The Next Step

2007-3-4 14:00:00


This is your quote I was referring to in that question:

"The sad fact is that many who see themselves as representing Light are deceived into accepting and even promoting diminished freedom and thus become unwilling servants for the Dark Ones, until the truth makes them free."

The problem is that this is a quote from Ruth, not me. You need to quote me if you are going to argue with me and Ruth if you are going to argue with her. Even so, I will attempt to clarify things for you.


What I was saying is, if there are more evolved entities which is what we both admit clearly. Then the more evolved entity would see the less evolved entity as promoting "diminished freedom". This is because obviously a more evolved entity has more evolved freedom. Now my question was this, and I would like you to respond to this. Is this an indication to you that we are "deceived" as you put it? When we follow "diminished freedom" from one entity and as you say, become unwilling servants for the "dark ones."

The opposite is true, as usual. When people attempt to take a larger step than their consciousness will allow then they are in danger of being deceived by the Dark Brotherhood.

If you climb a 20-step ladder and attempt to climb more than one step at a time you are likely to fall off and hurt yourself. If you try to take five steps at a time you are deceived and a fool. You will accomplish nothing.

The beginner on the path will look at the top step and imagine the great view he will have and want to jump up there in one leap, but will accomplish nothing.

Only by being humble and realizing one is on the first step can the seeker take the first step.

We must expand our ring-pass-not where we are, not where we are not. Freedom for the worm is the discovery of better soil where he can be nourished. He has no concept of what freedom for an advanced human is. The worm knows nothing about nuclear fusion which we are currently working on to bring humanity greater freedom. It would be silly to attempt to communicate such a concept to a worm for it has nothing to do with his next step.

Even so, we are like worms in relation to some of the higher lives. The expansion of their freedom has nothing to do with our next step. It would only be a distraction for them to even attempt to explain it to us.

The only entities that can help us are those that are a step or maybe two above us. If they are more than two steps ahead, then their attention concerning their freedom is on such a different level that it would be beyond our understanding - just as an earthworm cannot understand the internet and the freedom it gives us.


Considering there is always higher understanding from a higher entity, We will always be promoting "diminished freedom" to someone else.

The maximum movement going up a ladder is to always take the next step. It diminishes progress and freedom to attempt more than you can climb and to have an accident and fall off.

You seem to think the joy is from just being on the top step. You are wrong, my friend. The joy is in the journey. There is no freedom if you miss the great experiences of taking the steps on the path that take you through the beautiful scenery of life.


So does this mean we should be seen as serving the dark ones?

How you can make a leap like this is amazing. Is it darkness to climb a ladder one step at a time? And please do not tell me that there is an elevator available that allows the worm to see through human eyes (or the human to see through the galactic logos) in one step. It does not exist.


What is then the difference between those above us, and those below us? Where do you draw the line and say "this is dark" and then "this is not following dark."

I have explained this many times. That which is darkness interferes with the seeker taking his next step. That which is in harmony with the Brotherhood of Light helps us move forward in taking our next step forward toward greater freedom, light and understanding.

I glean from your previous comments that you have a great desire to skip the hard work and take a giant leap to some ultimate reality where no more progress will be needed. This attitude is common among beginners and hinders them from taking that real first step on the path to discipleship.

May you see where you are and work on your next step rather than attempt to make a giant leap into the abyss. Or, to put it another way... If you are going to eat a Big Mac do not attempt to eat it in one swallow or you could choke to death.

Global Warming Enlightenment:

BRIEF ANALYSIS No. 213 For immediate release:

Friday, September 6, 1996

In 1992 at the United Nations-sponsored Earth Summit in Rio, the United States signed a treaty that established voluntary goals for returning to 1990 levels of greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2000. Since voluntary action is not working, the Clinton administration now wants a new international treaty with enforceable goals.

At a recent U.N. conference on climate change in Geneva, Timothy Wirth, U.S. Undersecretary of State for Global Affairs, said that the Clinton administration is committed to legally binding limits on greenhouse gas emissions. This is consistent with the views Wirth expressed in 1990 when he was a U.S. senator. Wirth said then that "We've got to ride the global warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing - in terms of economic policy and environmental policy."