought he had everything down. The initiate is like Yoda who knows of the realities to come and tells him “…you shall fear.”

9  Many go through numerous lifetimes with this non-fear belief until they encounter the Dweller on the Threshold. This dweller is terrifying enough, yet to destroy this Dweller one must face the Angel of the Presence which is even more terrifying because this, once encountered, is of such power that it will feel like you could be destroyed body mind and spirit with a blink of an eye. Moses had to spend 40 years in contemplation of the presence before he mustered the courage to face it.

10  Fear is based on truth. How one reacts to truth perceived determines the fear.

11  Even a fear within a dream is based on truth.

12  [The Mormon Prophet] Joseph Smith made the interesting statement that “God created the worlds with fear and trembling.”  This would explain why “fear has its roots in the warp and woof of matter itself.”

13  Fear is overcome through using the mind to calculate the best possible moves to eliminate the perceived future loss.

14  It is true that many have fears that are not justified because of wrong perception.

15  When perception and calculation are accurate then fear will be based on the real.

16  This portrayal of fear by many teachers of the day, as a thing held only by the deluded, the unloving, the unevolved or the ignorant, has led many into great illusion. Because many seekers have swallowed this pleasant sounding doctrine without processing it through the mind they enter into a world of deception and denial.

17  That fear which is denied or suppressed does not go away. Instead it foments and grows and when it resurfaces it will loom greater than it was at the moment of burial.

18  Perfect love casteth out fear, but it does not prevent the pilgrim from encountering and facing the fear.

19  The most important fear to master is the fear of fear, for he who fears fear will pretend to himself that he has no fear in any circumstances. Fear thus becomes a seed growing in the dark seeking the light of day.

20  If we release ourselves from sending attention toward the cause of fear, the fear will die through attrition.

21  Fear of being worthy is a big hurdle for many.

22  Fear is a huge barrier to soul contact, but I submit that there is another barrier much larger, one that you will not see written about in New Age philosophy that I know of. He who has fear yet overcomes this barrier will reach the soul before he who has no fear and does not overcome it. What is it?

23  We fear because we give too much attention to pain and negative repercussions of things that may happen to us.

24  To speak of fearful things without fear is to overcome the fear of fear.

25  Fear of fear is one of the greatest tools of the beast.

26  All people of feeling fear that which they do not understand and mistake it as being an evil thing. They are ignorant of the workings of the mind nor do they care to understand, as they feel their foundation will fall.

27  Quantum changes for the better are almost non existent because of the fear of change that exists among the masses.

28  I have learned by experience that even great fear is no barrier for it can be immediately cancelled by a powerful decision and if such a decision is in alignment with the will of the soul then you immediately move toward the Kingdom of God and soul contact.

29  I’ve heard rumors for years now that our economy is supposed to collapse because of some switch in oil currency but can’t find anything reliable to back up the fear that is circulated by some.

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Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes From The Discourses Of JJ Dewey

1  People must have a say in deciding their destiny.

2  The good that comes from freedom far outweighs the bad.

3  There are two kinds of freedom:   Freedom FROM and Freedom TO.

4  A lot of causes that unnecessarily restrict freedom sound very benevolent but the hidden result is always a good intention turned into a more negative result than if things were just left to educating the people of the ideal good and letting them make up their own minds.

5  In truth we will probably never talk about a more important principle than that of freedom. Nor will we find one that is more illusive to the understanding of seekers.

6  Many are tricked by illusion and do not see or understand the true principle and thus are unable to follow the path of freedom that that leads to understanding of pure truth.

7  Only by creating a sense of personal responsibility and a consciousness of freedom can we insure that our world will not slip back into slavery.

8  As the seeker progresses on the path adherence to freedom is always increasing and never decreasing.

9  Any decrease in the embracement of freedom signifies retrogression in progression.

10  Truth and freedom interplay and create understanding from the soul.

11  He who believes in the Principle of Freedom yet is against illegal drugs must allow the user his freedom of choice whether that choice be right or wrong.

12  The act of going forward with risk for a personal ideal and going to risk for the benefit of freedom for all mankind is vastly different.

13  The only benevolent rule is that which allows the maximum freedom of the individual and the various groups of which he is a member.

14  If the good and freedom loving people of the earth stand by and wait for God to change things, then God will stand by and allow the selfish people of the planet to set up rule until the lazy religious ones see the error of their ways and begin to forge their own destiny with the help of the Spirit of God.

15  Only through touching the Spirit of God through the soul can two become one in the understanding of freedom.

16  All steps toward the liberation of the soul are proceeded by a greater sense and power of freedom in the life of the disciple.

17  In an atmosphere of freedom that which is truly good and usable will manifest as a plant growing from a seed; but in an atmosphere of restriction even the most wonderful of all seeds cannot sprout and grow, but will suffocate and die.

18  Freedom is an essence at the core of our very being and evolution, and terrible karma awaits he who supports a reduction thereof which results in an overall diminishing of this greatest of the gifts of God.

19  The principle of freedom is not widely understood in the world today – and even if it is understood by some, it is not trusted.

20  When we choose freedom we always take a risk. But of course in not choosing freedom we are assured a bad ending, even though the few may benefit for a short time.

21  He who believes in the Principle of Freedom yet is against gays living together must allow them that freedom of choice whether that choice be right or wrong.

22  Many proclaim freedom and walk into slavery. Others, a very few others, proclaim and live the principle of freedom and walk into the very heart of God, drawing many behind them.

23  The important thing to remember is to keep the spirit of freedom burning within our breasts and allow those with whom we disagree to have their say.

24  Security is often offered by giving up freedoms.

25  After deciding on a choice and placing value upon it, one must see through the illusions that will trick him into freely giving up his freedom.

26  In the end, the only way freedom can be lost is by giving it to another through your own free will.

27  Once the true path of freedom is seen, this path must be followed. If it is not pursued and time passes, the night will come and the vision of the path will dim.

28  Where freedom is enhanced life is magnified and grows in power and purpose.

29  Where freedom is restricted there is a reduction in the force and quality of life.

30  Without freedom there is no life.

31  The problem with understanding the principle of freedom is each of us has our ring-pass-not at a different level. One person will get very upset at restrictions of freedom within his ring; but another, who does not see himself as affected, will not care. If we attempt to restrict freedom outside of our ring then the time will come that we ourselves will find our own freedoms restricted. If we attempt to restrict freedom within our ring, but in an area where we have no personal interest, the time will come that an area of interest for us will be affected.

32  Most natural restrictions can be overcome by the individual and made to disappear for life. Unnatural restrictions cannot be overcome by the individual and hang around to thwart him with no end in sight.

33  He who believes in the Principle of Freedom yet is against rules being laid down in a school, group or business must allow others freedom of choice within their own sphere of activity whether that choice be right or wrong – for the seeker retains the choice to work for another company, join another group or take another class.

34  The sad fact is that many who see themselves as representing Light are deceived into accepting and even promoting diminished freedom and thus become unwilling servants for the Dark Ones, until the truth makes them free.

35  He who believes in the Principle of Freedom yet is against abortion must allow the woman her freedom of choice whether that choice be right or wrong.

