McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 26

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JJ: What is light and what does light do?

Audience: Reveals

JJ: Reveals, okay, light reveals truth and what is. Light reveals things as they really are and dark conceals. If you look at politicians, a politician that is influenced by the light will tell things as they really are, “Look I am really going to increase your taxes.” When is the last time we heard that? Never?

The politician who sides with the dark will say, no I am not going to increase your taxes and then within a month after getting elected, he supports increasing our taxes. What the politician did was conceal what he was really going to do from us and perhaps even from himself. He may have believed his own words.

“To thine own self be true and as the light falls the day thou can not be false to any man.” This is one of the greatest statements ever made. We have to be true to our self and I think many of these politicians actually believe what they are saying and then when they get in office and after about a month they join the good ole boys club and they are told that if they want to get along then you have to play ball and vote as they are told to vote and vote with the group. Forget about this individual stuff it does not work in Washington.

So the majority of the politicians are unable to reveal in the light and tell you what they will do. If you find somebody that does we will keep him or her, unless they have a screw that is too loose on what makes sense. Keep them for their honesty if at all possible.

So the light reveals what is and the Brotherhood of Light stresses the principle of honesty. This is one of the principles of liberation – to be honest. Now I have known people who believe this to the wrong extreme. I have known this person that if she sees someone that is fat she will say you are fat, I said why did you word it that way? Well she would say I was just being honest. I replied, you are honest but you are also cruel. You have to blend the virtues together not isolate them and take them to the extreme. So how could she have been totally honest about the gal being fat? For one she just could not have said anything. You know if your wife comes to and says honey, are my thighs too heavy? You are going to sleep on the couch no matter what you say!

Audience: Laughter!

JJ: The thing is to be honest and you could say, honey, you look better to me than the day we were married. You can say it and if you really believe that then you are honest and you are not saying anything negative. You probably are still going to sleep on the couch though because then she will say, you are avoiding the question – why are you avoiding the question? Answer me.

Women are so very mysterious to us guys. They are one of the last mysteries for us guys to unfold, the mind of the female.

So anyway the key is, “as honest as possible because you are in the light” you will notice that when you read the New Testament in the words of Jesus, He was starkly honest and he was usually polite and kind except when someone richly deserved to be told off. Then He was not beyond letting them have it. You remember in the temple where He made the whip and chased everybody out and turned over the tables because they were turning the house of God into a house of merchandise, which infuriated Him.

Audience: So could you think about it in terms of that you want to be honest and you are also practice harmlessness?

JJ: That is a good point because with the wrong wording of your honesty you can actually create harm for somebody. I remember Curtis wrote this paper and he was really enthused about it, I had done a lot of writing and I took a look at it and I pointed out some positive things and I was honest and it made him feel pretty good about and then Wayne comes in and Curtis says what you think Wayne? Wayne takes a look and says, man, this needs a lot of correction, give me your red pen.

He said his English is awful and he spent about a half hour on one paragraph until the paper was dripping with red ink. Curtis says, give me that back I do not want anymore feedback from you! And you could tell poor Curtis’ jaw just dropped as Wayne was making these corrections. When I commented I was nice as I could be and fed his ego a little bit but old Wayne, he just was not thinking of Curtis’s ego at all.  You could just feel ole Curtis sink as Wayne was going through this paper with that red pen. It was kind of funny from my angle but Curtis did not think it was funny! Wayne was having a good time destroying Curtis’s ego.

This illustrates that you have to be careful, Wayne and I were both honest but Wayne was just not thinking of Curtis’s feelings at all. Wayne is a really nice guy, don’t get me wrong, but when it comes to correcting English, I am real hesitant to give him anything to look at. Now I just say, Wayne read this quickly and tell me what you think, don’t worry about correcting it. If he starts to correct it then he never gets through more than about three pages because he finds so many things to correct.

Wayne and I were both honest to Curtis but we chose different words to portray that honesty. I realized that was his first major attempt to write anything and being a writer myself I understand how important it is to have support and constructive criticism. I remember when I first started writing I was very fragile and positive feedback was much more important then than it is now. Now if I write something and someone has a negative opinion towards it then I just take it with a grain of salt.

So I figured Curtis would be more fragile at this early stage of his endeavor also and Wayne proved me right. So one of the keys to white magic is total honesty, honesty with graciousness, kindness and sometimes you may want to leave something out and leaving something out is not being dishonest. Leaving something out can support deception but if dome with judgment one can be totally honest with what is revealed.

