The Initiate

1999-3-14 07:24:00

My friends,

I've finally caught up on a few things and have a moment to make a post.

My sister's funeral was an interesting experience. I may make a future chapter in the book around it. She was very loved by all the family and just about everyone showed up, some whom I had not seen for thirty years.

I got a bang out of my older brother. He flew up his plane from Long Beach, CA and landed in the tiny airport in Blackfoot, Idaho. Instead of calling someone to pick him up, he pulled out a tiny motorized skateboard that he carries with him in his plane and took off toward my brother in law's. It's a cute little toy that scoots along about 20 miles per hour. A few minutes later he shows up at the house riding the thing and tells everyone that he rode the device all the way from California. He said he got a lot of weird looks on the freeway.

Nobody knew what to think, after all, that was all the transportation he seemed to have, but then he broke down and told the truth after some interrogation.

My younger sister is also in a life and death struggle but she sacrificed and came to the funeral. She has been going through a tremendous number of tests trying to find out what is wrong with her, as she seems to be allergic to everything. They think the problem is this. Several years ago she got hit in the jaw with a baseball and they had to put some metal pins and wires in her mouth. Now they think this metal is causing her problems and making her allergic to almost everything.

What I am wondering from the group is this. Have any of you heard about people reacting to implanted metal?

Fortunately this sister is crossing beyond her regular religious beliefs and is becoming open to almost anything and I was able to spend some time helping and counseling her.

It looks like the group needs a shot of adrenaline here. Let's see what we can do.

About living to be 100, I recall that Rick and Samu gave some wise dialog about it. As Samu indicated, one should have some purpose in living to such age rather than to just continue to exist.

If one wants to accomplish beyond the norm he must not only believe but make a decision within his ring of consciousness.

Tracy asks why the term we are discussing is called the "ring-pass-not." Why not "consciousness-pass-not" or some other phrase?

The reason is that expansion in consciousness is best represented as circular waves like that of an orbit of a planet around the sun. If we use this correlation, the ring-pass-not of the earth is 93 million miles from the Sun. In its present consciousness this planet just cannot expand its orbit beyond this point.

All planets do not have an exact circular orbit. Some are close to circular and some, like Pluto, are somewhat elliptical. Because of this, Pluto is sometimes the furthest planet from the Sun and other times Neptune is further.

Consciousness is best described as circular because it is divided into seven general areas, corresponding to the Seven Rays. If one expands consciousness evenly in these seven directions then your consciousness ring-pass-not is seen as circular, but if your development is lopsided then your ring-pass-not is seen as elliptical. If your ring-pass-not is too lopsided, Karma will force you to work on your greatest weakness so your orbit can go back to the circle again.

Many of us on this list, for instance, are doing fine with philosophy and metaphysics, but struggle to make the money we need. Thus our soul pushes us kicking and screaming into areas of development that we strongly resist, but eventually we get tremendous satisfaction when we yield and succeed.

Earlier we talked about the Beast of unearned authority that seeks control over all peoples. Challenging the authorities of the Beast and trusting in the inner God requires a great expansion of the ring-pass-not. This is what makes the power of the Beast so great. It just does not enter into the consciousness of those under its control that it is even within their power to step out of the realm of control of outward authorities.

When one finally does expand the ring-pass-not beyond the power of the Beast, he then obtains the power to become an initiate.

Question:   What does it mean to become an initiate?