Light of Understanding

2000-10-26 17:34:00

Dehara asks:

"Will you expound on what will be 'authorized' by who's authority? who/how other than by soul contact is the authority of a soul?"


The rising teachers of the human race will teach through the authority of the soul instead of through the sanction of an organization. Each individual who is capable of soul contact must use this as his own final authority. If soul contact on a subject is not received then one should follow the highest he can perceive and process, and be true to the highest within him.

The question that is now before us is:

"What is the principle behind light; and name a law associated with it."

This is such a vast subject that many things that could be written about the principle of light are true. I will mention a couple core things. The basic principle behind all creation and light itself is the wavelength. Light is a form of radiation -- wavelengths increasing. Love is an aspect of magnetism -- wavelengths merging, having interplay or coming together.

There are many laws associated with light. The fact that its speed in a vacuum is approximately 186,000 miles per second is one. A prime law is that "There must be contrasts for light to manifest."

The keyword for light is "revelation" -- for light is that which reveals. Rob touched on the principle of this when he said:

"I would have to say light reveals because of the contrast between whatever it falls upon and the surrounding darkness. A bleached-white splotch on an all black sweatshirt sticks out like a sore thumb. That easily attracts our attention."


Without contrast light shines in darkness, but does not register on consciousness.

Rob made another good point:

"If I could be one of the astronauts floating outside the space shuttle and I shined my key-chain laser into the deep, dark, depths of space how would I know it was even on?"


Right, Rob, you would not know the light is shining because there is no contrast.


We can understand then that physical light is not realized without contrast. Does the same apply when we examine the spiritual light of understanding?"

Can spiritual light shine in the darkness and none perceive it?

What provides the contrast so we can become "enlightened" through the higher light?