Expanding the Ring-Pass-Not

1999-3-9 18:51:00

I have just a minute to make a post here. My sister, whom I told you about earlier, died of cancer and we are busy getting ready to take a trip to her funeral.

Glenys told me that her computer broke and she will not be with us for a while, but she can still receive e-mail so you might want to take note and keep in touch.

She gave a good answer to the definition of a ring-pass-not. I will repeat it here:

"My understanding is that, at the human level, it is a level of attainment beyond which a person cannot go; a stage in a person's growth from which he or she is unable to pass onto a higher stage because of some inhibiting factor in his or her make up, usually a mental or spiritual delusion. However, it can be applied to all levels of creation from sub-atomic matter to the Planetary and Solar Logos and even the Creator itself.

"We all have our ring-pass-not. In most humans, it is the level of the mental body which extends well beyond the physical and enables them to operate at the lower mental levels. Soul contact would extend the ring-pass-not and allow activity on the higher mental levels."


In other words, the ring-pass-not is the highest point that your consciousness can perceive; the highest point that you can make a real decision.

If you cannot make a believable decision to live to be 100 then that decision is beyond your ring-pass-not.

Jesus spoke the truth when he said that "nothing is impossible to him that believeth..." but to make the impossible come true the ring-pass-not must be expanded.

If we all examine our lives, (or perhaps we should examine the lives of others -- they are easier to see correctly) we will see that our ring-pass-not in some areas may be fairly high and in other areas may be fairly low.

For instance, one person may understand many beautiful metaphysical principles yet his ring-pass-not in the real world makes it difficult to pay the bills. How to create abundance for himself is beyond his consciousness, but mystical things are not.

We must work to round out our ring-pass-not so the orbit is circular rather than elliptical.

When we expand our ring-pass-not many things become possible that were previously impossible.

There is a difference between expanding your ring-pass-not and your belief system. A belief that you can walk through a wall you does not give you the power to do it. But if your ring-pass-not is expanded into this consciousness, then you will realize this power is possible and you can attain it if you desire.

The mere belief in the possibility has little power but is a good starting point to expand your ring-pass-not if illusion is dispelled along the way.

Belief, even in something true, if it is mired in glamour and illusion, can become a millstone around the neck.

Question:   What is the difference between one who believes he will live to be 100, but will not, and another whose ring-pass-not has expanded so he can really make this happen?