The Great Ones

2000-10-4 11:33:00

There has been some discussion about the interplay between those of lower and higher evolution. Could we mere mortals, for instance, tell whether or not someone higher than us, a Master for instance, is teaching the truth? Let us suppose that Xavier was a Master in disguise. Would he be of such a high vibration that it would be useless to question him?

There are things that an aspirant cannot understand about a disciple and things that a disciple cannot understand about a Master and so on up the line, but discernment of truth or true principles is not one of them. The Soul which communes with Spirit lies within each one of us, and anyone who seeks with a sincere heart and focused attention can contact the chords of truth that ring within us all.

If a devil, a man or an angel speaks we all have the right to run the words by our souls and verify them for ourselves. The beginners on the Path merely have more, or allow more distractions than the seasoned traveler. These distractions are set beliefs, glamour, illusion and other problems that turn the neophyte's attention away from the soul. But even the simplest of souls with a pure heart and open mind can receive revelation from the God within and know the truth and thus become free. The amount of truth he can incorporate is subject to his ring-pass-not.

What then lies in the mind of the highly evolved that the beginner cannot comprehend?

Remember my analogy about the two people on the path? The one was ahead of the other and was not "better" because of it, but was merely familiar with parts of the path that had not been available to the one with the later start. The one farther upon the path understands the beauty of the scenery before him and can relate it to the one behind, but the one behind will not have a full understanding of the beautiful mountains and valleys until he actually gets there.

The blind man may take hold of the elephant's trunk and think the animal is like a great hose, but he cannot appreciate the total majesty of the animal until he can see the whole of it. Even so the beginner cannot appreciate the vision, the thoughts, the goals, and the problems of a disciple or Master until he either advances a great deal in his evolution, or joins in with the whole through the Oneness Principle.

We may all have our comments and opinions of the magnitude of the confrontation the Christ had in the Garden of Gethsemane, but without a revelation or going through the experience ourselves, there is no way we can appreciate what He went through.

The angle of vision and the problems faced by one progressed upon the path is generally not available to the beginner, yet this is not important. Each of us has all the problems we can handle and if we just concentrate on solving our own complexities, we will not care so much about what the Master faces. That is his problem and he is the one to deal with it.

The important point is the truth, as it applies to each of our lives, is available to all. As Jack Nicholson says -- we all can't handle the truth. Nevertheless, it is available to those who reach out in real faith.

A question is arising among the group about what a true teacher, master or Avatar would do if he appeared among us. Would or should he announce himself? Should we be open to the possibility that a great teacher or even the Christ may show up among us incognito? The answer to the latter is yes. Teachers, initiates and avatars will come and we must be open to the idea or we could wind up missing them or even opposing them.

Should the avatar announce himself? There is no rule about this. His method of approach is for him to decide, but normally he or she will not announce himself as one of the great ones. One of the main reasons is, the true teacher in contact with the Brotherhood is very humbled; he realizes that there are many far above him, and when in touch with these greater lives through he Oneness Principle, it seems absurd to announce himself as a great one. In the whole scheme of lives, he realizes he is not that far away from the sparrow singing in the back yard, let alone his next door neighbor.

If we examine the history of the race, we will see that the ones who have truly proved themselves a benefit to humanity made no big announcement as a great one, and they usually had a very good rapport with common men and women. Generally, it was the benefactor's enemies who thought of themselves as great ones and thought of their true friends as "the little people."

There are other e-mail lists where every other member thinks he is a world savior and announces himself as such, but this list seems to have a refreshing lack of claims. Of this I am glad. I think we are a healthy bunch here.

If any of us considers himself to be a great one, then he or she should follow the example of the Master Himself. Jesus never clearly announced Himself as the Christ. His only announcement was in His teachings and His works. Because they were powerful, the people began to wonder. Even His cousin, John the Baptist, who baptized Jesus and saw the Spirit of God descend upon Him, was not sure. While in prison John sent his disciples to specifically ask Jesus if he was the Messiah. John wanted to know that his mission of preparation was successful before he died.

The disciples of John obediently approached Jesus and asked Him if He was the Messiah. To this question Jesus told them to abide with Him for three days, and then to tell John what they saw. The disciples of John thus stayed with Jesus for the three days and listened to Him teach and watched Him heal the sick. After this period of time they returned to John the Baptist and he eagerly asked them what the answer of Jesus was. They explained the invitation of Jesus and then told John they saw the sick healed, the blind could see, and the lame could walk. When John heard their answer he was then satisfied and went to his death in peace.

On the other hand, let us just say that Jesus would have merely said "Yes. I am the great Messiah that was prophesied to come." Do you think John would have been satisfied within his soul? No, he would not have been. He would have died with doubt in his heart. Any person can make any claim, but only a few can teach the words of light and demonstrate the power of God to the people.

He who makes a claim based on ego puts a cloud between himself and his soul, and in the end, his claims of glory will return to embarrass him. He, who humbles himself before those greater than himself and before those seeking the light from his radiance, will be endowed with the glory of God from on High and generations unborn will yet warm themselves with his light and love.

Let us join the great ones together, my friends, and humble ourselves; so any greatness which is manifest is from the one Spirit that permeates us all.