The Divine Polarity

The Divine Polarity

here are many today who encourage us to find a world which is beyond duality or has no duality.

Consider this.

If there was such a world there would be no










Is there really such a thing as being free from duality?

If so then what would it be like and how would you go to such a place? Why would you want to go to such a place?

Jesus said: “In my Father’s house there are many mansions.”

Heaven is pretty much what you define it but in most people’s minds it is a state of being where there is a state of joyousness beyond that which we normally experience and there are many levels of intensity of enjoyment awaiting is. We shall go from sphere to sphere enhancing our becoming and joy and when we make progress (or have a blissful rest) we shall experience “heaven.” When we fail and retrogress we shall experience “hell.”

We indeed experience heaven and hell right here on the earth, but because of the “dominating good” that governs the universe the hells will lessen in their intensity and the heavens will increase until the end of this great creative cycle and then we shall devise a new heaven and new hell to keep things exciting.

Think of it. If you were going to create a game that all would enjoy playing would you make one with no pitfalls – where every throw of the dice moves everyone one ahead the same amount and all arrive at the finish at the same time? Monopoly is such a universally accepted game of fun because it has some of the greatest pitfalls you can imagine. Who has not got upset when landing on a motel at Park Place? But do we quit and cease playing? No we come back for more, for sooner or later you are the one who owns the motel at Park Place. Sooner or later you pass Go and collect $200.

Then after you play the game over and over enough times you may tire of it and retire from playing and, after a rest, search for a new and more challenging game such as Chess.

“Life s a comedy to those who think, a tragedy to those who feel.”

Horace Walpole

Some express amazement that we could state that Love and Light were the first manifested duality. One objection is that many have the belief that pure light and love are beyond duality. There is also the belief that love has no opposite. Fear they say is not the opposite of love because fear has its roots in illusion and love is in the real.

The truth is that Love is a higher reality than fear, but not the ultimate reality and it is true that fear is not its opposite, but nevertheless, Love does have an opposite and that opposite is Light.

There are levels of reality and each level up brings us closer to the real. Just as there was a more real world above the dream state in the Matrix even so is there a higher reality above the state we are in now and that reality is more real than the present one.

There are three realities of which most of us are conscious.

The first is the dream state. This seems real when we are in it but then when we awake we find the awake state is more real than the dream state. The waking state also encompasses the dream state, but the dream state does not encompass the waking state.

The dream and waking state both have certain qualities that overlap and qualities that differentiate.

For instance fear can exist in both states, but continuity of events and form only exist in the waking state.

A third state is Soul Consciousness that we can enter through meditation or after death. Our reality is a part of this greater reality but does not encompass it, but Soul Consciousness encompasses our reality. In this higher reality we see a universe so real that it seems that we have arrived at the ultimate for we realize that it is much more real than our physical world. In this higher reality we leave fear behind and the higher reality of Light and Love are manifest in ways that cannot be understood by the material conscious mind.

But even though many believe this to be the ultimate reality beyond duality, it is neither ultimate not beyond duality.

The question is – how then are Light and Love opposites?

To understand we must define them.

What is Light? Light is that which is radiant, scatters photons and reveals truth. Look up at the night time sky and pick a twinkling star trillions of miles away. There it is radiating light to the entire universe revealing the truth of itself to all who have eyes to see.

What is Love? Love is the opposite of radiation which sends forth. Love is magnetism which pulls together. When you love someone you are magnetically drawn to them.

Thus light is that radiance which divides the one into the many and love is that magnetic force which pulls the many back into the One. They are very much opposite and these two dualities are at the basis of creation of all there is that can be seen (light) or felt (love).

The only thing which is truly beyond illusion is the third great energy of Purpose from whence Love and Light owe their origination. But even Purpose is not “that which is not,” but that which is not understood.

March 4, 2001

Copyright by J J Dewey 

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Love, Hate & Fear

June 15, 2016

Love, Hate & Fear

There has been a lot of dialog over these three subjects during the past few decades. From the thinking presented much inspiration has surfaced as well as quite a bit of obscure thinking which has led to some illusion.

Let us take a fresh look at these three words and their relationship to each other.

Some have said that love is the opposite of hate, others that it is the opposite of fear. Then A Course in Miracles says it has no opposite. What is the truth here?

The truth depends on how we define our words. Now some say that love cannot be defined but only experienced, but consider this. All things were created by the Word of God and are extensions of the originating Word. Because all things are related to that Word then all things that are true can be encapsulated in a word, or words. Love can indeed be defined, or reduced to words. If one cannot do this then he doesn’t understand it fully.

Part of the problem of defining love with words is that there are numerous levels of understanding of what it is and each level of understanding would define it a little differently. Therefore, instead of micro analyzing it let us look at the general principle.

In the beginning was the One that multiplied Itself and became the many. In the end, the many unite and merge and again become the One. Love is that force which draws the many back to their source so they eventually become the one and enter into the great rest of God — pralaya.

Love can only exist when there is more than one life. It is the attraction of one life towards another life with the immediate goal of union and the ultimate goal of going back to the One Source. It only manifests in the many. When the many return to the One then Love enters a state of rest for there is no longer the many to be pulled into the One.

We could say that life is the point of love at the center that draws all life to each other and to itself.

So what would be the opposite then?

The opposite would be a force that pushes life away from each other as well as their source.

Hate and fear can cause people to be repelled from each other, but it can also cause them to make alliances and get closer to others of like minds. Therefore, hate and fear are not exact opposites of love.

Since love is a power of attraction then a closer opposite would be repulsion. You can be repelled from something without hating or fearing it. In this reality you may realize that it is just not in your best interests to be in close proximity to a certain life and it is best to keep your distance. You may not hate a lion, but you do not desire to get in a cage with one. In this world there are many separations caused by common sense rather than hate or fear.

So, is there any truth to the idea love has no opposite because it is eternal? In the worlds of form this does not make sense, but when viewed from the highest aspect of ourselves in the formless worlds it does. The highest part of ourselves is linked to all other lives and does not suffer separation and dwells in consummated love in the Eternal Now. It has no opposite. But on this physical plane there is indeed perceived separation. There is attraction and repulsion so opposition does indeed exist here and does wherever there is form.

Now let us look at hate. Hate may sometimes cause repulsion, the opposite of love, but it can sometimes lead to seeking out the cause of the hate and staying in close association with him or her. Instead of moving away from the source of hate the hater may follow the person around and cause as many problems as possible. In extreme cases the hater will seek to utterly destroy the thing or person hated.

In some cases a person may experience love and hate toward the same person. You may have an argument with your spouse and insult each other and feel hate for a time, but during this feeling you realize that you love the person more than you hate them.

The love referred to here is indeed a lower reflection of pure love, but it is an aspect nevertheless.

Now let us look at fear. This is far from being the opposite of love for sometimes it may surface because of love. Let us say that Jim has great love for his wife and kids and is the only source of income for them but has a temperamental boss. He may have a strong fear that he may be fired and not be able to support his family. If he were single he would not care or fear as much.

Other times fear can cause repulsion. If you disturb a hive of bees you would want to follow your fear and move in the opposite direction as quickly as possible.

Some talk of fear as if it is just a temporary thing that the enlightened can easily overcome, but there are many fears on many levels with which even great lives must contend. Would you be surprised to learn that even the Christ had to deal with a fear that he may not complete his mission as hoped, or that he feels a great tension (related to fear) about coming again and walking among us?

DK wrote that “Fear has its roots in the warp and woof of matter itself.” Since the matter of the universe is the physical body of God this means that God Itself has fear woven in the fabric of his body.

Joseph Smith made this interesting statement; “What did Jesus do? Why I do the things I saw my Father do when worlds came rolling into existence. My Father worked out his kingdom with fear and trembling, and I must do the same; and when I get my kingdom, I shall present it to my Father, so that he may obtain kingdom upon kingdom, and it will exalt him in glory. he will then take a higher exaltation, and I will take his place, and thereby become exalted myself.” Teachings Of The Prophet Joseph Smith; pages 347-8

The apostle Paul said: “Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.” Phil 2:12

The main thing that causes fear is an approach to the unknown with the possibility of loss. If you are in a battle for your life there is a possibility of loss and if the outcome is unknown there will be fear. He who thinks otherwise is fooling himself.