36  An essential part of practicing the Principle of Freedom – a dividing sword between the philosophies of light and dark brothers – is a tolerance for the freedom of others to pursue their dreams in areas where we ourselves have no interest – or perhaps even distaste for.

37  The real test of the application of this principle [of freedom] in the life of the seeker is when one is faced with the decision of tolerating the behavior of others that you would never yourself endorse – proving that behavior does not produce great risk to the whole of the group.

38  Freedom will be a concept espoused by all who seek the cause of Zion.

39  As it is the few are always eager to take away freedom from the many because of distrust. The few with influence always fear that the many will not use freedom wisely and therefore they do not deserve it and should not have it.

40  Let us encourage freedom among our brothers and sisters and give a little trust to the ultimate goodness of humankind.

41  It is impossible to take away the freedom of a person who finds the God within.

42  It has been said the price of freedom is eternal vigilance and this is indeed true, but we must be vigilant for all freedom, and not only for our own liberty in a limited area of interest.

43  We must be prepared to defend the principle of freedom for all lives within their “Ring Pass Not” and areas of interest, as long as that free expression does not take away more freedom than it gives.

44  The principle of freedom will generally be manifest if one consistently asks this question: Will my action increase the freedom of the whole or decrease the freedom of the whole?

45  An increase in benefits takes away from freedom if the reception of those benefits comes by way of force, or the taking away of the freedom of one to increase the freedom of another.

46  One of the main problems with the understanding of freedom is that the correct exercise of this principle is not black and white.

47  We can’t say that he who loves freedom will never use force because force is sometimes necessary to insure freedom for the whole.

48  You can’t say that he who loves freedom will live a life completely free from discipline, constraints and law.

49  In the name of goodness, protection, mom and apple pie almost every freedom we have is under attack from one source or another.

50  Discipline limits a person in certain areas, but has the advantage of expanding freedom in other desirable areas.

51  For the worker of light, every decision, every thought and every action should support that energy that moves in the direction of greater freedom for the whole of the group as well as for the individual.

52  A reasonable and logical degree of risk is accepted by the disciple in the quest for expansion of freedom.

53  The use of force and the application of the principle of freedom is the core dividing difference between the Brotherhood of Light and the Dark Brothers.

54  Freedom is more important than any marginal risk of accident or even death on the physical plane.

55  All of the leadership among the Dark Brothers seeks to maintain power within their sphere and fear their power is threatened whenever the principle of freedom abounds in the hearts of mankind. They, therefore, project their objectives as the “good” and seek to accomplish that good by force.

56  It is appropriate to restrain someone from disrupting the freedom and peace of others.

57  True freedom is increased only when the benefit, seen as increased freedom, extends to the whole and is supported by the whole.

58  Restrictions in freedom are made where the majority has little to say about it.

59  If we desire to live in a situation of maximum freedom we must all be willing to accept changes that affect ourselves as well as others.

60  There are many who claim to be advocates of freedom who are merely deceived. If their own benefits are enhanced at the expense of the many, they are deceived into thinking that freedom is enhanced.

61  Allow people the maximum freedom of choice possible and have faith in the divinity that is in us all.

62  Freedom of speech does not allow you to come into my house and force me to listen to you reading the dictionary.

63  The use of force is only justified when the force prevents the loss of freedom or life for an individual or group.

64  Even in an atmosphere of prosperity and freedom those who do not wish to lose their livelihood will fight tooth and nail to preserve the status quo.

65  He who understands freedom will not support a lower speed limit to save one life in a million. To him life is freedom and the freedom of 999,999 is worth more than a single life or even several lives.

66  The principle of freedom is always where the battleground is, my friends.

67  There are indeed many things allowed under the Principle of Freedom that would be distasteful to me but the loss of freedom of one who is opposite to me in point of view would eventually lead to a similar loss of freedom for myself and that would be much more distasteful still.

68  Disciples must always look to the side or cause where the greatest freedom for the highest number will be manifest and go in that direction without thought to party or dogma.

69  I would suggest that that when we take a stand on one side or the other on the principle of freedom that we take a look at people who have been a force for good or evil and see who we align ourselves with.

70  He who believes in the Principle of Freedom yet is against Neo-Nazis promoting their doctrines must allow them that freedom of choice whether that choice be right or wrong.

71  When freedom rings things often appear to get worse before they get better and the temptation is to go back to restricting freedom. If, on the other hand, people will let freedom play out in all cases except where great harm will occur, then a sure progress is made toward the ideal.

72  People still want to over-control because they see illusionary danger in guns, gays, free speech, free trade, freedom to buy or market herbs and vitamins, freedom of medical marijuana, freedom to state your belief that a disease can be cured, a free internet and many others.

73  The path of light is that which allows the greatest possible freedom of choice for the maximum number of people while allowing for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

74  Freedom always revolves around decision and not endowment of goods and services.

75  The Dark Brothers try and convince us that true freedom comes by receiving an endowment of goods or favors.

76  The Brotherhood of Light promotes the idea that freedom comes with the enhancement of the actual power of decision and the removal of obstructions thereof.

77  Without freedom there are no equal rights for as soon as you infringe on the freedom of one to enhance the rights of another then equality rights are destroyed. This makes freedom, not equality, the foundation principle.

78  The principle of freedom deals with an endless benefit that will resurface again and again until the seeker is finally one with it and will never lose it.

79  He who sees freedom as belonging to the power to possess will not see himself as being free in relation to money until he has possession of it.

80  He who comprehends and accepts the principle of freedom does not see the principle playing out in the temporary possession of money, but is happy to have the opportunity to decide in that direction if he wished.

81  The true principle of freedom lies in the idea that the soul energy is freely released so its life can flow through the ideas and thoughts of the pilgrim until all desires are fulfilled.

82  If freedom is allowed to flow through individual entities, corporate entities, and group entities then water will reach its own level and the end will be good even though there are problems in the middle.

83  Some of the most intelligent people demand freedom for themselves above financial security.

84  True peace comes from the Spirit of God, which is the Spirit of freedom or the soul.

85  Freedom is a principle that is worked out in practice rather than speech only.

86  The principle to look for is always maximum freedom, not a free-for-all.

87  The principle of freedom expands when man sees the Christ in his fellow man and develops a basic trust in the general goodness of people.

88  Because the right to bear arms helps the principle of freedom (as well as responsibility) more than it hurts I wholeheartedly endorse it.

89  I always support the principle of freedom unless that freedom turns into some type of boomerang that takes away more freedom than it gives.

90  The life of freedom should be allowed to flow in all directions and should only be restricted for the purpose of protecting or manifesting a greater freedom, or for freedom affecting a greater number of people.

91  Gun control is seen by some as a way to enhance freedom, but the truth is that gun control does not enhance freedom any more than the ownership of slaves brought freedom to the Old South. The mistake in vision is very much the same.

92  Gun control is a method of enslaving the desires of many law abiding citizens to bring an illusionary freedom for those with an opposing ideology.

93  The Principle of Freedom dictates that we must allow the freedom of opposing points of view, even if they are repulsive to us – if that point of view does not restrict or diminish the freedom of the whole.

94  Freedom can only triumph when there is complete openness to both sides of a question.

95  Before any freedom is restricted there should be ample proof that the problem is a major one and that the restriction of freedom is absolutely necessary for the freedom of the whole.

