McCall Gathering 2007, Part 42

This entry is part 42 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007

The Nemean Lion

This next is a very interesting one and it is Curtis’s favorite because he is a Leo and it is about the slaying of the Nemean lion. There was once this land where people lived that was plagued by this giant, terrible, frightful lion. He roamed the countryside and if anyone got into his way he tore them to pieces and ate them and this terrified the people who lived there and they were afraid to go outside. People were starving to death because they could not even plow their fields for fear of getting eaten by this horrible lion. They did not leave their homes unless their life was at stake and this whole land was filled with terror because of this lion. He was a terrible thing and they were praying for some type of deliverer to come and free them from this horrible nightmare they were trapped in.

Hercules was told to go and free the people from the Nemean Lion. So all he takes with him is his trusty club along with his bow and arrows. So when goes to the land where the lion is they see that he traveled light with hardly any weapons. They wanted a man with armor and many weapons because this lion feared nothing. They wanted someone to put the fear of God into it and destroy it.

The people did not have much faith in Hercules because he traveled light but Hercules was sublimely confident and told the people that they did not to worry that he would take care of this lion. One day the lion shows up terrifying the land and its people and he spotted Hercules and he started to run towards him. Hercules did not run from the lion and this was the first man the lion had ever met who was not afraid of him.

Hercules stood his ground, prepared to fight the lion and as the lion approached him he became a little nervous thinking, “Why is this man not afraid of me?” He came very close to Hercules and let out a terrible roar that made the trees shake and Hercules just stood there ready to do battle with the lion. This made lion a little nervous so he took off and hid from Hercules. The story continues where Hercules had to pursue the lion. One time he got the lion within his line of sight and he shot an arrow at him and it just ricocheted off the lion and did not even hurt him.

Hercules wondered how he would kill this lion, he seemed to so powerful, but Hercules was determined to proceed because this was his mission so he had to kill this lion. He pursues the lion through the forest and the lion keeps evading him until finally they come to this cave.

Here Hercules has an idea, he will chase the lion into this cave and then the lion will have to face him. The lion goes into the cave and Hercules follows only to find that there is no lion in the cave and he cannot figure out where the lion went to, so he waits and he chases the lion in the cave again and once again the lion is not in there. So Hercules looks around the cave and he finds that it has an exit out the other side and he figures out that when he chases the lion in the cave, the lion then exits out the other side and escapes.

This time Hercules seals off the exit so that he cannot escape and has the lion cornered. He realizes that his bow and arrow are useless against the lion and the only way for him to kill him was with his bare hands. So he approaches the lion with only his bare hands and a great struggle ensues, after a great struggle with the lion he chokes him to death.

The garb that Hercules wore was made from the lion that he had killed when he was a child and this was very worn by now so he discards it and takes the new skin of the Nemean Lion that he had just killed and he asks his teacher if he could wear it to substitute for the old skin and the teacher said yes. So he put on the skin of the Nemean Lion and goes back to the towns’ people and explains to them that he has killed the lion and they are free. Hercules is wearing the skin of the lion. There is rejoicing throughout the land and Hercules is the hero, and he has accomplished his mission.

JJ: What do you suppose the lion represents?

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Love, Hate & Fear

June 15, 2016

Love, Hate & Fear

There has been a lot of dialog over these three subjects during the past few decades. From the thinking presented much inspiration has surfaced as well as quite a bit of obscure thinking which has led to some illusion.

Let us take a fresh look at these three words and their relationship to each other.

Some have said that love is the opposite of hate, others that it is the opposite of fear. Then A Course in Miracles says it has no opposite. What is the truth here?

The truth depends on how we define our words. Now some say that love cannot be defined but only experienced, but consider this. All things were created by the Word of God and are extensions of the originating Word. Because all things are related to that Word then all things that are true can be encapsulated in a word, or words. Love can indeed be defined, or reduced to words. If one cannot do this then he doesn’t understand it fully.

Part of the problem of defining love with words is that there are numerous levels of understanding of what it is and each level of understanding would define it a little differently. Therefore, instead of micro analyzing it let us look at the general principle.

In the beginning was the One that multiplied Itself and became the many. In the end, the many unite and merge and again become the One. Love is that force which draws the many back to their source so they eventually become the one and enter into the great rest of God — pralaya.

