Our next quality for the disciple to possess is:

(19) Service before personal growth.

The Question:

Why is this such an important quality? To the disciple approaching the path of service it may seem that personal growth will be sacrificed, but is this the case? What are the personal benefits of unselfish service?

For the beginning seeker personal growth is number one, but as one proceeds upon the path something else comes to the forefront. Service to humanity is seen as much more important than the progression of the tiny self.

The average seeker may think that this is an obvious quality and that the majority of seekers endorse this principle. They may in word, but few are able to carry out this principle in deed.


Because we all have an innate desire to make as much spiritual progress as possible. In fact when one first enters upon the path it is sometimes difficult to think or be concerned with anything else. The aspirant desires to climb and learn and progress with almost an obsession at times. He may be happy to rub shoulders with other seekers and share knowledge to a degree, but to serve others at the expense of his learning and progression is often far from his mind.

The Ancient of Days who is the voice for the Planetary Logos set the example for us.

He is a disciple or the Solar Logos and instead of staying in His aura and making further progress in direct learning He sacrificed himself and came to this little unimportant planet to become a Father to developing humanity and guide them until they enter the Kingdom of God.

The Brotherhood teaches thus:

“He turned His back on the Sun and became a Sun to the lesser lives.”

Alice A. Bailey words it well saying this about the Ancient of Days, Sanat Kumara.

“Under this Law of Sacrifice, Sanat Kumara (to express the idea in occult terms) “must turn His back upon the Central Spiritual Sun, and with the light of His Countenance irradiate the path of the prisoners of the planet.” He sentences Himself to stay for as long as may be needed, “acting as the Sun and light of the planet until the Day be with us and the night of pralaya descends upon His finished task.” Thus and only thus can the light of the Central Spiritual Sun begin to penetrate the dark places of the Earth; when this happens all “shadows disappear”-an occult reference to the all-embracing radiance of the Monad as it absorbs both its reflection, the soul, and its shadow, the personality.

“The initiate, on his tiny scale, achieves a paralleling expression of the Law of Sacrifice; he eventually turns his back upon the courts of Shamballa and upon the Way of the Higher Evolution as he retains his contact with the Earth and works as a Member of the Hierarchy for the extension of the will-to-good among men, and therefore among all the lesser evolutions.”

While it is true that we do concretize much of our learning through service, there is also substantial sacrifice involved.

Keep in mind here that even though we are leaving the age of sacrifice (Pisces) and going into the age of service (Aquarius) that we do not leave sacrifice behind. Instead, we take with us the usable fulfilling aspects of it. In this age sacrifice will be seen more as a payment for goods that will be received in the near future.

The servant disciple may have to go long periods where he has no direct contact with a teacher who will feed him with higher knowledge. He may have no time to read books, learn new skills, attend interesting classes and seminars. The work he is given to do may take close to 100% of his time for some period.

So why do all the great lives on down to human disciples make great sacrifices to serve?

The answer is that service is not a sacrifice as it is defined by ordinary humanity. Instead it is a form a payment that must be made to insure the next great step in the disciple’s progression.

The principle is this. The progression of aspiring entities goes through cycles of learning/receiving followed by service/teaching. After a person finishes a cycle of learning/receiving served by one greater than himself the time comes for him to follow the example of his teacher and move into a cycle of service/teaching. Even if the disciple is dragging his feet and sluggish about changing his mode he is eventually forced into service.

And what is this force?

It is this. When the cycle of learning/receiving and being served is completed his progression comes to a standstill. He may gain facts and knowledge after the cycle and have the illusion of progression, but he comes to realize that the law is that real progression in usable learning cannot continue until he takes what he has gained in the learning cycle and gives it out freely to others who are seeking as he once did in the past. This law of cycles literally forces the disciple to make a decision that takes him into a period of service.

The cycles of giving and receiving will vary. For the beginner they will be short, but as the disciple evolves he enters long and longer cycles. The Ancient of Days has been on this planet in the service mode for over 23 million years (and took human form 18 million years ago) and is committed to stay until “the last weary pilgrim finds his way home.”

After His work is done He will then turn his face toward the sun or Solar Logos and become a student again and go through another long cycle of learning/receiving.

