Eternal Words and Words Of Power

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1.  “There are certain words that take the ear back to the vibration of spirit that cannot be corrupted.  The Brotherhood calls these ‘Eternal Words’.”

2.  “Words of truth, or eternal words, are spoken by disciples of the Master who share consciousness with him and thus the words of the disciple carry the same potency as the words of Christ.”

3.  “All inspired writings have fulfillment on at least one of the three planes which are the mental, astral-emotional and physical.”

4.  “One of the purposes of the universal religion will be to teach people to recognize and use words of power.”

5.  “If the word is good then it is eternal and will never die but will bring forth fruit in its time, and none can prevent the manifestation.”

6.  “Even though Isaiah’s prophesies were given to the ancient Jews, most of them had correspondences to the far future such as the first and second coming of Christ and the Millennium (or Age of Peace), and the coming forth of additional revelations. Isaiah wrote in such a way that his words had a meaning to his contemporary Jews as well as speaking of events in the far future.”

7.  “When creation descends into form it does so through the power of a word.”

8.  “Eternal words are the words of Christ or spoken through the Oneness Principle in the Consciousness of Christ.”

9.  “The Great Invocation and the Song of the 144,000 are Words of Power and also contain principles.”

10.  “All eternal words are words of power but not all words of power are eternal words.”

11.  “Eternal words are words that will not pass away because they speak of true principles.”

12.  “Words that are not eternal words are most words spoken by average humanity. Such words relate facts that only have meaning today, but had no meaning in the past and will have no meaning in the future.”

13.  “There are words that do not teach principles that are temporary and pass away and then there are words that do teach principles that do not pass away because they are eternal words.”

14.  “It is time for the soul infused disciple to reach out to others upon the earth and use the words of power to separate the wheat from the chaff. The wheat are those who will accept the new ideas of the age to come and the chaff are those stuck in the old ways that are about to collapse upon itself.”

15.  “Eternal words are words that teach principles, for only principles will continue to have meaning as long as time exists.”

16.  “Disciples must teach words, eternal words, to bring the life of God to the churches and governments of the earth.”

17.  “My objective here is to speak the words of the soul to the best of my ability, and let each individual decide, in connection with the highest he can register, as to whether or not it is true.”

18.  “When words of Spirit are thus brought to earth they will not pass away for they came from timelessness or eternity.”

19.  “Even though Jesus had only 120 followers when he was crucified his words did not pass away because they touched on eternal principles, and when this is done, the meaning cannot be erased from human consciousness — not in this life or a future life.”

20.  “The only way to speak words that shall not pass away is to speak of principles that have already existed for eternity in the higher spheres.”

21.  “Eternal words are very powerful and do not pass away because they carry in them the seed of an eternal principle.”

22.  “Embodied principles are eternal words.”

23.  “When the disciple receives eternal words he realizes the depth of them is beyond the power of his personality self to have initiated.”

24.  “The advantage of the spoken word is that a teacher can speak from the soul and if the words are eternal words, spoken in the language of the principles, then they are carried through the medium of soul to the hearts and minds of the group.”

25.  “The most advanced writings for public consumption on the planet, directly read by the people, are rarely consumed.”

26.  “For the good things I write that ring true to your souls I give credit to the Holy Spirit as it flows back and forth between the golden links that bind us together in the Oneness Principle.”

27.  “The scriptures tell us to ‘prove all things’.”

28.  “Remember that all inspired words have more than one correct interpretation.”

29.  “How do you know if your interpretation [of an inspired writing] is correct? For one thing, if it has meaning to you then a value is achieved even if you are far removed from the meaning implied by the original writer. Apart from this as we seek accuracy we want to apply the law of correspondences. If the interpretation you come up with fits in with this law then you have a find worthy of contemplation and meditation. As you then contemplate the interpretation and correspondences you will move to the next level of seeking intuitive flashes of knowledge. When these flashes come you will know within that they are true for you will see the principle behind them.”

30.  “The interesting thing is that even when inspired words are not fulfilled as expected, they still come to pass on some level.”

31.  “Each scripture that deals with principles or cycles has a body, soul and spirit according to ancient Jewish belief. The body is that which is most applicable to life on the physical plane. Soul interpretations are those who stir the love energy of those who hear the words expounded. Spirit interpretations are those that appeal to the higher mind and lead to manifestations of the Spirit within. In addition to these three there is a fourth which is a synthesis of the three. This will be an interpretation from the viewpoint of wholeness (holiness) which will give guidance in practical application, stir the love of God and Spirit within and lead to intuitive understanding. In addition to this when the mystical number of seven comes into play the number of possible interpretations multiplies exponentially.”

32.  “I do not think any writer in modern times has matched the profoundness of Isaiah or the words of Jesus.”

33.  “As one reads through the teachings of Christ one cannot help but notice that every teaching He gave out was representative of some principle that is timeless and has as much meaning today as it did 2000 years ago.”

34.  “The Book of Revelation written by the Apostle John is one of the grandest books in human history with as much depth and mystery as any metaphysical, non-metaphysical, religious or non-religious book in the world.”