When God created the universe he did not know of all the problems he would encounter and this fear became embedded in the fabric of the worlds of form.

The key to dealing with fear is not to deny its existence, or pretend one is above it, but to face it and deal with it. There is no courage without fear. The courageous soul will move forward toward a good end despite fears and in the end discover the peace of God and obtain a rest from all the fears and cares of the lower worlds.


I won’t fail you – I’m not afraid.


(turns slowly toward him)

Oh, you will be. You will be.

From The Empire Strikes Back

Copyright 2016 by J J Dewey

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Principle 54

This entry is part 52 of 98 in the series Principles

The Principle of Love

Many people believe that Love cannot be defined or explained. It just seems to be something that is and can be mysteriously felt, but not understood.

The truth of the matter is that anything that exists can be put in words. If it cannot then it does not exist for all things are created by the power of the Word, or vibration, and without the Word there “was not any thing made that was made.” (John 1:3)

If Love can indeed be put into words then why is it that so many insist that it cannot? There are several reasons for this.

In the majority of people Love most prominently effects the emotional body. This body does not reason, but just feels. A feeling cannot explain itself. The only way to truly understand and explain Love is to focus beyond the emotional body to the realm of the mind and above. That which is above can comprehend that which is below but that which is below cannot fully understand that which is above.

Am I saying that Love originates in the lower part of our nature? Of course not. Love originates in the divine essence of God and permeates all things. If a person has his consciousness centered in the lower nature, or the emotional/astral body, then that is where his consciousness will perceive Love. Love will be in the lower emotions, but the perception there will be distorted and even upside down.

Those who see Love from the center of emotion will feel it but not be able to explain it accurately. In the emotional world Love is turned from being unselfish to selfish. Others are Loved for what they can do for the emotionally based person. The object of Love is seen as a desirable possession.

Because of this distorted view, Love seems to be a whimsical thing, not predictable at all and certainly not something that can be explained.

Even so, the feeling generated by Love is so powerful that even the most material of humanity recognizes that Love comes from a divine source.

The problem with supplying an explanation of the principle of Love that all can embrace is that its energy descends through many spheres and densities and is seen on many different levels and experienced in numerous different ways.

Even so, it remains eternally a principle that can be expressed in the word.

What then is the principle behind Love?

Actually, the answer is very simple for the workings of all core principles are simple. A principle is the simplest essence of a thing that explains the whole.

In the beginning was the One that multiplied Itself and became the many. In the end, the many unite and merge and again become the One. Love is that force which draws the many back to their source so they eventually become the one and enter into the great rest of God — pralaya.

Love can only exist when there is more than one life. It is the attraction of one life towards another life with the immediate goal of union and the ultimate goal of going back to the One Source. It only manifests in the many. When the many return to the One then Love enters a state of rest for there is no longer the many to be pulled into the One.

One of the reasons that God made the many was to experience Love. In oneness there is peace, but not Love. Love needs the duality of two or more to be felt and express itself. When the many are drawn into the One then there is no form to supply a vehicle of expression for Love. During the great rest between creations, Love remains as an idea in the eternal mind of God, always awaiting opportunity for a new creation that will allow a fuller expression than before.

In our world the seeker first learns about the magnetic pull of Love toward union through his emotional self. He eventually transcends selfishness and catches a glimpse of the heart of God and sees Love from the vantage point of unselfish giving of himself to advance the purpose of the many merging toward the Source, the One.

This view of love is different that seen by most religious teachers.

One of the limitations of the scriptures and religious teachings is that they deal with the effect of love and not the principle.

The principle of love is part of our very nature so when anyone feels it there is a knowing, even among those who are not spiritually evolved.

Religious teachings encourage acts that manifest love, but they do not tell us what love is.

Perhaps the best statement of Jesus illustrating the actual principle was found in these words:

“And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me. This he said, signifying what death he should die.” (John 12:32-33)

What was he saying here? He was telling us that His crucifixion that would lift Him up was going to be a great act of love that would draw all men to Him.

That power that pulls the many into the one is the principle behind love. That principle is a magnetic pull that draws us back to our source. It pulls the many back to the one and causes the divided to be a unity.

When you fall romantically in love with someone what do you want to do? You are magnetically drawn to this person and want to be as close as possible. When one falls in love he or she wants to be together not only physically, but emotionally, mentally and spiritually. When people first fall in love they sometimes can’t get close enough and almost wish they could share the same body together.

When two friends share a non-romantic spiritual love they will also be drawn to each other and enjoy sharing and unifying in all ways except with romantic and sexual energy.

In all cases love creates a magnetic force that draws two or more toward a center.

When this is understood then love can be seen as something greater than just a mysterious feeling. When it is understood as a principle then it can be applied with greater intelligence. When not understood, but just seen as a feeling then that feeling is often applied incorrectly so the end result frustrates the power of love and more division is the result than is unity.

When applied correctly the seeker will use his power of judgment to use this energy to find those who are on the same level of the love vibration as himself and unite with them. Those on a different vibration are tested to see which areas of feeling respond to a similar love vibration as his own. When similarities of acceptance to the love vibration are found then the seeds of love can be planted even in two people who do not think and feel alike.

A fullness of sharing and unity requires the two to look beyond differences and personality to the world of the soul. Unfortunately two people who can do this consistently are rare. But the good news is that love is increasingly streaming forth into the hearts of men and the application of this principle is on the increase.

If we do not bomb ourselves back into the Stone Age, then within 150-200 years from now the brotherhood and love among humanity will be greatly increased to the extent that the new age will become a reality.

“Love thy neighbour as yourself, but choose your neighbourhood.”

— Louise Beal

Copyright by J J Dewey 2015

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What is Love? Part 5

This entry is part 40 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

A number of the miracles that happened back then were pretty fantastic. For instance shortly after Pentecost the Jews were upset with Peter and so they captured him and had the Romans put him in prison and they must have figured he was a pretty slippery character because they chained his arms and feet in irons and put him behind bars and on top of all this they placed 16 guards to watch him day and night. The guards fell asleep and Peter gets up and the chains fall off of him and he then walks through the wall and finds a place nearby and preaches to them.

Audience: With all this power ushered in why would there be arguments and disagreements and chaos between the twelve apostles?

JJ: For one thing these twelve were trained, Jesus called John the Baptist the greatest prophet that ever lived and I used to wonder why Jesus called him this because we hardly hear anything about John the Baptist – there are only a couple small versus about him. But when you understand the John the Baptist was the one that prepared the disciples and when Jesus showed up he turned them over to him. So John spent a lifetime preparing these twelve disciples to work with Jesus. The common thinking is Jesus was just strolling one day and he says hey come and follow me and they followed him. Why did they follow Jesus so easily? Because John prepared them, he taught them that the Messiah was going to come and when they were called they were to respond.

This is why Jesus called John the Baptist the greatest prophet that ever lived because he actually prepared people to unite their soul energy. It just did not happen easily and even with all that preparation they still had some difficult times and they had arguments and they had a hard time believing what Jesus was teaching them but they also performed amazing miracles. There is also the story where Phillip was teaching a eunuch and then the eunuch turns and Phillip disappears and then he learns that Phillip was in a nearby city 50 or so miles away and he was beside himself how Phillip was able to get there so quickly. So this shows that when these people were united by the soul and connected with a Master, such as the Christ, that they became something more than human.

Audience: Does it work the opposite way too; do the dark brothers work with twelve as well?

JJ: What they do is work with the personality energy and groups – like if you are in a business and there is like 12 people in it then it is not going to produce the spiritual molecule because it does not use pure soul energy and it is not linked to a Master. But if you get a group of people together it does produce an energy where you have a sharing but it does not call down a higher life form. This is what the dark brothers work with quite a bit – they work in group formation but it is only to benefit the guy at the top the guy at the top is only willing to bless everybody below him if it benefits hiself.

