The Body of the Cosmic Logos, Part 4

The Body of the Cosmic Logos, Part 4
The Centers of the Centers

In addition to there being seven centers in the planet itself, each of those have seven centers. For instance, we have discussed the seven centers of the fourth kingdom, humanity, which are represented as seven cities with two yet to materialize as we reach a higher stage of evolution.

Let us see what we can discover about the centers of these kingdoms.

Concerning the mineral, DK says very little but does give a hint:

“The mineral kingdom is responsive to that type of energy which is the lowest aspect of fire, of those internal furnaces which exert an influence upon the elements in the mineral world, and which resolve these atomic lives into a gradual series of ever-higher types of mineral energy. For instance, the type of energy which plays upon iron ore, or which produces tin, is emanated from a different centre in the body of the Entity informing the mineral kingdom to that which converts the elements into those wondrous jewels, the diamond, the sapphire, the emerald or the ruby. Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Page 1071

So here we are told that there is a great entity who informs the mineral kingdom of this planet, and apparently the heavy metals like tin and iron form a center as well as one that informs the jewels, which would probably include crystals. He doesn’t say which center these belong to, so let us put forth our best estimate.

The base of the spine is the foundation of life, so that may be the center of the planet. The sacral center creates living forms, so that would be outer part of the planet including the top soil or the top layer of the planet from which living things grow. The solar plexus would be the oceans, for water is a symbol of emotion. The heart would include all elements that are not metallic or gaseous. The throat would be the metals – the source of many creative forms by humans. The ajna center equates to precious jewels and crystals, and finally, the crown center would be the atmosphere and all other gasses. The atmosphere is above the physical earth as is the crown center above the physical body.

Note that we are including the atmosphere and oceans in with the mineral kingdom as being inorganic. They would therefore belong to the first kingdom, the mineral, rather than the vegetable or another kingdom.

DK indicates that the various centers are not set in stone, but may vary according to consciousness and perspective.

For instance, we could arrange this kingdom into the seven groups of elements in the periodic table, each having a different number of electron shells.

Concerning the divisions of the kingdoms DK says this:

“It will be clear that each of the kingdoms—elemental, mineral, vegetable, and animal as well as the human—is divided into seven primary types or rays.” Esoteric Psychology, Vol 1, Page 164

He doesn’t list these divisions for the vegetable and animal, but does make this statement on a part of the vegetable kingdom:

Ray II is the beneficent influence, expressing itself through the cereals and flowers.

Ray IV is the life quality, expressing itself through the grasses and the smaller forms of vegetable life,— those which provide the “green carpet whereon the angels dance”. Psychology, Vol 1, Page 239

The student can only guess at other divisions. Trees would be a definite one of the seven major divisions.

Again, with the animal kingdom, he does not list the centers or divisions, but does give us some information:

“…for instance, the rapport being established between humanity and the domesticated animals. These animals are to their own kingdom what the New Group of World Servers is to humanity.” Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle, Page 68

Earlier we learned that the New Group of World Servers represented an aspect of the ajna center of the planet, so we have an indication here that domestic animals as a whole represent that center within their own kingdom.

In addition, he does give some specific rays in connection to animals:

“Elephants are upon the first ray; dogs are expressions of the second ray; the cat is a third ray life manifestation, and the horse is sixth ray.” Esoteric Psychology, Vol 1, Page 260

This would indicate the elephants are linked to the head center of the animal kingdom (First Ray), dogs; the heart (Second Ray), Cats – the throat (Third Ray), and horses – the solar plexus (Sixth Ray). A number of interesting divisions can be made when all life associated with this kingdom are considered, such as the fish, insects and other animals not mentioned.

We have covered the seven human centers, noting five current cities and two centers to later appear, but in addition, the number seven repeats numerous times with us. For instance, the Ancient Wisdom teaches that during our evolution here there will be a total of seven root races. We are in the fifth now with two more to come. In addition, there are the seven continents which are: Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, Australia and Antarctica. Then we have the seven seas, which are the Arctic Ocean, the North Atlantic Ocean, the South Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the North Pacific Ocean, the South Pacific Ocean and the Southern (or Antarctic) Ocean.

Then, among humanity itself, there are seven divisions according to ray type. Each person is dominated by one ray above the others.

Those on Ray One gravitate to politics and positions of power and leadership.

Ray Two people have a strong desire to share and serve and are often in some type of teaching position.

Ray Three people are practical, good thinkers and are often found in business, manufacturing, sports and in creating organizations.

Those seeking creativity, harmony and unity are often on the fourth ray.

Scientists and logical concrete thinkers are influenced by the fifth ray.

The sixth ray has dominated for the past two thousand years during the age of Pisces which is now passing. Idealists, devotees and religious people are found on this ray.

The seventh ray is called the Ray of Ceremonial Law, Magic or Order. Those who are attracted to law and order, efficient business practices and ceremony, such as the Masons, are under this ray.

There is no single physical location for those on the different rays, as the divisions have more to do with energy than location.

The fifth kingdom representing Ray Two and the heart center of the planet is usually referred to as the Spiritual Hierarchy. These are those who have passed beyond the regular human stage in consciousness and have mastered human problems and are often called Masters of Wisdom. Djwhal Khul relates to us how these great lives are organized according to the seven rays. He thus gives out the positions of the Christ and Twelve Masters.

Under Christ, also on Ray Two, is a European Master, Koot Hoomi, and Djwhal Khul, the master who communicated with Alice A. Bailey.

The master heading up Ray One is called Vaivasvata Manu. Under him on this ray is the Master Jupiter and Morya.

The title for the head of Ray Three is called the Mahachohan or the Lord of Civilization. This is currently headed by the Master Rakoczi, formerly known as Saint Germain.

Under him is a Venetian Master, also on Ray Three.

On Ray Four is The Master Serapis and Ray Five is Hilarion, also known earlier as Paul of Tarsus. Ray Six is Jesus, who was the one who received the Christ at baptism. Ray Seven was presided over by Rakoczi but he moved up in position to head Ray Three, the Lord of Civilization. His replacement has not been identified.

The lower part of the ajna center of the planet are the New Group of World Servers in their seven divisions according to ray type previously mentioned.

The seventh center is Shamballa presided over by the Planetary Logos, the Ancient of Days – Sanat Kumara. The seven centers concerning this are represented by the seven Kumaras at the head. H.P. Blavatsky gave out the names as follows:

“The Exoteric four are: Sanat-Kumara, Sananda, Sanaka, and Sanatana; and the esoteric three are: Sana, Kapila, and Sanat-sujata.” Secret Doctrine Vol 1, Page 457

DK further clarifies:

“It has been said that in the head of every man are seven centres of force, which are linked to the other centres in the body, and through which the force of the Ego is spread and circulated, thus working out the plan. Sanat Kumara, with the six other Kumaras, hold a similar position. These central seven are as the seven head centres to the body corporate. They are the directing agents and the transmitters of the energy, force, purpose, and will of the Planetary Logos on His own plane.” Initiation Human and Solar, Page 30

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The Birth of the Christ Within, Part 5

This entry is part 32 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

What is the difference when the person says I love you from the heart center when the birth of the Christ within him is happening to him?