96  If mankind will learn to judge wisely, and use their power of decision, then unjust powers and authorities will no longer hold humanity imprisoned.

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Going Molecular — The Molecular Relationship

“Going Molecular – The Molecular Relationship” Quotes

1  The time is at hand to have revealed “knowledge which is hid up because of unbelief.” An example of the knowledge which was hid up is the Molecular Relationship which came by way of revelation from the Christ.

2  Even though we are not ready to form a working molecule here yet list members without a suitable partner who are interested should be keeping an eye out for a working partner. Some working partnerships will turn romantic, others will just stay on a friendship level and still others will not be that harmonious and some rearrangements will be made.

3  The Molecular Relationship is one such revelation that fits within the purpose of the Plan of Light and your will or mine has nothing to do with its activation. Our job is merely to follow the whisperings of the inner voice and create the necessary structure as habitation for divine life.

4  The word “molecular” is important because it is descriptive of the most evolved relationship in the physical world.

5  The creation of the first human molecules will require the greatest act of faith demonstrated on the earth for many years.

6  The main emphasis of the one [The Molecule] Jesus made was what the people considered miracles, but there are many other points of emphasis that we have not seen yet.

7  The basic idea I have presented in the Molecular Relationship is this:  (1) The ideal endpoint of the male/female relationship is a committed monogamous marriage where both are happy with the relationship.  (2) Ideally that relationship will place the female in the receiving position and the male in the sending position in the majority of circumstances.  (3) To create this ideal the male should be evolved enough to send to and stimulate his mate toward higher evolution.  (4) This ideal is not an end, but a beginning to a greater relationship which corresponds to the Molecular World.

8  Participation in the greater life increases freedom and does not decrease it.

9  If the energy flow continues without resistance the molecule will live indefinitely.

10  Each one of us has a higher self sometimes called the Solar Angel, but this is connected to us whether or not we are in the Molecular Relationship.

11  The Masters including the Christ are all in Molecular Relationship and their molecules embody a greater life.

12  All humans in the universe will eventually identify with higher lives. This identification principle is in a very embryonic stage on earth in the God kingdom and is practiced by the Masters and will soon be practiced by some of humanity in the Molecular Relationship.

13  Those who enter the Molecular Relationship in the near future will be infants in the principle of identification and it will take many millions of years for us to master it. Nevertheless, the little we will comprehend as this next great step is made will create great change.

14  There is a big difference, however, in the application of the Molecular Relationship with plants, animals and humans. With the lesser lives the intelligence involved is supplied by great entities that preside over the lesser kingdoms, but with humans there is the privilege of joining our intelligence with greater intelligence to consciously participate in our next great leap in evolution.

15  Few married or committed couples have the interplay necessary to become a Molecular Atom (Adam).

16  The molecular entities are on a totally different order than is human and are a higher correspondence of a crystal, just as humans are a higher correspondent to atoms. Technically we could call it a crystalline life within a human molecule.

17  The only ones who understand the Molecular Order at present are the Masters, but they experience it from the vantage point of living within the kingdom of God as a group.

18  We will play out every possible dream and adventure that is within human imagination as the molecular order is expanded throughout the universe. After every dream has been accomplished and there are no more challenges from a human viewpoint then time will cease to exist and the principle of identification comes into play.

19  The highest level of commitment in the Molecular Order will eventually be the commitment to the Plan because it works.

20  The greater lives who incarnate in the Molecular Order be not confined forever to the same set of lives but will go through numerous bodies as they progress on their level.

21  To establish a connection between mankind and the Hierarchical Molecule a link has to be created so the spiritual flow will not be broken.

22  If perchance you marry a person of standard interests the chances are that he will fight you tooth and nail to frustrate your participation on this list or the Molecular Order.

23  The Molecular Relationship eventually leads us to the principle of identification.

24  The Molecular Relationship is Nature’s order and so it is a natural thing that all of humanity’s organizations will gravitate, in their evolutionary process, toward it.

25  One molecule though, may over a period of time, be the home of more than one higher life.

26  Jesus compared the Molecular Order linking to the greater life as a branch connected to the vine.

27  A higher life, as discussed here, is a life composed of, or a molecule or cell of, individual entities who have passed through the human kingdom.

28  The Molecular Business operates on similar principles as the Spiritual Molecule except that the numbers of individuals in the various molecules will not be determined in advance, but will be resolved as needed.

29  When a complete Molecule achieves oneness of thought through becoming sensitive to the Soul, then the Spiritual Hierarchy, which is presided over by the Christ, can pour forth its spiritual energy, which is channeled down from the very presence of God into a group here on earth.

30  With union through Soul Contact, we will then have a functioning Molecule that can be accepted by the Hierarchy to lay the foundation for the complete transformation of the whole planet earth which will bring about the redemption from the Fall of Man as prophesied in the scriptures.

31  There are two basic mantras that Molecular members are urged to recite. The first is The Song of the 144,000. The second major mantra was revealed through Alice A. Bailey. This is called The Great Invocation and is said to be uttered by the Christ himself on a daily basis.

32  In a Molecule of twenty-four individuals each person involved must be capable of such [soul] contact or [soul] contact for the group as a whole will not be achieved.

33  Male/Female entities as individuals form human atoms, not molecules and this requires a one to one relationship, just as there is always one proton for each electron in nature.

34  The advantage of the Molecular Business is that the employee has more freedom to move in with a group that is compatible.

35  Each individual in the Molecule must have spiritual contact to make it work and activate the spiritual flow.

36  In the molecular relationship, if you do not like something your leader is doing, you can challenge him for leadership and call for a vote.

37  With a change in the entity [occupying the molecule] there will be a change in the emphasis of direction and the manifestation of higher properties or the miraculous.

38  One of my goals before I leave the scene of things here is I want to get the molecular relationship going so it is self healing.

39  When two or more molecules are functioning well there will be such efficient contact with the Oneness Principle so it will seem that if you are a member of one you are a member of them all. Also a number of molecules will work together on various projects. You can also exchange your position with a member of another molecule and thus move from one molecule to another.

40  Twenty-four human units creating a molecule draws one greater life, not multiple ones. If we have two molecules created then two greater lives can incarnate into two bodies.

41  When I wrote the Molecular Relationship I did not have the understanding of the difference between unlimited and infinite. Now I do and see that I was not exactly correct in my past wording.

42  In a nutshell the function of the molecular order is to extend the benefits and powers of the higher kingdoms to the lower.

43  The mere gathering of twenty-four does not create a working molecule. It has to be planned and executed with the cooperation of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

44  Molecular Politics is our best bet because it doesn’t rely on changing the current Constitution or system.

45  I use the word “molecular” in relation to the new political and business groups not because they are the same as the spiritual organizations, but because they lead to greater group work and they involve sharing group energy and thought.

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Good and Evil

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1.  “There is nothing too good to be true.”

2.  “You can change the name of good and evil, but you will still wind up talking about good and evil, just using different terminology.”

3.  “The basic difference between good and evil is this:  Good is that which takes us forward on the path of Spiritual evolution toward greater freedom, livingness, intelligence, light and love. Evil is that which takes us back into the past to lesser freedom, lesser livingness, lesser intelligence, light and love. “

4.  “The number of bare breasts available for the public gaze is far from an effective measuring rod for evil.”