Love can only exist when there is more than one life. It is the attraction of one life towards another life with the immediate goal of union and the ultimate goal of going back to the One Source. It only manifests in the many. When the many return to the One then Love enters a state of rest for there is no longer the many to be pulled into the One.

We could say that life is the point of love at the center that draws all life to each other and to itself.

So what would be the opposite then?

The opposite would be a force that pushes life away from each other as well as their source.

Hate and fear can cause people to be repelled from each other, but it can also cause them to make alliances and get closer to others of like minds. Therefore, hate and fear are not exact opposites of love.

Since love is a power of attraction then a closer opposite would be repulsion. You can be repelled from something without hating or fearing it. In this reality you may realize that it is just not in your best interests to be in close proximity to a certain life and it is best to keep your distance. You may not hate a lion, but you do not desire to get in a cage with one. In this world there are many separations caused by common sense rather than hate or fear.

So, is there any truth to the idea love has no opposite because it is eternal? In the worlds of form this does not make sense, but when viewed from the highest aspect of ourselves in the formless worlds it does. The highest part of ourselves is linked to all other lives and does not suffer separation and dwells in consummated love in the Eternal Now. It has no opposite. But on this physical plane there is indeed perceived separation. There is attraction and repulsion so opposition does indeed exist here and does wherever there is form.

Now let us look at hate. Hate may sometimes cause repulsion, the opposite of love, but it can sometimes lead to seeking out the cause of the hate and staying in close association with him or her. Instead of moving away from the source of hate the hater may follow the person around and cause as many problems as possible. In extreme cases the hater will seek to utterly destroy the thing or person hated.

In some cases a person may experience love and hate toward the same person. You may have an argument with your spouse and insult each other and feel hate for a time, but during this feeling you realize that you love the person more than you hate them.

The love referred to here is indeed a lower reflection of pure love, but it is an aspect nevertheless.

Now let us look at fear. This is far from being the opposite of love for sometimes it may surface because of love. Let us say that Jim has great love for his wife and kids and is the only source of income for them but has a temperamental boss. He may have a strong fear that he may be fired and not be able to support his family. If he were single he would not care or fear as much.

Other times fear can cause repulsion. If you disturb a hive of bees you would want to follow your fear and move in the opposite direction as quickly as possible.

Some talk of fear as if it is just a temporary thing that the enlightened can easily overcome, but there are many fears on many levels with which even great lives must contend. Would you be surprised to learn that even the Christ had to deal with a fear that he may not complete his mission as hoped, or that he feels a great tension (related to fear) about coming again and walking among us?

DK wrote that “Fear has its roots in the warp and woof of matter itself.” Since the matter of the universe is the physical body of God this means that God Itself has fear woven in the fabric of his body.

Joseph Smith made this interesting statement; “What did Jesus do? Why I do the things I saw my Father do when worlds came rolling into existence. My Father worked out his kingdom with fear and trembling, and I must do the same; and when I get my kingdom, I shall present it to my Father, so that he may obtain kingdom upon kingdom, and it will exalt him in glory. he will then take a higher exaltation, and I will take his place, and thereby become exalted myself.” Teachings Of The Prophet Joseph Smith; pages 347-8

The apostle Paul said: “Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.” Phil 2:12

The main thing that causes fear is an approach to the unknown with the possibility of loss. If you are in a battle for your life there is a possibility of loss and if the outcome is unknown there will be fear. He who thinks otherwise is fooling himself.

When God created the universe he did not know of all the problems he would encounter and this fear became embedded in the fabric of the worlds of form.

The key to dealing with fear is not to deny its existence, or pretend one is above it, but to face it and deal with it. There is no courage without fear. The courageous soul will move forward toward a good end despite fears and in the end discover the peace of God and obtain a rest from all the fears and cares of the lower worlds.


I won’t fail you – I’m not afraid.


(turns slowly toward him)

Oh, you will be. You will be.

From The Empire Strikes Back

Copyright 2016 by J J Dewey

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Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 24

This entry is part 9 of 24 in the series Kalispell Gathering 2006

Note: I just discovered that the recording equipment was unplugged and we missed about a half hour or so of the discussion.

