The Three Preparations

2000-8-25 11:18:00

Thanks for your kind words, John K. You quoted me from The Gathering of Lights, Chapter 29:

"On the other hand, we can become a part of the earthly externalization of the New Jerusalem by building the Kingdom of God patterned after the Molecular Order which will bring down the powers of Godliness into the physical realm."

And then made the following observation:

"So here what you are saying is that "'On the other hand...' which sounds an awful lot like an alternative to the prophecy of Daniel. I'm sure this is not your intention (fairly sure)..."


You're right John. That was not my intention. As I have said before, each inspired scripture or teaching has at least three interpretations which fit within the Law of Correspondences. When I said "on the other hand" I was referring to a key corresponding interpretation that fits the scripture.

Reading in the ancient language one can see that Daniel predicted a type of Divine Order that will be established. It would follow a pattern after the breastplates worn by the High Priest as well as the description in the scriptures of the New Jerusalem. This order would dramatically change the system of things here on earth.

John K:

"But if I were to read this from the perspective of one who had never studied spiritual anything, it would come across as if you were trying to set up a 'kingdom' on earth, which is not the same one which has been prophesied."


I am attempting to fit in with the Divine Purpose and Will in manifesting the Kingdom of God on the earth in all its aspects, as I am sure many others are. You or I will not set up anything within the Purpose of God by following our own little wills, but great works are possible when the lower will is submitted to a higher one.

John K:

"Part of this thought comes from your statement, 'bring down the powers of Godliness into the physical realm.' And yet, you have also said that it is not by power or by might, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of Hosts, which brings down the image, and ushers in the True Kingdom, the New Jerusalem.'"


To bring down the powers of Godliness into the physical realm is an act that can only be accomplished through the Spirit of God. It's not like an individual or group can just get together and demand that the powers of Godliness become manifest. The Dark Brothers attempt to make commands and control lower lives in able to impress those in darkness with their powers. Divine Power only becomes manifest when the individual or group puts themselves in alignment with the voice of the Spirit and the Purpose of God. When this happens revelation will be received, outlining the coming manifestations of the Plan shortly to appear on the earth.

The Molecular Relationship is one such revelation that fits within the purpose of the Plan of Light and your will or mine has nothing to do with its activation. Our job is merely to follow the whisperings of the inner voice and create the necessary structure as habitation for divine life.

The old orders of controlling the souls of mankind through glamour, illusion and force will be destroyed as Daniel predicted, and will be replaced by higher orders that link heaven and earth bringing greater freedom to the children of men.

This will require our cooperation and much work on the physical plane, for not even God can set up a kingdom among us if we refuse it. The Dark Brothers may attempt to force people into their dominions, but the Workers of Light only work with free will. Our responsibility is to use that free will to accept or reject the coming manifestations of Purpose.

The question before us is:

"When the student is ready the teacher (or Master) will appear." What are the three signs that tell us that the student is ready?


I can't see a wrong answer that we received on this. Here are some of them:

Larry answers:

"1. A strong willingness to listen, and receive without a strong expectation as to what one will receive, i.e., an 'openness' to consider any possibility that receives soul confirmation.

"I guess one could more simply state this as, 'having an open mind.'"

"2. A strong desire to serve. Desires to have one's life have meaning and purpose beyond the mundane.

"3. Courage."

Shawn answers:

"1. I would have to say that the willingness of the student has to play a big part in the equation.

"2. Open minded [agrees with Larry here].

"3. The other sign I believe would be service on the part of the student. Is the student willing to go and do what the Master and|or Teacher asks of them?"

Rick answers:

"1. Has a burning desire to become more and serve.

"2. Has prepared himself for additional teachings, by doing all he can with what he has already received.

"3. He is willing to listen to and follow what he is taught."

Lars, a welcomed new member, writes:

"1. Is purposefully following the directions of the Still Small Voice (i.e. seeks sincerely guidance of God).

