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Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1.  “My only claim is that there is a Holy Spirit in all of us, and that the soul opens a window of contact. When that contact is made, the truth about me, you, my words and your words, can be seen and understood.”

2.  “Contemplation is the highest form of meditation.”

3.  “Did you know the Internet is prophesied of in the Bible?”

4.  “Predeterminism is not supported by experience, observation or the reality in which we live.”

5.  “The Christmas tree also predates Christmas. During the festival of Saturnus the Romans used the evergreen as a decoration in their homes. It was not widely used in connection with Christmas until the middle 1800’s.”

6.  “In the days of the Apostles there was first a symbolic baptism followed by a short period of waiting for the Spirit, just as the parent waits for the spirit to enter the new baby. Then there was a laying on of hands and through a living link to the tree of life, the Spirit flowed stimulating new life from the crown chakra on down. All seven chakras vibrated a little higher according to the consciousness of the seeker and a new life of belonging to the body of Christ was created.”

7.  “There were probably over 144,000 participating in the Harmonic Convergence but there’s more than that number of Mormons participating with good feeling at each general conference and the results are similar with a differing vibration. The coming critical mass I am talking about will initiate change that has not been witnessed in recorded history.”

8.  “To complete the life of a new birth, the spirit from God must enter into the body.”

9.  “We are told [in Isaiah 52:1-8] that in a future age there will be a working class like the ancient Hebrews that sell themselves ‘for nought.’ In other words they will place themselves in the same position as were the ancient slaves, but where the ancient slave was sold on the auction block the new slave will acquiesce to the situation with no fee changing hands at all. Who would be so foolish to yield themselves into slavery for no payment?”

10.  “Dreaming in one form or another is something we will do on and off as long as there is existence.”

11.  “The union of matter and spirit makes soul possible, but Soul itself is the interplay of body and spirit rather than the union, and that interplay is within us all no matter what our degree of evolution. Soul contact happens when we tune unto that interplay. Thus tuning into the interplay opens the door to soul and Spirit. This is the first major step we all make at one time or another.”

12.  “There are powerful Rods of Power held by the Great Lives who govern the Universe.”

13.  “Rods of power exist in etheric matter and not physical as we know it. The real rod of power is too valuable to risk a loss or destruction on the physical plane.”

14.  “How does your name get in the Book Of Life? It gets there because your name is a living name.”

15.  “The teaching on the seven centers is thousands of years old and is accepted by most all who have an interest in metaphysics.”

16.  “In many European countries children believe that Christ brings them gifts instead of Santa Claus.”

17.  “Suppression is a form of avoiding communication.”

18.  “All of the twelve [apostles] that were in the Molecule on the day of Pentecost are in physical bodies on the earth today.”

19.  “The actual entity that incarnated into the body created by the apostles was a different entity than the Holy Spirit.”

20.  “Perdition comes from the Greek APOLEIA, which more literally means “destruction.”  When humans follow blind emotion as an animal follows its master then destruction is always the end result.”

21.  “There exists today approximately 5300 copies of ancient Greek manuscripts which are copies of the gospels.”

22.  “The twelve apostles were not originally followers of Jesus, but of John the Baptist.”

23.  “The most important thing to understand is the conspiracy of darkness is not headquartered in the physical plane.”

24.  “Cigarettes are an example of one of the most powerful forces of maya. If you can quit smoking after having the habit for years the rest of maya should be downhill for you.”

25.  “The United States has left its Christ-like roots of free thought and religion and now is a strong promoter of mindless authority throughout the world.”

26.  “The Bolshevik Revolution that established the Communist regime in Russia was financed right out of the United States by wealthy men who saw a great opportunity in Marx’s philosophy.”

27.  “Entropy is cause playing itself out without the interference of outside intelligence.”

28.  “We are basically reluctant to eat an animal that has enough individuality to cause us to become attached to it.”

29.  “Lack of attention is one of the best protectors from negativity of association.”

30.  “Understanding and wisdom are essential to balance energies that lead to fulfillment.”

31.  “Each life that manifests here does so in the hope of Becoming that which it has never been but without the loss of that which has forever been.”

32.  “The current pronunciation of AMEN is a corruption. Any use of it should begin with the AUM sound.”

33.  “The AMEN originally was an alternative method of saying the sacred word AUM. In fact the original pronunciation of AMEN was AUM-ANE, which meant ‘may the words which have been spoken become manifest, but only to fulfil the purpose of God’.”

34.  “Neither Jesus or Moses mentioned hell in relation to the commandments.”

35.  “The fact that we exist, or that God or anything exists, is the greatest miracle of all, and boggles the mind of the highest initiate.”

36.  “The door will always be open to all who wish to open it.”

37.  “The Aquarian Gospel is not a translation, but a revelation of missing details of the life of Christ.”

38.  “Most psychic abilities make use of soul energy, but do not involve direct contact with the Solar Angel.”

39.  “Kirilian Photography does not photograph the aura but captures an image of the energy radiated from the etheric body.”

40.  “The personality is a synthesis of the mind, the emotions and the physical — the three worlds.”

41.  “The soul is your higher self, but the higher self of the soul is the monad. So when you’ve achieved soul contact, the next contact to achieve is the consciousness of the monad.”

42.  “The early brethren taught that there were prophets before Adam.”

43.  “Many believe that Moses only gathered out those who were known to be of the Hebrew race, but such was not the case. He took with him all those who believed ‘the Lord is God.’ This included a mixture of peoples of varied ancestry, yet they were called Israelites because they looked to the ‘One God’ for strength which was a great step toward depending upon the God within.”

44.  “Humans generate several kinds of radiation.”

45.  “The story of Adam and Eve has been repeated numerous times upon the earth and usually occurs after a great cataclysm.”

46.  “All known and understood structures of a complex order are created through a hierarchical endeavor.”

47.  “Another interesting tidbit which I personally believe is that Mohammed was later reincarnated as George Washington making it interesting that many in the Middle East see the USA as the great Satan when we both owe our foundations to the same man.”

48.  “The word ‘HU’ is included in the ‘AUM.’ This sound alone (‘HU’) centers a person on the astral plane, the plane of greatest illusion. The ‘AUM’ brings balance.”

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