How do we know which cycle we are in? The average person goes through several such cycles in one lifetime and must tune into his inner self and sense the sending or receiving mode. If he feels a passion to teach that is a clue he is in the sending mode, but if he feels a passion to learn that is an indication he is in the receiving mode. If he seems to be drifting with no such passion he is probably between cycles. In this case he must follow the highest he knows and the correct passion will soon come.

We have one more quality to discuss which is:

(20) The acceptance and understanding of freedom.

Notice that we do not just list this quality as freedom, but “the acceptance and understanding of freedom.”

One may ask: “Doesn’t everyone accept freedom?”

No they do not. Freedom is actually a difficult principle to accept and the lesser lives are happy to give most of theirs away for a bowl of porridge.

Even though this is listed last, it is perhaps the defining principle of discipleship. The basic distinction between the light and dark brotherhoods lies in the execution of the principle of freedom.

One of the problems with these controversial issues is that both sides always think they are promoting the highest and best freedom. The truth is there is much illusion associated with freedom and it always manifests on one side of the argument and often appears on both sides.

Glenys spoke wisely when she said: “The attitude seems to be ‘we believe in freedom for all as long as it is our definition of freedom that we’re talking about.”

Let’s take abortion for instance. The conservatives are against it in the name of freedom for the unborn and the liberals support it in the name of freedom for the born.

If one is unbiased he will see the virtues of both arguments but few seem to be objective here.

We are going to explore this important principle in more detail. Question: If both sides of the fence have their arguments for freedom how does one decide which decision to make or which side to take?

Let us take an example. The State decides to increase taxes of the people without their consent and give the money to retired people.

The results are that the people taxed have less freedom, but the retired people have more freedom.

Since one group of people are being given more freedom is the basic principle of freedom being followed here? If not, why?

Outside or Inside?

Chris makes this comment :

“If a string is plucked at a single point, it produces a fundamental vibration. It does not produce harmonics or overtones unless there is further outside interference to the string.”

God is not the plucking of the string, but is in the string, or wavelength and adjusts the vibration by the power of decision. The infinite number of wavelengths are occupied by intelligence just as our bodies have intelligence in them (us). As the lives within the physical bodies (which are also made of wavelengths) produce harmonics and overtones so do all lives on all levels evolve through the small and great vibrating wavelengths.

The reflections of the One Great Life do all the building in the universe with their developing intelligence. The One God experiences through them and thus savors all experiences within the realm of possibility.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Principle 100 – Service

This entry is part 97 of 98 in the series Principles


Principle 100


Principle 99 was sacrifice, the keynote of the Piscean age. We are now moving on to focusing on service, the keynote of the Aquarian Age.

First, let us put into words the principle behind this word. The average person merely thinks of service as one person performing a beneficial labor for another that may or may not involve monetary payment.

This is well and good but the principle goes deeper.

The Principle that motivates service goes right back to the Source, the Life of God Itself, and was symbolically taught by the Master himself in these words: He said that God “maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust. For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same?” Matt 5:45-46

The sun is a symbol of light and life, and the rain a symbol of love and giving. Together they represent the great all-encompassing principle of service rendered to us by our Father-Mother God. We receive all that we need to make life worthwhile whether we deserve it or not by means of the greater servant – God.

Then Jesus tells us to follow this example and extend this service, not just to the ones we love, but to all.

One only truly applies the principle of service when he sees himself as a servant of the whole rather than just the part.

During the Piscean Age we placed our main attention on sacrificing for a cause with service being kind of an afterthought. The service that was emphasized was directed toward the part, the group, the brothers in arms so to speak. Now we must learn the lesson demonstrated by our Great Lord and serve both the part, but the whole.

After all is it not written:

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son…” John 3:16

And who is in the world?

All of us – the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. All are loved by God and all are served by the Father of Lights.

The true servant will look for opportunities to assist and to help whether the person, group or people are deserving or not. If the part is elevated the whole is elevated.

Even though the servant needs to look at the good of the whole he must still allocate his energies wisely or else few if any will benefit. Unlike the sun we, as individuals, are unable to be of service to everyone on the planet. Instead, each of us has a circle of influence within which we are capable of serving in a beneficial way.

And when you think of it even the sun has its limitations. Yes, it is a great light for our solar system but there are over 200 billion solar systems just in the Milky Way Galaxy alone. The sun serves us with its great energy, but provides negligible heat and light for other star systems.