35.  “The Bible is the Word of God inasmuch as the words you draw from it harmonize with the Word of God within the Soul of man which is in harmony with the Spirit of God.”

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The Song of the 144,000

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual and Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1  The main purpose of the Song in this age is to protect the Lights as a group from the negative energies that would like to see them being thrown to the modern day lions, but it’s power also extends to many personal benefits.

2  The prime reason for the the Song of the 144,000 is to protect the Lights from the destructive forces of the “Beast.”

3  The second stanza of the Song protects from attacks on the Spirit by filling us with the “fires of Love.”

4  The songs we may sing are but symbols of the new song that the soul of every man is waiting to sing as he becomes one of the redeemed and firstfruits of the Lamb, and tunes in to the “music of the spheres.”

5  We are told that only the 144,000 can sing the Song. Those who are not ready may try it for a while, but will drop it or lose interest. Then there are others who will quit singing it by changing the meaning through altering the words.

6  The Song is more than words. The true song is sung through the attunement and the harmonious vibration given off by the seeker.

7  The true disciple may be sitting still and silent, yet singing the Song with his radiating being.

8  To attain the vibration of the Song one must be redeemed from the carnal mind and be dominated by the spiritual.

9  When the higher consciousness is achieved the vibration of the Song radiates throughout the mind (the throne) the lower self and the emotions follow it (the four beasts) and the wise people (elders) of the earth acknowledge the wisdom of the disciple.

10  Each person singing it [the Song] according to original intent creates a note which is a part of a great symphony that we are beginning to create in time and space.

11  The Song does not have a physical melody and would probably be difficult to put to regular music, but is a song of the soul and the music is exuded in physical silence.

12  No group of people who say this song need ever fear mother earth.

13  The power of negativity as a natural consequence and also as directed by the Dark Brothers is a powerful reason for the Song of the 144,000.

14  From my experience those who “sing” the Song regularly are the most pure in heart people I have ever encountered.

15  All should be willing to say the Song of the 144,000 as one voice.

16  By focusing Attention on the Light with the Song you do not destroy the darkness, but you shine a great light, which reveals the illusion of the darkness and as you are thus filled with light you create a place where darkness cannot penetrate.

17  True negative destruction is retrogression or paralysis on the spiritual path and this is where the Song will help.

18  No great destruction will occur until there are 144,000 that will correctly sing the Song of the 144,000. Notice the word “correctly.”

19  I personally find it interesting that whenever I seem to have a bad day it is during a time when I did not say the Song for at least a day.

20  The grand purpose of this earthly verse of the Song is to reverse the tremendous blockages caused by negative and illusionary thoughts of all kinds.

21  Evidence that the Song is inspired is contained in the Song itself.

22  Singing the Song [of the 144,000] with the Soul and directed thought can cause over a thousand negative thoughts surrounding you and others to flee.

23  It is important that when saying the Song we say it with the visualization that everyone else saying it is present with us. This will cause the power of the Song to amplify in power individually and collectively.

24  It is easier to feel the full effect of the Song when two or more can physically say it together, but this is only because it is easier to direct our thoughts and feelings in this situation.

25  When you sing the Song you can think of loved ones who are troubled in spirit and see the light and love as descending upon them and elevating their spirits.

26  When saying the Song we should only visualize Light and Love descending on people who are open to it and will use the energy for good.

27  Because the thoughts of the person saying the Song directs Will in a positive way, he or she has power to counteract many thoughts which have a negative effect.

28  Imagine the day when 144,000 here on earth will sing the Song at one time for the first time? I’m not sure myself the full implications of this, but I know the results will be wonderful.

29  The third stanza [of the Song] protects against destruction through illusion for if you are one with God you then see through the eyes of God and with such vision you will see through the illusions that attempt to steer you off the Path.

30  Various problems will still come even with the Song, but the Song provides three points of focus that will give you power to guide your ship safely to the new land or new age.

31  Another extremely important reason for the Song to be sung in this age is for the protection of the workers of light.

32  In every age in recorded history the negative forces have prevailed against the light. This time it will be different. The Song will give the workers the power to peacefully prevail against the dark ones for the first time in a very long time.

33  I would advise everyone who is saying it regularly to memorize the song so the right words will come out without even trying to remember. That way you can put your full attention on the meaning.

34  Those who do it [sing the Song] in union focus on the same Song, but sing it according to their own individuality and tone. Two singing it has a different effect than one and three different than two and so on.

35  By forming your own local study groups you can then say the Song of the 144,000 with others in your physical presence and receive more energy than saying it alone. When you feel the charge of saying it with a dozen or more then you will never want to retreat from moving forward.

36  Remember this. Anyone who is willing to say the Song of the 144,000 on a regular basis has good potential for peaceful group work. These people will come from many backgrounds.

37 The Song of the 144,000 is not a song one sings to a melody, as is our custom. It is composed of words representing grand thoughts that are vocalized externally and internally making it  a song of the soul.

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