5.  “Both labor and money are only evil if they are directed toward a destructive end.”

6.  “All energies and creations vibrating in their pure state are good.”

7.  “Evil is the inability to let go of the past which has filled its purpose and to move on to a new state of Becoming.”

8.  “Lower magic is like money through which is neither good or evil in itself, but can be used in either direction.”

9.  “If you speak softly the words of the soul and return good for evil, in other words, follow the basic teachings of the Master, I know that you will discover that you are among friends, just as I have discovered it for myself.”

10.  “Every organization, no mater how good and pure its origins, will experience cycles of corruption and could justly be called evil if only a snapshot in time were observed.”

11.  “If we judge good and evil merely because some authority proclaims it so, we will be lead astray time and time again.”

12.  “A desire to achieve abundance is not inherently evil and often has nothing to do with greed.”

13.  “The reason our definition of good and evil changes over the ages is because our capacity to understand and experience freedom changes.”

14.  “Now in this age, our ring pass not has expanded; and our view of good and evil has also moved to a higher level. Today, the closest thing to an ancient tribe would be a cult. A cult, which is tightly controlled by a leader who makes all personal decisions for members, is considered evil. In this age, controlling your own evolution and destiny is considered good.”

15.  “Sex, as with any energy, can be used for good or evil. Even a revelation from God can be used for good or evil.”

16.  “Escape from an unfair prison into greater freedom for service is never evil.”

17.  “All good becomes a great evil when implemented by force.”

18.  “That which assists in furthering the creation of God is good and that which works against the creative purpose is evil.”

19.  “If we want to be on the side of good we must discover the Will and Purpose of God and work in harmony with it.”

20.  “The only good that came out of World War II were the lessons we learned because the forces of good were triumphant.”

21.  “To say that there is no evil is to say that a creation cannot be destroyed. To say there is no evil is to say that there is no friction. To say there is no evil is to say that all progress is smooth with no hindrances ever showing up. To say there is no evil is to say that we are not living in a world of dualities, that there is no day or night, no form or space, no feeling or thought.”

22.  “Both good and evil serve as part of divine purpose.”

23.  “All the ancient scriptures from all faiths have been very consistent on the teaching of good and evil.”

24.  “When we see evil as a form of error I think we must admit that we all make mistakes now and then, so good and evil in this context certainly does exist.”

25.  “Cycles of good and evil effects runs through all organizations such as the Knights Templars, The Jesuits, labor unions, governments, The UN, big business, and even the Red Cross.”

26.  “Perhaps we seekers have a kinder and gentler view of evil than the many hard liners, but as humanity as well as the Masters define the term, both good and evil exist.”

27.  “The concept of the religious ones today toward the word evil and numerous other Biblical words is quite a bit different from the original people who used them.”

28.  “All the translations I have seen of Buddha’s teachings have him speaking of both good and evil with about the same fervor as the early Christians.”

29.  “Evil does not manifest as a killer demon tearing everything in its path from limb to limb, but evil can manifest in all spheres and places.”

30.  “Evil means to reverse direction from progression to retrogression and a heavenly being can do this as well as a worm. If a heavenly being does this we may notice no lack of love and light from him or her from our vantage point.”

31.  “The reason that evil is associated with death and good with life is that death is generally seen as the breaking up of a form or forces because the attention of the soul has been withdrawn from it.”

32.  “Eternal good is eternal BECOMING or eternally moving forward to greater life. Eternal evil is to cease becoming and “to be” that which was in the past.”

33.  “A cashless society by itself is not good or evil. The nations should not be forced to become cashless, but neither should they be forced to not go this direction if they so choose.”

34.  “Good eventually dominates because intelligence gravitates to good more than evil.”

35.  “When the good prevails the majority benefit, not only among those who win in the conflict, but among those who lose.”

36.  “When evil prevails only a handful in power benefit on the winning side.”

37.  “The evil that the higher lives have to deal with is beyond what we lesser brothers could comprehend as even being a negative thing.”

38.  “Good must co-exist with evil to have meaning, just as light needs darkness to be seen.”

39.  “Even the Masters, the Christ and the Ancient of Days himself have to deal with good and evil on their own plane.”

40.  “The problem with humans discerning evil among the greater lives is that what is backwards in evolution for them appears far ahead for us. Their evil is our good.”

41.  “The Bible itself says evil was created by God.”

42.  “Freedom is the defining principle, determining the division between good and evil as we move from age to age.”

43.  “In the grand scheme of things good and evil has a very practical application.”

44.  “Because all form is created from the dualities – and we are the power of Decision to “know good from evil” – to say evil does not exist would mean good does not exist also.”

45.  “Whoever is sent on a mission for the Christ will usually be seen as evil rather than good by the masses until the time of understanding comes.”

46.  “To discover whether a teaching is true that you do not search out the evil that may be therein, for until the truth is discovered it is difficult to sort out the good and the evil, the true and the false.”

47  “The first evils that the workers in the light must overcome are the established authorities set rigidly in place upon the earth.”

48.  “Imperfection is one thing and you can find that in anyone if you look closely enough, but for evil one has to look at the intent of the heart.”

49.  “The dominating good lies in the invisible purpose through the door of the midway point and is not one of the extremes of the dualities.”

50.  “If there were such a thing as a dominating evil neither the universe nor we humans would even exist.”

51.  “Good and evil exist because creation exists, or we could say BECOMING exists.”

52.  “Evil is that which pulls us backward in evolution and good is that which pulls us forward.”

53.  “Good intentions are not enough to be on the side of good.”

54.  “The greatest evil which has existed on this planet has not been advanced by people with evil intentions or lust for blood, but by people with good intentions.”

55.  “Good and evil means something going on now as humanity understands it, not a vision from an ultimate reality that we no nothing about.”

56.  “The interplay of good and evil does eventually result in the outcome of what is called the “dominating good,” but in between there can be much unnecessary evil, pain and suffering because we did not use our free will to bring the dominating good.”

57.  “Because good is dominating and the Will of God takes us toward the good, Divine Will always prevails in the end; nevertheless, many setbacks and detours occur before that end is reached.”

58.  “When free will is minimized through tyranny and fear neither the good nor the evil within the individual is allowed demonstrate themselves.”

59.  “The pendulum of material existence continually swings back and forth between good and evil, but the key to the understanding of the principle lies in the knowledge of the fact that the pendulum itself is in horizontal motion from left to right, thus causing the concepts of good and evil in the mind of man to be continually readjusting.”

60.  “The ultimate criteria for defining good and evil in the affairs of man is the final outcome of the directions taken.”

61.  “All forces, powers, and energies are neither good nor evil in themselves. They are completely neutral, but only become good or evil when they are intelligently directed.”

62.  “One of the reasons the powers of darkness can gain a foothold on the earth is because of the ignorance of other people concerning good and evil.”

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Got Soul?

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1.  “The soul is represented by that point of invisible interplay between spirit and matter which is neither spirit nor matter, neither form nor formless.”

2.  “The union of matter and spirit makes soul possible, but Soul itself is the interplay of body and spirit rather than the union, and that interplay is within us all no matter what our degree of evolution.”

