When you start to read the first book, we know that you will find it so compelling that you will not be able to put it down. We also know that once you finish the first book, you will want to read ALL the books in the series.

What makes this series so compelling?

Mostly because it is not just another batch of recycled ideas, but a real page turner full of new and exciting concepts that will excite, bring joy and hope, and leave the reader wanting more.

It is now time for many of the mysteries hidden away to be revealed once again!

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Methods of Revelation

Methods of Revelation

Question: What are the methods used by the Brotherhood or Higher Lives to communicate with us? As far as how the brotherhood can make contact - if we use the old standby, the Bible as an example, we have the following: (1) Through Physical visitation. Examples of this are the visitation of Jesus in the flesh to the apostles after the resurrection and God and his two associates who ate dinner with Abraham. (2) Through visions. Examples of this would be the visions of Daniel and John the Beloved. (3) Through angels (4) Through inspiration or revelation from higher intelligence, assumed to be God. This is the principle upon which most of the Bible was written. Since none of the prophets tell exactly how this ...Read More

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