They have mastered how to siphon energy out of people. The story of the vampires really applies to the dark brothers because the dark brotherhood understands vampirism – that they can take life energy from other sources. This is why they like to work with fresh blood so to speak because they get fresh people in and siphon off their life force and that is how they work. The brothers of light work by creating new life and the dark brothers work by destroying life and by destroying life they take the energy to them selves.

Audience: Speaking in tongues is being revived and Pentecostal being the one at the Ezekiel conference and they are saying that evidence of the spirit as you are describing here is the existence of prayer language and so you are saying that it is coupled together with an act.

JJ: supernatural manifestations by themselves are not evidence of a molecular relationship of a higher life form.

Audience: Or even spirituality?

JJ: You can get in touch with parts of your self that can speak in tongues and maybe an astral entity can occupy your body and speak in tongues but that is totally different than the molecular relationship.

Audience: People can also fake this.

JJ: Wayne faked it one time and I don’t know if he can do it again.

Wayne begins to speak in tongues in a very funny way.

JJ & Audience: Laughing!

JJ: That sounds good Wayne and hey maybe we can make some money off of this!

Audience: If Jesus had twelve disciples would that not be thirteen in the group?

JJ: Yes.

Audience: So then our molecules would have 12 plus a Master.

JJ: Yes and no.

Audience: Did Jesus have a female?

JJ: What produced the strong authority of the Piscean age was the physical presence of Jesus being the thirteenth and now that we have grown as a human race we need to go beyond the physical authority and find the inner authority so the thirteenth is the invisible Christ, rather than the visible Christ and instead of having the Pope being in the place of the son of Christ, we have no one in the place of the Son of God and we have no physical person in the middle of the circle. In the middle of the circle is the invisible Christ. In this way the true Christ is found within. In that day they needed a physical authority and now we have reached a point where authority has to be outgrown. So in this day the thirteenth will be a Master but it will be the invisible Christ.

We diverted away from love a little but love is really kind of a boring subject in a lot of ways.

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: I know our friend Bryan has had a little problem and we would like to have a little healing period for him and for any others that have need. We want to keep our people in good as shape as possible so we will finish off with one of the greatest services by sharing spiritual energy with our friends that we love, respect and want the best for.

Audience: Before you change the subject though you said that were three aspects of love and so far you have said love is an attractive force.

JJ: We were talking about friendship respect and trust, which are kind of sub-aspects. The true major divisions of love are love wisdom and understanding. These are the three main branches of the love aspect of God.

Audience: How do we create a molecule?

JJ: Well that is the main purpose of everything I have ever taught and that is to draw people together and eventually find twelve male female units that are capable of soul contact between each other and totally able to overlook the flaws in the other individual and that is the hard part. Almost everybody has difficulty in overlooking the flaws and almost everybody reaches a point where he says, “Well yes but what about Jim over there. He has something wrong with him so how can we create a molecule with a lazy person like that in the group?”

Overlooking flaws is one of the last things that the disciple has to learn and also one of the most crucial. You can see that even Jesus had a problem with it, James and John, two of the lead disciples were arguing over who was going to be found at the right hand of God and Jesus said to them that it is not his place to decide who is going to be at the right hand of God but just be happy where they were.

Another time they were with Jesus and they were rejected at Jerusalem. They said well, you know Jesus you are a greater prophet than Elijah and he made fire come down and destroy his enemies so lets make fire come down and consume this city. And Jesus said, “Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are. The son of man came not to destroy but to save.”

I thought to myself that is a beautiful statement. Yet what does everybody expect at the last day? They think that the non-Christian is going to be out mowing his lawn and the Christian is doing the same next door and the non-Christian is going to be zapped and burned up right there with his lawnmower in hand and the Christian is going to be next door saying boy I am sure glad I am not going to get zapped like that. And all the wicked are going to burned to a crisp because Jesus said this. Yet Jesus said, when he was with his apostles who wanted to burn a city because they were rejected, he replied, you know not what manner of spirit you are. I did not come to destroy but to save. In other words, these people that think that when Jesus comes that He is just going zap everybody and burn them to a crisp it is they who do not know what manner of spirit they are according to the Master’s own words.

Audience: So is it that I do not become a god but I become one with God?

JJ: Yes and depends on how you define God. If you define God as a super human then you become a god and if you define God as the one life that permeates all things then you become one with that in your consciousness.

Audience: Why did Jesus weep when Lazarus died?

JJ: Because he was his friend.

Audience: So was He really sad then?

JJ: Probably.

Audience: Okay the problem I have with that then is that I was reading this book and it said that if Jesus knew He could restore life. You wouldn’t think he would cry then.

JJ: Well maybe He doubted Himself a little.

Audience: So maybe He did not know He had these abilities.

JJ: No He knew that He had it and here is my belief on that, When He came to Lazarus He didn’t know for sure that He was going to raise him from the dead. He waited three days and some would say well He waited three days so He could really perform a great miracle but maybe He waited three days because He was seeking permission from God for the power to do this. He stands there before Lazarus’s tomb and do you know what He did?

Audience: He asked for Mary’s permission.

JJ: He turned to Martha and said “Believest thou that I can do this?” and she said I know lord that if you command him to be raised then God will give you the power to do it. And then He says Lazarus come forth. In other words, it was a combination of male and female energy and He needed that female energy to be able to raise Lazarus from the dead. He may not have known for sure that there was somebody with the faith of Martha to tap in to and He needed more than just His male energy or faith. He needed to tap in to the female faith of somebody in the group and He picked the person that He thought had the most faith, “Believest thou that I can do this?” And Martha answered, I believe that you have power over life and death and I believe you can do this. He did not wait because maybe the belief would have faded a bit, but He said immediately afterwards, “Lazarus come forth!” And he came out of the grave all wrapped up and looked like a mummy coming out of there.

I do think He cried because He was sad and at that time and maybe He did not know for sure that He could tap in to somebody’s faith but at the right moment Martha showed the faith that could be tapped into to raise Lazarus from the dead.

Audience: For God there is no order of difficulty for miracles but for human beings I believe that there are. The greater the fear is that is attached to something than the greater the difficulty for it to be healed. For instance 40 years ago cancer was a death sentence and now people believe that it is not necessarily a death sentence and that belief alone makes a huge difference in the healing process.

JJ: Yes and I have always wondered about that statement from Course in Miracles because certainly it would take a bit more energy to part the Red Sea than healing a wart or something like that or to raise Lazarus who was dead for more than three days.

Audience: Well Jesus must not have known for sure that He could raise Lazarus because he cried.

JJ: The trouble with people is that they think that Jesus knew everything that was going to happen like me snapping my fingers right now and that He knew I was going to do this at this moment right here, right now 2000 years ago. Nobody knows all the details of the future, not even the highest life.

Audience: We all have free will right, and what if Jesus did not know if Lazarus wanted to come back.

JJ: Yes that is possible too though he most likely tuned into to Lazarus before he raised him up and received his permission to bring him back.
End of class


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What is Love? Part 4

This entry is part 39 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

Audience: you are saying that I am not going to become a god but I am going to become one with God?

JJ: I will cover that in just a minute. Now the various lives in the animal merged the lower lives in the animal kingdom like the insects merged to create higher forms and those forms merged to create higher still until we get to the higher animals and we eventually take the in the higher animals into group formation within our own bodies. The American Indians recognized this because when they healed somebody using their methods they would often call forth the animal within the person whether it be a fox, eagle bear or whatever is associated with that person to heal the person. They also use animal’s names in relation to them selves because Indians instinctively recognize that we are created from lower animal lives. We have had a number of lower animal lives blend together and create a structure of which we can incarnate.