3.  “The word “soul” is used very loosely by various groups. In the teachings of the Masters it is basically used two ways: The Higher Self sometimes called the Solar Angel, which is linked as an atom in the body of the oversoul of humanity; The point where spirit touches matter. This is the point that some have referred to as being beyond dualities. This, however, is not a dwelling place, but a doorway to the higher worlds.”

4.  “The soul only recognizes that which is true and does not see error. Therefore the soul only vibrates for us when truth is spoken or presented.”

5.  “One Soul is never out of harmony with another Soul.”

6.  “Whether or not I am convinced of a certain truth carries little weight for the true seeker; he still must find out all truth for himself through his own soul.”

7.  “Wise questions force the mind and heart to reflect on the soul.”

8.  “The current creative life, the human, is the soul of the universe, the mediator between God and matter.”

9.  “To say that life is unfair is to say that God is unfair. When all things are considered throughout the life of the soul, all is fair.”

10.  “The voice of God speaking through the Soul is the ultimate authority for the disciple.”

11.  “As an individual you can, through the soul, contact the spiritual worlds and your own higher self, which is a Master upon its own plane.”

12.  “A certain inner knowing and peace accompanies the revelations through the Soul. If the revelation feels wonderful and uplifting then it is logical that we will benefit by following it.”

13.  “The only way a union of any two or more people can take place is if the two follow the will of the God Within, or the Soul, which never disagrees with itself.”

14.  “There is always a point of truth that is seen by the eyes of the soul that will bring oneness to any group if they are willing to humble themselves, rise above pride of the ego and seek the God Within.”

15.  “Prayer opens the door of the soul to gain access to the world of Spirit, meditation takes you through that door so you can receive the Spirit, and contemplation brings the things of the Spirit down into the practical realm of the material world.”

16.  “If we cannot agree in the soul we must go by the evidence, logic and reason. This will lead us to the soul and an eventual understanding of the greater whole.”

17.  “Now remember that soul energy itself is not God or the Higher Self, but is a door to the higher realm.”

18.  “All steps toward the liberation of the soul are proceeded by a greater sense and power of freedom in the life of the disciple.”

19.  “Here on earth we have individualized consciousness and we seem to be separate souls. But in the world of pure soul, there is only one oversoul for all humanity; and you and I are parts of that whole.”

20.  “The doors of the soul cannot stay shut for long to he who loves the truth.”

21.  “The personality resists the soul until it suffers defeat after defeat in its purposes and finally will yield through acquiescence.”

22.  “He who discovers the door of the soul discovers the way to recognize truth and is no longer deceived and thus becomes free.”

23.  “All decision in harmony with soul brings the power of soul.”

24.  “If the seeking attitude and the Decision to do so is maintained then that is a major event in the life of the soul.”

25.  “In looking at the higher worlds, from a universal angle, all higher contacts come through the soul.”

26.  “Although I have received many comments of how the teachings and the Song of the 144,000 have helped individuals in their personal lives, the teachings are not designed as self help aids. They are designed to lead the student to the soul and when he arrives there he will have all the help he needs.”

27.  “Unfortunately advice can only go so far in personal situations because our own souls often have lessons in mind for us to learn from which there is no escape.”

28.  “As far as the soul goes nothing can harm it.”

29.  “When we become one with the soul then our attention is shifted toward the greater light of the Monad and when this shift is made the soul becomes as darkness and higher vision is obtained when the greater light shines ON the light of the soul.”

30.  “The Soul which communes with Spirit lies within each one of us, and anyone who seeks with a sincere heart and focused attention can contact the chords of truth that ring within us all.”

31.  “If a devil, a man or an angel speaks we all have the right to run the words by our souls and verify them for ourselves.”

32.  “Forget self and move forward in experience until the desire of your soul is satisfied. Then you will rest in peace and prepare for another.”

33.  “When it comes to details, taste and data two people in the soul can disagree, but if they are in the soul they will not be disagreeable.”

34.  “All truth is available through the soul, and it is time for humanity to learn to use this tool.”

35.  “If two disagree on something related to a principle this tells us that either one or both of them are out of harmony with the soul.”

36.  “If we are true to the highest within ourselves the soul will eventually manifest.”

37.  “When one then makes a definite decision to serve self at the expense of the soul then a very significant event happens.”

38.  “The magical power of the soul is only manifest when the self is forgotten and the purpose of God is sought and service is the objective.”

39.  “It [the soul] supplies cohesive force and gives shape to living things, holding their forms together.”

40.  “There is higher and lower soul energy.”

41.  “This is the greatest honor that one person can give to another: to have that which is within the soul of one, light the soul of another like the passing of a candle.”

42.  “As we enter into areas of new understanding we enter into the possibility of inner joy through learning which can actually verified by the soul.”

43.  “Soul is the contact of the monadic energy with matter.”

44.  “Our soul is our personal book of life that stores cause and drives us to work out effects until all is in balance and we return to our source for the great rest of the Lord of Sabboath.”

45.  “The Soul waits until we have some group consciousness before it will even work directly with us.”

46.  “A soul confirmation always points you in the right direction to enhance your spiritual evolution, but it does not reveal to you all the knowledge and principles around the subject you may be contemplating.”

47.  “The soul often gives us an inch of truth and we make it into a mile of truth.”

48.  “One communication through the soul does not contradict another communication through the soul.”

49.  “To find evil in people feeling or seeking a soul connection to one another is an amazing thing.”

50.  “To reach the soul it must be understood where the polarization is.”

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Government, Politics and Politicians

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual and Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1  When the government becomes a true servant of the people then the people will freely serve the government.

2  A true democracy has never existed in recorded history, but one is on the drawing board of those who watch.

3  True conservatives and liberals follow their ideals without questioning them or making judgments on their own.

4  There is a chain of command for dealing with disasters and it is appropriately organized from the bottom up.

5  In ancient Israel the whole government was financed on a voluntary ten percent tithe and the money was used for the benefit of all. Wouldn’t it be nice if a voluntary tithe were our only tax today? There is no reason why this cannot be so.

6  When the government begins assuming powers that we the people have not granted it, it becomes a beast that seeks to destroy freedom through the use of fear and intimidation.

7  When the majority receives hand-outs through the government from the slavery of hard working taxpayers, we approach a situation where we have a majority who has a vested interest in continuing to increase taxes and tyrannize a minority.

8  In the United States it is now difficult for a politician to get elected unless he promises lots of federal dollars to a greedy majority who feel that it is right to take what does not belong to them. (Remember we defined greed as wanting more than you have a right to have). When we approach this situation where the majority choose to take that which does not belong to them we approach a situation where the nation is “ripe for destruction.”

9  In many countries we are approaching the time when the majority will be receiving benefits through the government from the earnings of others.

10  If we had applied all the billions spent on the war on drugs to education and rehabilitation we would be a much more drug free society than we are now – and our prisons would have a much smaller population.

11  Ideally, a voluntary ten percent tax should be able to run any efficient government.

12  In the United States the majority is quite unsatisfied in the overall system, but makes no positive efforts for change.

13  Today one can openly talk about most any mystery without fear of zealous idiots burning you at the stake. However, part of this religious freedom is more indebted to the free governments of the world than to religious leaders.