The efficient servant then must discover his circle of influence and concentrate his efforts there while always having the good of the whole in view. Here are some people to consider.

(1) His or her family. Our parents, our children, our brothers and sisters and extended family are all prospects for true service. Most of us have several family members in need of some kind of help.

Then too, often a certain family member will be difficult to accept or love, but we must do our best to serve them impartially without enabling them.

(2) Friends. Friends are a lot like family. There is always someone in need of help and some seem deserving and others maybe not so much. Again, seek to serve in a way that benefits, not enables.

(3) Charities, the homeless, and others in need. Their names are legion and there is plenty of opportunity to help here.

(4) Others who have a beneficial vision. Maybe you come across a person or a movement that can be of great benefit to humanity. No one can do a great work of service alone so it is sometimes wise to join forces for a good cause.

(5) Service groups, churches, associations etc. There are many groups supporting good causes that need help.

(6) Yourself. Some people of good will just stretch themselves too thin, neglect their own needs, suffer ill health and an early death, thus severely limiting ability to serve. Each of us must realize that we as individuals are a part of the whole and we must take are of our basic needs so we can have strength to be of assistance to others.

And what are the avenues available to be of service? Here are a few:

(1) Giving money. For many on the receiving end, this is all they may ask for – money. Now some have a legitimate need for money, but there are many who are only enabled if merely given some cash, especially if the situation comes up again and again.

Giving of our money is a simple act, but difficult to do when in short supply. Money is an energy and, as such, needs to be allocated wisely. The amount of waste in the distribution of money is beyond belief.

(2) The giving of time. Maybe you do not have extra money, but you do have just as much time as anyone else on the planet. There are hundreds of ways to use it in the service of others. The great part is that good deeds creates good will that causes the effect to return with interest.

(3) A special skill. You may have a skill needed by many where an hour spent in assistance mat be worth many hours of unskilled service. He who wants to be an effective servant needs to maximize his time in such usefulness.

(4) Giving praise, a moral boost, love, or maybe just a hug. Think back to a time when you were feeling down, discouraged or sorrowful and someone came along and said or did just the right thing to lift your spirits. Didn’t that seem to be worth a million dollars? Indeed, the true servant must keep an eye open for such opportunities for they will never be forgotten by the receiver.

(5) Sharing light. We all have certain degrees of understanding, light and lessons learned that others are lacking. The wise servant will seek to share when appropriate. You may save others a lot of wasted time through such sharing. This sharing can be very beneficial as long as one works with those willing to receive and does not impose himself on others.

I’ll end this book with these words of encouragement.

The Servant

If you follow the highest you know there will come a time when you will be visited by a Presence, either visible or invisible. It will come at a time that you least expect it and a time when perhaps you feel the least prepared spiritually, but it will come.

To dream and wish for the experience will only delay the happening. But if you take the highest you know and go forward in the vineyard of the Master and serve with no end in sight, in season and out of season, in good times and bad; if you serve with love in the dark of night with the same strength as in the light of day, if you continue with loving service through the fiery darts of hate, malice and betrayal and above all if it appears that even your Master and your God seem to completely ignore you as if you do not exist… Through all this you continue to serve with the highest you know. You continue even if God himself seems to be your enemy putting every obstacle possible in your path and laughing at you as you stumble and fall. You rise up and continue.

The time comes that it will not seem to matter to you any more if friends, God or the Masters approve of you or not. It matters not if you are some great chosen one or are looked upon by the Master as the least and most needy of the brethren. You will now serve for the sake of selfless love alone because the need is out there and you sense the need. When this stage is reached one of the Great Ones will take notice and speak: “Behold, the servant! He has become as one of us. Let us invite him into the circle of higher friendship, brotherhood and service.”

But even here the invitation comes not as you expected. All your expectations are shattered and soon replaced by newer ones and the groping in the dark is replaced by walking the path with vision. The reward for your selfless service is sight and as you see the path ahead your heart is filled with joy for that which you see is not what you imagined, but more than you imagined.

Copyright 2016 by J J Dewey

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Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual and Metaphysical Quotes From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1  The main characteristic of a disciple is that he or she asks questions.

2  When the disciple is ready, the Master will appear and offer him the fruit of the Spirit, and the two will eat together with joy.

3  As the disciple continues to serve more is given until he either intuitively or consciously understands the answer to every question that he has.