But here is the key as an entity you never existed in form until all the elements were put together so that you could use them. Lets pick something that is eternal. I like to use the song, “Yesterday” because everybody knows it. Before Paul McCartney wrote the song Yesterday it existed and it has always existed and there had never been a time that it did not exist but he had to put together the right combination of notes and when the right combination of notes were put together then the song incarnated. After that, other people took it and created various arrangements and this was comparable to various lifetimes of the song. It has gone through hundreds of different versions or lifetimes but it is still the song Yesterday.

No matter who has got a hold of it and changed it around, it still has the essence of the original song Yesterday. There will never be a time that the song Yesterday will be destroyed. It doesn’t matter what you do – you could rip up every copy in existence, every album that the Beatles ever wrote and the song yesterday can still be re-created by providing a vehicle which is composed of the physical notes. We play them and viola – there is the song Yesterday again.

You are a song in the mind of God and you have been waiting since the days of the creation of this universe for the elements to come together as a vehicle for you and these elements started way back with the little tiny atoms and when they graduated the preparation went through the mineral kingdom then the vegetable kingdom and then the animal kingdom and when all the elements were put together correctly then you came down and incarnated.

You as the life force (Monad) were drawn down when you saw a vehicle that could be created for you to manifest here in physical matter.

Audience: You mean that this body is reincarnated over and over again?

JJ: Not your body, you are. Think of the sheet music for the song Yesterday as your physical body, when you play it that is you living upon the earth but when you say destroy the piano or the sheet music the song still exists. If you destroy your physical body and your astral body and everything that we can see that is about you, you still exist. You can just find another body to incarnate in.

Audience: Then what part of me went through the minerals and the animals?

JJ: The Yesterday part of you. Now visualize if you tear up everything there is to do with the song Yesterday. Does sit still exist?

Audience: Yes.

JJ: Can you feel it?

Audience: Yes

JJ: Right it is there but it needs a vehicle in order to express itself in this world. Your essence, you have seven bodies all together and the highest part of you is that essence that has no form and that is the divine part of our selves called the Monad.

The soul energy is that which connects us to the upper triad. It is confusing because the higher worlds are so high that we may as well not even think about it because it is beyond our comprehension right now. We are not as far along as some people would like to think. So just concentrating on the three lower worlds, the physical, emotional and mental and then the soul that takes us to the higher that is about as far as most of us can comprehend. So when we talk about the eternal part of our selves we are going higher up – a few more notches still.

But the best way to visualize is to think of a song. There is no way you can destroy the song Yesterday. Its essence had no beginning and will have no end and can always be recreated when provided a vehicle of expression. You are a song in the mind of God that cannot be destroyed and was never created and will manifest again and again and again when the right combination of form and vehicles are put together and you can jump in. Now with a song like Yesterday you may have a had a measure or two manifest say maybe in the Middle Ages or back in the Roman Empire maybe a piece of it but then Paul McCartney got a hold of the whole thing and put it together and he provided the right vehicle for it. Have you ever heard a song where maybe a measure or two of something that sounds familiar? That is often the case and that is the way you are, there are pieces of you that are like pieces of other people and what makes you unique is that you are the human song and you are not just a measure or two. You are thee whole song.

Audience: Was yesterday part of a bigger song?

JJ: It is part of my collection! Laughing!

Audience: Laughing!

Audience: So JJ is the next step going to get us a little closer to becoming super human?

JJ: First of all we are not the end of evolution and the next step up is what we call the Molecular Relationship in that we take different human units and put them together just like different atoms are put together to create something more advanced and this can be done with humans. So we take different human units and put them together and then link up with God and we will produce a vehicle for an entity that is not me or Artie or James but that has been waiting for billions of years for a vehicle so that it may manifest. It will be like a super Yesterday song of which yesterday is just a piece.

This molecule will be composed of twelve males and twelve female units. A male and female together produces what we call one molecular unit. They don’t necessarily have to be married or have a romantic relationship. They can be either in a close relationship or a working relationship where they blend their energies and they can create something greater than themselves. When the vehicle is put together they will draw this higher entity which will say, “ah somebody has finally put together a vehicle for me.” He will come down and incarnate in that vehicle.

So, these 24 units will produce a vehicle for this super entity to come down and he will have properties unseen since the days of Jesus. He will incarnate into a physical form and you are atoms of that physical form. They have to be blended with soul contact and if the form is interrupted then the form dissipates and the entity will have to return from whence it came.

This is what happened in the days of Jesus. You see Jesus was a great chemist in the fact that He put together the first working molecule. There have probably been others but this is the only one that we have a significant record of. He put this together and He said now go out and see if you can do what I have done. The apostles found out that they could do what Jesus had done but they leaned on Jesus quite a bit until the last supper. We notice that Judas betrayed Christ who then they went out into the garden of Gethsemane. We are told that Jesus suffered nigh unto death, He was almost ready to die and it says that as Jesus was near death an angel came and strengthened Him. Who was this being that came and strengthened Him? It was person of the molecular order, one of the Masters. He was part of the molecular link and was able to strengthen Him.

Now after the crucifixion there were no miracles and the apostles turned back into ordinary men because they lacked one ingredient. Their were 11 units instead of twelve. So they decided to get together and add the twelfth unit. They added the twelfth unit whose name was Mathias and right after they added him to the group it says tongues of fire appeared over the apostles heads and there was a rushing of a mighty wind. The sound of the mighty wind was so intense that it attracted the attention of many people in Jerusalem.

They were having a conference of 16 different nations at that time who spoke 16 different languages so the representatives of these 16 different groups came to see what this sound was and when they approached Peter went out to speak to them and when he did everybody heard him speak in their own language inside their own mind. Now all of a sudden Peter was not a normal human anymore, he was something more than human because they put together the twelfth unit and suddenly the tongues of fire appeared over their heads which was a symbol of this entity coming down and manifesting to the group.

Audience: So was it the physical body that the entity manifested?

JJ: Yes the physical body of the entity was composed of the twenty-four people.

Audience: Do you mean that the 24 people were combined into one person?

JJ: No they are separate just bonded like little atoms and little atoms do not touch each other. Peter was part of his body, James was part of his body, John was part of his body, and these 12 males and 12 females represented the whole body.
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What is Love? Part 3

This entry is part 38 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

Once the window of the soul is closed how can we open them back up?

Audience female member: Fight and make up. Laughing.

JJ: It is funny after a big fight you will have the most passionate love making and some of the most intense sharing and that is because you got it out of your system, all the things that were bothering you and for a while you are going to start looking for the good again. I shared this with most of you before that when Artie and I reach an impasse what we do is we look into each other’s eyes and say I love you three times. When you do that it just melts negativity away. Sometimes she will come to me and want to do this and sometimes I will go to her but it is funny because sometimes the other person does not want to do it very badly.

Audience: Laughing.

JJ: So I will come to her and say Artie now look at me and say I love you, and she will say it very fast and not with much heart, “I love you.” I’ll say no that does not count because you have to say it like you mean it three times.

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: As a matter of fact Artie has been listening to a tape by Anthony Robbins about getting in state. Like a person comes to him and he talks in a very low and very slow voice saying the he came in because he was depressed and he has low energy and I know you are a person that handles things like this and I want you to help me. And Anthony Robbins goes well, allow me to talk like you for a minute so he tells him in a low and slow voice, yes I think maybe I can help you and he says I am depressed too! I talk like you and I get depressed!

He says now what you need to do is change the way that you talk and you will change the way that you feel. Then he had the guy show a little enthusiasm and he told him how to speak and the guy perked up and by the end of the session the guy was healed. That changed his state. The TMers are really famous for this and I do not know why but those that I have met they all talk like this, (Low and slow voice) Yes I am very much at peace with myself and I have found the inner self and I can share with you what I have and I think, do I really want this!

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: I believe in meditation but not meditating so much that you have forgotten how to be alive. Okay so love is really an attraction of one entity toward another and the interesting thing is whether or not love is eternal because they say that anything that is two or more is not eternal as many philosophers have told us and love only exists in duality.

Audience: How about if they become one.