Even in the Book of Proverbs it says, “It is the glory of God to conceal things.” In other words God, the Masters and the Higher Lives conceal a lot of things from us because as DK tells us, He says many times that I could tell you certain things but it could prove dangerous so I am not going to tell you right now. He says it will be revealed to those who are ready. Why does he not tell us? There are certain mantras the he says and words of power that He could give us but if they were used incorrectly they could cause insanity or death so I am not going to tell you how certain things work here because if a person is not ready then they could be misused.

So concealing a thing is not dishonest, especially if you admit you are concealing something. Now if a person is asked if he is concealing something and he says no, then that is dishonest. So to conceal a thing is not dishonest and is even supported by the Bible itself, but to state something that is just black and white not true is being dishonest. If I have a dollar in my hand and I tell you it is five dollars then that is an absolute black and white untruth. That is definitely something that we must avoid.

Something else that is not dishonest is telling a joke and I have told quite a number of jokes in my life and the basis of the jokes is always something that is not true but often times the principle of the joke is true. They say that only the truth is funny so jokes often illustrate some point of truth but a joke always has things that are untrue to really stretch the reality to make it funny and of course most people would not consider a joke to be dishonest because once a person gets the joke and then they realize what it is and it was just a joke.

What is funny though is when you tell a joke and people do not get it and they think you are being serious. I went into Kinko’s one time and I took out brand new twenty dollar bill  I had just got it from the bank and it was really fresh looking and crisp. It looked like it had just been printed, I had a couple dollars worth of copies and I handed it to the gal and said, it looks pretty good doesn’t it, I printed it up on one of your machines!

Audience: Laughter

JJ: She looks at it wondering if I had really done this and I saw she was worried I was a lawbreaker and said, I was just joking. She was just so nervous and she kept looking at it and she really believed I printed it up and she just did not get the joke.

Audience: On the same lines we often take cash when we are doing one of the shows, so will take five dollars at a time in cash for people who admission charge of five dollars, so at the bank she asked me how I got all this money and I said drugs, and as it turns out you have to report that. Good thing it all turned out well because I am sitting here.

Audience: Laughter

JJ: That is interesting. So light and dark the names of the two brotherhoods and reveals a lot about how they are different. The dark brothers conceal or deceive about everything and they portray themselves differently than they are. If one is a politician, for instance, he will present himself as the benevolent caretaker of humanity type thing that is going to do all kinds of good things for everybody. There may be blatant lies and deceptions and he or she may know they are deceptions but he says them anyway because the truth does not matter to them.

Now very few politicians are actually members of the dark brothers but the dark brothers do use certain people, especially if they have positions of power – they are much more likely to be used by the brotherhood than somebody like the average John Doe who has no position of power.

For instance, those who come to me and say, yea my ex-wife was in with the dark brotherhood. Well did your ex-wife have any power or influence? No she was a housewife. Well then what use would the dark brothers have for her unless she was committed to the dark path, and if she was committed to the dark path she would be doing more than just being a housewife.

So that is one thing to look for, the agents of the dark brotherhood will be people with influence and power. No one is put to use more in this particular age than the politicians. They also make use of heads of religions, heads of state, education groups, finance and banking. These people that are in positions of power are in a big struggle between the two brotherhoods. Very few of them are actually members of the dark brotherhood for to be a member of the dark brotherhood, you have to actually make a certain degree of progress, you have to reach the point to where you are approaching the third initiation. You have to reach the point to where you have mastery over the physical and emotional to a fairly high degree before you can see the choice.

Now you can be used before this point, but you have to reach a fairly high degree before you can actually make the choice because you cannot join either one of the two brotherhoods consciously until you have the two paths open up before you and see clearly what the two paths are and you make a conscious definite choice. So unless the person you know has made the definite choice, he or she is not a dark brother. However, as DK also says all of humanity are under control of the antichrist forces and almost all of humanity are used to a degree by the dark brothers because they have people in positions of power and they influence and the average person to a high degree. The average person is much more influenced by emotion and selfishness than they are with group consciousness and altruism and group service. Not too many people are into the higher virtues and average humanity, almost everybody, is influenced by individual selfishness.

If a politician gets up and the first thing he or she says is, “Here is what I am going to do for you.” And whatever that may be whether it is lots of benefits and entitlements, or rebates or tax cuts or to pay you for education and you get a piece of the government nest egg and so on. You can be sure that you must be very wary of that kind of talk about what they are going to do for you. Now the worker in the light, of course, serves us but He is not going to serve just by having the government give stuff to us. He is going to help to increase our state of freedom. The worker on the side of light increases freedom and the worker on the dark side will say that they are going to give stuff to you and they are going to put benefits on every plate of some kind, but the price will be a decrease in freedom.