JJ: At every gathering there is some fluky thing that happens. One gathering (at Nauvoo) I forgot to bring the power cord for this little gizmo and we missed a good recording of about half of the gathering. Rick and Keith went over to Radio Shack but they did not have the right cord because it needed a special cord. Fortunately Rick is very adept with electronics and he improvised with some stuff from radio shack and we got it working so we got the last half of the Nauvoo gathering recorded. Caroline brought a video camera and recorded the first part but it was not good enough quality to put on MP3’s but it was good enough that we got the words recorded and Mindy to her credit got it all typed out.

To re-cap what we said, we have got the part recorded on guilt and what was not recorded was suppression. Suppression of emotion is one of the main causes of illness. Suppression, guilt, anger, negative feelings, these are things that affect us physically and emotionally. But then let us move on to the mental, what is there mentally that causes us to be ill?

Audience: I talked to the light keepers like Sharon and they said that schizophrenia or mental illness is when you let an entity or dark force take your mind over.

JJ: Yes that is possible, what happens there is when a person leaves some type of door open and that door can be open through fear or guilt. If you overcome fear and guilt then some entity will not be able to enter. Weakness and if a person drinks too much alcohol it can make him susceptible to certain types of entities that are attracted to people who drink too much or use drugs too. Too much of anything, excess can open the wrong doors for the wrong type of influences to enter in and manipulate an individual.

Audience: 1st member: On the issue of schizophrenia they are looking at the possibility of it being a sleep disorder. That when a person with this disorder wakes up the brain is not completely awake and seems to be lingering in the dream state and you know how our dreams can be.

2nd member: (Wayne) The mental illness we all know can be a direct result of physical injury and another open field of it is taking the course of just putting your ducks in a row and be able to associate in a rational and predictable manner. So we two types of mental illness, one that is more emotional and one that is more physical.

JJ: What they call mental illness is usually related to something emotional. What physiologist’s do is lump the mental, emotional and every that is wrong and just call it mental. Also there are injuries that happen that are not associated with true mind or emotion and it is just screwing up your circuitry and you are influenced in a strange way. If you realize what is going on as this happens then you will have a lot more control over it.

True problems with the mind happen because of illusion; your mind is responsible for how you are programmed. If you program yourself wrong like I think I have myself programmed wrong in certain ways and that is why I forgot to plug my computer in. So we have these programs that run within us and we have to find what the programs are.

The scientologists have a method where these use these E-meters and take people back in the past. But they do not really always find the illusions; they find the emotional hurt again and again which is not a bad idea because they have this method where they can resolve the hurt. They can also uncover some little programs that are running within you. One of the things they teach is that you have your regular conscious mind and your reactive mind. The reactive mind is a very simple part of ourselves that just records everything that is entered and the recorded thing is more strongly entered during a period of pain. This is why like  Tom Cruise (when his wife was giving birth) wanted total silence because when you are under going any stress or pain whatever you record is like a powerful hypnotic suggestion.

It is funny with me, I never really lost many things until I had the accident with my hand and after the accident I started to loose things like crazy. I started loosing pens and such and it still drives me crazy that I loose pens. So I wondered that while I was under anesthetic and on the operating table what someone said, that that poor kid is going to lose part of his hand and that word “lose” must have entered into my head as hypnotic suggestion, because after my accident I started loosing all kinds of things.

Audience: (Wayne) Joe has always been kind of a creative guy coming up with ideas that I would not have even considered. He got interested in rockets ordered out of magazines, little bottle rockets and such. He ordered a bunch of these things and called me over one time to have a look at them and he was in the living room with them sorted out like he was the general with this kind of rocket and this kind of rocket here.

JJ: They was like the rockets in the movie “October Sky” if anyone saw that movie. Now before my accident I made a lot more dangerous home made rockets and after that I bought the model ones which were not as dangerous. The church authorities had come to visit me in the hospital and they said, “Well I bet this taught you not make rockets, huh kid?” And I said no, I would not be making any until I get out of the hospital. I am not going to stop making more; I am just going to be more careful! I did so enjoy watching their reaction while I was telling them this!