Audience: You will love that person no matter what their actions or reactions were.

JJ: It goes a little beyond that. What was the keynote of Christ when He was here and how did He manifest the love different than other people? He identified how His love was different. He did with a ceremony when He washed the apostles feet. He started to wash the apostles feet and He came to Peter and Peter said no you are not going to wash the apostles feet I will wash your feet instead and I am to be your servant and Jesus said if I can’t wash your feet than you will have nothing to do with me. And Peter said well wash my arms, chest, face, wash my whole body then.

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: Peter did not want to let go of his Master. The answer is service. In other words, the higher love seeks to serve others and the lower love seeks to serve self. When the person centered in lower love says I love you he is really saying I want you in my life because I think you can do stuff for me and you can be useful to me. You can be my trophy wife or whatever and I can show you off and everyone will think I am very successful.

The higher love says I want to serve and that is the interesting difference and that is what Jesus tried to teach the apostles. When he sought to wash their feet, Peter did not understand. He thought that Jesus was higher than him so he should be serving Him. but Jesus said no, not in the kingdom of my Father. He who is greatest is he who is the greatest servant. Jesus said in this world he who is greatest is like Caesar who gets the most people to serve him but that it is not like it is in the kingdom of heaven. In the kingdom of heaven the one who is greatest is the one with the greatest power to serve and what did He do all day long in the gospels? He was healing people all day long and always serving without asking for anything in return.

Curtis said he had a little story for us that he wanted to share before we move on here.

Curtis: How many are feeling a little bit of your heart petal opening listening to JJ’s words?

Audience: Most of them answered yes.

Curtis: You know like Joe was saying you go along in a flat line in your life and then some crisis will take you in an unexpected moment and turn your life upside down inside out and move you in a direction that you never even thought you would go and I would like to share with you an opening of my heart center that happened several years ago because of Mr. Joe Dewey.

I was very happy in the Mormon Church but I felt like I was banging my head against this glass ceiling not knowing where to go and not knowing where find an opening so that I could reach higher. We have all been there, where is the next step and what is going to bring me happiness and joy. I remember after a long period of preparing me for this new revelation Joe would come over and teach out of the scriptures and something about what he was saying and the way he was saying it just lit me on fire and I thought wow, where are you getting this information?

One day he came over and he said there is something that you need to know. Really, I said. I thought I knew it all. He says you think that there is just one chance at this and then you go into the next world and you are in some kingdom of glory because the Mormons do not believe in reincarnation, and Joe says no I want to teach you about the principle of reincarnation and this shocked me! The fact that he would even believe it and that he would try to indoctrinate me to this idea that we could have more than one lifetime because to believe in reincarnation means that you go against the Mormon theology and you risk eternal damnation and your soul is going to burn in hell. If you move outside of these lines or if you crack this glass ceiling that I had been banging my head against you go against council.

So at this particular moment in my life I had to know, was reincarnation a true principle of God? I knew that if it was that it would be the catalyst to catapult me in a direction that I could not turn back from because once these petals start to open you do not want to close them you just want to open the next one and the next one and the next one. I remember all the opposition that was in my life at that time and I had many friends in the Church and one of them said, “Curtis if you listen to that Joe Dewey one more time you are going straight to hell.” JJ’s wife would come over and bang on the door and say you had better not listen to him or you are going to go straight to hell and burn for all eternity. Man I was going to go straight to hell no matter what I did! Chuckling!

Audience: Laughing!

Curtis: So at that moment I decided that I had to have peace, some inner peace so I went into my room and knelt down and prayed and for the first time in a long time I really prayed to know the truth about the “R” word, reincarnation. There I was right in the middle of this prayer and this energy filled me with such power and force man I tell you I was born again.

Audience: Chuckling!

Curtis: In that moment I had a spiritual witness that began to enter my body and not from the lower chakra either, it came right into my heart and mind and told me without a shadow of a doubt that yes there is reincarnation. I said okay this could be an illusion here or just me. And the Presence said no I will stay with you for a couple of days and when I am through with you then you will know for sure that there is such a thing as reincarnation and multiple lifetimes.

Later I found out that many early members of the Mormon Church believed in reincarnation and they called it eternal lives and multiple probations. What is a multiple probation if it is not more than one lifetime? So I got a witness that lasted for three days it sent me on a path from whence I could not return. So if you have a question and you are just bouncing against a glass ceiling then you go ahead and take it further and further as far as you can go. Now armed with that knowledge I began to teach to my twelve year old students in Sunday school class and I told them well go home and tell your Mom and Dad about that idea!

Audience: Laughing!

Curtis: And they did and I was called in and I said to those authorities, you know you what; you cannot hurt me because I know the truth. I lost my marriage, my job because I sold real estate for a Mormon broker, all my friends in the Mormon Church wrote me letters and said that they could not associate with me anymore because I was an apostate. You know what? It did not matter; what mattered was that this center had opened and I was at a place of inner peace and I could not be disturbed by anyone or anything outside of that center again. Thank you Joe!

JJ: Thank you Curtis! Now I am the only friend he has!

Audience: Laughing! And his sister!

JJ: So you are moving along and then you have a crisis in one particular lifetime and you have a vibration that you have never felt before – what I call a touch of the soul,. You have probably even went through being an atheist or born again or lots of different things and finally you reach a point where nothing seemed to work and you feel as though you have reached a dead end and then finally something opens up to you and the energy flows into you. It may have been this life or it may have been a past life or may be your next life but sooner later it happens to everybody and this is called “The Birth Of The Christ Within the Heart.” It is our first step to becoming like the Master who walked in Jerusalem 2000 years ago.

He had to have that first step many lifetimes ago for himself the same step that we now have to take. Any other being no matter advanced sets a goal that we can emulate. As any other being that is behind us is something we have been and that is the beauty of it. The most important thing is that we are in motion. It is not so important where are and this is the big illusion that hampers many people along the path. Many people touch the spiritual energy and think, I wonder how advanced I am and I am probably on my last life for I am a lot smarter than those guys I see around so I am up pretty close to being like Jesus.

Audience: Laughter!

JJ: You laugh but I have met people like this! Their focus is on where they are rather than where they are going. If the seeker thinks he is further along than he really is that means he is going to go through the woods on a dead end trail instead of being where he really is and missing the real path that will lead through the woods. So if you think you are farther ahead or farther behind than you are and if you do not have reasonable idea of who you are and move accordingly than you will be wasting a lot of time and irritating everybody around you because they will think, boy that guy or gal thinks they are so smart and they think they are so righteous or so advanced and beyond the rest of us. I am the one that is advanced and maybe a Master.

Audience: Laughing!