14  The last democratic president I respected (despite his faults) was John Kennedy.

15  The politician who promises the most goodies that the country can do for us seems to be the one we want to vote for. This idea needs turned around and the concept of service for something else besides the tiny self needs to be restored. This is essential groundwork for the return of Christ.

16  Government does have a purpose and that is to protect freedom and the purpose of any law or restriction should have an end product that the freedom of the majority is enhanced.

17  At present all governments gravitate toward greater and greater restrictions and force, where the majority is not served, thus causing the minorities to eventually be not served also.

18  [In The United States] HMO’s [Health Maintenance Organizations] became necessary because of government interference.

19  The tyrannical governments of the third world are the real restrictions of freedom and will sometimes help corporations unfairly so more money will come their direction.

20  If things go as planned, governments will assist rather than hinder in the creation of abundance.

21  There are certain things that the individual may not particularly like to be governed by, but if these things can have a disturbing effect upon the whole then the body or state does have the right to make laws to correct the problem.

22  If an individual is partaking of the goodness or badness of a state or body then one has the moral obligation to recognize and abide by the laws of the body that affect the body as a whole and are accepted by the majority.

23  If some law or rule of the state irritates me to a sufficient degree I will then seek to change that law or remove myself from the group.

24  Governments must do all in their power to encourage the development of clean burning fuels with unlimited supply and provide an atmosphere of freedom and support for the coming innovations and crossovers to the new fuels.

25  When one realizes that neither conservative nor liberal is the big enemy, he can become an intelligent watcher of events and pick the side that is correcting a great wrong.

26  The freer the market the more prevalent the freedom for all.

27  There are many on the fringes who believe that the necessary rules of society take away their freedom or free agency.

28  What is liberating can be either conservative or liberal.

29  Many support long jail sentences for non violent crimes that draw on our financial resources and could be solved by other methods.

30  In the Old South many fought to keep the principle of slavery alive because it gave the taskmasters more “freedom.”  This idea is not that much different from the current idea of increasing taxes on those who have, to give to those who have not. This causes those who have to “slave” away harder to fulfill their dreams and causes those who have not to become lazy and miss the joy of accomplishing something on their own.

31  The government should only do that which we permit, but the individual should be able to do all that is not prohibited because of harmfulness.

32  The principle around freedom is that the Government needs to be restricted to allow the maximum freedom of choice for the largest possible number of people.

33  Even totalitarian regimes will topple without physical conflict if enough light and common sense is manifest by the lovers of freedom.

34  In a way it is too bad that the discussion of freedom is mainly limited to people in the arena of politics. Many people in metaphysics and philosophy shy away from the subject as much as they do a fundamental religion; yet, this should not be.

35  The main criteria I look for in supporting a party or candidate is their adherence to the principle of freedom.

36  Many people there are in totalitarian regimes who are not crying out for more freedom, but completely accept their restrictions and look on freedom as an adventure into irresponsibility.

37  99 percent of the time when there is tyranny, it is the tyranny of a minority over the majority.

38  The will of the majority far outweighs the potential tyranny of a minority.

39  Freedom does not belong to either conservative or liberal, even though both sides lay claim to it.

40  Those who wish to restrict freedom to conserve the past are the true right wing and those who wish to restrict freedom to obtain liberal change are the true left wing.

41  Fortunately for the world, there are no idealists who have supreme power over a major nation. Let me assure you that there are many idealists that would indeed unleash great misery on human kind if they had the power to restrict freedom.

42  Both the left and the right use the same argument of being pro life to promote their cause of the restriction of freedom. The political left want to restrict our freedom to own guns for the preservation of life and the anti abortion people also want to restrict freedom to preserve life. Yet the interesting fact is that they both violently disagree with each other.

43  We need to change our system to place emphasis on education rather than enforcement.

44  Voting is important my friends, even if it is for the lesser of two evils.

45  Some people talk of a benevolent dictatorship. There is no such thing.

46  It is true that sharing and service will become principles of salvation for the coming age, but these will become manifest through free will with much more power than good-through-force as encouraged by government.

47  It is the destiny of the governments of the world to become members of the house of God. The governments of the earth will be set in order and thus eventually join the house of God.

48  The greatest enemy to the governments of the earth joining the house of God are the religions of the earth who see most government as the enemy of God. Many of these believers do nothing to help change the world, waiting instead for a great savior to come and destroy them all and set up a benevolent totalitarian rule.

49  With freedom comes responsibility.

50  It is helpful in this age that the lights are not seeking to overthrow or subvert any government, but is seeking to work within established rules, laws and systems to create permanent change.

51  If the Brotherhood of&nbspLight gets their way the coming one world government will be a loose association of the nations of the world patterned after the idea of limited government composed of cooperating nation states, similar to the association of the original United States.

52  The Constitution of the United States is built around the principle of the Free Agency of man.

53  When I talk to those on the right they think I am left wing and when I talk to those on the left they assume I am right wing.

54  When you examine the various countries of the world you will see that the less freedom the people have the more they are influenced and controlled through emotion.

55  When a person receives benefits, he will tend to vote to sustain the benefit no matter how unfair it may be to the persons providing it. In his mind he is voting for greater freedom for himself, but at the expense of the free choice of the person providing the money.

56  Look at any issue and you will see that freedom lies more on one side than the other.

57  If a government were to switch over to the Molecular Relationship it would have to be a gradual process involving appropriate legislation on a national and State level.

58  There has never been a permanent government of any kind on the earth in the history of the planet. So if we predict the future based on the past we could say, “There is no such thing as a permanent form of any government.”

59  Whether a Molecular Politician is a Democrat or Republican will make no difference for they will vote the will of the people.

60  If democracy in the world is pushed back far enough then the coming of Christ within this generation will not be able to take place, at least not in the way we hope for.

61  The transition to a true democracy is expected to be mainly fought out in the United States, but it is always possible that some smaller nation could incorporate the higher principles before we do.

62  Because an informed majority will make democracy much better I have stated that one of the main jobs of a Molecular candidate is to educate his co-legislators. Our representatives’ prime job needs to shift from power broker to manager and teacher.

63  All throughout history policy has been made by the minority, not by the majority through Democratic means.

64  To make Molecular Politics work the candidate must agree to follow the will of his co-legislators with his voting, even if it goes strongly against his beliefs.

65  I am adamantly against enforced universal suffrage of any kind. People should only be encouraged to vote when they know what they are voting for.

66  Under Molecular Politics, term limits would not be needed because the will of the people will prevail no matter how long the candidate is in office.

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Health and Healing

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1  The first job of the spiritual healer is to discern whether or not a healing is permissible.

2  All true spiritual healers (with rare exceptions) start with an accurate diagnosis.

3  If karma dictates that a person suffer through disease or other means there will be nothing the disciple can do to heal the person.

4  All illness is created through cause and effect of which karma is an aspect, but not all illness or accidents have their root in karma (or cause) from an error from a past life.

5  A physical accident or disease can produce problems (and be created by problems) beyond the physical. But such things can be overcome and neutralized thus making the pilgrim stronger and more whole than he would have been had he not had the problem.

6  He who follows The Middle Way discovers the path which will bring health at the earliest possible moment.

7  Djwahl Khul [DK] tells us that disease is a distorted reflection of divine possibility. Even so it is with disease among humanity itself. People see an idea they consider good and seek to implement this idea of good through the restriction of the freedom of others.