Audience: (Wayne) Anyway Joe was in his living room with all these things separated into their own individual piles and the thing that amused me is that he was counting them and that was okay the first time because he had 12 of these and five of these and four of these and stuff you know and so I asked him, are you sure you had twelve of those and in the meantime I had taken one of them. (Laughter) And I said that I was not sure you counted right and of course he went over there and there was only eleven and he said, “I can’t believe it!” And while we were doing this I would take another off of another pile. (Laughter) And put the one back to twelve again. It took him about three times and he was going, “I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!! (LAUGHTER!!!) I COUNTED THOSE THREE TIMES AND I KNOW THERE ARE THIS MANY! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!!

JJ: I should have known better than to call on Wayne.

Wayne: Anyway talking about loosing things I got probably the strongest reaction from Joe that I have ever seen from anyone about loosing things when he was a kid.

JJ: The reason that it was so believable was because I lost so many things and it was like a plague that followed me around! Laughter!

We also have certain beliefs and to overcome illusion one of the last things we have to do before a person achieves true enlightenment is to find out how we have programmed ourselves wrong. There are these little programs that enter in through pain which are called engrams and there is not much we can do about them except go through a regression where we go back and examine them, figure out what they are and then release ourselves from them.

There another type of programming which is our belief system. With our belief system we may be completely logical in every way possible but if the foundation of our belief system is based on some error than it does not matter how logical or reasonable you are. An original error will multiply itself and then you have all kinds of error. I have talked to religious people that are very intelligent, reasonable and logical, but they rely on some original error they have. Many of these errors can also cause illness.  For instance, either you believe that mankind is basically good or evil. Each of us needs to go back to our foundation beliefs and they are very hard to find because you can be completely logical and reasonable but if you have a wrong foundation belief it is going to create all kinds of problems.

Other instances of a foundation belief are that we have foundation beliefs about God, family, relationships and what we are supposed to achieve from relationships. We have foundation beliefs on health. One foundation belief that in my opinion almost everyone is wrong on is that there is really no cause for disease and another one is, life is not fair. When I was a kid everybody said life was fair and then somebody at one time spouted out, you know life is not fair.

This registered with everyone because they looked around saw that people are rich, some poor, some healthy, some not healthy, some with abundance and those without abundance, so life does not seem fair. When you take into account that there is reincarnation and every thing is balanced of in the end for all then you find that life truly is fair.

I found it interesting though that when I was young everyone thought God was fair and now everyone thinks God is not fair. They do not really say God is not fair but they say life is not fair. This started about 10 or 20 years ago and I do not remember when I first heard this “life is not fair” statement, but from the time I first heard it the circulation really began to spread with this statement, now you hear a lot. On many TV shows you hear people saying that “life is not fair and you just have to accept it. If we think that life is not fair then if a person gets a disease they think well, life is not fair so I guess I am getting my share of unfairness.

But if you also believe life is not fair then you also have to believe that God is not fair. If God is not fair then that means we can be struck down at any moment and there is nothing we can do about it. There is always something you can do about anything and if you think life is not fair then you will not assume your power and your power is that there is always something you can do about anything.

If life is not fair then that means that there are certain things that you just cannot do anything about as far as your happiness, health, vitality and things like this. Now there are a handful of things that we cannot do anything about. Take gravity for instance, it is just something we have to accept. But as far as affecting our health, vitality, our moods and happiness, we are the ones in charge. It is not because life is unfair produced by an unfair God making everything unfair and we only have one life and we just have to handle it that some of us have a good life and some of us have a bad life and nobody knows why so and so got cancer or heart disease or died suddenly.

There is a reason for everything but if we discount this and just say, well, the guy had this problem and life is unfair and that is the only reason it happened then we are deceived. No, it happened for a reason, everything that happens is caused by something. For every action there is reaction, for every cause there is an effect. If a person has low vitality, disease, marital problems, relationship problems, whatever problem the person has there is a reason for it.

It is amazing that is politically incorrect if someone gets a disease to say, “There is a cause for this.” People get upset if you say that because they do not want to blame the person. They say well, this person is a good person and there is no reason for them to get this cancer; it just happened. It did not just happen, everything happens because there is a cause.

Cancer, for instance, is often caused by suppression of emotion. Heart disease is caused by an unfolding of the heart energies and the person is not able to handle the energies and he does not recognize them. For instance, he may have an unfolding of heart energy that is telling him it is time to learn how to handle a higher form of love than he is used to. He has been expressing a selfish love and now it is time to learn a bit of a higher energy of love. The person rejects this and when they reject it then this causes a blockage in the flow of energy and causes heart problems.