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The Birth of the Christ Within, Part 3

This entry is part 30 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

The point is if we do not see the Christ in people then we are going to see something else in them and before long we will see the devil in them. This can happen with the nicest of people. One thing about a group like this is that a lot of us do not know each other very well! A lot of you do not know Curtis very well and he looks like a really nice guy that that maybe you want to spend a month with! Actually if you want to party then Curtis is the fun guy to party with. I am just joking about Curtis! But even he has managed to infuriate his share of people.

I like this time of year though and this time of year gets a lot of criticism. Many say that it is too commercial that they are trying to take the Christ out of Christmas but Christ is never completely out of Christmas because you find that when you get together with people around Christmas there seems to be a little better spirit, brotherhood, a bit more cheer and a little bit more remembrance of who we are. So in this way whether you say happy holidays, happy Hanukah or Merry Christmas there is a sparkle in the air and more of a remembrance of what we are supposed to be.

We give each other gifts whether we want them or not and even when we get a gift that we will never use we still say thank you and we are pleasant towards each other. So during this time of year I often am touched in my inner soul because of different things that just happen whether it be the bell ringer at Albertsons or whether it be a party you go to or whether it be listening to Christmas carolers on TV or in person.

I remember I was at Albertsons grocers last Christmas and a bunch of Christmas carolers came in and just started singing. It was very beautiful and the music really touched me and thought Christmas is a really great time of year because here I was shopping and these people just came in and started singing and I thought that was pretty cool. They stimulated the Christ energy spirit within me just listening to them.

There are different theories as to how many lifetimes we go through. I believe we go through approximately 1000 lifetimes before we achieve liberation. Why do I think it is approximately 1000 lifetimes? Because the center at the top of the head has 1000 petals on it and the petals of all of our various centers unfold and each one of our centers has different amounts of petals on it. The center between the eyebrows has 96 and the heart center has 12 and so on. As each one of these petals unfolds it unfolds a new type of energy but the center at the top of the head is in vibration sync with the rest of your body so when something is affected in one of your centers it affects one or more of the petals on the top of your head. I believe that there are 1000 petals on top of the head signifying 1000 lifetimes.

Now it is not exactly 1000 lifetimes but in each life we unfold a new type of energy and consciousness that we never had before. When this happens one of the petals at the top of your head unfolds and you have some energy and substance added to your consciousness that you never had in all of your previous lifetimes. Now sometimes if your life is cut short or you really screw up you might not get that petal completely stimulated or if your are really moving along and making a lot progress you might unfold two of them so it is possible for somebody that is really aggressive in perusing his consciousness to go less than a thousand lifetimes and others like Curtis it may take 2000. He is on his 2001, right?

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: I pick on my friends because they let me! Some people think we only have a dozen, but to give evidence there is a thousand lifetimes let me ask, how many people here have been married and divorced?

(To a lady in the audience): Now your husband that you were with, did he grow at all during the time you were with him, yes or no?

Audience: A little bit.

JJ: Okay he grew a little bit, now when you look at where he was when you married him and where he was when you divorced him did he seem to overcome anything or improve much?

Audience: There was definitely a phase.

JJ: Generally, when I ask this question the person says the spouse seemed to show little or any progression, even over decades. But over all if you have been married and divorced then you can look at that guy more objectively. If you are madly in love then you cannot look objectively at them. But if you have been in and out of a relationship or if you have been married to somebody for about thirty years you may think well he really has not moved that much. When I married him he watched football and drank beer and he still watches football and drinks beer and that is about all he does.

And this is the way it goes. When you look at yourself you cannot see yourself objectively but you can see the other guy fairly objectively and in a relationship the big complaint that people have about their partner is that the guy just does not seem to be moving and in this way we can see that real progress is really pretty slow. You actually learn about one major thing in each life and it appears that we learn more than one thing because we learn a lot of facts. We learn what the capitol of Minnesota is and who was president in 1812 or whatever but that does not mean you are making progress. That is just filling your computer mind with data. Progress is where you develop a greater skill that moves you ahead in your spiritual evolution.

Audience: In my experience with my husband it seemed that parts of him that were stuck were a catalyst for assisting me to move forward and it made me work hard to move forward and to develop and it was incredible.

JJ: That is one of the best parts about being in a relationship. You can be in a relationship with a person that is stuck and you can think, I don’t want to be this way and this is teaching me what not to do or it may produce growth in you in trying to help the other person even though he is beyond help but it may still help you.

So in each life you are given one thing to learn. The Buddhists teach this idea also. They say before a teacher can go out and teach Buddhism he has to get that one thing out of the way. He has to go out and learn that one thing and then he can go out and be a teacher. That is one of the philosophies of that they go by that I believe to be true, that in each life there is basically one basic thing that is new that you have to learn. Now in our lives we actually relearn a lot of the old things and we get back to our basic intelligence by the time we are 21.

At this age we arrive at the basic intelligence of where we left off in our past life. All the accumulated wisdom and intelligence manifests in the average person when he is about the age of 21. Now you go back and look at how you seem to evolve between when you first got consciousness and the age of 21. It seemed like every year you are almost a re-born person – you are moving ahead and you develop new skills, abilities and new sensations. Then from the age 21 you have one lesson you have to learn. It is important that you learn what that lesson is.

I was really dense about my lesson. It was very difficult for me and it is difficult for everybody because that new lesson is something that you are not good at. Let’s say you really good at music and you can play it very easily and it just comes naturally to you and you say I am going to be a musician but that is probably is not what you are supposed to learn because it is really easy for you. When you enter into new territory is very difficult and very hard and you do not want to do it so when you look at your life look at where your life has lead you again and again where you did not want to go then that usually leads you to what you are supposed to learn. Now if you don’t learn that one thing then you will have to come back and learn it all over again until you master it.

Believe me it is difficult for us to accept. It may be in the field of relationships, it may be some type of job skill, it may be some type of common sense that you are supposed to develop in a certain area but whatever it is you don’t want to do and why? Because you are not good at it. You are not good at anything that you do not know. Now there are a lot of things we know internally and these are things we enjoy doing. The new skill that you are supposed to learn in this lifetime is something difficult for you to master. This new skill is supposed to dawn on you at the end of your first Saturn cycle, around the age of 28 or 29.

So look back to around the age of 28-29 see if there was there some turning point in your life where you learned a major lesson. One of the things that can help you is to look at your rising sign in your astrology chart. How many know their rising sign?

Audience: Mine is Libra.

JJ: That shows that the lesson that you are going to learn will be around balance and Libra is a mental sign and air sign so it will be around something to develop in your mental development. Dealing with mind is sometimes difficult for people in the new age philosophy because a lot of them stay away from mind or see it as negative. It is important that you get grounded in common sense and balancing off things weighing one thing against another and learning good judgment. Have you found that when you look back on when you were 28 that this was something that was forced upon you?

Audience: I think so.

