666 Revealed -- Part One

1998-12-19 10:27:00

Has this last day or so been weird for you? It has for me. Just one of numerous occurrences for me is that my external storage drive self-destructed on me and ate up a couple 540 MB discs in the process. Then I found out the brand "NOMAI" was sued by Iomega and had to pull out of the United States. Now I have to deal with someone in France for complaints.

I've been very short on time the past couple days and can't possibly do justice to responding to all your excellent posts. I want you to know that I have read and absorbed them all and I keep them in mind when making this general response.

First let us look at what the Christian world as a whole is expecting to happen from the predictions of the Beast and the number 666.

Many think the ten horns are ten European nations (others think the United Nations) that will unite and recreate the Roman Empire headed by a beastly character that will make Hitler look like "Snow White." This dictator will then assume complete control over every living human being except for a batch of Christians who will be raptured into heaven. These raptured ones will then watch on in glee as the rest of us get our just desserts for not accepting their brand of salvation. The justice meted out to us will be a physical mark of some type which will bear the number 666. This will be an identification number of some type tattooed on our forehead or right hand, and that we will have to show to even be able to buy or sell. Thus this anti-Christ will have complete control over our lives.

Some think the number 666 has something to do with the bar code because 666 is encoded into it. Maybe some version of this will be written with a laser on our foreheads.

Now anything is possible. Hitler did have an ID tattooed on the right arms of the imprisoned Jews. Nothing was engraved on their foreheads though as far as I know.

If the world totally abandoned all the progress it has made over the past two thousand years it is possible that a world dictator could arise. Maybe he would tattoo the name of Elmer Fudd on everyone's big toe -- or maybe he would put a mark on everyone's right hand, but this is very unlikely. Why?

The real critical war that paved the way for the New Age of Peace was World Wars One and Two. (World War Two was really an extension of an unfinished World War One.). This is as close as we will get to Armageddon if the workers of Light do their job and contain the nuclear weapons of the world. The closest thing we have seen that resembles an antichrist was Hitler who was reincarnated from a warlord who defeated the forces of Light in Atlantis and paved the way for its destruction.

There is no evil genius on the Earth today who can come close to making Hitler look like "Snow White." There is not even an equal of Hitler -- thank goodness. If Saddam Hussein was as smart as Hitler, the world would be in big trouble right now. He'd be controlling the Japanese with oil and forcing them to be our enemy. We have enough trouble caused by stupid people on the dark side let alone some trumped up super man.

If all goes as planned by the Brotherhood, we will move fairly progressively over the next 200 years into the New Age of Peace. There will be some unexpected events, some earth changes, some destruction, some wars, but nothing like the Christian or New Age world is expecting. There will be no rapture as believers define rapture.

Neither will the earth be hit by a giant asteroid; neither will the enlightened of humanity be swooped up by a giant space ship; neither will the enlightened ones be taken into some mysterious 4th, 5th or 6th dimensions.

The biggest surprises over the next two hundred years are not predicted by anyone with any degree of accuracy in the present. If you look at all the prophesies of doom and then go ahead in time two hundred years and read the history as it will be written, there will not be much of a correspondence. Future historians will make a footnote that the great expected Anti-Christ just did not materialize.

Then too, 200 years from now you would think that the big story in history would be the Second Coming of Christ. The event will be registered by them, but this person will not be called Jesus and future historians will write about him from a similar perspective as current historians write about Abraham Lincoln. This entity will, however, eventually be recognized as one who is greater than Lincoln, but not until the passage of some time.

The real truth is the astounding prophecies of doom and a great Antichrist is just a smokescreen used by the Dark Brotherhood to cast an illusion over the real Beast, the Antichrist, and the meaning of 666 so the masses will continue to bear the Mark.

In some ways it would be better for humanity if a dictator forced people kicking and screaming to receive a mark. Then at least they would know they had something they needed to rebel against. But as it is the masses bear the mark in complete ignorance. Thus how do you fight an enemy when you are completely unaware than one even exists? How do you fight an enemy that is here unseen today if you are not expecting him until tomorrow?

We have talked about how the First and Second Beast is already here as well as the Image of the Beast. Now the great mystery for us to discover is how the 666 is here and how are we marked with it. Even more important is how do we escape the Mark?

The number is literally written in the Greek as follows:  six one hundreds, and six tens and six -- which is not too far off from the English expression of 666.

The Beast has six as its core number. Why? Is it because six is an evil number?


Is it because six is an incomplete number and seven is a better number because that is the number of creation signifying that everything is perfected?

This is what the Christian world teaches, but even in this they forget that God is said to have created the world in six days and rested on the seventh. Therefore creation was completed in six days or periods and the number six is perfect in its own right.

As evidenced by the seven colors in the rainbow, the seven musical notes and the seven creative Spirits before the throne of God, there are seven Ray energies in this universe from which all things are created. Each of these Rays has a different meaning and they are the prime cause of all astrological influences.

The core meaning of the Sixth Ray is the energy of idealism and or devotion. Jesus himself is a Master of the Sixth Ray energy, and the Christian Church, the United States, and the Age of Pisces is governed by it. If Jesus operates in this energy then surely it can't be all bad. Jesus presented to the world an ideal life that humanity can devote itself to attaining. We as humans must have an ideal before us to give us incentive to BECOME. Without an ideal there would be little incentive for any of us to move forward.

The problem is that there is a duality in all things including the number six. If the ideal is seen as an ultimate perfection and not as a step on an eternal stairway then the person slips into the "I AM" consciousness instead of the "I AM BECOMING." When the ideal becomes the ultimate perfection the disciple steps into great illusion when he worships the perfection, obeys the laws of the perfection, or becomes the perfection himself.

Remember that the Beast is created from the "sea" of humanity itself and what is the ideal of humanity? The ideal human is Jesus. Just as the Dragon uses the United States and other relatively free nations to further its purpose, it steals the idealistic number six of the Christian Church and its founder, and presents before the world "the antichrist" or a false, but more palatable ideal for the common person. Thus we have three ideals presented to the world in this past age: Jesus, the Christian Church, and the United States -- all governed by the ideal number six and the corruption of these three ideals is one of the meanings of 666.

Now the Dragon (the Dark Brothers) through the Beast corrupts these ideals through the manipulation of the Solar Plexus Center (chakra) which is also governed by the Sixth Ray. This center is just below the navel and is a reflection of the ideal of the Spiritual Love of the Heart Center. The mission of the Solar plexus is to inspire us through aspiring feeling to seek the higher energies.

The goal of the Dragon is to keep the aspiring person's attention centered on the Solar plexus by the deception that the Solar Plexus is really the Heart and this is the highest there is. If the person is then deceived into thinking he has found the ultimate feeling he can then be manipulated around this "perfection."

Here is are a couple of questions for you to consider:

What is the difference between the feelings generated by the Solar Plexus and those of the Heart?

Why are many seekers deceived into thinking the Solar Plexus energies are Heart energies?