4  Even the Christ is a disciple of the Ancient of Days, and the Ancient one is a disciple of the Solar Logos. No matter how high you get you never coast along on your own. You will always need stimulation by teachers on some level more experienced than yourself.

5  Only the disciples who have made irrevocable decisions toward the light can be of service at this crucial point of tension between the two ages.

6  All seven chakras are open and functioning as a unit in the disciple treading the path of Christ.

7  The disciple always seeks to serve his fellow men even if they are irritating.

8  The true servant of Christ will project an image that will also be the opposite of the piousness most expect of a minister. One of the things that will astonish many will be his cooperation with science and technology.

9  Unrecorded in the Bible is the fact that there were also twelve female disciples who assisted in the work with Jesus.

10  The disciple will go through many periods of light and darkness over a period of numerous lives, but the final one will be different from the rest. The isolation and loneliness will be very profound.

11  The true disciple does not publicly reveal his status.

12  Masters of Wisdom will either appear among us or incarnate and the Christ will overshadow disciples in preparation for His work with humanity.

13  The Book of Revelations is a story about a disciple treading the path of Christ.

14  Gaining the ability to see through the illusion that is automatically accepted by the many is one of the most important lessons the disciple can learn.

15  The disciple realizes that even a very intelligent person can be captivated by wrong thoughtforms and illusions and if we excluded all those in such a state there would be few if any to be gathered into anything.

16  Just as gold must pass through the refiner’s fire before it reaches its highest purity and value, even so must the disciple pass through every obstacle that can be thrown in his way on the path of service.

17  The disciple contains and controls the passions within with golden thought and pure intent.

18  The revelation of true principles or eternal words brings instant correction to the disciple.

19  When the disciple dedicates himself to the inner voice he will follow the direction of the Christ consciousness wherever it leads.

20  When the disciple hears the inner voice correctly, even though it is very quiet, a focus upon the message drowns out all other distractions so only the message is heard.

21  The ark of God in this age is the purified hearts of working disciples.

22  When the disciple is married to or unites with his Christ consciousness he can speak no deceit while in that state.

23  One of the most difficult lessons for the disciple to learn is to accept his own limitation, especially as it relates to the free will and abilities of others.

24  The disciple learns to enjoy the good and neutralize the bad.

25  The sign that the disciple has taken his first great step is when he shows a willingness to act on a true message from within in defiance to all the clamoring messages from without.

26  The disciple is on the path of light (the good path so to speak) if his focused thought is on the true advancement of himself or his group.

27  A disciple therefore, must be aware that he or she not only has outward authorities of position and glamour to deal with but also invisible power brokers behind the scenes who may be impossible to identify without revelation.

28  Keep checking with your souls, and when the link called in the east the antahkarana is created, then the seeker graduates from a sheep to a disciple to a shepherd.

29  Each potential disciple will have some final temptation to support the unreasonable restriction of others in the name of promoting his personal desire to see that which is good triumph.

30  As the disciple progresses towards the Spirit, he will be able to hold the presence for longer periods and eventually neutralize the opposing forces that come against him. Then he will have long periods where he is one with the Presence.

31  If the situation changes and the thoughtform fails to live up to expectations, then the disciple must be prepared to abandon or change it and move on.

32  There will be many times that the working disciple will have to use the power of detachment. The disciple must realize that they are not their body, not their feelings and not even their mind and stand back and watch these feelings and thoughts brood and move, yet make their decisions in the light of the soul without attachments to thoughts and feelings of their lower bodies.

33  The disciples of the world must merely present what is true in a common sense manner and many troubles experienced by past disciples will not surface.

34  The disciples of the world must work with extreme patience and realize that in rushing reform one may cause a work to be destroyed and delayed a hundred years, whereas a decade of patience and perseverance may actually yield the quickest results.

35  The sure mark of a true disciple is that every move he or she makes has some purpose that benefits something other than lower self.

36  The beginner cannot appreciate the vision, the thoughts, the goals, and the problems of a disciple or Master until he either advances a great deal in his evolution, or joins in with the whole through the Oneness Principle.

37  Unless one is dealing directly with the Dark Brothers, which is rare, 99.99 percent of perceived psychic attacks owe their cause to a flaw opened from within oneself and if we live a reasonable stable life, then there is little to worry about in this area.