JJ: When you look back about what is in your rising sign you will find that there is a lesson there that you probably learned around the age of 28 or 29. Curtis your rising sign is Leo and he is the purest Leo you will ever meet. So his mission is to find out what makes him happy and fulfilled. He tries to spread fun around wherever he goes.

We have a Scorpio rising sign here, what you have to learn is acceptance of things you have no control over. Now if you look back to around the age of 28 it begins to dawn on you. Problems reach a point at this age for Scorpio rising that you think, “this is not working – what is the matter?” Or you look up at the heavens and ask. “why God?” Throughout your life have you had a lot of things that you produced the feeling that everything was out of control because of things you could not handle?

Audience: Yes

JJ: So what you have to do is learn to accept that which is outside of your control because we do not have control over everything. Scorpio is often associated with death because when someone dies you have no control over that and you are going have strong feelings when someone close to you dies. You are going to have feelings whether you like it or not. The lesson of Scorpio is learned when these feelings arrive you just accept them – that such feelings are a part of life. If you try to deny them and say, “I am above these feelings because I am enlightened,” then the lesson may not be learned. One may say, “My mother died and she is just off in a better place and I am okay with it.” Well, no, you may not feel good about it – you may feel terrible but you have to accept the way that you feel and deal with it. Scorpio rising must learn to accept the things that he can’t control, it is just part of life and then move forward.


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Finding the Real, Part 5

This entry is part 5 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

The problem we have after we straighten out our root beliefs is we do not see all of reality. Reality, we could say, is a great picture composed of many pieces like a big giant jig saw puzzle. But to see even one piece correctly we have to overcome attachment to desire first and then we can see the piece that is right in front of us but that is only one out many pieces and then we can see another piece and then another piece. So lets say that Jason here has dispelled glamour and illusion and he is able to see a few pieces.

Does that mean he knows everything? No he can’t see all the pieces yet. Eventually he will see enough pieces to see a picture and that picture gives him an idea of what the purpose and plan of God is for all of us. When he sees it, it will be a very exciting thing for him and he will be so much more thrilled than he would have with an illusionary vision.

If I could leave you with anything today it would be this; to look for our foundation beliefs and not to look for truth in what you want but look for it in what reality really is and reality is just a little different than we think it is. Consider this, have you ever thought about the fact that we never live in the present moment?

We do not because it takes you 1/64 of a second to register with your vision that I am even right here in front of you. So you are always 1/64 of a second behind seeing me! You never see me in the current time and you are always looking into the past 1/64 of a second. Then it takes you one second to register a bit of information about what you see in your consciousness and that is why the smallest unit of measurement that is normally used is a second – because it takes about a second to register information in your consciousness.

It takes a 64th of a second to see it. So you are behind a 64th of second in seeing me and you are behind a second in registering what you see. So we are always in the past and we never see the present. If we could see the true present what would we really see and if we could stop time and see what was really there what would we see? It may be fascinating to contemplate this.

Artie: I was wondering if the root cause of schizophrenia is the ability to see reality as it really is and so your mind splits and becomes insane.

JJ: Very interesting question, you just never know. Perhaps they have conflicting images in their mind and it drives them crazy. Is everybody here determined to go and find what is real?

Audience: We are sure going to make an honest effort.

Audience: Is there a correlation in initiation in whether you are in glamour or illusion and whether you are learning to overcome one or the other?

JJ: The first initiation is called having the birth of Christ in your heart, which is where you feel a sense that you want to aspire to find out who and what God is and what your purpose is in relation to God and you are sincerely on this path. Many religious and new age people who consider themselves spiritual have achieved the first initiation, the second initiation is where you master desire and this is very difficult to attain and not many have done this. The third initiation is overcoming and mastery of illusion. This was typified when Christ went on the mount with the disciples and his body was lighted up like the sun and He was visited by Elijah and Moses and with Paul it was on the road to Damascus and he saw this great light.

Paul is a good example because he was persecuting the Christians not because he was a bad guy. His desires were good and he wanted to serve God but he thought the best thing he could do was to kill the Christians to get rid of this threat to his belief system. Now because he had wrong core beliefs it led him to the sincere calculation that the Christians were evil and the best thing do if you have a cancer is to get rid of it. That was the logic he was going by.

Now his enlightenment did not happen instantly and apparently all this time that he was persecuting the Jews he had this benign reasoning in the background that was revealing his wrong beliefs. So, for a period of time, he had wrong core beliefs competing against truth that was distilled on his mind. Finally, on the road to Damascus the truth of his error prevailed in his mind and he was struck by this light. When the truth dawned on him – that is when he saw the vision and it was so intense that it blinded him for several days. So that was his third initiation and after that his illusion was dispelled and he began to see things the way they really were.

Blaine: Can you elaborate on the characteristics of the second initiation?

JJ: The second initiation is where you control emotion rather emotion controlling you, now some people who have studied this think that the second initiation is like Spock who has or shows no emotion but this is not true. As a person progresses his chakras which release feeling becomes more intense so you will find that the more evolved people are often more emotionally intense passionate people. It is not that they do not have feelings; it is that they control their emotions.

You will find that initiates are passionate and intense people, but when insulted they will rarely lash out or attack on an emotional level. They will try and respond like Christ, and He responded very kindly except on one occasion. It is like Solomon said there is a time and purpose for everything. There is a time to go to war, there is a time not to go to war, there is a time to love and a time to hate and there is a time for everything under heaven and that is true for even Jesus. In one instance he lashed out and that was when he was at the temple and accosted the money lenders.

What is interesting about Jesus in the temple is that it illustrates that He controlled his passion rather than his passion controlling Him. He went in the temple and felt outraged at the moneylenders and thought that something needs be done. Now if He had been controlled by His emotions than He would have reacted instantly without thinking but He did not do that. Can anyone tell me what He did do?

Audience: rope

JJ: Right He thought about it and went outside and got some ingredients for a rope and He made a rope and it does not say how long it took him to make the rope, it may have taken Him a couple days or several hours but He actually went out and made a rope. Now had his passions been in control He would have lashed out on the spot and they probably would have killed Him and we would have had no more Jesus.

Instead, He thought it through of how to accomplish this thing and He went out and made Him Self a rope and He went in with that rope and started turning over the tables and he whipped them. What happened was that the common people thought He was doing a good thing and they came to His defense and protected Him. So thinking the situation through saved His life and taught the people in the temple a lesson.

It would be kind of funny if a guy went into one of the Churches or temples here and did the same thing. He would probably be jailed as a madman but that was the time and place for Jesus to exercise His strong passion. But even at this the scriptures tell us that He did not react impulsively and that He thought it through as to how to release his passion in a way that He could get His message across. This is what the second degree initiate does; he masters his passions and emotions and keeps them under control, he does not deny them and this where there is a lot of illusion about the second initiation. Many people think that a second degree initiate is always calm and shows no emotion and that is not the case but he will always be under control.