Often times it takes two or three lives to handle a new energy like that. He may have heart problems for two lives and then he gets so tired of it that he finally pays attention to it and learns his lesson and gets a break where he has health for a while and then his soul says it is time for a new energy, and a new energy unfolds, maybe something in his third eye, the he has sinus problems like Lorraine over there! (Laughter)

Copyright 2010 by J J Dewey


Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes From The Discourses Of JJ Dewey

1  That old enemy fear keeps many from moving toward the light of truth.

2  If all fears are related to a fear of loss, then this fear of loss is the primal fear that keeps us from all truth.

3  Fear of rejection in some form is probably the second most common fear related to loss.

4  When one person in a group discovers a new truth that is not accepted by the others, there will indeed be a loss and if that possibility of loss is not accepted by the seeker, a fear will indeed surface.

5  Perhaps the greatest overriding fear of one approaching the straight and narrow path between the two extremes of error, is the fear of hell, the fear of God’s wrath, the fear of being wrong or guilty before God, the fear of losing one’s soul or eternal life. These are all related to the fear of the unknown because no aspirant knows for sure the true fate that awaits him beyond the veil.

6  All have to face the fear of God at one time or another and the fear of God has more potency than any fear of a devil.

7  Fear is not always related to illusionary beliefs. Often this is true but such is not always the case.

8  The typical New Ager is a little like Luke in Star Wars who thought he had everything down. The initiate is like Yoda who knows of the realities to come and tells him “…you shall fear.”

9  Many go through numerous lifetimes with this non-fear belief until they encounter the Dweller on the Threshold. This dweller is terrifying enough, yet to destroy this Dweller one must face the Angel of the Presence which is even more terrifying because this, once encountered, is of such power that it will feel like you could be destroyed body mind and spirit with a blink of an eye. Moses had to spend 40 years in contemplation of the presence before he mustered the courage to face it.

10  Fear is based on truth. How one reacts to truth perceived determines the fear.

11  Even a fear within a dream is based on truth.

12  [The Mormon Prophet] Joseph Smith made the interesting statement that “God created the worlds with fear and trembling.”  This would explain why “fear has its roots in the warp and woof of matter itself.”

13  Fear is overcome through using the mind to calculate the best possible moves to eliminate the perceived future loss.

14  It is true that many have fears that are not justified because of wrong perception.

15  When perception and calculation are accurate then fear will be based on the real.

16  This portrayal of fear by many teachers of the day, as a thing held only by the deluded, the unloving, the unevolved or the ignorant, has led many into great illusion. Because many seekers have swallowed this pleasant sounding doctrine without processing it through the mind they enter into a world of deception and denial.

17  That fear which is denied or suppressed does not go away. Instead it foments and grows and when it resurfaces it will loom greater than it was at the moment of burial.

18  Perfect love casteth out fear, but it does not prevent the pilgrim from encountering and facing the fear.

19  The most important fear to master is the fear of fear, for he who fears fear will pretend to himself that he has no fear in any circumstances. Fear thus becomes a seed growing in the dark seeking the light of day.

20  If we release ourselves from sending attention toward the cause of fear, the fear will die through attrition.

21  Fear of being worthy is a big hurdle for many.

22  Fear is a huge barrier to soul contact, but I submit that there is another barrier much larger, one that you will not see written about in New Age philosophy that I know of. He who has fear yet overcomes this barrier will reach the soul before he who has no fear and does not overcome it. What is it?

23  We fear because we give too much attention to pain and negative repercussions of things that may happen to us.

24  To speak of fearful things without fear is to overcome the fear of fear.

25  Fear of fear is one of the greatest tools of the beast.

26  All people of feeling fear that which they do not understand and mistake it as being an evil thing. They are ignorant of the workings of the mind nor do they care to understand, as they feel their foundation will fall.

27  Quantum changes for the better are almost non existent because of the fear of change that exists among the masses.

28  I have learned by experience that even great fear is no barrier for it can be immediately cancelled by a powerful decision and if such a decision is in alignment with the will of the soul then you immediately move toward the Kingdom of God and soul contact.

29  I’ve heard rumors for years now that our economy is supposed to collapse because of some switch in oil currency but can’t find anything reliable to back up the fear that is circulated by some.

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