JJ: Well if it is just one, one cannot love itself and there is nothing to be attracted to. If you are just in that eternal void where is nothing, the no thing then what is there to be attracted to. God had to multiply Himself so He could be attracted to His reflections and His reflections attracted to each other and this is love, love is the attractive force bringing us back to oneness. But when we are at oneness love is no longer there. So is love eternal or not?

Here is what I submit; love is eternal and it is not eternal. Depends on how you look at it. Love is not eternal in the aspect that eventually the two attractive entities will merge and become one and so when they become one they will no longer have there attractive force and without their attractive force there will be no love and there will also be no light because light is caused by polarities also.

On the other hand the dualities are eternal in the fact that duality keeps manifesting again and again so love is eternal in the aspect that it goes to sleep and the awakens and then it goes to sleep and then awakens. It is like creation, the universe will someday fade away and be created again by another black hole but it keeps fading away and disintegrating after billions of years and then it comes back and then it disintegrates and goes back to the source and then it comes back and this process goes on eternally, so because duality keeps manifesting again and again and again and never had a beginning to its manifestation and will never have an end. That means that love is eternal. So love will always exist in one manifestation or another – like night and day – when we go to sleep and then wake up. Everything goes to sleep at some point and then wakes up again and comes back. Creation itself goes to sleep and then it comes back again.

Audience: Bringing that back to humans then, do we love each other eternally?

Audience: If we choose to I would suspect.

JJ: Yes but in different ways; we keep manifesting in different ways and in our different types of manifestations we really learn love all over again but on a higher plane. When the universe recreates again you and I will be there somewhere somehow, maybe even on different systems but wherever we are we will be learning to love in a way that we have not learned here. There is one thing that I believe a lot of the philosophers are wrong on and that is that many of them say that the universe repeats the same pattern again and again forever. I do not believe this, I believe it is like on a spiral that whenever there is a new creation everything is patterned a lot like what happened in history but by an increased vibration and an increased sphere of learning and new elements are entered into it.

In the Bible it says Behold “I do all things new I create a new heaven and a new earth.” When there is a new creation there is a new type of learning. Now most of us here believe in reincarnation and in each life you learn something totally new that you never learned in any other life before. When the universe dissolves and a new universe is created there will be new elements added and new types of vibrations so that when we are incarnated in this new universe we are going to learn things that are not available to us here. Then in the universe after that there will be still newer twists with newer elements added. And because there are an infinite number of points in the universe there will never be an end to our experiences. This is very fascinating to contemplate.

Here is a question that many of the philosophers have pondered over the ages; have we progressed through the various kingdoms, the mineral, the animal, human and God kingdom and so on. What is the story behind this? In the east where they believe in reincarnation many of them believe that we started out as a mineral, then we progressed to a vegetable and then we progressed to a lower animal then a higher animal and then we became human beings. Even in some esoteric writings including Madame Blavatsky intelligent as she is, she said every atom would become a human being. In other words, many metaphysical people believe that we progressed up from an atom up through the mineral kingdom and so on until we became human beings. But when you look at it; it does not make a lot of sense. For one thing have you ever figured up how many atoms are in your own body? There are trillions of atoms just in your own body and if each one them became a human being there would be enough to populate almost half of the galaxy and think of how many atoms there are on this planet, trillions upon trillions upon trillions. So that never did make a lot of sense to me.

When I wrote the molecular relationship it dawned on me on how everything is put together. New is created not by any point evolving into bigger things but by the tiny points uniting with other points and creating something greater than them selves. In other words you have two atoms of hydrogen bonding with one atom of oxygen and this produces water. Now the interesting thing about water is that it is totally different than either hydrogen or oxygen. Hydrogen and oxygen by themselves and if liquefied produce rocket fuel that took men to the moon and rocket fuel is a lot different than water. One is extremely unstable and the other is extremely stable.

When hydrogen and oxygen bond together to produce water the hydrogen atoms maintain their identity and at any time using the right methods the hydrogen can be separated to its original state. So the hydrogen and oxygen can be separate entities again if that is what they so choose or that is the direction that they go. But because water is a much more stable compound they will stay in that condition for millions of years. For want of a better word they enjoy being together and more importantly they benefit the world of form by being together.

So the atom of hydrogen by itself did not become water but two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen joined together to produce H2O or water. The one atom of hydrogen did not evolve into water but the group formation evolved into water. This is the principle behind the lower becoming the higher. When the hydrogen atom joined with other elements to become water it then was like it was water. In other words its consciousness extended throughout the whole molecule so it had the consciousness of water and the hydrogen could then say I am water but I am also hydrogen. This is the way it is with us when we join with God and have a oneness with God. I am still JJ but I am also God. The drop of water joins with a wave and it is still a drop of water but it is also a wave.

Audience: When these people do have these spiritual experiences they tend to think it is a unique thing and it is not and this may be why they think that they are actually God, the Holy Ghost or whatever.

JJ: That is an excellent point. People will have a spiritual experience and it is to their detriment because instead of really examining the experience it will affect their ego to the point that it makes them think they have achieved the ultimate and they think they do not have any farther to go. Now they have to tell everybody else how to do it and yet still they are just infants as far as their progression and but they don’t know this. So that is a really good point. We progress through the elements in this way. There are various parts of us that joined together a long time ago to produce water, carbon, different compounds and then they merged and eventually became living and produced one celled organisms, but that little hydrogen atom participating in the living cell and that little atom of oxygen did not become a living cell but is now part of the living and as part of the living cell it can now say I am the cell.

Now eventually the cells join and they create the vegetable kingdom and the vegetable kingdom is produced not by that little hydrogen atom. But that little hydrogen atom is not a vegetable but participated in group formation to produce the vegetable kingdom so it can share in its consciousness. Now the vegetable that is a part of the vegetable kingdom is a greater organism with a greater consciousness than the little tiny atom has by itself and eventually animals come and eat the vegetable kingdom and the various vegetables are taken in by the animal’s body and become part of it and the hydrogen atom that we originally talked about floats in there also and is therefore becomes a part of the animal and now it says “I am an animal.” So it is participating in group formation so that a higher life form can be created and it identifies with that higher life form.


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What is Love? Part 2

This entry is part 37 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

If we want to be a servant of humanity then we put our attention on the service without the idea of proclaiming oneself to be a great servant or person that embodies love.

Titles have always irritated me like many of the religious titles including your holiness, or your lordship or your kingship or whatever. These titles really mean nothing and what means something is what you truly feel about any person that you are having a relationship with. Friendship and love are very closely associated with each other. What is the difference between friendship and love or is there a difference or are they two aspects of something?

Audience – Jason: Friendship is an aspect of love. If you have a true friend then there is definitely a sense of unity and love there.

JJ: Everything is in triplicity so lets say if friendship is an aspect of love then what are the other two aspects?

Audience: Unconditional

Audience: Respect comes to my mind.

Audience: Trust

JJ: Respect is a good possibility and trust is a good possibility as well.

Audience: Compassion, commitment, security.

Wayne: I think you break love down to just the energy of attraction because there are people who love to hate. There are people who love ice cream. You can have a physical attraction and call it love, you can have an emotional attraction, sensual attraction, mental attraction and it is called love and it is kind of a generic term. We have to take from context what we mean when we say the word and if God is without body parts or passions then His love would be something different than an emotional attraction be it mental, spiritual or whatever. You put love into so many categories that we put it into I think we may say what we mean when we love something and not always giving somebody else a clear idea of what we mean by using that word. I love everybody is a generic saying but you certainly do not feel the same about everyone that you know or people that you don’t know.

JJ: Good comments. We have friendship as an aspect of love and respect is another one and trust, there are several triplicities we could get out of love but that is a good one. Now Wayne was touching on the definition of love and the funny thing about love is people talk about love as being something so mysterious that nobody can really say what it is. But the thing is if something exists than you can say what it is. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God. Now if the Word was God and God can do anything that means that anything can be put into the Word. So if there is such a thing as love than it can be defined. Now what we need to look at is the reason why people say that it cannot be defined and what that reason is. Why do people feel that love cannot be defined. Blaine you look like you have an answer to this question.