8  Even though much energy comes into play in the cause of illness, they all fall within two categories. Category One:  Diseases of congestion. Category Two:  Diseases of inflammation.

9  We often think of disease as being of a physical nature, but there is also social and spiritual disease.

10  Sometimes the cause of an illness is as simple as eating the wrong foods, and the cause of an accident can be as simple as not watching what you are doing. On the other hand, some illnesses and accidents are arranged by the soul to teach us lessons as well as pay a debt from past karma. In this case is a healing impossible? Sometimes yes and sometimes no.

11  Disciples will have bodies of refined atomic substance whose molecules are in a state of high evolution and advanced disciples will usually have good health.

12  None of us want disease and pain, but disease and pain are often caused by what we want.

13  When negative emotion is dissipated our physical vehicles will vibrate in much greater harmony with nature and much disease will no longer consume man.

14  There are times that the person is not prepared for a spiritual healing, but there is always a way. One must find it and tread the path.

15  When spiritual healing is not permitted, then medicine, herbs and other physical methods are in order.

16  If you contemplate the lesser lives within your own body, you can sense their desire to know you, and in a sense you are a god to them and they seek to be one with their god. Their god also should seek to be one with them. This is one of the secrets of perfect health.

17  I found that there were certain people who could not be healed by faith – that to learn a lesson of some kind they had to endure certain maladies.

18  The true unselfish servant often will experience miraculous healing which will give him more power to serve and thus pay off his debt to humanity quite quickly.

19  We need to stay emotionally and mentally healthy if we are to be good servants for humanity.

20  Whenever I have a physical problem the first thing I do is go on a fast.

21  We need to allow people to do whatever damage they wish to do to themselves, as long as they are aware of what they are doing.

22  What are the attributes of the throat center and what about this center could be misused or frustrated to cause a problem with the hearing?

23  Beginning disciples (and some advanced ones) will often have great health struggles as they have not yet learned to overcome the dark attacks.

24  Those who have the mark of the Beast will suffer ill health, will labor in drudgery as if they were a slave and work to support organizations and stone buildings rather than the living spirit.

25  Health conscious people with health problems have those problems not because good health practices do not work. But because of a wrong direction of a flow of energy.

26  By adding fasting to any healing technique your spiritual power will be amplified.

27  If you are serious about it and want to do something for both your health and spirit go on a fast. The first time I saw an aura clearly was after a ten day fast on lemon juice and honey.

28  By adding fasting to any healing technique your spiritual power will be amplified.

29  Concerning the name of Jesus, in The Immortal Book I we are told that the entity Jesus does not even like the modern name Jesus and only uses it when He has to for identity purposes. Nevertheless, because of the thoughtform behind the name it does have a powerful healing energy that can be harnessed in connection with the power of faith.

30  An inclusive attitude was one reason that Jesus had such ability to heal. When He looked at a poor ragged cripple He did not allow himself to see a person excluded from the gifts of God. Instead He saw one who was equal to himself, deserving of all the fruits of the Spirit. When that vision that Jesus saw was glimpsed by the cripple, he became a Son of God himself for an instant, and was healed.

31  When the eyes of the downtrodden meet the eyes of the soul, healing begins and vision is restored.

32   There are two methods of healing. One is called magnetic healing and the other is healing by radiation. With magnetic healing you actually touch the physical body. With radiation you don’t touch the physical body.

33  The mind must see the name BECOMING perfectly manifest. If a healing is being performed then the vision of wholeness (holiness) must be seen.

34  I submit that at least half of those who die at the hands of mistakes caused by doctors could have been returned to health with only a minimum of education in the true science of healing available to all.

35  Is the American Medical Association avant guard in promoting a cure for cancer or do they resist the real cures?

36  Zion will have the healthiest people on the planet, not only because of good physical environment and minimal pollution, but the emotional and mental conditions will prove to be as great of a boon to health as good nutrition and clean air.

37  Often times a search for a cure or improvement in health will wind up leading a seeker toward embracing the Light and following the highest he knows.

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Higher Lives

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1  The One Great Life only works through Its representatives. Any person who is Master or higher, who is in alignment with God’s Purpose on this little planet is one with God and speaks for God, or the One Life.

2  The true oversoul for humans is the Higher Life that permeates the whole human kingdom as a whole.

3  I contend that it is important to discover the Great Lives who are our fairly immediate superiors for much of what is to be our destiny is in Their hands.

4  Shamballa was established 23 million years ago when the Ancient of Days arrived here, but the earth itself is billions of years old and has been occupied since it’s creation by an Entity even higher than the Ancient of Days.

5  One of the basic differences between the Masters who have overcome death and us ordinary mortals is that Their word is always to be trusted and Their promises are to be relied on.

6  The higher lives are not just sitting around waiting for you to merely declare that you are ready. You must make yourself useful as a tool in their hands to get their attention.

7  All the plans of the Masters are not executed flawlessly, that They have their problems in Their sphere of activity as we have in ours.

8  The Masters are actually more adept on Their own plane than they are on the human plane just as we are better at doing human things than animal things such as building a beaver dam.

9  Very little accurate information is given out about the Masters in this current time but one day all will be revealed.

10  A good piece of advice for anyone wishing to get in the good graces of the Masters is to learn to mentally check their offensive meter. If one is easily offended by a wrong or misplaced word then he must wait a while to do the real work.

11  It takes more courage to enter into the presence of one of the Great Ones than it does to risk certain death by offending an absolute ruler on earth.

12  A Master is one who has overcome physical death and has power to manifest in all three worlds of form at will.

13  To the Lives Higher than human there are many freedoms that are just beyond our ring-pass-not that seem very simple to Them.

14  The Logos above the Solar [Logos] is so far removed from our consciousness that in ‘the ancient wisdom’ He is called “The One About Whom Naught Can Be Said.”

15  The Higher Lives contact us for instruction, and such instruction concern what is needed rather than what is desired.

16  There are highly evolved entities that have passed beyond physical existence and seek to help us in our evolution. The Bible calls these beings “the spirits of just men made perfect.”  In the east they are called Nirmanakayas.

17  You must develop your talents and abilities so you can be useful to the work of the Masters.

18  When a Master is among us in the flesh, the student has a tremendous barrier of ego to overcome in order to recognize the full value of the teachings; but when the Teacher works from subtle levels, the disciple often thinks the concepts are his own idea so the ego is not a hurdle.

19  The higher lives speak the language of silence and silence does not clamor for attention; instead attention must find the silence.

20  We are told through Alice A. Bailey that a great Avatar called the Avatar of Synthesis has come to the earth from another solar system to assist the Christ and this entity exceeds Him in evolution.

21  Djwahl Khul [DK] called the Nirmanakayas Divine Contemplatives.

22  Maitreya is not necessarily a specific name, but more of a title and a number of entities are known by it.

23  The Christ occupies the position as the head of the Spiritual Hierarchy, as the mediator between Shamballa and humanity. Sananda is the second Kumara close to the heart of Sanat Kumara. Psychics undoubtedly picked up a close link between Sananda and the Christ for both are firstborn sons of God.

24  All the qualities and abilities of the Greater Lives which have gone before us are available and waiting for us to achieve.

