Soul Mates

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A reader asked me for my views on twin souls or soul mates.  I’ve written some on this subject but not sure I have given a complete explanation.

The most popular view concerning soul mates is the idea that in the dawn of creation souls were created two by two. In other words, there were two of each of us created in the beginning – these are sometimes referred to as “twin souls” or “twin flames.” Many believe that this other you is the one you are supposed to eventually find and marry and when this is achieved the two united will fill a great gap each has had and make each other feel whole and fulfilled.

So… Is there any truth to this idea?

My answer is the truth is different than many suppose. Let me add some clarification.

The first thing to note is that we are not created beings but the myriads of monads from which each of us sprang are eternal and have always existed. Because we have always been there was never a time that we were created as twin flames because we have never been created.

Each of us has evolved through the ages from a point of divine intelligence or a point of light in the darkness of divine space.  Our progression has been assisted by others who have been as gods to us as we have acquired vehicles, or bodies, necessary to descend into matter.

All souls on this planet are linked through interconnected wavelengths reaching through the local section of divine space occupied by planet Earth which has one great oversoul for humanity. This oversoul is one great super human life of which you and I are cells. In a very real sense we are all one life but in another we are all individual; entities each springing from different monads.

In addition to the great grouping of humanity itself through one oversoul there are numerous subgroups that have drawn humans together over the eons.  Here are some:

(1) Groups drawn together because of connections with the same solar angels or other beings.

(2) Groups drawn together because of working and karmic relationships over various lifetimes.

(3) Groups drawn together because of similarity of vibration and evolutionary status.

(4) Groups drawn together because of being similar ray types.

When a sensitive person meets another who is connected to one of his groups or linked by karma from a past life there will be a knowing.  The person will seem familiar, like an old friend or lover.

The overall truth is this.  In the beginning of this round of creation we all shared a oneness in the bosom of our Father/Mother God.  Then, at the big bang of creation we were all separated and scattered.  In our scattered condition we learn to create and when we master the creative urge of the God within we unite with other souls to go back home for a great rest.  In the end, each one of us will be the soul mate of all. When all have completed their journey then any soul can find fullness of joy when in communion with any other soul. Any person can be your soul mate if the two of you are one with God.

If this is true then why do so many embrace the idea of one soul mate and why do some insist they have found their soul mate?

To answer this let us first ask this question: Why is there such a strong yearning to find a soul mate?

The prime reason for this is parts of our being recall what it was like to dwell in oneness and fullness of joy with others like ourselves as one with God before we left our divine home. Those who reflect on this inner knowing get a homesickness and desire with all their hearts to find even one soul with whom they can share oneness. When the seeker finds a similar soul that kindles and stimulates the knowing and love inside, hope springs anew that a soul mate is found.

This inner knowing supports the belief of many that they have found their one and only soul mate when they fall in love, but there are other reasons beyond this.  One of the main ones is past life connections. Let us suppose that Jim and Sally have been mates a number of times in past lives.  In addition they have been brother and sister, parent and child and teacher and student.

When they meet in this life do you not suppose there will seem to be a knowing and an unexplainable attraction? By the end of their first date they are finishing each other’s sentences and communing with each other with great fascination.

They seem like soul mates to each other, not because they were created as twin flames, but because of their spiritual link through a long association.

The astonishing fact is this.  Any human being on the planet can be a soul mate if the barriers to oneness are transcended. When any two entities join in the union of souls and share divine love that is available to all they will enjoy a fullness as great as any two people who think they are soul mates.

If this is true then what is stopping us from such union.  There are several reasons:

(1) We have separated from each other and descended to earth as differentiated individuals to enhance our power to create and master our environment.

(2) We are all at different places on the path home and thus see with very different perspectives.

(3) We tend to look on the imperfection without rather than the perfection within. If your blind date looked like the elephant man do you think there is a chance in hell that you would want him or her as a soul mate?

Probably not. The outward ugliness is just too great of a distraction that interferes with seeing the Christ within.

We do not need an elephant man face to divert our attention away from the desire for union.  There are hundreds of small things that do it from a grating voice, to hygiene, to taste in movies or music, to religious and political beliefs and more.  If the barriers to union are removed then the union of souls can begin, pure and simple.

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Got Soul?

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1.  “The soul is represented by that point of invisible interplay between spirit and matter which is neither spirit nor matter, neither form nor formless.”