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85 The Principle of Trust & Honesty

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Principle 85

The Principle of Trust & Honesty

We put these two together because they are interdependent. You can’t have trust without honesty, for a verification of honesty creates trust. Trust is an outgrowth of a consistent presentation of that which is true.

This principle can be summed up as follows: To be honest means that every word that you speak is true to the best of your ability. To be trusted means that you can be relied upon to speak the truth or act in accordance with it.

These two things represent a principle because they open the door to greater knowledge and not applying them closes the door.

The key to higher knowledge is your soul or Higher Self which is founded upon truth and is the only thing in which we can totally place our trust. The door to establishing that link is to focus on the soul energy which circulates between the individual and the High Self which is linked to God. When the seeker focuses on honestly communicating that which is true then the soul energy flows unimpeded and the seeker will in time draw closer to his soul until he and his soul are as one unit. On the other hand, when the person knowingly lies, deceives and distorts the truth his focus is then directed downward toward material energies which form a dark cloud blotting out the inner sun, which is the soul.

Many people think that telling a lie now and then is a good thing, but consider this. Let us suppose that you were chosen to be a prophet like Moses and you had the privilege of talking with some higher being such as Jehovah, Jesus or an archangel. Now let us suppose that this Being told you that your life would be protected if you did what he asked, but he asked you to do some very difficult and dangerous things such as Jehovah asked of Moses.

What would be the main reason that would cause you to cooperate with this Being?

The answer: Trust.

And why would you trust him?

Because you would think that God or His representative would be telling you the truth and never lie to you.

And what were the instructions of Jesus to the disciples?

“Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” Matt 5:48

In other words, we are supposed to follow the same path that God pursues and above all else that path is based on representing that which is true.

On the other hand when talking about the adversary Jesus said to his accusers, “the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” John 8:44

So, God represents truth and that which comes from Him can be trusted whereas adversaries of God will lie, distort and deceive to achieve their goals.

It is true that a lie can achieve a temporary advantage, but in the end truth always wins out because he who represents truth can be trusted and will magnetically draw the enlightened to him. Deception represents darkness and he who represents darkness will draw darkened souls to himself that eventually creates a black hole with no light of the spirit in it.

A problem with always seeking to tell the truth is that it may seem that telling a lie is sometimes the right thing to do.

Let us suppose are in Nazi Germany and the SS knock on your door and want your son. You know that if they get their hands on him he will be tortured and killed. You have him hidden in a secret hide-a-way in the basement. Do you lie to save his life?

If you do, is there anything wrong with doing so?

To understand the repercussions we must look at the result of the two decisions.

Decision One: If you tell the truth and your child is killed then you are partially responsible for his death and suffering.

Is being an accomplice to murder wrong? Yes, very wrong.

Decision Two: You tell a convincing lie and the SS leave. You have saved your son’s life. Was it worth it? Yes, of course. Anyone with an ounce of humanity would do this and more to save his child. Most would be willing to face the jaws of hell and risk their own soul rather than be a part to such harm to a loved one.

Does this mean that no harm was caused by the lie?

Let me put it this way. If one man endures a cut to his finger and another has a whole leg whacked off do both afflictions cause harm to the body?


Are both painful?


Is the pain equal?


Would it be worth it to endure the cut finger to save the leg?

Yes, of course.

Would it make sense to lose the leg to save a cut finger?

Of course not.

Since the right thing to do is so easy to see in this case then why is it so difficult to see in the circumstance where the Nazis knock on the door? The lie is the cut finger and the loss of the child is the lost leg.

The point is that both the lie and the murder would be wrong but the lie is the lesser evil. When faced with two evils the key of judgment must be used to choose the lesser of the two.

Some may ask. Does a lie create harm even in this extreme circumstance?

Does the cut finger still have some pain, even though it saved the leg? Yes, it still smarts, but was indeed worth the sacrifice.

Every lie knowingly told adds to the cloud between consciousness and soul. If the person can live his life in complete honesty, to his highest understanding, the clouds will disperse and the barrier between himself and the soul will be removed making him a soul infused personality.

So how does the disciple achieve such honesty? After all, do we not have circumstances come up now and then where we feel we have to lie?

Yes, just about all do.

Does not every person who is human have his limits? In other words, is there not some circumstance that would create enough pressure to force any person to tell a lie or intentionally deceive?

Yes, we all have our limits. Some may think they do not, but they do.

Then how is complete honesty possible?

