Consider The Possibility

“Consider The Possibility” quotes

1. “While it is a true principle that there is a possibility of a positive for every negative, there is one ingredient in this universe that prevents us from being mindlessly ruled by these two forces or the lack thereof. That ingredient is our basic intelligence and the power of decision that resides within the reflections of God.

2. “What I consider an opinion could be true and what I consider as true could be illusion.

3. “Future historians will make a footnote that the great expected Antichrist just did not materialize.

4. “Should we be open to the possibility that a great teacher or even the Christ may show up among us incognito? The answer to the latter is yes.

5. “When the power of Attention is one with the Purpose of God all things are possible and the magical power of the soul is manifest.

6. “It is important to realize though that there are many who are happy with the level of truth they have attained. If someone presents to them a greater light than they are ready for, it will be a painful experience for them and they will often fight against it.

7. “The term Lightworkers should apply to a broader spectrum than new agers. They are found in every religion, political group and major organization.

8. “Every possibility is manifest somewhere and every possible experience can be lived.

9. “All God needs to do to be unknowable is out imagine us.

10. “The current world wide concern over guns is like the guy who goes to the hospital bleeding with an arrow through his shoulder, but wants the doctor to take care of the pimple on his nose. By squeezing this issue of gun control we only make things worse whereas our negligence in other areas can cause humanity great loss of blood or life force.

11. “The reward of the just is not some palatial heaven with golden streets, but a true communion and oneness with God and for that we do not have to wait for a second coming, flying saucers or death.

12. “The most peaceful of lakes is disturbed when a large stone is thrown into its clear waters.

13. “The true shape of man is circular and he is in a constant state of rotation and movement as the atoms are.

14. “All things are possible for us to achieve and if the free world were to cooperate, then we could eliminate the threat from fanatical dictators who will shortly get nuclear weapons and missiles.

15. “The spiritual house of God is never out of order and the kingdom of God within is always available to all who are pure in heart.

16. “The reason that so many are accused of being dark conspirators is that the true conspiracy is a moving target and has worked to some degree through almost every organization and people in our history.

17. “There will be no rapture as believers define rapture.

18. “There are female prophets on the earth, but they are not recognized by the churches as a whole.

19. “Contemplation and tuning into the Oneness Principle can often lead to greater light than the reading of books.

20. “People who kill themselves are ignorant of the effects making it a mistake because of unforeseen consequences.

21. “Each of us must find our programming and neutralize it. When we realize how we are programmed we then have power over the programming and can respond as we consciously see fit rather than as some computer program.

22. “If you were more aware there would be no boredom.

23. “Under our present construct of math and physical reality PI exists as an ever illusive point that cannot be identified with an exact number, at least not a number that can be written using current mathematical principles.

24. “If it turns out to be true that the Book of Isaiah was written in two time periods, I would still be inclined to think that the whole of the book was written by the same entity, but in two or more lifetimes.

25. “As long as we use money as a medium of exchange there will never be pure cashlessness for people will always be able to trade with barter, IOU’s and commodities.

26. “Is it possible to neutralize the handicap of past success in the present life? Yes, but only if one “becomes as a little child” and is willing to let all attachments go and learn ‘all things new.’

27. “Life is a gathering of forms or forces around a point of decision wherein we have the power of attention focused.

28. “All people come into our lives because their consciousness shares a certain note with our own consciousness. If you apply the principle of attrition and do not play the shared note with the irritating person then they will fade out of your life and not show up again.

29. “In my mind it is much better to concentrate on moving toward something (synthesis – glass half full) rather than away from something (duality, fear, glass half empty).

30. “Be open to all possibilities, but remember this. When your foundation truths are challenged the chances are that the challenger is presenting illusion and you should question accordingly.

31. “A nuclear missile hurled at New York by a rogue nation would certainly diminish the prospects of a free society. Having millions of people evaporated with a nuclear weapon would be a painful way for us to learn a lesson. It’s also bad for the environment. Very bad.

32. “Let us give each other the benefit of the doubt and realize that we are all in this together. Let us assume the best in one another. No one here seeks fear or wants to kill anyone – most do not even want to step on a fly. All seek for love and peace to the best of their understanding. All desire harmony and oneness with their fellow human beings.

33. “Once you can communicate with your dream world, then you can control your dreams.

34. “If you stop acting like you have a chip on your shoulder and something to prove you might find that you are among friends and who knows? You might learn something.

35. “Wrong use of money causes people to prostitute their true nature and female energy.

36. “You are now the dream world of the soul.

37. “We must start from point zero with all people and include them within the realm of all possibilities.

38. “Every possibility is manifest somewhere and every possible experience that can be lived is being played out somewhere.

39. “For a true retrieval of ancient memories one would have to tune into the permanent physical atom which is composed of etheric matter.

40. “God, or Decision, existed in a point beyond and before time and space. Before this point were two possibilities. They were the possibility of Something, and Nothing, or the possibility of Creation or No Creation.

41. “The inner peace is always there waiting for us to accept it.

42. “The greatest hell is to have nothing new to create. Hell is creating that which has been over and over until boredom becomes so great that the life force flatlines.

43. “If the life of the Sun which covers more billions of years than recognized by current science were speeded up to an even greater degree so that this greater period was seen as seventy-two years then we would witness the personality of the Sun. We would see that it darts about the constellations and deviates from its projected course according to its free will.

44. “In our solar system there is a sun circled by twelve planets. Nine have been discovered and three are as of yet unknown to man.

45. “There is no great master plan — at least, not in the way people perceive it. In reality the only true master plan is the union of souls.

46. “If changes for the worse can be made then changes for the better can be also. That which is done can be undone and dreams which have never been, can be.

47. “Creation is impossible unless there is a creator and creators come forth for the joy of seeing their work through to the finish and being appreciated by other living beings.

48. “In my journey through time I am playing one symphony for the ears of the One Great Life and in your journey you are playing another and altogether there are endless pieces of music being played for the enjoyment of our Creator. This is the true meaning of the term ‘Music of the Spheres.’

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