25  There is a hierarchy of beings of a diverse magnitude of consciousness who are tuned into the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost aspects.

26  Our Planetary Logos is a disciple of the Solar Logos.

27  Let me define what I mean by a Higher Life in this context. I am not speaking of the Masters or advanced individual entities that have passed through the human kingdom.

28  The higher lives will eventually incarnate into the physical among humanity. Its first body most likely will be composed of the twenty-four humans.

29  Question:  So what is the Higher Life above human?  Answer:  It is a Molecular Life currently living on the mental plane waiting for a physical body to manifest.

30  A true Master will generally appear in a physical body that you can touch or feel if you are meeting on the physical plane. To meet on higher planes you must go to that plane with Him.

31  In this earth sphere there does exist a hierarchy of Masters, which are also linked to an even higher order of lives through other solar systems. These all work through an order which is called The Molecular Relationship.

32  Christ is on the Earth right now in a physical body. He’s not up in heaven somewhere.

33  The Avatar of Synthesis has come to the earth from another solar system to assist the Christ and this entity exceeds Him in evolution. He is of such high vibration that He can only descend to the plane of the mind.

34  Watchers are not like angels. The Angelic kingdom actively works to make that which is watched for by the higher lives materialize.

35  To become a Master one must not only balance off cause and effect as it relates to others, but also as it relates to oneself and between the lower and higher self.

36  Seeking to identify or call on the Monad will not have the intended effect until you have removed certain limitations and grown in purpose and ability.

37  The Universal Mind craves experience, and as it contemplates in its various energy states, it sees all possibilities. Each possibility is an extension of itself, created in its own image and becomes a point in the Universal Life.

38  But you may ask,  “I know of lots of people who have seen higher beings and there was no fear.”  Ninety-nine percent of all such visions are from either the astral world or an encounter with a thoughtform, and these do not have a high vibration and create no cause for alarm.

39  Our mission now is to open the door for the higher lives to incarnate among humans even as they have among the Masters.

40  The Holy Spirit is a great cosmic entity that works through the Oversoul.

41  The universal One God is not a logos or a part of any hierarchy, but manifests through all the hierarchy as well as every life in the universe and is thus aware of the fall of a sparrow so long as the sparrow itself is aware of its fall.

42  The plan of reappearance goes forward and if we do our part in the next thirty years, the miracle of the consciousness of the entity who was Christ, Krishna, and Melchizedek will be among us again down to the physical level.

43  If an avatar incarnates he wastes 20-30 years in the relearning process. If he lets a disciple prepare the body with the necessary learning recorded in the brain he can save several decades of time that he can apply to other necessary work.

44  Alice A Bailey lists Abraham Lincoln as a great avatar. She calls him a racial avatar, one of the greatest we’ve had.

45  A direct incarnation of an avatar would require a certain quality of karma as well as consciousness from the people he will encounter.

46  The Holy Spirit is a great spiritual entity that fills our whole solar system and is linked to all other Holy Spirits in other solar systems to bring about the grand purposes of God.

47  When the lower life has filled the measure of its creation it then continues to progress by identifying with a higher life and living through that life with other lesser lives as if they are the one greater life.

48  Higher lives can appear in any form and it is possible that in very ancient times it served a purpose to appear as serpents.

49  The intentional creation of a thoughtform of a Master can actually draw the consciousness of the Master into the thoughtform if the group is ready for revelation.

50  There are immortal beings which some call Gods, but the One God exists within the heart of each and every person who is a reflection of Deity.

51  I personally believe that a final decision was made by the Avatar [of Synthesis] to assist the Christ and humanity somewhere around 1978 and since then he has been working from the plane of the mind through certain disciples to affect synthetic change upon the earth. The workers sensitive to his vibration are fewer than was hoped.

52  There are entities even above the Masters who dwell in higher planes of feeling that must step down their vibration even in dealing with what we may call a Master of Wisdom.

53  The only entities that can help us are those that are a step or maybe two above us.

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Honesty and Integrity

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes

From The Discourses Of JJ Dewey

1  It may seem that honor and personal integrity is a thing of the past, but in reality it never is.

2  First and foremost, I expect honesty.

3  You do not have to reveal all you know, but what you do reveal should be literally true as you portray it.

4  Argue with what I do say and not with what I do not say.

5  The difficult thing is telling the truth ourselves. We want the truth told to us, but many find it difficult to practice honesty as we want it given to us.

6  It is most important that when we make a commitment and we are aware of such commitment that we do all in our power to be true to our word. If we do this consistently then our vibration moves in harmony with the vibration of Spirit, which is truth, and the door to soul contact opens wide.

7  When a Master, or a member of the God kingdom, speaks to you, you will know it is not a lie, but the truth because such a person has made the external and internal corrections to insure the word is God, and is true.

8  I like a little conflict, but when in conflict I like an adversary who will at least admit he is an adversary.

9  Outside of some politicians, most people know what a lie is and what a promise is.

10  Never give your word without first projecting your consciousness into the future seeing every possible situation that may come up.

11  It is important that we be tolerant of completely honest communication so all can accurately portray their observations whatever they are.

12  The disciple is only corrected if he honestly seeks further instruction and correction.

13  Let us continue to be honest about our disagreements, but be heartfelt in our acceptance of each other as manifestations of Christ.

14  Any time we feel (rather than think) we need to conform at the risk of suppressed feelings or the development of grievances, then is the time to be honest and share your feelings or one may be supplying the Beast with a foothold for control.

15  If the disciple can look over his past ten years and see that he has been more honest than in the pervious ten then he can take this as a sign he is progressing toward liberation from material forces on the path to life eternal.

16  Keeping our word, telling the truth and the honor of trust and reliability behind a name must have a place among us if true discipleship and a service to the Great Ones is to be achieved.

17  Ministers, teachers and gurus are constantly demanding money time and energy from their followers and only giving illusion in return.

18  One of the things we have asked for is that if you do make a criticism to not make an accusation for accusation’s sake but please do it with sincerity and get the facts straight.

19  If you feel somewhat guilty about lies you have told or promises that you have broken and wish you could just make a new start there is an interesting way for you to do it. Make a commitment to yourself to tread the path of complete honesty and then find a friend to baptize you by immersion. Notice I say find a friend, not a minister or priest. It would be best if this friend is not particularly religious, but just a good person.

20  The way to achievement in honesty and the keeping of our word among us human beings, as it is done in the kingdom of heaven, is an important key and the path is not as you may have been taught.

21  Silence is neither a lie or the truth. It is just silence.

22  When all the words we speak are words of truth and promises which come true then the barrier between man and God evaporates and soul contact is established followed by the Oneness that the Master talked about.

23  Honest emotional communication is a grand key that leads us to a recovery of man’s lost estate.

24  When you learn to be true to your word, the Word within you will be known and it will be found to be made flesh in you. God will then be known as 100 percent trustworthy.

25  It is true that to attain honesty a certain amount of discipline is necessary, but to tread the path, wisdom is more important than discipline or will.

26  It’s very difficult to have pure intent. Matter of fact to have pure intent you have to examine yourself every day and look at all the motives that we’ve done during the day. Look at what you did when you woke up in the morning, what you did at noon, what you did in the evening, what you did with your closest relationships.

27  The lie usually causes more damage than the act that caused the lie.

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