The Hierarchical Connection

1999-9-4 10:19:00

The Molecular Relationship, Chapter 23 (Part 2)

After the Molecule is set up with twenty-four people or twelve male-female Units with the correct sender-receiver interrelationship, one more step is needed. The creation of the Molecule is like the creation of a light bulb. We may have all the correct ingredients together, but if the light bulb is not connected to an electrical current, then it is

no more successful in lighting a room than a rock or a dog bone. Just as the light bulb needs a connection to work, so does the Molecule. The Human Molecule needs to be linked up to the Hierarchical Molecule, or The Brotherhood of Light as we have called them.

The Hierarchical Molecule consists of the Christ and his immediate disciples. The Hierarchical Molecule is in turn linked up to the Shamballa Molecule which consists of the one the Bible refers to as the Ancient of Days, or, in esoteric writings, as Sanat Kumara and his disciples. This is the earthly representative of the "Father in Heaven."

This entity is in such a high vibration that He has been referred to as the "God of This Planet," or the "Most High" by the ancient scriptures. Our earthly Father-God is linked up and is a disciple of the Solar Logos. He is the governing being of the entire solar system.

The Solar Logos is linked up and is a disciple of still higher lives until we arrive at the governing life of the entire Milky Way Galaxy. Going any higher than this is mere speculation even for the highest adepts for it has been written through Alice A. Bailey that he who is above the solar logos who is over seven solar systems is of such a high order even the Masters call him "The One About Whom Naught Can be Said." We do know there is a Universal Life and It's body is the universe itself.

The Planetary Logos, The Solar Logos and those even higher up are in the form of humans when they manifest in the world of form, for they perfected their form as humans ages and ages ago. We must keep in mind that the Planetary Logos is like a seed atom in the life of the planet earth itself. The Logos is Molecular, but the life of the earth itself is far from it and is a kingdom behind man in evolution. The consciousness of God is manifesting through kingdoms in human form at this period of universal evolution and thus the responsibility falls upon man to bring the beauty of molecular form from the microcosm to the macrocosm, from the lower lives to the higher, and when the higher is completed its complexity and beauty will surpass all previous creations.

Thus, the spiritual energy flows from the highest life in the Universe by the power of the Molecular Order, down to the Hierarchical Molecule governed by the Christ. This energy flow is, however, currently cut off from mankind because man and the kingdoms under man have "fallen" away from this principle.

The spiritual energy of the Molecular Order therefore misses the human kingdom, the animal kingdom, the vegetable kingdom and, to some extent, the mineral kingdom.

Nevertheless, within these kingdoms, the molecular power and order still functions. The cells, molecules, and atoms in all our bodies are still linked up and receive the spiritual flow from the One God, the Universal Logos; this is the power by which all living things in the Universe are created and have their being.

Thus we find that the spiritual energy from the One Great Life pervades all forms above the human and below the organic life forms on the earth, but man and the life forms under man are missed because man has conscious thought, but is caught in the illusion that it is possible to be separate from the One God.

The following diagram best illustrates the spiritual flow of the Molecular Order.

To establish a connection between mankind and the Hierarchical Molecule a link has to be created so the spiritual flow will not be broken.