Blaine: That is what I get for looking! I think the reason that a lot of people feel it can’t be defined is because it has so many aspects that people are not sure as to exactly what it is and different people define it differently.

JJ: And the people that fall in love with someone that is kind of their opposite cannot really explain why right?

Blaine: Yes and Wayne touched on that, different people define love differently. Some define it as attraction and others as sensual love and we talked about respect and trust and all these different aspects of it. I kind of look at on levels if you are friends with somebody and you may not know them very well but you show a level of love towards your fellow man.

JJ: Some may claim they love you but they are not friendly toward you, is that really love?

Blaine: Then there is the next step up which would be probably be romantic love either that or family or friendship where you have commitments and respect and do things for each other and so on.

Audience – female member: I think the reason it is so indefinable is because it is misused so often and that makes it harder to define.

JJ: Plus when we fall in love often times we end up marrying somebody different that we ever imagined that we would be attracted to and so love becomes very mysterious. Like Artie probably wonders why did she fell in love with me?

Audience: Chuckling!

JJ: Artie will admit that when she was younger that she never imagined that she would fall in love with somebody like me and that was the farthest thing from her mind.

Audience female member: There is also an exchange and appreciation between you two just right there in your little glance to each other showing the love you share without saying anything.

JJ: Okay lets define what love is. It is quite simple; love is an attractive force, a magnetic force that pulls one thing towards another thing. Now people say that all is one and we need to go to the great oneness and when we do we will be dissolved in love but this is not true because if we went back to the absolute oneness there would be no love because it takes two or more to have love. Love can only exist in duality because love is an attractive force of one living entity to another living entity, creation, or a group of entities.

If you love mankind you are attracted to mankind and you have a magnetic pull that pulls you into service to mankind. If you love your country you have a magnetic pull from the ideals of the country that makes you want to serve your country. If you love your spouse or your girlfriend or your boyfriend you have a magnetic pull toward them and there is something about them that causes this magnetic pull.

Now for romantic love – this opens the windows of the soul so love is increased. Now the important thing about romantic love that a lot of people don’t understand is that anybody can fall in love with anybody else. We have barriers between us and what makes love mysterious is that often opposites attract and the reason they attract is because if you were around people like yourself for a while and you saw your own faults reflected in them you may not like them. So you meet someone that is different than you think, wow this is refreshing, and because it is refreshing you begin to let the walls of the soul down and you see something really good in this person even though his qualities are different from those in you.

As you become attracted to this person he or she thinks ah he is attracted to me and then walls begin to come down and when they look at each other they share that energy; they begin to peer into each other’s souls. As soon as the souls of the two people are exposed and they allow the romantic energy to circulate then they will fall in love. So the romantic energy of falling in love is the opening of the windows of the soul that pours the soul energy all the way down to the emotional level, to the chakra that we call the solar plexus and also it can affect the heart chakra.

Now there is a difference between the love energy of the solar plexus and the heart. The solar plexus energy is possessive and it governs the romantic energy. Some people think the lower love is bad but the truth is that nothing that is in us is bad. It is how it is put to use that determines whether it is good or not. So the solar plexus is the source of romantic love that can be very good and useful but can be very possessive. The trouble with people when they fall in love is they let the walls of the soul down and then after some time has passed they will often see each others faults and the windows of the soul will begin to close and when they close they do not see the good anymore, they only see the bad. Maybe one day the person did not brush their teeth good enough or Bryan did not trim his beard enough or maybe Melva does not like Bryan’s shoes, laughing, I like Bryan’s shoes Melva.

Melva: They are very practical. (Bryan had unusual shoes)

JJ: We find what we are looking for, so when the windows of the soul close because we are not looking for good things anymore and we see all these personality things that just grate on us. They grate on us until we either separate or we open the windows of the soul again.


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What is Love? Part 1

This entry is part 36 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

Seminar given in 2005 by J J Dewey

JJ: I am going to talk about a very popular new age subject today. I don’t know if I have talked about this before but I thought I would talk about LOVE.

Audience female member: Ahhhhh….mmmmm…..

JJ: Isn’t that nice.

Audience female member: Yesss…

JJ: Chuckling. Well it is an interesting subject and for one thing most of you are familiar that we have a keys list where people come on and almost every day I will post something to it and we discuss different subjects. Every month or two some new guy will come on, somewhat of a know it all. These challenging people that come on all have a similar type vibration, Blaine would you say irritating is the right word?

Blaine: Yes!

JJ: They all scold us and they always tell us about love, what do they tell us about love Blaine?

Blaine: Well they always tell us that it is all about love and all there is, is love and all you need is love and they tell us on the keys that we don’t have love!

JJ: Actually we are a very loving group and most of us get along quite well and many of us have been together a long time on this discussion group. So a guy comes on telling us that he understands love and nobody else does and then scolds us. He irritates everybody in the group and because he starts calling people names and telling us we don’t understand love and don’t show love and we do not have a clue what love is. Members get irritated at the guy and then he thinks, see you proved me right, you people are not loving. It would be like me calling Bryan a name, Bryan you are a son of a gun and Bryan responding Oh really! And I would say Bryan you are not being loving!.

Audience: Laughing.

Bryan: What I find very curious is with David’s Outcast and the Sealed Portion groups is people will post and they will make claims and they will say pray about it and if you pray about it then you will know I am telling the truth.

JJ: Another list that Bryan, Blaine and I are on is Sterling’s list (David’s Outcast) and about half the people on that list think they are the new messiah, chosen one, the one might and strong or Christ come again or something. It is interesting to watch these guys and they all say well if you just pray about it then you would know I was the new messiah. There is this new guy who claims to be the Holy Ghost. He says he is a time traveler and at the end of time he is going to be the Holy Ghost and as the Holy Ghost he is going to come back in time and have power over all things but in his present state he is pretty much a normal guy and has no power except for he says he is the Holy Ghost and if we do not do everything he says then we are sinning against the Holy Ghost, which the Bible says is an unpardonable sin. He condemned me as a son of perdition and said I was the first person that he has done this to.

Bryan: You made a comment when he told us to ask about whether he was the Holy Ghost or not and you made a post and said you asked for the members to pray about you being the Holy Ghost and ask the members to mention the Holy Ghost and that just by mentioning it in your prayers that you would receive some sort of vibration from it and that you might mistake this for the truth. Would you explain this?

JJ: Sure he was telling people to just pray and ask if he was the Holy Ghost that they would get the answer and one thing that I said was that if you pray and just mention the Holy Ghost that would put your focus on the third member of the God head and could produce a nice vibration just by saying it. I read this book a while back and this guy taught that if you want a good vibration just say the name of Jesus Christ over and over because that name has been in the consciousness for so long that it puts a strong vibration around that name. I thought well the guy has a point and if people do say the name over and over again it will raise their vibration.

Audience: It is like when you see something nice like puppy dogs playing it gives you a nice warm feeling inside.

Audience: This is classic bait and switch that if you do this it follows that I am who I say I am.

JJ: So these guys come on the Keys about every six weeks like clockwork with the same message that we are just a bunch of spiritual hicks and we do not understand what love is and some of them will say that if you just write them privately then they will explain it, because you know they understand all about love. Then they will castigate people and end their post by giving out lots of love. Others claim to be everybody’s friend.

(Note: These type of individuals have not been showing up on the Keys lately.)

There was an incident when we were holding meetings like way back when I first met Artie and this guy was moved by the spirit and he got up and started barking out orders condemning me to hell claiming that he was God speaking. He was supposedly channeling God using a different voice and he condemned me to hell and said I had screwed up too many lifetimes and he was giving up on me.

It is funny whenever I meet these guys who channel God, the Holy Ghost or say they are the messiah or whatever they always condemn me to hell. I have been condemn to hell so much that it is quite amazing and none of them ever say, you are a righteous man and you are going to be on the right hand of God or something like that. But Wayne has known me a long time and I am not too bad of a guy am I Wayne? Here is a testimony from my old buddy Wayne!

