A Treatise on White Magic

2001-6-11 11:56:00

My Friends,

The time has come for a new direction in our course. We shall begin the study of the formidable work which is called:  "A Treatise on White Magic" by Alice A. Bailey.

To give us some variety I will post on this subject approximately every other day and in between we will cover other material. One of these things will be the finishing of the series of questions and answers for New Agers.

My co-teacher for "A Treatise on White Magic" will be Anni West. We will play it by ear as to how long she stays in this position. It depends on her time available and the need of others for opportunity, etc. I would guess she will be in this roll for a couple months.

She was reluctant to take this roll because she is a native of Denmark and English is not her first language. Even so, I think she sounds better in English than most of us natives do.

She is well prepared to help as she has given numerous lectures and classes on metaphysics and theosophical subjects in her homeland.

She has also translated Book I of "The Immortal" into Danish.

I met Anni In person when she came to the Gathering at McCall last year and she is as sweet and huggable in person as she seems in her writings.

I am glad to have her on board and have a lot of faith in her.

We were hoping that Glenys would also be able to assist, but she has greater battles to fight at present. Glenys is a student of the Bailey teachings so we will certainly hold a place for her when she recovers.

I can't continue without praising Larry for his fine job in helping with the teaching the past few months. I haven't been keeping him busy the past couple weeks, but he was really there when I needed him earlier and was very intuitive as to what needed to be said to move the topic and questions along.

I certainly plan on using him again when he has the time and is willing.

A number of years ago I taught a class on "A Treatise on White Magic." It was a little heavy duty for Boise residents at that time and we discontinued after about ten lessons. Our friend Mindy, with help from Maryellen, was good enough to type these up for me. We will start with these lessons as a base. I will edit them and post potions regularly and leave questions with students and add more information when necessary.

Anni will add any elaboration she sees as helpful and will handle your questions similar to the way Larry did. Of course, she will have her own style so I'm sure her approach will have a flavor of its own. I'm sure she will add some female energy that some believe is needed.

I must warn you though. I think she is as logical as any male on this list.

You can order "A Treatise On White Magic" and all of Alice A. Bailey's books from Lucis Trust, Amazon.com or your local bookstore. And, if you're reluctant to spend the money you can read the book for free here:



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Treatise On White Magic, Lesson One, Part 1


We are officially beginning the course on "Treatise on White Magic." This is Lesson One. How many here have heard of the writings of Alice A. Bailey before? Raise you hands. (Some of the hands go up) How many have never read anything by Alice A Bailey? You're in for a treat.

One of the first things you need to do is get down the vocabulary and some of the terms. I had my first Tibetan book, we (those of us who study Alice A Bailey) always call him "The Tibetan" [or DK] because they were transmitted to Alice A Bailey by a man who achieved his mastership in Tibet. So he's referred colloquially to as the Tibetan. We're going to explain what we mean by Masters as we go on and what we mean by the Spiritual Hierarchy because the Tibetan (his real name is Djwhal Khul or "DK") is a member of the Spiritual Hierarchy of this planet.

The Spiritual Hierarchy is composed of numerous levels. The kingdom above us is loosely referred to as "The Hierarchy" of which the Christ is the head.

If you want to obtain a greater understanding of this "Hierarchy", please see the chart at:


Under Him is a group of twelve Masters. They're listed in the chart but it doesn't give all their names. One of them is the Manu. He is the head, the Father, or the First Ray energy. The Master Jupiter and the Master Morya are in that division.


"What book is that?" (Referring to the book I had in my hand.)


This book is called "Initiation, Human and Solar" by Alice A. Bailey, and has the diagram of the Hierarchy on pages 48-49.

Under Ray Two, which is the Christ energy ray of Love and/or Wisdom, we have the Christ as the head of that and under him is the European Master, Koot Hoomi and Djwhal Khul are right there. He is what you might call a Junior Master. He is only approximately 260 years old in the current physical body that he's in, whereas most of them are much older than he is.


