Questions -- Extraterrestrials & The Spiritual Hierarchy

1998-11-8 06:01:00

Glenys asked these and other questions:

"Has the God that is 'becoming what he decides to become' had a shady past like the rest of us, capable of fits of temper, revenge, jealousy, etc? Has there been an ET involvement in our past (not to mention our present and future)?"


ET's (Extraterrestrials) have been involved in our past but not with the frequencies everyone perceives. More information will be given about this in a future book.


"You mention that you are a 'transmitter' for the Master to other disciples and say that if we link into you, we link into John and thereby link into Jesus and/or Joshua. Why do we need a transmitter? Why can't Jesus link into us direct as the 'author and perfector of our faith.' This is an ex-Catholic here who is a little wary or should it be 'weary' of 'intermediaries'"


How this works will be taught in a future key for the principle is not yet practiced to any degree in the human kingdom. As an individual you can, through the soul, contact the spiritual worlds and your own higher self, which is a Master upon its own plane.

However, in this earth sphere there does exist a hierarchy of Masters, which are also linked to an even higher order of lives through other solar systems. These all work through an order which is called The Molecular Relationship. Jesus hinted at this when he said, "I am the vine and you are the branches. If a branch is severed from the vine it dies." The building of greater forms and lives are created through these links. The Kingdom of God cannot be entered through self-exploration and awareness only. We as individuals must become linked up as part of an eternal chain or vine that requires each of us to reach out to another and grab another by the hand and take them with us.

When looking at a chain is one link more important than another?


From this angle you are as important as the Christ is because you become one with Him and are then able to tune in to the great "Internet of the Masters," and all They have you can have also.

Much more will be written on this.

You also ask:

"Is the Ancient of Days (See Dan 7:13.) the same as the Planetary Logos some people talk about?"

Yes, but He is basically the representative of the Logos. The real Logos is a composite of lives.

Finally you said something here that was not a question, but I feel it is important to post:

"One thing I have noticed since I've been singing The Song, there is a new Presence in my inner consciousness that is becoming stronger and stronger as time goes on. I'm not able to distinguish him although I can see he wears a robe, and I haven't sought to find out who it is being content to wait until an appropriate time to ask. But his Presence in my life is certainly most welcome!"

That is a good sign that you feel a welcome Presence. I look forward to others experiencing similar things.