"2. Can meet setbacks and struggles without losing mind control. [Number 2 is a good one that few have considered

"3. Capable to discern what is truth and what is illusion."

Kay, who I believe is another new member, writes:

"1. Be willing to listen not only to the Master but to the Inner Self and then willing to speak my truth. An exchange is important.

"2. Be able to make the decision to act upon what I perceive to be a Truth that is given to me and ratified by the inner self. Action is important. Standing on a corner pointing the way to go won't get it. I have to go the way myself to be qualified.

"3. I have to be self responsible. I can't be a puppet on a string. A Guru is one who says to me. G-U- R-U Gee! you are you. "These three qualities must be balanced with humor. To be able to laugh at myself when I goof. Time out to laugh, Love and live is important."


It is great to be able to give you all a grade of 100%. That said, I will give what I consider the three most important keys (but they are far from all of them). Some of these will touch upon words you have already expressed.

In considering what the teacher or master may be looking for in students, we might ask ourselves what we would be looking for if one of us were a teacher for an organization, trying to accomplish a great purpose.

In the early 1960's, Kennedy presented to the United States the most fantastic goal ever given to a nation in recorded history -- to send a man to the moon and bring him back alive before the end of the decade.

Let us just suppose you did live then and you were one with great knowledge commissioned by Kennedy to find the right students and teach them the knowledge necessary to help complete the goal.

What would you look for? Do you think you would be looking for people who did not believe we could go to the moon within that short time period? No, of course you wouldn't. So characteristic Number One fits in with member comments about the need for an open mind, but goes beyond that.

  1. The student must be open to the plan no matter how fantastic it sounds and have a belief that it can be accomplished.

To apply this to the seeking student of light today we might say the student must seek out and find the next step in the Plan of God as it is seen through the eyes of the Brotherhood of Light. He needs to understand that the Plan is truly possible and believe and endorse it with every part of his being.

Okay. Now you've found a large number of people who are open minded and really believe we can go to the moon. You discover there are many more volunteers than you need. What is the second criterion of selection you use?

  1. You now look for people who have prepared themselves through strenuous effort to attain the knowledge and ability to appreciate and incorporate those sometimes difficult-to-understand-and-apply principles you will be teaching.

To apply this to the seeking student of Light today we might say being enthused and believing is not enough. You must develop your talents and abilities so you can be useful to the work of the Masters.

Enthused and believing people with no talent could not have taken us to the moon. What makes us think we can only believe and be lazy in our personal development and then help accomplish an even greater feat than going to the moon?

So now you have found a number of people who are all for going to the moon -- they believe it is possible and they also seem to have great talent. Are you ready to choose your students?

Not quite. There is one more important factor to look for. You tell yourself that you have applicants who are believing and talented, but the question now is will they do anything?

If you teach them what you know will they just say yes, yes, and then go on to the next theory? Will they wind up in an eternal quest for ultimate truth while being of little use to God or man, or will they take what you teach and do all the grunt work necessary to make sure our man gets to the moon?

This brings us to number three:

  1. Is he willing to do the hard labor and overtime necessary to get the job done?

To apply this to the seeking student of Light today we might say is he or she willing to be a servant and actually do the work necessary to manifest the next stage in the Divine Plan?

If you visit any large office or production plant you will discover there are many people who think they are working hard and efficiently who are doing neither. Then there are small handfuls who are very hard and effective workers on whom the boss and fellow workers depend.

Even so the Teachers do not look for one who performs the appearance of work, but a student that one can truly depend on who will be a great asset to accomplishing the goal.

Incorporating these three principles in our lives will bring us many steps closer to recognition by those who watch.

In the current topic we have been discussing methods of contact with the Masters or Teachers. We covered the types of visible contacts and now we approach the invisible.


What are the methods of contact used by the teachers and higher lives wherein they remain invisible to the receiver?

How do these methods work and why are they used in place of physical contact?