"What do you mean physical body?"


He has suspended death and still has the same body as he had 260 years ago. Just as the Christ still has a very ancient body, even so does Djwhal Khul, who is nicknamed "The Messenger Boy of the Gods."

Then we have Mahachohan over the Third Ray energy. The Third Ray energy is symbolized by the Holy Spirit. Under him is a Venetian Master whose name is not given. Under him is Master Serapis and Master Hilarion, who was Paul of Tarsus in a past life, and the Master Jesus. We have explained why we have the Master Jesus and also the Master Christ and may cover it again. There's also Master R. These are the twelve members who are in the immediate membership of the Hierarchy who are under the Master Christ.

A revelation was given by the teacher of Djwhal Khul (Koot Hoomi) to Alice A Bailey. Alice A Bailey was 16 years old and home alone when appeared a man mysteriously manifesting in her drawing room. He explained to her that they had been friends and workers together through a number of past lives. That they were of a similar vibration and that she would be a useful instrument in manifesting the intermediate teachings of the New Age. He explained that the first step in the teachings of the New Age had been given through the teachings of the Madame Blavatsky in the 1880s who started the Theosophical Movement. Alice was informed that Djwahl Khul was the same one who had given the teachings to Madame Blavatsky. And so, this was how Theosophy got its start.

Alice A Bailey explained to her visitor that she was a "born-again" Christian and she had no interest in such things and did not even believe in reincarnation. He said, "That's all right because the time isn't yet, but when the time is right for you to do the writing, you will be prepared and have a change of heart." He told her to prepare for her mission by studying these things and to gain control over her lower nature.

So, he left her with these seed thoughts in her mind.

Alice A Bailey didn't pay a lot of attention to this for awhile, but as time went on she began to take the advice seriously. After all a man in a physical body, appearing in her home would leave some sort of impression on the mind. So she began to study the "Secret Doctrine" written by H.P. Blavatsky, and later on the Tibetan spoke to her by mental telepathy and asked her if she was ready to begin the writings. She said she would under one condition -- that the writings would not go out under any claim of authority because there was no way she could know at that time if they were really true.

The Tibetan said that was fine; that was what they wanted. The Hierarchy did not want them to go out with any claim of authority. The Masters wanted people to read them and be stimulated by their own intuition and decide whether or not they're true, not because they're put out by some great name, but merely because of the content. And thus they agreed.

Next, they began the dictation which took around thirty years to get all of these writings out to us. She received the messages by mental telepathy. She actually heard the words in her mind and she would write them down. Often she would disagree with the Tibetan on the language and they would argue back and forth in her mind as to their final form. So if there are any mistakes in the book, I would assume it's because Alice A Bailey was the one who had control of the pen.

Later on as she became more sensitive she received the data much faster. The messages were sent as "packages" into her mind, then she could write them down pretty much in her own words. They still maintained the telepathic communication but the Tibetan insisted that this way was even more accurate as time went on because their minds began to blend somewhat. She died in 1949 and thus we have that 30-year time span where about 18 dictated books were put out and we also have 6 or 7 books that Alice A Bailey wrote herself.

Probably the easiest way to prove that these books were actually transmitted by a higher intelligence is to read a book written by Alice A Bailey, then read a book that's revealed by the Tibetan. The difference is like night and day. To read Alice A Bailey it sounds like just an average metaphysical student talking. If you read something channeled by the Tibetan it seems that every two or three lines you have a flash of inspiration coming to you. They'll be something there that you've never even thought of before. I've gotten a lot of inspiration from reading the books. I've read all of them and some of them a number of times. As you can see here, this book is pretty well used. It's my personal copy.