Wayne: He is definitely taking a chance here! I have known Joe for as long as I have known anybody and he is a man without guile and a very kind person. Much kinder than I have ever pretended to be and even as a young kid he was a gentle soul. I have seen him angry but I have never seen him hateful.

JJ: He likes to tell the story of me counting those rockets when we were kids and it is a long story so he passed on it this time. Thanks Wayne I will pay you later!

Wayne: Okay I want to tell the story of you counting the rockets. Joe had ordered a bunch of different rockets out of the back of a magazine and I stopped over one day after school and he had them all spread out on the floor sorted in different piles surrounding him like a miser and his gold. He was wealthy with all these rockets and I was watching him counting them and he went clear through the room and began to count them a second time, well I had pocketed a couple of them from a couple different piles and he started to get a little red in neck and said I was sure that there were twelve of these and then he started to count them again and go around in the circle and as he was doing this I would put a couple of them back. Laughter!

Audience & JJ: Roaring with laughter!

Wayne: And he started to raise his voice and said, I know there were this many there! How could I possibly not see it! He just kept going on and on like this and getting more and more frustrated. Laughing!

Audience & JJ: Still roaring with laughter!

Wayne: I never told him what I had done until years later! That was one of my entertainments as a kid watching Joe go through his theatrics when I pulled a joke on him and I never felt the need to tell him until years afterwards.

JJ: Thanks Wayne! I have really good stories on him and they would definitely make for some good entertainment but we will wait until next time to tell one.

JJ: One thing I have noticed about people who really act like they have a lot of something is that they really do not have it at all. For instance, people that are very rich do not really want to tell people how much money they have but the people that are just quasi rich or just really want to be rich will flash around their diamonds or try to make it look like they have a lot of money or they put all their money into an expensive car to make it appear as though they are wealthy. People are also like this with love, we meet people time and time again that just talk about love all the time on one side of their mouth and on the other side of their mouth they are insulting everybody.

They cause aggravation for everybody, so it is funny how that works. True love must include friendship including your romantic partner also because he or she needs to be a friend as well as lover. Now Wayne and I very good friends but we never go up to each other and mention the word love. When you truly have love and friendship toward a person it does not really need to be expressed as much as shown in your actions. If Wayne needs a favor and if it is humanly possible I will do it and the same thing with him with me and that is way good friends are and that is the way you are with people if you love them.


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The Molecular Relationship, Chapter 2

Light, Love and Purpose

When the projection of the One Life that produces Love and Light vibrates again, we have four additional rays of energy created, making a total of seven Ray energies. The three are recreated in a lower octave plus four additional making the seven and are represented in the Bible as the “Seven Spirits before the throne of God.”

In this treatise, we are mainly concerned with the three primary energies of Purpose, Love and Light, and will not deal at present with Rays 4, 5, 6, and 7.

We shall pay particular attention to Light and Love, for they are the root cause of the great illusion that separates, or appears to separate, man from God. Both Light and Love have beginning and ending points and all things with a beginning and an end are illusion. However, they are from an eternal source; thus, they manifest periodically for all eternity, but such manifestation always has a beginning and an end, and is therefore illusionary. Illusion, or the dream state of God, is thus a cyclic occurrence, just as we human beings sleep and dream every twenty-four hours. Our dreams may bring pleasure, pain, and experience, and they seem very real while we are dreaming, but when we are awakened, we know that it was an illusion. The significant point is that our consciousness participated in the illusion and this made the experience seem real.

Light and Love create the dreams of God and the power of the One Life is projected into the dreams through Purpose. Thus, God is in all things and through all things and is an active participant in all things so long as the illusion of Duality exists.

The energy of Purpose is not an illusion, for it has no form, and has no beginning and no end. Purpose is the only energy which is eternal because it is the One Energy. Only Oneness can be eternal. Anything that appears to be more than one is part of the great illusion and will have a cyclic end or rest. The end will always result in unification with the One Purpose, projected from the One Life.

The wavelength produced by the energy of the Trinity produces everything there is from the tiniest atom, with it’s electrons circling the nucleus of protons and neutrons, to the largest galaxy of billions of star systems. There is no such thing as solid matter. As the scientist divides and divides and goes smaller and smaller, he will find nothing but wavelengths. The electrons and protons and quarks that create the atom of substance vibrate and produce wavelengths, and are in turn created by wavelengths.

The wavelength is divided into an infinite number of waves and these waves permeate everything there is, but at the midpoint of all waves is the energy of Purpose from the One Life. If we visualize Purpose as a thread, then we can take any wavelength in existence, whether it be matter, light or sound, and follow the thread of Purpose as it crisscrosses through all form, great and small, back to the projecting One Life. In this simple statement is the omnipresence of God explained.

Contemplate this point because it is important. The power of Purpose projected from God is like an interconnecting thread within each wavelength, and all things are created from wavelengths. Within our bodies are billions and billions of wavelengths, all connected by the one thread of Purpose. The wavelengths that produce other humans are an extension of this one infinite thread. Not only are humans an extension of the one thread, but all living things are made of wavelengths and the single thread also permeates them. Even rocks, earth, and apparently inorganic matter is made of wavelengths, and this single thread goes through them also. Thus, there is no such thing as matter without Life and Purpose. All form is interconnected by the divine thread of Purpose, making god “in all things”.

That which produces differentiation in life, quality and appearance is merely the different frequencies and distortions of the one wavelength.

For instance, the different colored lights such as red, green and blue only appear different because of their different frequencies, or repetitions, of the wavelength that produces them. Sound is a wavelength that travels through air and produces a different effect because the wavelength of sound repeats itself much more slowly than the wavelength of light. The different frequencies of wavelengths produce different notes in sound. As you progress up the musical scale, you merely create wavelengths of a higher vibration. If one could make the vibration high enough, light could be created. If one could manipulate vibration into form, then matter could be produced.

The highest wavelength is the vibration of manifested life which is the projection of the One Life that animates all forms. The life that animates every man and woman is a wavelength of high vibration, but no two groups of wavelengths that create each man and woman are the same. Each possesses different frequencies and tones peculiar to itself. Also, that wavelength that creates each of us does not stay on the same frequency, but changes hour by hour, day by day, year by year, and from life to life. The life that we were yesterday is different from the life we are today, and will change again tomorrow. Our individual frequencies will continue to change until we play the whole symphony of God. Then the music will temporarily subside and all life will return to its source billions of years hence, and we shall share in the waking hours of God. Because we are one with God we shall never cease to be, but we daily cease to be as we were yesterday.

All physical creation is, then, produced by wavelengths, and there are wavelengths within wavelengths within wavelengths. All dualities are created by reflections and distortions of the energies of Light and Love that form the one wavelength. Reflections of Love and Light are good and evil, pleasure and pain, joy and misery, hot and cold, positive and negative, light and dark, and most important for this treatise, male and female.

The dividing point of all these dualities is Purpose. As the energy of the wavelength swings from Love to Light, the unifying energy of Purpose is sensed, and thus the energy of duality is recharged and sent on its way to expand or contract the form.

It may seem strange to say that good and evil is a reflection or correspondence to Love and Light, but an important point to remember is that all dualities correspond to these two energies. In their purest form, Love and Light are not as we understand them, but these two words are the best choice available to us for the two aspects of the wavelength. Good is a distorted reflection of Love and evil is a distorted reflection and misuse of Light. Good and evil repeats itself in history like a great wavelength animated by Purpose, and that which is good in one era can be evil in the next.

To understand relationship is to understand duality, for a relationship, or a marriage is a symbol of the unifying Purpose behind duality.

Male and female bodies are only symbols of male and female energies. The male energy is a correspondence to the energy of Love, or the Son aspect. The female energy corresponds to Light, the Holy Ghost, or Mother aspect. These correspondences can be reversed if other vantage points are used.

All things that are manifest are created by male and female energies and all these energies are united in form through the process of marriage, or union. Marriage is motivated through Purpose and gradually guides all male and female energies away from duality and separateness toward unity and oneness. Relationship, marriage or the union of male and female energies, leads all life forms back to their Source.