2.  “The union of matter and spirit makes soul possible, but Soul itself is the interplay of body and spirit rather than the union, and that interplay is within us all no matter what our degree of evolution.”

3.  “The word “soul” is used very loosely by various groups. In the teachings of the Masters it is basically used two ways: The Higher Self sometimes called the Solar Angel, which is linked as an atom in the body of the oversoul of humanity; The point where spirit touches matter. This is the point that some have referred to as being beyond dualities. This, however, is not a dwelling place, but a doorway to the higher worlds.”

4.  “The soul only recognizes that which is true and does not see error. Therefore the soul only vibrates for us when truth is spoken or presented.”

5.  “One Soul is never out of harmony with another Soul.”

6.  “Whether or not I am convinced of a certain truth carries little weight for the true seeker; he still must find out all truth for himself through his own soul.”

7.  “Wise questions force the mind and heart to reflect on the soul.”

8.  “The current creative life, the human, is the soul of the universe, the mediator between God and matter.”

9.  “To say that life is unfair is to say that God is unfair. When all things are considered throughout the life of the soul, all is fair.”

10.  “The voice of God speaking through the Soul is the ultimate authority for the disciple.”

11.  “As an individual you can, through the soul, contact the spiritual worlds and your own higher self, which is a Master upon its own plane.”

12.  “A certain inner knowing and peace accompanies the revelations through the Soul. If the revelation feels wonderful and uplifting then it is logical that we will benefit by following it.”

13.  “The only way a union of any two or more people can take place is if the two follow the will of the God Within, or the Soul, which never disagrees with itself.”

14.  “There is always a point of truth that is seen by the eyes of the soul that will bring oneness to any group if they are willing to humble themselves, rise above pride of the ego and seek the God Within.”

15.  “Prayer opens the door of the soul to gain access to the world of Spirit, meditation takes you through that door so you can receive the Spirit, and contemplation brings the things of the Spirit down into the practical realm of the material world.”

16.  “If we cannot agree in the soul we must go by the evidence, logic and reason. This will lead us to the soul and an eventual understanding of the greater whole.”

17.  “Now remember that soul energy itself is not God or the Higher Self, but is a door to the higher realm.”

18.  “All steps toward the liberation of the soul are proceeded by a greater sense and power of freedom in the life of the disciple.”

19.  “Here on earth we have individualized consciousness and we seem to be separate souls. But in the world of pure soul, there is only one oversoul for all humanity; and you and I are parts of that whole.”

20.  “The doors of the soul cannot stay shut for long to he who loves the truth.”

21.  “The personality resists the soul until it suffers defeat after defeat in its purposes and finally will yield through acquiescence.”

22.  “He who discovers the door of the soul discovers the way to recognize truth and is no longer deceived and thus becomes free.”

23.  “All decision in harmony with soul brings the power of soul.”

24.  “If the seeking attitude and the Decision to do so is maintained then that is a major event in the life of the soul.”

25.  “In looking at the higher worlds, from a universal angle, all higher contacts come through the soul.”

26.  “Although I have received many comments of how the teachings and the Song of the 144,000 have helped individuals in their personal lives, the teachings are not designed as self help aids. They are designed to lead the student to the soul and when he arrives there he will have all the help he needs.”

27.  “Unfortunately advice can only go so far in personal situations because our own souls often have lessons in mind for us to learn from which there is no escape.”

28.  “As far as the soul goes nothing can harm it.”

29.  “When we become one with the soul then our attention is shifted toward the greater light of the Monad and when this shift is made the soul becomes as darkness and higher vision is obtained when the greater light shines ON the light of the soul.”

30.  “The Soul which communes with Spirit lies within each one of us, and anyone who seeks with a sincere heart and focused attention can contact the chords of truth that ring within us all.”

31.  “If a devil, a man or an angel speaks we all have the right to run the words by our souls and verify them for ourselves.”

32.  “Forget self and move forward in experience until the desire of your soul is satisfied. Then you will rest in peace and prepare for another.”

33.  “When it comes to details, taste and data two people in the soul can disagree, but if they are in the soul they will not be disagreeable.”

34.  “All truth is available through the soul, and it is time for humanity to learn to use this tool.”

35.  “If two disagree on something related to a principle this tells us that either one or both of them are out of harmony with the soul.”

