2006-3-27 05:10:00

NS writes:

Logically it would follow: Something cannot come from nothing. If there was nothing once. There would be nothing forever. Therefore the source of The all (all in existence) must by its nature be eternal, unchanging, and infinite.

The only thing that can be unchanging is nothing. If a thing is something it will be in a state of change. Change must be involved for something to even exist.


It cannot be outside itself ever. Because it is THE ALL. It cannot gain something or expand beyond itself. It just IS.

It makes the universe out of its own self. There is no reason why God cannot expand and contract.


Since this source must be so, given something cannot come from nothing. And if we come from the source. Since there is nothing else we can be but a part of the all. It follows the all is all there is. We are in the all. As the all is in us. So why is there seemingly this striving towards some future perfection? When perfection must be by the nature of the all and source already is here.

Why wouldn't there be striving toward perfection?

We are obviously here attempting to progress. Why deny what is happening before your consciousness?


Given the qualities of the source I have described and the reason for its existence. There is no logical explanation for the process behind the theory of evolution itself.

On the contrary, there is no logical reason why there would not be evolution. The evidence that there is evolution is that it is happening now.


For spirit/mind has no age, no ladder of evolution to progress towards. It just is as it is. The source. Unchanging, infinite, eternal. As it always has been. Nothing less than holy. Wisdom, love, will. Everything that it is.

It sounds like you are citing some Catholic catechism rather than using your own thinking here. We are reflections of God and we are obviously progressing.


How can the path then towards holyness be anything but an illusion? Should we not be at home already?

We are home already. As Buckaroo Bonzai said, "No matter where you go, there you are." In a state of eternal change you just have to be at home with change or you'll never feel at home. Just because you are home does not mean you cannot improve that home.


Tell me what is the logical explanation for this teaching of "evolving yourself". To evolve yourself you would have to be less.

There is no logical explanation that we are not doing it because we are doing it. I am doing it right now. Why deny what is happening before our consciousness?

What you are saying is akin to asking me: What is the logic in thinking you are in your car driving out of the garage? Duh... Because I am in my car driving out of the garage. It's pretty self explanatory.


In order to "move forward". How can we be less in progression if we are one with the source to start with?

Because the Source is in a constant state of change, otherwise it would not even BE.


We can not be anything than the source isn't because the source is the all and we are the source.

We are a part of the body of the Source; as such we are the source of ourselves.


If you were to go "evolving". You would need to be first created at a starting point less than the holy source and separate from it.

That's not what reality or logic tells us for we are evolving. There are an unending number of starting and ending points for us.


How can we ever have a beginning or be less if we are the source and the source is all?

Everything goes in cycles. The eternal you has a beginning to evolution on the physical plane and then it will have an end on the physical plane. After we have mastered all there is to master we will create other planes and master them worlds without end and worlds without beginning.


Basically, you can refute the theory of evolution with the statement. "You cannot get something from nothing"

This does not refute it at all. Something obviously exists and that something is in a state of flux and ever evolving.


If the statement something cannot come from nothing is false. Tell me how it is false.

The statement is true. What is your point?


I can't see any illogic in it. The implications are, All is here unchanging, eternally, and infinitely existent.

That's not the implication. The only thing that would be unchanging would be nothingness. Because God and you and I are something then there is change and evolution.


We don't know why we are here in this position. Why things are this way. Due to the infinity of it all the only thing we can be certain of, is that The all exists.

And you know that you exist and you are in a state of change.


Why was the universe created? Not even Hermes Trismegistus said a word.

Why was the universe created and why do we create and play games? The answer is the same to both questions.

Art is fiction that tells the truth.   Quote from "V" from the movie "V for Vendetta."