All things in the universe are either positively or negatively charged. That is, they are influenced more by either Love or Light energy, or they are either male or female. This includes everything from a sub-atomic particle to an atom, a human being, a planet, or a galaxy. Everything is either male or female. There is nothing that is 100% neutral except for the energy of Purpose.

Even though it is true that all forms are polarized in either male or female energy, it is also a fact that each form is composed of wavelengths with much interplay between both energies. Within the makeup of a human male for instance, there will be many female energies at work, and so will the female deal with numerous male energies within her. The reason an entity takes a male body in a certain life is because at that time his emitting waves are polarized in male energy. This polarization shifts from time to time throughout our incarnations.

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Is there a similarity between the bonding of the atoms and the marriage of humans? Does the atomic worlds foreshadow the destiny of man?

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Affairs Of The Heart

1.  Few have felt the full power of the heart energies.

2.  When spiritual love is developed seekers can sense the wonderful higher love flowing through the heart center.

3.  If you start on the path and continue with a pure heart you will discover your errors and correct them.

4.  Zion is the pure in heart in a gathered condition.

5.  The pure in heart are those who honestly search the Spirit speaking within their own heart and follow that inner voice with the highest purity of which they are capable.

6.  The pure in heart are those with pure motive with no guile. They may make mistakes, but they are honest in communication, harmless in action and examples of love in their lives.

7. The pure in heart follow the highest they know to the best of their ability. Zion is a higher group consciousness created by a gathering of those who show such pure intent.

8. When most people talk about following your heart they are really talking about following the solar plexus or the lower feelings.

9. There is a large portion of humanity that have no idea as to what the true heart energies feel like and this is a fact that the Dark Ones use to full advantage.

10. When the Love-Wisdom energies of the heart are made available the feeling nature is then tempered with wisdom, or wise thought, that will often lead the seeker to go against the flow in the line of most resistance where the greatest becoming can be found.

11. There are a number of variations of love energy released through the heart center as it unfolds. Therefore, those who send love send it out in a variety of levels.

12. Do not be afraid, it is I, grab my hand. The soul responds, Love takes a stand.

13. The heart center has a golden glow, but etheric matter does seem to have a somewhat smoky gray look depending on the eye of the beholder.

14. The nourishment of hope within our hearts is the beginning of the manifestation of ‘Christ in us.’

15. The mission of the solar plexus is to point us toward the heart center in a positive way. One way it does this is to present an ideal before our consciousness.

16. When one, who has the energies of the heart in an unfolded condition, can see that love is multi-layered and when he hears another speak of love he seeks to discern the level of love that is resting in his consciousness so communication can be complete.

17. It is much more an act of love to seek understanding than it is to seek the correction of another.

18. Just talking about love, defining love, proclaiming love, mystifying love, magnifying love, writing of love, romancing love, idealizing love, etc., does not hold a candle to one real act of love.

19. In the end, love is One, but in its discovery it is many.

20. The souls divine, not seen by the blind, Are found by love, leaving no one behind.

21. Pain and pleasure must exist for there to be a full development of the Love aspect in our consciousness.

22. Saying you love others is not enough. Love must be demonstrated by you and felt by those you serve.

23. When one is filled with love and is receiving love he will never give up his journey on the path.

24. From our point of view the God of this earth (the Planetary Logos) and the God of the Solar System (the Solar Logos) is Love or as the Bible says, God is Love.

25. All blessings are pure to the pure of heart, Who are willing to share in whole or in part.

26. Wherever there are two or more creations of God there will exist a magnetic force (or essential Love) which draws them together toward unity. Hence the attraction of the Sun to the Earth is an aspect of Love as is the Earth toward the Moon.

27. Love exists in all spheres and in all kingdoms, but manifests differently in the human because as a self-conscious unit the human experiences an interplay between love and consciousness which creates feelings of peace and joy.

28. Love manifesting through consciousness produces the dominating good in the universe and gives impulse to all evolution.

29. The beast does not work through the Heart Center for he cannot comprehend spiritual love.

30. Love is a magnetic force that is nullified in a singularity but is manifest in duality. There must be more than one for an attractive force to attract anything.

31. The seeker cries for help, not seen by the blind, But is helped by love so real, so kind.

32. Our salvation through love is a collaborative venture, or dependant on the participation of others.

33. If a person sincerely seeks to see love manifest in others who are agitated, and then to take loving action of some type, you will rarely have someone turn on you – and if they do they will come back because they will remember your love when they have forgotten all else.

34. Plant a seed that will grow and light the way to full realization of love for unless this happens you are in danger of substituting the love you do understand with illusionary love you do not understand.

35. Give love and acceptance to all and you will have all the love and acceptance that you can handle.

36. When love is truly demonstrated, it does not have to be mentioned.

37. All of us know what love is when we feel it and when we feel it we do not need anyone to explain to us what it is.

38. I witness to you that this principle of loving all people as our neighbors has worked in my life and the rewards I have received are more than I have capacity to receive.

39. Love is the opposite of radiation which sends forth.

40. Love is magnetism which pulls together. When you love someone you are magnetically drawn to them.

41. You can dispel hate with love, but you cannot eliminate love through hate.

42. Only by descending into the darkest depths can the fullness of love become known.

43. An act of love is registered as a similar feeling among all those who are willing to feel it.

44. Pure love energy is much more universally recognized in a receiving state than it is wielded in a sending state.

45. True love always involves a desire to serve and to help or enhance, not just a desire to hold on because of a desire to possess.

46. The second stanza of the Song [of the 144,000] protects from attacks on the Spirit by filling us with the ‘fires of Love.’

47. When the person centered in the solar plexus speaks of love he sees it in only one dimension. Love is just love.

48. One act of helping another in true need creates more love than all the metaphysical proclaiming in the world.

49. An attachment of one person toward another is often called love, and this is the only version of love that many people understand. But it is not love; it is attachment, a desire to hold on to a thing or person.

50. When one divorces frivolously, on a whim, or because of betrayal with another person, definite harm can come. It is generally recognized that a committed couple, especially with children should do everything in their power to rekindle their love and live together in peace.

51. We must ever remember that the heart center is composed of two cooperating energies: Love and Wisdom.

52. The heart center is composed of twelve energy petals that slowly unfold as we evolve toward Spirit. Six are different types of love energy and six are differing types of wisdom energies.

53. For a full registration of love there must be a giving and receiving from both ends.

54. In some ways, prayer from the heart is the highest meditation, because in kneeling before God, we formally recognize that there is a higher power present that is greater than our lower self.

55. True heart energy is a spiritual love and wisdom.

56. That which moves us forward in the manifestation of love, goodwill, peace on earth, friendship, unity, acceptance, inclusiveness and other aspects of love is within God’s will. That which moves us away from love runs contrary to His will.

57. The servant who has a true understanding of love will extend his love beyond those who are easy to love (those who love him). Instead he will love those also who do not love him.

58. Many there are who are seeking love who believe that they have found spiritual love when in reality all they did was find someone who loves them because they are adored in return.

60. Higher animals respond to love and may have an elementary sense of it, but do not seek to understand it. This is one reason they are so endearing to us.

61. People desire the Power to love, the Power to attract love and the Power to be loved. Even Love would only exist in theory if there was no Power to manifest its presence.

62. Love without experience is love without wisdom for wisdom comes by doing — by going through trying experiences.

63. Proclaiming love and demonstrating love are two different things.

64. If love cannot be defined then talking about any illusion connected with it is an exercise in futility.

65. The committed love relationship is the highest form of schooling on the earth in that it teaches communication and givingness.

66. The feeling of love is not related to another person by merely speaking and theorizing about it. Nor is love entirely emotional. You have heard of ‘loving thoughts’ have you not? How about loving actions? Some of the people who talk most about love communicate it the least.

67. Using the heart alone to find truth is like one hand clapping. It doesn’t happen.

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