If he feels like kicking down a door because he is angry he will look at it and say well how expensive is that door? The guy who is not the second degree initiate will not think about how expensive the door is and just kick it down because he is impulsive. But the initiate will think I feel like kicking down that door but it is too expensive so I will go outside and kick a can or something like that. He unleashes his passion according to his mental calculations as to the least harmless way to go about it.

Reminds of me one time when I about sixteen, I made this ping pong table out of some scrap lumber. Nobody in the neighborhood had a ping pong table and this thing must have weighed about 150-200lbs. It was really heavy. So me and my friends were playing on it and my little sister came up and challenged me to a game and she had never beaten me before. So we started playing and the score was 13 to 20 in my favor and we played the next round and she scored 14 to 20 and the next 15 to 20 and the next round 16 to 20 and I thought wow this goes against all reason and logic. She is not as good as me but she won the next couple rounds which took the score to 18 to 20 and then 19 to 20 and then 20 to 20 and I thought, it is one chance in a billion she would be able to beat me and then she wound up making the next score and beating me. When she beat me I was just enraged and so I looked at that ping pong table and I thought, I made this table so I can do whatever I want to do with this thing and I picked it up and it felt light as a feather. I then threw it against a tree and it smashed all to pieces. It was amazing, it was like I had super strength since I was full of rage.

Now every family reunion we go to my little sister loves to tell that story to everyone. If would have been someone elses ping-pong table I would not have hurt it but because it was mine and I knew it would make me feel really good I went ahead and decided to destroy it. Laughing!

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: I am kind of glad I destroyed it because it made such a great story that goes around my family. My sister insists on telling it every year. And with that story I would thank everyone for his or her time it is appreciated.


Copyright by J J Dewey

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Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 37

This entry is part 22 of 24 in the series Kalispell Gathering 2006

Audience: The one great life that is the youngest, in my head I think of this life as the big baby, because he is the biggest but is also the youngest. Didn’t He create molecules? When you say that we are in the seventh plane (universe of seven), are we the universe seventh edition and did that same big baby create them all?

JJ: Laughter. Okay, it would take a whole book to explain that. It might be a good idea to read the book again. There is really only one life and what the One Great Life did was reflected Himself, so if you put one mirror on one side of your self and another mirror on the other side of your self and looked, have you ever done that before? You will see the mirror reflect into endlessness. In the Bible when God said He created man, that He created man in His image. The word in the Hebrew actually means a reflection of himself, so this tells us that what God did in the beginning was reflect Himself and each of us is a reflection of God, we are just not a piece of God but the whole image of God is reflected in all of us so each one of us has the potential of the wholeness of God, not just a piece of Him.

Everything that God has is available within us, but each time a part of God goes to sleep and wakes up on a higher plane then He has to start from scratch. Everything is still in there and everything that we have ever learned is still intact. All we have learned from many lives in other universes and spheres is within us, but it is not all accessible because we are in a creation that we have never experienced before. What man is in the universe is where God is putting His creative energy. By man I mean man and woman. That is the trouble with man and woman, there is really no good substitute word that means both man and woman. Humanity is good but man is short and sweet. If I say man I mean male and female in this context.

Humanity is where God has His physical energies in this creative universe. There are 12 Creative Hierarchies in all the universes from the various spheres but in the physical universe that we are in man is where God has His creative attention and just like us we can only put our attention on so much at one time. God is the same way because we are in His image. Now if want to understand what God is like then we need to understand what we are like because we are made in God’s image.

We can only put our attention on so much at one time and in this universe He can only put His attention on so much at one time so His attention is on mainly focused on where his image is which is man. So we are the creative force in this universe and we are really just getting started with the creation. What happened in the lower universes within the atom is that His attention in the past had been there but when relative perfection was attained what happened was we then left it there like a computer program.

When a computer program is perfect, when we get the perfect Microsoft Word then no programmer has to come and fix it, it just works forever. It just works and no one has to create Microsoft Word again. It has reached relative perfection and there it is. When we as the smaller parts of ourselves were in the smaller universes, we reached relative perfection and then left that relative perfection there like a great computer program. All the atoms stay together and function perfectly because they are all computer programs that were perfected with the attention of God.

DNA and the human genome just did not materialize on it’s own. It got there through a lot of labor and work. Once it was perfected it was left there like a great computer program. As a matter of fact it is so complex, a famous atheist studied it and he was so impressed with the complexity that he was convinced that there was some intelligence involved because it could not have just fallen together. But you do not need to study that. You can just look at anything through a microscope and think how did that get there and how did that get put together and by what intelligence?

The intelligence was not just God sitting up on a chair and snapping His fingers. Bet’s suppose it was. Well, then, who created Him? No one had answer for that. The answer is that we have always been and the intelligence has always been an active intelligence creating things and once one thing is created we plug in the computer program and it runs on it’s own. Every hydrogen atom that makes up water is extremely complex.

We think a human cell is complex, a hydrogen atom is just as complex as a cell and DNA but it is running on a bunch of computer programs that is keeping everything together and running and then that little atom is joined together to make cells and they have little computer programs running and the attention of God no longer has to go on creating them. The wheel has already been invented in that area and does not have to be re-invented. So where is the creative mind of God at work?

It is at work now in the human atom and what is interesting is in the law of correspondences. Remember they said that the solar system corresponds to an atom, but so does a human being. And who was the first man? Adam, who sounds very much like atom, does it not? And this is not just a coincidence because we are very much like an atom. You say well we are not round like an atom, well yes we are but we do not see this. What we see is a nucleus of ourselves. Our physical body here corresponds to the nucleus and the energy field in an atom corresponds to the seven chakras. We have seven electron shells around us just like the atom has seven shells within it, the atom has seven chakras and we have seven chakras.

If you learn to see the aura you will see that you have an energy field around you is that is a little bit egg shaped. So you are actually a circular being. What we see is just the dense part of us. The proton weighs about 1839 times more than an electron, so in the hydrogen atom the particle in the center is 1839 times as dense as the particle circling around it. That is why we cannot see our outer electrons because the body is much more dense. Our body is much more dense that our aura field.

Our aura field is something that we can see and I have trained myself to see it and it actually circulates around us. If you can see it then you can actually see it circulating around you just like an atom with something circulating around it. We are not exactly like the atom; we correspond to what is below but with a difference. When we look below, we lots of organization, the DNA is so complex that it took all the computer experts in the world to put together programs to just map it. Mapping it was a great undertaking let alone understanding how it works. Extremely complex, detailed and perfect almost. We cannot think of anything more perfect. Then when we get to us, are we perfect? No, we have not even achieved relative perfection. Except for James over here, he is pretty darn close! Laughter.

JJ: All of us are working on our own perfection and most of us feel a thousand miles away from it. But, when we look at what we do here compared to larger lives, we see that, the planet earth itself is beautiful but is kind of rough. Then we look at Mars and the various planets and they are all different and they all have much that needs organized that could be done.