36.  “If we are true to the highest within ourselves the soul will eventually manifest.”

37.  “When one then makes a definite decision to serve self at the expense of the soul then a very significant event happens.”

38.  “The magical power of the soul is only manifest when the self is forgotten and the purpose of God is sought and service is the objective.”

39.  “It [the soul] supplies cohesive force and gives shape to living things, holding their forms together.”

40.  “There is higher and lower soul energy.”

41.  “This is the greatest honor that one person can give to another: to have that which is within the soul of one, light the soul of another like the passing of a candle.”

42.  “As we enter into areas of new understanding we enter into the possibility of inner joy through learning which can actually verified by the soul.”

43.  “Soul is the contact of the monadic energy with matter.”

44.  “Our soul is our personal book of life that stores cause and drives us to work out effects until all is in balance and we return to our source for the great rest of the Lord of Sabboath.”

45.  “The Soul waits until we have some group consciousness before it will even work directly with us.”

46.  “A soul confirmation always points you in the right direction to enhance your spiritual evolution, but it does not reveal to you all the knowledge and principles around the subject you may be contemplating.”

47.  “The soul often gives us an inch of truth and we make it into a mile of truth.”

48.  “One communication through the soul does not contradict another communication through the soul.”

49.  “To find evil in people feeling or seeking a soul connection to one another is an amazing thing.”

50.  “To reach the soul it must be understood where the polarization is.”

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Higher Lives

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1  The One Great Life only works through Its representatives. Any person who is Master or higher, who is in alignment with God’s Purpose on this little planet is one with God and speaks for God, or the One Life.

2  The true oversoul for humans is the Higher Life that permeates the whole human kingdom as a whole.

3  I contend that it is important to discover the Great Lives who are our fairly immediate superiors for much of what is to be our destiny is in Their hands.

4  Shamballa was established 23 million years ago when the Ancient of Days arrived here, but the earth itself is billions of years old and has been occupied since it’s creation by an Entity even higher than the Ancient of Days.

5  One of the basic differences between the Masters who have overcome death and us ordinary mortals is that Their word is always to be trusted and Their promises are to be relied on.

6  The higher lives are not just sitting around waiting for you to merely declare that you are ready. You must make yourself useful as a tool in their hands to get their attention.

7  All the plans of the Masters are not executed flawlessly, that They have their problems in Their sphere of activity as we have in ours.

8  The Masters are actually more adept on Their own plane than they are on the human plane just as we are better at doing human things than animal things such as building a beaver dam.

9  Very little accurate information is given out about the Masters in this current time but one day all will be revealed.

10  A good piece of advice for anyone wishing to get in the good graces of the Masters is to learn to mentally check their offensive meter. If one is easily offended by a wrong or misplaced word then he must wait a while to do the real work.

11  It takes more courage to enter into the presence of one of the Great Ones than it does to risk certain death by offending an absolute ruler on earth.

12  A Master is one who has overcome physical death and has power to manifest in all three worlds of form at will.

13  To the Lives Higher than human there are many freedoms that are just beyond our ring-pass-not that seem very simple to Them.

14  The Logos above the Solar [Logos] is so far removed from our consciousness that in ‘the ancient wisdom’ He is called “The One About Whom Naught Can Be Said.”

15  The Higher Lives contact us for instruction, and such instruction concern what is needed rather than what is desired.

16  There are highly evolved entities that have passed beyond physical existence and seek to help us in our evolution. The Bible calls these beings “the spirits of just men made perfect.”  In the east they are called Nirmanakayas.

17  You must develop your talents and abilities so you can be useful to the work of the Masters.

18  When a Master is among us in the flesh, the student has a tremendous barrier of ego to overcome in order to recognize the full value of the teachings; but when the Teacher works from subtle levels, the disciple often thinks the concepts are his own idea so the ego is not a hurdle.

19  The higher lives speak the language of silence and silence does not clamor for attention; instead attention must find the silence.

20  We are told through Alice A. Bailey that a great Avatar called the Avatar of Synthesis has come to the earth from another solar system to assist the Christ and this entity exceeds Him in evolution.