I bought my first Tibetan book when I was just back from a Mormon mission at the age of 21. I bought it in a used bookstore. I took it home and read some of it and thought, "Wow, this book is really something!" He was teaching many things I really didn't believe in so I had to really open my mind. This book was definitely something I wanted to read but somehow I didn't feel I was ready for it yet so I put it on the shelf and it stayed there for about six years. Years later something told me to start reading the books so I start reading them. In addition to that, some personal experiences led me to believe in reincarnation and many other New Age truths.


"What was the experience?"


I discovered, proof positive, that there is reincarnation by analyzing handwriting of the past and present lives of certain individuals. I'm a handwriting expert and realize there are no two handwritings alike, they're like fingerprints. It would be impossible for two people to write the same but I found two that were the same, a person from a past life who was reincarnated in this life. Normally handwriting changes but this person was in a state of non-progression, it was amazingly close.

Before this I had done many things with regression, taken people back and had all kinds of things substantiated. I had an explanation why there was only one life, but when I started reading the Tibetan's books and also analyzing handwriting I found myself in a corner where I either had to deny the power of my mind completely or open my mind up to another reality. This turned on a switch, which led me in an entirely different direction in my life.

So, Alice A Bailey decided to go ahead and begin these writings. This took about three decades. The Tibetan [DK], like I said, is a member of the Spiritual Hierarchy, the youngest member. He was one of the Three Wise Men, also, that visited the Christ. The Three Wise Men who came to visit the Christ were men who were near to becoming Masters, but they were not yet Masters at the time. They visited Him to put a protective aura around Him to save Him from Herod. DK was the youngest of the Three Wise Men in evolution, and the last one to overcome death.

There are two types of channeling. We're going to cover that just briefly. They are conscious and unconscious. Does anyone know the difference?


"Conscious was what Alice A Bailey did where she was aware of the thoughts and wrote them down. Unconscious would be from a trance-like state without an awareness. When they wake up, they don't remember it."


Right, Alice A Bailey was so conscious of the channeling that she was able to argue with the Tibetan on how to put the words down. Unconscious channeling takes less effort but there is usually much error and illusion in it. In this case an astral entity takes over the person's body and says whatever he wants. His energy is actually in the body and has complete freedom of movement. For conscious channeling, however, it takes a lot more cooperation. It takes more concentration on the part of the sender and requires a lot more patience with the person they're channeling through.

One interesting thing the Tibetan says is that the type of channeling used by the Spiritual Hierarchy is almost always conscious channeling. They rarely use unconscious channeling or direct voice. He tells us that if it were an extreme emergency they may make an exception. Does anyone know what we mean by direct voice? Has anyone ever seen direct voice channeling?




Yea, Lazarus (Shirley MacLaine's guru) was a direct voice.


"Is that what they do in seances, where they speak through someone?"


Yes, and the person will take on different characteristics and voice quality.


"There's a lady who channels the Archangel Michael. She channels two other entities to get through to Michael when they took her upward or whatever to Him and her voice was totally different each time.


That was again, an unconscious channeling.

There are reasons the Tibetan and the Masters use a conscious channel. One is because mankind has to earn any revelation received. It's just not given to them on a silver platter. Therefore, what can be given through unconscious channeling is limited. In unconscious channeling, the channelers are not usually evil. It's possible to get a hold of an entity with bad intentions, an entity that will lie or one that is after your body.

Most of the channelers that we hear about channel spirits that seem to have good intentions and some of them know quite a bit more about the other side than we do. A lot of them have access to information and records in the astral world that we don't have available here. We're not condemning them but when it comes to new revelations given to mankind; information that has never been given to mankind before, it's always given through conscious revelation. In other words, the receiver is totally aware. He will either have a visitation from one of the Masters or he will have a revelation implanted upon his mind.

Now let's give some examples of conscious channelers. We know that Alice A. Bailey was one. Who else would qualify?


  1. Name three other conscious channels past or present.
  2. Read the introductory extract that is at the beginning of all the Alice A. Bailey books and give us three insights you gain from that introductory extract.


-- End Of Lesson One, Part One --


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