Re: Evolution and Reincarnation

2005-4-9 14:08:00

Steve writes:

I read JJ's last post with interest, and subsequently have a couple of pointers I would like to raise. If I am gleaning the details correctly, may I ask, are you saying the human Monad remains a human Monad for eternity, and rises/evolves/expands not above that station? For my own understanding and experiences seem to suggest that there is more to this saga than what has been stated. Please let me explain.

Before I started to read esoteric material, I had an experience whereby I somehow became conscious of both The Christ and The Father. In that experience I was made aware that The Father was `teaching' The Christ to expand His consciousness. This involves developing his awareness so that he can eventually become `conscious' of millions of people, that is if He cannot already do so at this time. The impression and understanding I have is that He is evolving to the point where his future roll will be that of a Planetary Being/consciousness. Can I ask, if the Human Monad remains purely on a human scale, why would this development/evolution be taking place?

My understanding is, that as we evolve, we are able to `handle' more dynamic energies within our being and thus expand in both consciousness and power. The creative faculties also develop until we have evolved far enough and contain enough selfless love/wisdom to be able to initiate life on a new planet and also sustain it. Without Love/wisdom, we are not mature and responsible enough to even approach such an exalted position. I say `exalted' not as someone who `obeys' a Lord, but `embraces' and so have the utmost awe and marvel at such Beings.

Even though I am at present the `lower personality', my understanding is that the lower personality, with all of its different complex layers, is eventually dissolved but the point of consciousness/individuality remains in its purest state and evolves with the Human Monad/Divine Spark. Can we say that the untainted point of consciousness which is in us, is God, and if so, can He/She not experience what it would be like to be a Planetary Being seen through the 'eyes' of this point of consciousness(me)?

I don't think anything I have written disagrees with what you have said.

The human being corresponds on a higher level to the atom which is on the lower. The first among us was even called "Adam" which sounds very much like "atom."

Just as the atom is a foundation building block for higher forms so is the human on a higher level. But the key of knowledge is this: When the higher forms are built, the individual atom can identity with the higher and live in consciousness as if it were the higher life. But it can always revert (of "fall") back to individuality.

When two atoms of hydrogen unite with one of oxygen they become water. In this higher form each hydrogen atom no longer sees itself as hydrogen but water instead. Still it can separate and revert back to the single element, hydrogen.

Notice that the word for God is Elohym which really means "Gods," plural. This is because you cannot be a god by yourself, but it must be accomplished by a group consciousness. A human becomes a god the same way that hydrogen becomes water. He identifies with the new life, yet the possibility of reverting to the single form is always present.