When we look farther and farther up we see random organization. We look at the stars and see they are randomly placed out there; there is some organization but not a lot. It is random unless you really study it a lot and then we find that there are, certain groups of stars that do group together in galaxies but it is a bit rough. So now we find out the larger we get the less everything is organized, and the smaller we get we find that everything is ingeniously organized – almost perfect organization, and we are right in the middle. God is putting His attention through us to organize the universe. Humanity is young in the universe at present. On the various planets the various beings have probably evolved to look somewhat different but they will all follow approximately the same program. Just like each hydrogen atom evolves about the same way on each planet and at the end of evolution each being will wind up looking very close to what we will look like when our evolution is wrapped up here. In between there may be some differences but by the end of our evolution on the earth we will look like those on other planets who have reached the end of their evolution.

Let’s say that were some people living on the Sirius in that system at the end of their evolution. They would look a lot like our final race because trial and error produces a very similar end result. But we have to figure out to get there and what we are going to create. As we evolve, we are going to evolve in ways that we could never imagine right now because we are really at the start of our evolution and we are just getting started to understanding how to use spiritual energies.

When we understand this then we are going to be the creative force that actually organizes the universe. We are going to do things like go to Saturn where the Cassini spacecraft just took pictures and we are going to be able to take the moon Titan and move it out of it’s orbit and closer to the earth and sun so we will be able to populate it and establish a habitable world. We will eventually be able to reorganize our entire solar system so that we can make use of all these planets out there. It is our human nature to always want new experiences and new challenges.

We cannot live without these and it so built into who we are that even when we sleep we cannot do nothing. We still have dreams and in these dreams we do all kinds of crazy things. They are kind of crazy at times but they are still an experience that is very challenging. You will find that some of your dreams are very challenging. So even when we sleep it is in our nature to find something new all the time to experience.

Our inner self conjures up something for us to be entertained because we demand to be entertained and demand to experience new things all the time. The youth want this all the time. When we get old we do not want the new and this is one of the reasons why we die. If we want eternal youth then we must go after new things and new experiences.

So what happens when relative perfection is reached is that life becomes very boring and the lives that reach relative perfection go to sleep. Then what happens is they wake up and merge with other lives and participate in the creation of a greater life and then that greater life does new things. You are composed of trillions of atoms and each one of those atoms is alive, but also asleep, they are asleep and dreaming of being you and you are giving them the experience that they cannot get on their own.

Those little tiny lives live in the cells, atoms, quarks, electrons and things and because they are alive they want something to happen, they want to build new things, to create new things, to have new experiences, and they have done all that they can on their own plane of existence so they have to go to sleep and wake up in you. You are a composite of trillions of other life forms and universes, which are in you. They are all waiting for you to do something interesting. What have you done interesting Wayne to keep the lives within you entertained?

Wayne: I refuse to answer on the grounds that it may incriminate me!

Audience: Laughter

JJ: So interesting it may be illegal huh Wayne! Outside of Wayne the rest of you are really going to have to work on it I think.

Copyright 2010 by J J Dewey

Did You Know?

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1.  “My only claim is that there is a Holy Spirit in all of us, and that the soul opens a window of contact. When that contact is made, the truth about me, you, my words and your words, can be seen and understood.”

2.  “Contemplation is the highest form of meditation.”

3.  “Did you know the Internet is prophesied of in the Bible?”

4.  “Predeterminism is not supported by experience, observation or the reality in which we live.”

5.  “The Christmas tree also predates Christmas. During the festival of Saturnus the Romans used the evergreen as a decoration in their homes. It was not widely used in connection with Christmas until the middle 1800’s.”

6.  “In the days of the Apostles there was first a symbolic baptism followed by a short period of waiting for the Spirit, just as the parent waits for the spirit to enter the new baby. Then there was a laying on of hands and through a living link to the tree of life, the Spirit flowed stimulating new life from the crown chakra on down. All seven chakras vibrated a little higher according to the consciousness of the seeker and a new life of belonging to the body of Christ was created.”

7.  “There were probably over 144,000 participating in the Harmonic Convergence but there’s more than that number of Mormons participating with good feeling at each general conference and the results are similar with a differing vibration. The coming critical mass I am talking about will initiate change that has not been witnessed in recorded history.”

8.  “To complete the life of a new birth, the spirit from God must enter into the body.”

9.  “We are told [in Isaiah 52:1-8] that in a future age there will be a working class like the ancient Hebrews that sell themselves ‘for nought.’ In other words they will place themselves in the same position as were the ancient slaves, but where the ancient slave was sold on the auction block the new slave will acquiesce to the situation with no fee changing hands at all. Who would be so foolish to yield themselves into slavery for no payment?”

10.  “Dreaming in one form or another is something we will do on and off as long as there is existence.”

11.  “The union of matter and spirit makes soul possible, but Soul itself is the interplay of body and spirit rather than the union, and that interplay is within us all no matter what our degree of evolution. Soul contact happens when we tune unto that interplay. Thus tuning into the interplay opens the door to soul and Spirit. This is the first major step we all make at one time or another.”

12.  “There are powerful Rods of Power held by the Great Lives who govern the Universe.”

13.  “Rods of power exist in etheric matter and not physical as we know it. The real rod of power is too valuable to risk a loss or destruction on the physical plane.”

14.  “How does your name get in the Book Of Life? It gets there because your name is a living name.”

15.  “The teaching on the seven centers is thousands of years old and is accepted by most all who have an interest in metaphysics.”

16.  “In many European countries children believe that Christ brings them gifts instead of Santa Claus.”

17.  “Suppression is a form of avoiding communication.”

18.  “All of the twelve [apostles] that were in the Molecule on the day of Pentecost are in physical bodies on the earth today.”

19.  “The actual entity that incarnated into the body created by the apostles was a different entity than the Holy Spirit.”

20.  “Perdition comes from the Greek APOLEIA, which more literally means “destruction.”  When humans follow blind emotion as an animal follows its master then destruction is always the end result.”

21.  “There exists today approximately 5300 copies of ancient Greek manuscripts which are copies of the gospels.”

22.  “The twelve apostles were not originally followers of Jesus, but of John the Baptist.”

23.  “The most important thing to understand is the conspiracy of darkness is not headquartered in the physical plane.”

24.  “Cigarettes are an example of one of the most powerful forces of maya. If you can quit smoking after having the habit for years the rest of maya should be downhill for you.”

25.  “The United States has left its Christ-like roots of free thought and religion and now is a strong promoter of mindless authority throughout the world.”

26.  “The Bolshevik Revolution that established the Communist regime in Russia was financed right out of the United States by wealthy men who saw a great opportunity in Marx’s philosophy.”

27.  “Entropy is cause playing itself out without the interference of outside intelligence.”

28.  “We are basically reluctant to eat an animal that has enough individuality to cause us to become attached to it.”

29.  “Lack of attention is one of the best protectors from negativity of association.”

30.  “Understanding and wisdom are essential to balance energies that lead to fulfillment.”