38  A disciple may have an advanced physical body in the esoteric sense, yet not be particularly good-looking.

39  The concept of sacred honor must be retrieved and taught by disciples of the coming age.

40  Even disciples who are relatively successful usually make their share of mistakes.

41  The disciple is only corrected if he honestly seeks further instruction and correction.

42  Even if a disciple is working directly for the Brotherhood of Light and receives revelations periodically, when the disciple makes a mistake he is usually not corrected.

43  The disciple, or aspiring disciple, will not believe in haste what he has been told. He will check it out and question it no matter how unpopular he is for doing so.

44  As we progress from the average student to the disciple we find the questions will be more challenging to the status quo, more independently thought out and less likely to follow the line of least resistance.

45  When I speak of an aspiring disciple asking questions, I do not mean just any question, but that he acquires a questioning mind which questions mainstream thought.

46  The aspiring disciple not only asks more questions, but asks a different kind of question than does the average person.

47  Disciple[s] and aspiring disciples are found in all fields of human endeavor.

48  We know that Christ was physically marred through the crucifixion, but his servants are often marred in some way to keep them humble.

49  Soul contact and communion through the Oneness Principle is essential for the working disciple, else he may wind up receiving illusionary teachings and leading others down a path from which retracing steps will be essential.

50  When the disciple learns to differentiate between the voice of the false ego and the spirit, he can know for sure his mission is true and useful.

51  When the disciple gives up on his mission and yields to the line of least resistance things seem to go so smoothly that it may seem to him that this is the path God wants him to walk.

52  When the disciple breaks through and becomes one with the Christ consciousness he taps into the Oneness Principle, the minds of the holy ones of the past and the knowledge of all principles becomes available to him.

53  The beginner on the path will look at the top step and imagine the great view he will have and want to jump up there in one leap, but will accomplish nothing.

54  The disciple must do much more than merely confess Jesus and be saved as the old time religion teaches. He must also do more than “go with the flow” as many new agers believe. Instead, he must overcome all the obstacles in the path of liberation and become a master of each of them as he moves forward.

55  The disciple learns to maintain his focus he keeps the attitude of the observer. He then identifies with soul and spirit, but observes all the rest that brings pain and discomfort as well as joy and happiness.

56  It is extremely important that the disciple of truth recognize the dividing line between good and evil for the future of the world depends on this recognition.

57  A disciple is one who has taken several of the initiations and committed himself to the work of the soul.

58  A probationary disciple is one who is seeking after the Path. The fact that you’re reading this shows that you’re either a probationary disciple or a disciple.

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Service and Sacrifice

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1.  “In true sacrifice of self, below or above, other selves are served, loved, and feel love.”

2.  “True enlightenment is found, not by retreating into the self, but by taking the highest you know and radiating it in the service of others.”

3.  “Service is a cause which alters the course of causes past.”

4.  “In order to serve, we must succeed.”

5.  “Serve and you will be given power to serve.”

6.  “In the Piscean Age sacrificial service was stressed with little or no reward on this earth.”

7.  “If you rise above the ego you will be given all you seek to successfully complete your field of service.”

8.  “If the time comes for certain events to happen then God will use whoever is available and is willing to serve.”

9.  “Let him who believes in the setting in order count the cost before he decides to serve else his strength give out.”

10.  “The beginner sees service as an act of sacrifice on his part, as if he is doing a favor for God and the Masters of Wisdom; but then after lifetimes of struggle, he begins to realize that true service is a prize and a privilege to obtain.”

11.  “When we serve with purity of heart the self is taken care of, making self-first an unnecessary step.”

12.  “True sacrifice occurs when you give up something on one level to obtain a greater good on another level.”

13.  “Through corrupt sacrifice, you give up something of value to a representative of the beast and only receive false images in return.”

14.  “Another false sacrifice demanded by many New Agers is technology. Many of them want us to give up all the benefits of technology and go back to living virtually on the level of the savage.”

15.  “Look at the landscape of the work that needs done and make the best DECISION you can about the part that you will play and move forward with all your strength.”

16.  “There are times that a person may accumulate tremendous Karma, such as being responsible for many deaths. Instead of coming back and giving his life ten times for ten lives he may pay the whole thing off in one life through loving service where he saves the lives of ten people, either physically or spiritually.”

