Re:  First Key Of Knowledge -- Part 10

2008-11-9 13:31:00

Ruth asked:

"So there would have to be like 5 positive and 3 negative in the Universe of 8, regardless of the odd and even numbering system?


The rays are neither good or evil but all work toward the dominating good. Good dominates because there is intelligence dispersed throughout the universe and intelligence eventually sees the correct path and chooses to follow it. As long as intelligence exists in the world of form, good will dominate. Of course there will be temporary pockets and cycles where evil or error will dominate, but intelligence will eventually see the error and correct it.


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In a previous follow-on message number 37809, posted to The Keys Of Knowledge spiritual discussion group, JJ Dewey responded to questions from another student relating to subject of this article:

Johann asks:

"So what exactly is the difference between consciousness and awareness since awareness is created and recreated between creations and by the same token, how does awareness effect consciousness since I gather that there is some kind of consciousness in-between creations or in the great rest?

"Or are you using two different words to describe the same thing?"


I only used the word "awareness" in that which you quoted.

Awareness uses consciousness, but consciousness creates awareness.


"Just for the fun of it, what happens then in the world of 8 when there are 4 positive and 4 negative rays and planes to the principle of the dominating good or is that simply not known."


The Principle of Dominating Good is eternal and will always move us forward in all worlds.