31.  “Each life that manifests here does so in the hope of Becoming that which it has never been but without the loss of that which has forever been.”

32.  “The current pronunciation of AMEN is a corruption. Any use of it should begin with the AUM sound.”

33.  “The AMEN originally was an alternative method of saying the sacred word AUM. In fact the original pronunciation of AMEN was AUM-ANE, which meant ‘may the words which have been spoken become manifest, but only to fulfil the purpose of God’.”

34.  “Neither Jesus or Moses mentioned hell in relation to the commandments.”

35.  “The fact that we exist, or that God or anything exists, is the greatest miracle of all, and boggles the mind of the highest initiate.”

36.  “The door will always be open to all who wish to open it.”

37.  “The Aquarian Gospel is not a translation, but a revelation of missing details of the life of Christ.”

38.  “Most psychic abilities make use of soul energy, but do not involve direct contact with the Solar Angel.”

39.  “Kirilian Photography does not photograph the aura but captures an image of the energy radiated from the etheric body.”

40.  “The personality is a synthesis of the mind, the emotions and the physical — the three worlds.”

41.  “The soul is your higher self, but the higher self of the soul is the monad. So when you’ve achieved soul contact, the next contact to achieve is the consciousness of the monad.”

42.  “The early brethren taught that there were prophets before Adam.”

43.  “Many believe that Moses only gathered out those who were known to be of the Hebrew race, but such was not the case. He took with him all those who believed ‘the Lord is God.’ This included a mixture of peoples of varied ancestry, yet they were called Israelites because they looked to the ‘One God’ for strength which was a great step toward depending upon the God within.”

44.  “Humans generate several kinds of radiation.”

45.  “The story of Adam and Eve has been repeated numerous times upon the earth and usually occurs after a great cataclysm.”

46.  “All known and understood structures of a complex order are created through a hierarchical endeavor.”

47.  “Another interesting tidbit which I personally believe is that Mohammed was later reincarnated as George Washington making it interesting that many in the Middle East see the USA as the great Satan when we both owe our foundations to the same man.”

48.  “The word ‘HU’ is included in the ‘AUM.’ This sound alone (‘HU’) centers a person on the astral plane, the plane of greatest illusion. The ‘AUM’ brings balance.”

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Vibrational Energies

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes From

The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1  We thank the One Great Life for reflecting Itself and creating motion, or vibration, causing the Music of the Spheres, and All There Is, to become manifest so the various parts of God can know themselves and each other.

2  Highly evolved entities tune the chord of their energies from the highest to the lowest, and thus all the notes in the energy chord can vibrate harmoniously.

3  The vibration of a person’s Spirit is much higher than his personality, and it is logical that the higher would be more reliable than the lower.

4  If a Master connects with you in the Spirit, you will note a high vibration that needs a period of adjustment.

5  There are many life forms and beings working on the side of good, who are much higher in vibration than ourselves, of which the average seeker is totally unaware and unprepared to enter into the presence of such. This difference in vibration can require great courage to approach.

6  If a Master decides to admit you into his ashram, you will first be sent a flow of energy of higher vibration to give you time to adjust. This adjustment can be disturbing at first – a little like getting into a hot bath. It’s discomforting at first but after you adjust it is okay. Then, after you make adjustments in vibration, you are admitted to the group. If the ashram were to let you in without the adjustment, you would either suffer death or go insane.

7  Even though the vibration of higher lives is very intense, the person receiving them will inherently know that they are on the side of good because the vibration will be recognized by the inner most part of themselves as desirable to attain.

8  There is a difference between soul energy and the Solar Angel.

9  If all energies were to become perfectly balanced, then we would have perfect circles formed around a point which would then be reduced to a point of nothingness.

10  Even though electricity is composed of negative electrons I see this energy itself as positive, or male, because it is action energy capable of initiating motion. Magnetism is the opposite polarity (female) that tends to still action and pull toward the center.

11  When we think of protective energy, it is natural to think only of ourselves, but in projecting our thoughts to the whole, where each of us draws from the pool of accumulated energy, the individual will benefit as well as the group.

12  The higher vibration is always more difficult to comprehend and master.

13  Once a person becomes aware of the various energies unfolding he will have no doubt that there are major energy centers at play in the body. When I first felt them I knew nothing about the centers and it did not occur to me what was happening, but then when I later learned about the chakras it all began to make sense to me.

14  Energy follows thought which is held by focused attention.

15  At the point of definite reversal with no energy directed toward the path of evolution then there is no attention on the soul or spirit. To understand this we must realize that energy does follow thought and if there is no energy on the higher then all energy follows the line of least resistance toward the lower.

16  Just as atomic energy is much more potent than gas and oil, so will the building energies of Zion and the Molecular Relationship be more powerful than anything before witnessed.

17  In our solar system at this point in time and space Love does seem to be the foundation energy, but the truth is that this energy is one of seven projections from a higher Ray which is the Father Ray – Ray One.

18  When a seeker, through the principle of identification, senses the vibrating energies emanating from such an initiate he then assumes the vibration of the 144,000 and feels the music of the spheres within.

19  Unquestioned or unproven authority is always a destroying energy.

20  If one overcomes Maya that does not mean he ceases to enjoy good food, sex and rock and roll. But it does mean that he is the master of this energy and the energy is not the master of him.

21  Think of all the energy that you expend and you will see that somehow, someway, all of it is directed to fulfill some conscious goal somewhere.

22  The best we can do with energy set in motion (effect), is to direct it wisely.

23  Without contact with the higher energies of the heart and mind going with the flow, or the line of least resistance, always seems to be the most desirable.

24  If you go to the higher lives and see or experience them as they are, the vibration difference will be alarming for the first several encounters.

25  The higher the life in evolution the higher the vibration and the greater the adjustment necessary to endure the presence.

26  In making the transition to a new venture of fulfillment another problem can surface. As you move ahead new energies are released from your centers and with these new energies must come new ways of doing things. You just cannot fall back on what was comfortable in the past, but one must move forward with a sense of higher purpose and attunement with the soul.

27  The lower cannot control itself or the higher, but the higher can control the lower. The lower never has desire to cooperate with the higher and enters onto the higher vibration kicking and screaming with resistance.

28  Where the energies are not balanced each individual will feel there is something that is lacking, but will not be sure what it is.

29  When the Molecular Relationship is properly set up the opportunity to balance energy will be more abundant. The couple will always have a teacher and, or sender available from which to receive and there will always be students and, or receivers for whom to give.

30  When a critical mass of radioactive humans (Israelites) are gathered then we can have a controlled chain reaction, a controlled release of energy to sustain peace on earth goodwill toward men.

31  Light is a form of radiation – wavelengths increasing. Love is an aspect of magnetism – wavelengths merging, having interplay or coming together.

32  If we send Light and Love to anyone on the dark path or of a low vibration or someone who will use power contrary to the good of the whole then the Light and Love we send will be transmuted to the lower centers and all we will do is energize the lower desires of these people.

