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Just a few more comments of clarification on this statement I previously made:

"In evolution the end is often like the beginning but with improvements."

Studying ancient physical races will not shed much light on this because the first two races were not physical. The first two were in grades of etheric matter. It was the third race, the Lemurian, was physical, of which the Australian aborigine is a remnant.

The first race was hermaphrodite and has similarities to the seventh and last race, but with differences. One of the biggest differences is the seventh race will be physical.

Previously I wrote:

"If the eye is all-seeing then the one will be all that is needed and would not be a regression."


Larry responded with:

"It would seem to me that the term 'all-seeing' as used above is pretty ambiguous, and fairly meaningless from a rational, and scientific examination of your claim."


I don't see your point here. For one thing science cannot examine that which they cannot find. These beings are definitely beyond their reach. By all-seeing we are referring to more than the physical although the physical is no problem for them. These Elohiym are able to see beyond the physical into the higher ethers and planes as well as any point on the physical planet.

Actually the millions of people who believe in God and Jesus already believe they are all-seeing.

The phrase "all-seeing eye" was not developed in ancient lore by accident as there are beings with an eye of vision that is much more all-seeing than us regular humans.



"It is relevant I think when one talks about something like 'a third eye,' or the ability to see beyond the normal, etc. - the kind of 'all seeing' facility that one might propose a higher being -- a 'God' -- to have. Some as yet not understood organ (e.g. the pineal gland) might evolve into an organ that 'sees' beyond the physical light that our present eyes are accustomed to."


And just like various rays will merge into one ray it is logical that the third eye and the two physical eyes could synthesize into one.



"But again I do not see any physical reason for the form you have described and it seems to be driven more by 'theology' - if you will - than any rational conviction that I can so far 'see.'"


The teaching wasn't derived from theology or reason though it seems reasonable on hindsight.


Ruth wrote:

"You say that 'even so is it our destiny to merge and create a greater life for the soul of humanity.'

"If we create a greater life for the 'soul of humanity,' does this in turn create a greater life or soul for the Universe? I ask this because you say that humanity is the soul of the Universe, so if the soul of humanity becomes a greater life, then what happens to the Universe."


When I was speaking of the "soul of humanity" I was talking about the humanity on this earth which is only one of billions in the universe. An advancement of humanity on this earth is only a small matter when looking at the universe as a whole.

Soul is the interplay between spirit and matter and when looking at the universe as a whole the point of interplay is humanity. In some places humanity is very spiritual and other places it is very material, but looking at human life, as a whole, we see an oscillation of the tiny lives shifting between spirit and matter just as happens in our individual universe. Within the disciple his attention on the soul causes an interplay, or oscillation, between spirit and matter.

As humanity on the various worlds advance more power will be given to the soul of the universe to give life and shape to the universe.



"Ok, this is the part where I am not understanding about the Ancient of Days as God to us on Earth, and the Solar Angel in relation to us and the Ancient of Days.

"Are we manifested through the Ancient of Days (God's) consciousness as is every other living entity on Earth, or are we the reflection of our Solar Angel, which is really us but as a future self millions of years ahead of where we are at now, and hence can guide us?"


We do not manifest through the consciousness of the Ancient of Days any more than the Chinese manifest through you. You are a reflection of your solar angel and are nourished by it. The Ancient of Days tunes into your consciousness as well as the consciousness of the planet as a whole and the entire earth is a vehicle for his current incarnation.

The elements of your body existed before you incarnated and will exist after you die. In fact they change every 7-14 years. We are like the elements in the body of the planetary logos.



"Does the Solar Angel and Ancient of Days work as one or as two separate entities?"


They are separate and in different planes. The Ancient of Days is much higher evolved than a solar angel.



"Is the Solar Angel higher in vibration than the Ancient Of Days?"

JJ:  No.



"Is the monad part of the Ancient Of Days consciousness, because here it is the God of this Earth?"


The Ancient of Days has cosmic consciousness, which is even higher than the monad. Our seven planes (including the monadic) make up the one higher plane called the cosmic physical. The Ancient of Days is seeing as high as the cosmic astral. The Solar Logos sees on the cosmic mental.


"The more original a discovery, the more obvious it seems afterwards."
  -- Arthur Koestler (1905 - 1983)