17.  “We all understand service for pay or even praise, but only a small number understand selfless service as it relates to the good of the whole.”

18.  “Many of the martyrs in the history of the planet have been sacrificed to preserve either the money or the power of the harlot or materialistic individuals or groups.”

19.  “As some see sacrifice they see loss, but from the viewpoint of the disciple there is no such thing as loss when serving the greater good, even if you lose all you have in the material sense.”

20.  “True sacrifice is a trade off. You are trading a lower good for a higher good, a lower enjoyment for one more exquisite and a temporary possession for one with more permanence.”

21.  “It is a sad part of our history that there are more who are willing to suffer for a cause that will enslave mankind, than they who are willing to sacrifice to free the human soul. In coming ages this trend will be reversed.”

22.  “The more you serve the more negative karma is paid off.”

23.  “Service does not keep us from resolving patterns, but reveals solutions in the long run.”

24.  “Since disciples were supposed to have absorbed the lessons of sacrifice during the past 2000+ years the emphasis will shift. The emphasis on service will revolve around cause and effect or karma. Instant or more immediate karma becomes the ideal.”

25.  “The new emphasis on service is not in the sacrifice direction where we do good deeds and get paid back in some far away future, but on the idea is that we serve and in just a short time we receive a recompense for our service.”

26.  “People sacrifice and give to churches and most of the money goes to salaries rather than spiritual work.”

27.  “The prime emphasis on the spiritual teachers of this time is not sacrifice, but service with the principle of cause and effect in mind.”

28.  “The positive lessons of sacrifice will be eternally used, but will not be the focus in the coming age.”

29.  “All those who serve, whether they be spiritual teachers or brick layers, are entitled to receive a just payment for their labor or products they sell.”

30.  “The Aquarian way is to create a service of value so you can charge what you need for your physical comforts.”

31.  “How many of us have met seekers who are so caught up in their ‘vision’ or ‘dream’ that they cannot even consider that there may be a greater path of service available than the one they are on?”

32.  “There is no higher act than being anointed to deliver or taking the one seeking help and pulling him up to where you are. This represents the pure love of Christ and is love manifest.”

33.  “Of course, doing the work is what trips up the many with egos to prove. Instead of them doing the work, many want to be called and exalted, but have others do the work, recognize their greatness and serve their own little needs.”

34.  “Good and loving people should be the ones most determined to stay and assist in the triumph of the dominating good.”

35.  “To get in the top ten per cent where you share in the use of ninety percent of the world’s purpose energy, all you have to do is set conscious intelligent goals and then reach them. To get in the top one per cent you must set and attain conscious intelligent goals that go beyond self-interest and help many people.”

36.  “With an opportunity for service also comes an increase of negative force that will try and discourage you from taking the next step.”

37.  “Even helping one person makes it all worthwhile.”

38.  “Many, who are seeking greater light, yearn for a calling from God or a Master and none seems to come. After a period of time some get discouraged and feel that God does not want them or perhaps feel insignificant. What is needed is understanding, not a calling.”

39.  “Wisdom is a wonderful thing and so is knowledge but both of them would aimlessly drift along without the third aspect of understanding. Understanding gives eyes to knowledge and wisdom so the seeker is able to give completion to his service.”

40.  “As each of us fulfills the mission of Christ in us we reach out to our brothers and sisters upon the path and assist them in their journey to the presence of God. Each of us takes one more step toward completion as we effectively serve the wholeness of the creation of God by assisting the part, even if it is only one individual soul who is walking in darkness yet seeking light.”

41.  “Many preach of peace and goodwill, but who is doing anything about it? Project Peace and Goodwill is a method of putting words into action. There are many others ways to those who are willing.”

42.  “It is unfortunate in life that it is more dangerous to help others than to do nothing.”

43.  “Choose – Contemplate – Work like hell.”

44.  “Phenomenon does often distract from the needed path of service.”

45.  “The point of attention at this time is service to a discerned Purpose greater than self rather than service to a Master.”

46.  “Without help from others stretching forth their hands in service through the principle of Christ which is the name of Christ we must remain forever in the fallen state.”

47.  “Service for the sake of service to an unknown God has been the cause of great pain, destruction, suicide bombers, and almost every war that has been upon the earth.”

48.  “True service is love in action and the true servers of humanity are love incarnate.”

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