21  Djwahl Khul [DK] called the Nirmanakayas Divine Contemplatives.

22  Maitreya is not necessarily a specific name, but more of a title and a number of entities are known by it.

23  The Christ occupies the position as the head of the Spiritual Hierarchy, as the mediator between Shamballa and humanity. Sananda is the second Kumara close to the heart of Sanat Kumara. Psychics undoubtedly picked up a close link between Sananda and the Christ for both are firstborn sons of God.

24  All the qualities and abilities of the Greater Lives which have gone before us are available and waiting for us to achieve.

25  There is a hierarchy of beings of a diverse magnitude of consciousness who are tuned into the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost aspects.

26  Our Planetary Logos is a disciple of the Solar Logos.

27  Let me define what I mean by a Higher Life in this context. I am not speaking of the Masters or advanced individual entities that have passed through the human kingdom.

28  The higher lives will eventually incarnate into the physical among humanity. Its first body most likely will be composed of the twenty-four humans.

29  Question:  So what is the Higher Life above human?  Answer:  It is a Molecular Life currently living on the mental plane waiting for a physical body to manifest.

30  A true Master will generally appear in a physical body that you can touch or feel if you are meeting on the physical plane. To meet on higher planes you must go to that plane with Him.

31  In this earth sphere there does exist a hierarchy of Masters, which are also linked to an even higher order of lives through other solar systems. These all work through an order which is called The Molecular Relationship.

32  Christ is on the Earth right now in a physical body. He’s not up in heaven somewhere.

33  The Avatar of Synthesis has come to the earth from another solar system to assist the Christ and this entity exceeds Him in evolution. He is of such high vibration that He can only descend to the plane of the mind.

34  Watchers are not like angels. The Angelic kingdom actively works to make that which is watched for by the higher lives materialize.

35  To become a Master one must not only balance off cause and effect as it relates to others, but also as it relates to oneself and between the lower and higher self.

36  Seeking to identify or call on the Monad will not have the intended effect until you have removed certain limitations and grown in purpose and ability.

37  The Universal Mind craves experience, and as it contemplates in its various energy states, it sees all possibilities. Each possibility is an extension of itself, created in its own image and becomes a point in the Universal Life.

38  But you may ask,  “I know of lots of people who have seen higher beings and there was no fear.”  Ninety-nine percent of all such visions are from either the astral world or an encounter with a thoughtform, and these do not have a high vibration and create no cause for alarm.

39  Our mission now is to open the door for the higher lives to incarnate among humans even as they have among the Masters.

40  The Holy Spirit is a great cosmic entity that works through the Oversoul.

41  The universal One God is not a logos or a part of any hierarchy, but manifests through all the hierarchy as well as every life in the universe and is thus aware of the fall of a sparrow so long as the sparrow itself is aware of its fall.

42  The plan of reappearance goes forward and if we do our part in the next thirty years, the miracle of the consciousness of the entity who was Christ, Krishna, and Melchizedek will be among us again down to the physical level.

43  If an avatar incarnates he wastes 20-30 years in the relearning process. If he lets a disciple prepare the body with the necessary learning recorded in the brain he can save several decades of time that he can apply to other necessary work.

44  Alice A Bailey lists Abraham Lincoln as a great avatar. She calls him a racial avatar, one of the greatest we’ve had.

45  A direct incarnation of an avatar would require a certain quality of karma as well as consciousness from the people he will encounter.

46  The Holy Spirit is a great spiritual entity that fills our whole solar system and is linked to all other Holy Spirits in other solar systems to bring about the grand purposes of God.

47  When the lower life has filled the measure of its creation it then continues to progress by identifying with a higher life and living through that life with other lesser lives as if they are the one greater life.

48  Higher lives can appear in any form and it is possible that in very ancient times it served a purpose to appear as serpents.

49  The intentional creation of a thoughtform of a Master can actually draw the consciousness of the Master into the thoughtform if the group is ready for revelation.

50  There are immortal beings which some call Gods, but the One God exists within the heart of each and every person who is a reflection of Deity.

51  I personally believe that a final decision was made by the Avatar [of Synthesis] to assist the Christ and humanity somewhere around 1978 and since then he has been working from the plane of the mind through certain disciples to affect synthetic change upon the earth. The workers sensitive to his vibration are fewer than was hoped.

52  There are entities even above the Masters who dwell in higher planes of feeling that must step down their vibration even in dealing with what we may call a Master of Wisdom.

53  The only entities that can help us are those that are a step or maybe two above us.

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