33  It is true that the positive energy dominates in our physical world, the negative dominates in the etheric and astral. Then the positive dominates in the mental and so on up to the monad.

34  Just as light has a higher vibration than sound, and yellow is higher than red, even so is the astral vibration higher than physical and the matter of mind is higher than astral-emotion.

35  To be evolutionary, the physical and emotional energies must adjust their vibration so they are in harmony with the heart and mind energies.

36  Purpose is that which causes vibration so that within that vibration lies all energy, form, plans and goals.

37  In the beginning the essence of God which is PURPOSE (which gives power to make DECISION) reflected Itself to unlimited numbers and these reflections vibrated generated Love. Love gathered them together and then vibrated again. This process was repeated many times until the thought in the Purpose of God of human intelligence began to vibrate.

38  If you could achieve a balance of the two energies [male and female] and “be still and know God,”  then your body would disappear until you let the energies slip out of balance again. This is one of the reasons that the Masters can transport their bodies instantly. They do not increase their vibration as many teach. Instead they still their vibration through the balancing of energies and can move through a door or wall as easily as an imaginary point of thought.

39  An energy which is directed to restrict life and imprison it, or take away its freedom of expression in any way becomes evil, but an energy which is directed to free life and give greater room for expression and expansion and joy is good.

40  The eternal part of us has no vibration.

41  A “force” has to exist at the mercy of some type of vibration and all vibration is eventually stilled. Therefore “forces” are not eternal.

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What We Are

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual and Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1  You are not your body, you are not your feelings and you are not your mind or thoughts. What are you?  You are that power within that can make a decision from which purpose and potential power reside and from which all things spring.

2  We decide because of what we are and we BECOME because of what we are.

3  I use my uniqueness to see for Him which is myself.

4  Whatever we create is a creation for which God is responsible for man and God are one. We are His hands.

5  How can being one with God be anything else than being God?

6  How can one believe in the omnipresence of God and not believe that God is within us? What do such people think – that God is everywhere but in us?

7  Just as the eternal part of you is the idea of you in the mind of God, even so the eternal part of light and love are the idea of them within God.

8  The whole physical body consists of the dense physical that all of us see, plus the normally invisible etheric. The etheric is composed of millions of lines of force joining and merging to give the dense physical a coherent form.

9  We could define instinct as reliable computer programs that have been placed by the Creator into our vehicles [bodies] for the purpose of insuring our survival. These little programs are always correct in their original context and worked well for primitive humanity, but in more complex situations they are often misleading.

10  The fact is that when one is given a job, and the job is accepted, it becomes a matter of pride to do a good job, even if the job turns out to be disgusting.

11  When a normal human being sees and understands what is right, he will normally follow it.

12  The equality of the human race, as far has having basic needs met and equal opportunity offered, is planted in all human souls and is an ideal that will someday be manifest.

13  All of us are deluded to some degree in one area or another.

14  Do not overlook your own uniqueness and that your slant on things is often more interesting than you think.

15  We are all composite beings made of many lesser lives and to maintain the cohesive force to keep the lower lives together to maintain the higher, attention must be focused on the higher energies of soul. Without this attention and the drawing forth of spiritual power then the forces holding the lesser lives becomes diminished until, eventually, the lesser lives come apart and return to their native element. This produces a death or disintegration of the person as they are.

16  Unfortunately it is rare to find even one person who is this open minded as an adult. Most who do see themselves as open will shut down as soon as some truth crosses their path that does not align with their mindset.

17  The very fact that we are here in a place of risk illustrates that deep within the souls of us all is a greater desire to be free and to explore and to BECOME than to just be still, stagnate and safe.

18  If God and man are one, then man is God and God is man. We only seem to be two because we have been deceived into thinking it.

19  Five entities in the Bible have called men Gods. They are the serpent in the garden, the God of the Old Testament, Moses, David, and Jesus.

20  The eternal part of ourselves, or divine intelligence, has no cause but is cause and has no beginning or end.

21  Whether the self is complete [or not] we have to define what complete is. Some selves are complete idiots.

22  We are ideas in the mind of God.

23  The monad is our originating point in this universe and beyond this point is the mystery of our timeless past.

24  That which makes you a human unit existed for eternity in the mind of God as a human intelligence. You were not an idea for an atom, a plant, or an animal, but the song which is you is a human song.

25  As humans we are not the highest but neither are we the lowest.

26  We are a part of the body of the Source; as such we are the source of ourselves.

27  We are unborn eternal individual units each with our own differing purposes.

28  The real you is not three parts but one part using numerous vehicles. When we are done with the vehicles we do not fuse them together but discard them, taking only with us the intelligence they provided.

29  You are a reflection of your Solar Angel and are nourished by it.

30  If we are in tune with the Spirit of God we can tune into the smaller lives within our body and catch a glimpse of smaller units of consciousness than we ever dreamed possible.

31  The possibilities of mankind will be revealed in outer form through technology as a forerunner to the full revelation of the inner powers.

32  The five lower chakras and hundreds of other smaller energy points are actually little lives that were once animals and other little lives eons ago.

33  People today are attracted to the safety of the status quo and strong personalities more than ideas.

34  Another interesting person of more recent historical note who got himself in trouble and eventually killed for teaching the Godhood of man was the Mormon prophet, Joseph Smith.

35  God creates through His imagination just as we create through ours. Just as our imagination is unlimited so is His, but neither are infinite. There is always an end to what any being imagines, but no limit.

36  When condemnation subsides, the son of man becomes the Son of God and the Father recognizes another beloved Son who has found himself.

37  Cause is initiated and directed by intelligence and purpose through the power of Decision, which is the core of what we are.

38  We exist or live to have experience.

39  You as an individual are going through an experience unique to yourself, slightly different from any other life in the Universe.

40  Human beings are the soul of the universe.

41  Just as you have soul within your physical body that creates and gives you form, even so man is the soul energy within the great body of the universe and has a destiny to create the great body of God on a universal scale.

42  There is a higher part of ourselves that is like Christ and has the Christ consciousness.

43  Our bodies are not who we are. Instead they are vehicles that we use. A person giving his body to another for a higher use can be a great act of free will.

44  You as an individual entity consists of a musical chord of four notes at any given point in time and space. Your physical body vibrates on a certain note as well as does your emotions and your mind. Then your soul vibrates on a fourth note. You also play your notes in a certain key. The four notes are predicated on the worlds of form. Three correspond to the physical, astral and mental. The fourth is a synthesis of the three corresponding to the whole personality.

45  The first great purpose of man is to discover and use the intelligence behind the great forms that have already been completed in the microcosm and apply that knowledge to the macrocosm.

46  All the lives that make up our bodies have a great amount of knowledge, but it is “below the threshold of consciousness.”

47  Your whole body is a hierarchy of atoms and molecules with the permanent atom at its head recreating the great power of organization necessary to create your physical structure. This feat is greater than we can imagine.

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