It is possible when the disciple decides to take control of his life and make his own reality structured according to his own desired creation. If he desires complete honesty he must do three things.

Understand the liberation that honesty will bring and make a decision to pursue this path.

Assess himself and his own limitations. He must realize where his breaking point is or what would have to occur to force him to break his rule of honesty and lie.

He must then look into the future and mold it so that breaking circumstance will never occur. If such a disciple had lived in Nazi Germany as Hitler was coming to power he would have been contemplating the future and taken his family out of the country before the real trouble began thus avoiding the circumstance forcing him to lie. Einstein, for instance, was one of those wise enough to smell the coffee and leave Germany and thus never had to lie to the SS troops.

As fledgling disciples it is our duty to commit ourselves to total honesty, but to assess our limitations and seek to control our lives to the extent that the truth can always be revealed.

If the disciple can look over his past ten years and see that he has been more honest than in the pervious ten then he can take this as a sign he is progressing toward liberation from material forces on the path to life eternal.

“He who has not a good memory should never take upon himself the trade of lying.”

Michel de Montaigne (1533 – 1592)

Copyright 2016 by J J Dewey
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Honesty and Integrity

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes

From The Discourses Of JJ Dewey

1  It may seem that honor and personal integrity is a thing of the past, but in reality it never is.

2  First and foremost, I expect honesty.

3  You do not have to reveal all you know, but what you do reveal should be literally true as you portray it.

4  Argue with what I do say and not with what I do not say.

5  The difficult thing is telling the truth ourselves. We want the truth told to us, but many find it difficult to practice honesty as we want it given to us.

6  It is most important that when we make a commitment and we are aware of such commitment that we do all in our power to be true to our word. If we do this consistently then our vibration moves in harmony with the vibration of Spirit, which is truth, and the door to soul contact opens wide.

7  When a Master, or a member of the God kingdom, speaks to you, you will know it is not a lie, but the truth because such a person has made the external and internal corrections to insure the word is God, and is true.

8  I like a little conflict, but when in conflict I like an adversary who will at least admit he is an adversary.

9  Outside of some politicians, most people know what a lie is and what a promise is.

10  Never give your word without first projecting your consciousness into the future seeing every possible situation that may come up.

11  It is important that we be tolerant of completely honest communication so all can accurately portray their observations whatever they are.

12  The disciple is only corrected if he honestly seeks further instruction and correction.

13  Let us continue to be honest about our disagreements, but be heartfelt in our acceptance of each other as manifestations of Christ.

14  Any time we feel (rather than think) we need to conform at the risk of suppressed feelings or the development of grievances, then is the time to be honest and share your feelings or one may be supplying the Beast with a foothold for control.

15  If the disciple can look over his past ten years and see that he has been more honest than in the pervious ten then he can take this as a sign he is progressing toward liberation from material forces on the path to life eternal.

16  Keeping our word, telling the truth and the honor of trust and reliability behind a name must have a place among us if true discipleship and a service to the Great Ones is to be achieved.

17  Ministers, teachers and gurus are constantly demanding money time and energy from their followers and only giving illusion in return.

18  One of the things we have asked for is that if you do make a criticism to not make an accusation for accusation’s sake but please do it with sincerity and get the facts straight.

19  If you feel somewhat guilty about lies you have told or promises that you have broken and wish you could just make a new start there is an interesting way for you to do it. Make a commitment to yourself to tread the path of complete honesty and then find a friend to baptize you by immersion. Notice I say find a friend, not a minister or priest. It would be best if this friend is not particularly religious, but just a good person.

20  The way to achievement in honesty and the keeping of our word among us human beings, as it is done in the kingdom of heaven, is an important key and the path is not as you may have been taught.

21  Silence is neither a lie or the truth. It is just silence.

22  When all the words we speak are words of truth and promises which come true then the barrier between man and God evaporates and soul contact is established followed by the Oneness that the Master talked about.

23  Honest emotional communication is a grand key that leads us to a recovery of man’s lost estate.

24  When you learn to be true to your word, the Word within you will be known and it will be found to be made flesh in you. God will then be known as 100 percent trustworthy.

25  It is true that to attain honesty a certain amount of discipline is necessary, but to tread the path, wisdom is more important than discipline or will.

26  It’s very difficult to have pure intent. Matter of fact to have pure intent you have to examine yourself every day and look at all the motives that we’ve done during the day. Look at what you did when you woke up in the morning, what you did at noon, what you did in the evening, what you did with your closest relationships.

27  The lie usually causes more damage than the act that caused the lie.

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